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Monday, February 21, 2000

Grace and Sam are lying in bed, when Grace suddenly gets up and says that she has something that she needs to unpack. She tells him that is was nice of him to get them another room, but is was completely unnecessary. He told her that he didn't want a repeat of what happened the previous night. She told him that one night of dreaming about him with a naked blonde was enough. Grace thinks that she left one of her shoes in the other room, so they decide to go get it. They are standing outside the door and remark how the occupants seem to be really enjoying themselves. Julian and Suzanne are drinking French champagne and are getting very drunk. Julian remarks that they won't have to worry about Ivy bursting through the door because she would never find this place in a million years. Ivy is in the adjoining room sipping champagne. She says that Sam was afraid to make love to her last night. but tonight would be different. She starts to open the door, but decides against it. Grace wants to apologize to the lady in the next room for banging on the door last night, but Sam stops her. He said that they should get their honeymoon started. Suzanne and Julian have even more champagne delivered. Ivy comes out of her room, and spots the waiter coming from the next room. She asks if they are alright. The waiter said that if they got any more alright, they would be flying the friendly skies without a plane. Ivy said that she didn't think that Grace was much of a drinker. She now thinks for sure that Grace will pass out and then she can have her time with Sam. The waiter brings even more champagne to Julian and Suzanne. Ivy asks if the lady is still drinking. The waiter says that she is like one of those energizer bunnies, who keeps going and going. He said that she would probably pass out soon, and loverboy would be in for a disappointing evening. Ivy says to herself that no he would not be disappointed, because she would go in and make love to Sam. Julian is ready for a night of passion, but Suzanne is fast asleep. He says that he didn't bring her there to hear her snore. He then covers her up and goes into the shower. Since everything is quiet, Ivy goes in and notices that Grace has passed out. She decides to join Sam in the shower. Meanwhile, Grace and Sam are in the hall in matching robes. Grace wants to go to their previous room to get her shoe, but Sam tells her that they have some celebrating to do in their own room.

Julian comes out of the shower, and Ivy grabs and kisses him. He wants them to get on the bed, but she says that they can go to her room. He tells her that she definitely had too much to drink. He calls her Suzanne. Ivy asks who is Suzanne? Julian turns on the light and he and Ivy are startled to see one another. Suzanne wakes up and screams. Suzanne begs Ivy not to shoot her, and then begs Julian not to let his wife shoot her. Julian tells her that if she doesn't stop screaming, he will kill her himself. Sam and Grace hear the screams coming from their old room. Sam decides to go check it out. Suzanne runs out of the room. Ivy is upset that Julian thought that she was his slut ex-maid. He said that what if he did think that that was who she was. He said that he wanted to know who she thought he was, because she certainly wouldn't have wanted to make love to him. He wanted to know how long she was having the tawdry affair. Sam then bursts into the room. Julian asks Sam why he was there. He then realizes that Ivy is having an affair with Sam. Kay and Simone are talking to the old lady about the bird statue. The lady tells them that she can't remember who she sold the bird to, but she says that she got the better part of the deal. She wants to know why the bird is so important to Kay. Kay says that her life depends on them finding the bird. The lady finally admits that she has seen the lady around town and that she was strange. She says that she walks around with a doll all the time. Kay and Simone realize that the lady with the bird is Tabitha.

Tabitha and Timmy are outside the Bennett house. Tabitha says that she can't wait for Charity to find out about her doctor, her defender. Timmy says that he feels sorry for Eve and Charity. Charity tells Miguel and Eve that she had another premonition, and that it was stronger this time. Chad asks her to tell them what it was about. Charity says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Chad said that he thought that it would help if she talked about it. Charity says that she doesn't know where they come from and she doesn't want to waste another moment thinking about them. She says that she just wants to be normal. Miguel tells her that maybe she needs to talk about them. Tabitha hopes that she can woo Charity to the dark side before her powers really kick in. Eve tells her that no one thinks any less of her because she has premonitions. Eve says that talking about the premonitions may alleviate the fear. Charity says it was about Chad and Dr. Russell and other people may have been involved. She says that a lot of lives would be affected. Chad is happy because for the first time, he may find out something. Eve says that they may have been wrong to push Charity. Timmy wonders if Charity really knows something about Chad and Eve and Tabitha said that Charity could really destroy a lot of lives because her powers were getting stronger by the minute. Chad wonders if he and Eve are connected. He wonders if she may have delivered him. Tabitha says that the last thing Eve wants is for someone to nosey around in her past. Eve said that it was impossible, because she wasn't practicing obstetrics at the time. Eve then says that it is warm and that she was going to go check the thermostat. Charity feels that Eve is trying to hide something. Eve comes back in and Charity looks at her strangely. Tabitha says that she was going to call TC so that he could find the red envelope so that he could find out what his wife was. She makes herself sound like Eve. She tells Timmy to stay there to listen for anymore juicy tidbits. Eve says that she is still warm, and is going to go outside to get some air. Charity asks her to stay for dinner. She said that she would since TC and Whitney wouldn't be home for dinner. They all notice how uptight Eve got when Charity mentioned the premonition. Eve is outside praying that no one finds out about her life before TC. She said that she had worked very hard to change. She then hears Timmy in the bushes, and asks who is there. Chad says that maybe he shouldn't stay for dinner. Kay and Simone enter. She asks if her mother is still there. Chad said that she was outside getting some air. Eve is looking around, and finds the doll. She said that she couldn't bear for anyone else to hear her talking about her old life. She said that if only her girls knew why she was so strict with them. She said that she wished that she knew why Orville was so insistent that they stay away from Chad. She starts crying, and a tear falls from Timmy's eye. Eve notices that he is crying and wonders if it is one of her own or if he is a doll that cries real tears. She tells him not to worry about her, because she would be alright. Chad comes out to tell her that dinner is almost ready. He notices that she is crying and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she just had something in her eye. He tells her that if she doesn't want him to stick around for dinner, it was okay. She says that he must think that she is some kind of ogre. He said that it was not up to him to pass judgment. She said that she just didn't want for her daughters to get hurt. He asked her if she thought that he would do something like that. She said that she didn't know enough about him to know. Kay wants Simone to go with her over to Tabitha's to take her some cookies. She tells Simone that she will help her with Chad later.

Tabitha makes a call to TC, but gets the answering machine. She leaves a message in Eve's voice asking him to meet her at the Bennett's. Timmy rushes home and asks Tabitha not to do anything to Eve. Timmy throws the statue out the window, and Kay finds it. Tabitha starts looking for the statue, and tells Timmy that he better tell her where it is.

Gwen is wondering why Theresa is crying. She said that she didn't mean to say anything to upset her. Whitney comes up to Pilar and wants to know how Theresa is. Pilar said that she hoped that Theresa had come to her senses and given Ethan back the engagement ring. Whitney said that the ring is stuck on Theresa's finger, but Pilar says not anymore. She said that Theresa had lied to Ethan, and no good would come of her deception. Whitney said that once the ring came off, she knew that Ethan would give the ring to Gwen. Pilar said that although she didn't want her daughter to be hurt, she thought it would be better for it to happen now, instead of later. Theresa says that she had lost him forever. She says that she will tell them who she means. Before Theresa can tell them what she means, Pilar and Whitney come into the house. Gwen thinks that Chuck and Theresa have broken up because she is no longer wearing the ring. Theresa says that she really loved him so much, but now that it didn't matter because she knew her place. Gwen said that Theresa seemed happy at first, but then she fell apart. Gwen thanks Theresa for all her help and tells her that if there was anything that she could do to help her with Chuck to just let her know. Pilar said that she would take Theresa home. Gwen still wants Theresa's help with the wedding. Gwen and Ethan excuse themselves to go over plans for the wedding. Theresa tells Pilar and Whitney that she was a fantastic dreamer, who thought that fairy tales were real life. She said that she was through with her childhood fantasies of getting together with Ethan. Ethan is standing at the top of the stairs with a dumbfounded look on this face.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Ethan confides to Sheridan how he can't stop thinking about Theresa. Devastated by the latest turn of events, Theresa tearfully tells Whitney her heart is broken. Delighted to find the bird statue lying on the ground near her neighbor's house, Kay plots to use the wooden figurine to drive Charity bats. Meanwhile, Tabitha threatens to lock Timmy in the attic with Fluffy unless he reveals what he did with the statue. After Sam bursts into his room at the lodge, Julian puts two and two together and vows to crush the police commissioner for carrying on an adulterous affair with Ivy. Sheridan suggests to her nephew that his concern for Theresa sounds more like love. Luis reminds Pilar that he would never have allowed Theresa to act on her feelings for the Crane heir. Sam leaps to Ivy's defense when a seething Julian swears to divorce his whorish wife. To Julian's surprise, Grace suddenly wanders in and asks for an explanation. Later, Julian laughs to think that he could have suspected his wife of dallying with a peon like Sam Bennett. Gwen encourages Sheridan to follow her heart, even if it leads her straight to Luis.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Sheridan & Luis, etc.:
Luis asks is Sheridan asking him out? She says yes and he says he'd love to! She asks where he wants to go and he says he knows a place they can just relax. They go to a bar to shoot pool (something Sheridan has never done before). Sheridan goes to the bathroom but looks a little intimidated when Luis starts greeting all his buddies. Luis orders drinks and Hank comes over. He thinks Luis came alone and then Sheridan walks in. Hank says she must have called to see where Hank was. He calls Luis a loser and asks Sheridan how she knew he was here. Luis hands Sheridan her drink and Hank is shocked that Sheridan and Luis are there together. They go sit down and Sheridan say the tabloids and Alistair and Julian might be surprised to see her here. Luis says if she wants to leave, they can but Sheridan wants to stay. Luis tells her people here won't know her as Sheridan Crane anyway. Luis' friend comes over and challenges him to a game of pool. Luis says he'll play if Sheridan plays. She doesn't want to because she doesn't know how but he pulls her up and says he'll teach her. Meanwhile, Hank says to Beth that Sheridan will never fit in there and she'll hate Luis for taking her...then he'll make his move. Sheridan really sucks at pool and she helps Luis lose his first game ever. They look over at Beth, who has just won her game. Sheridan says maybe Luis should have Beth as a partner but Luis says it's just a game. Luis goes to get more drinks and Beth introduces Sheridan to her friends, who have nothing in common with Sheridan. Hank tells Luis that bringing Sheridan to the bar was a bad move and Luis says he's jealous. Luis says the bar is part of his life and if Sheridan doesn't like it, she has nothing in common with him. Hank says that was his point all along but Luis wants to see for himself. The women are talking about places they can get shoes, clothes, etc., for cheap and Sheridan is uncomfortable at first but she gradually warms up to her new friends. Beth mentions she is cutting back on storytime at the Book Cafe because of funding. Luis walks up just as Sheridan offers to ask businesses for sponsorship. Luis is pleased and takes Sheridan to meet his friends. Somehow he gets Sheridan involved in a dart game with his Scottish friend Mack and she whips his butt. Hank is appalled and Luis is really pleased. Mack demands a rematch and one of Luis' other friends buys everyone beer on account of Sheridan's victory. Hank and Beth think they may be on the losing end of this after all.

Snow Mountain Lodge:
Grace says to Sam how funny it is that they encountered the Cranes there and comments on how sweet Julian was to Ivy and how happy they seem. She wonders what all the screaming was about. Grace tells Sam she is grateful for her life and when she had those dreams she had a sense of loss. Sam says she will never lose him and they kiss. They make love and Grace says she never wants to leave. She says the Crane marriage must be strong because they can always spend time together. Sam suggests they spend more time alone and have a honeymoon once a year. Grace falls asleep.

Julian knocks on Ivy's door and says they need to talk. She unlocks the door and he goes in. He says she looks ravishing and they can work through this. He wants to bury the bad feelings of the past, but Ivy says he's never cared before. Julian says he tried to make things work even thought their marriage was a business arrangement. Ivy flashes back to her wedding night when she overheard Alistair telling Julian about the arrangement (Ivy hadn't known about it before then). Ivy ran out when she heard the marriage was for political gain. Julian tells her he never knew who she ran to that night and it must have been hell for her. Ivy has a continuation of the flashback: she went to Sam and said she had made a terrible mistake. Julian says they once had a passionate marriage and she's gotten a lot out of it. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away. He says Ethan would love it if they got back together. He says she can have it her way but she'll regret it. He leaves and there is a knock from outside the room. At first Ivy thinks it's Julian but it's actually Sam! He just came by to see if Ivy was okay and Ivy says she should have been stronger and walked out on Julian. It turns out she spent her wedding night making love to Sam and Julian has no idea about their relationship. She pulls Sam onto the bed with her and kisses him. Sam pulls away and says he loves Grace. He tells Ivy to leave what they had in the past. He leaves and Ivy says he wouldn't have come by if he didn't care. She vows to get him back. Sam comes back by Grace and she asks why he left. He says it doesn't matter, he's here now. He says he loves her and kisses her.

In the other room, Julian's phone rings and he thinks it's Suzanne, so he starts making stupid cow noises into the phone and ringing the cowbell. However, (and this is the funniest part of the whole show) it's Alistair! He tells Julian to pull himself together and he's making a mockery of the family. Alistair tells Julian that Sheridan is with Luis at a bar and it's time to destroy Luis once and for all.

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabby is pacing, saying she has a feeling the bird is close. Timmy says it's better lost because it will destroy Eve. Tabby says Eve brought it on herself because of her behavior when she was young. They try to figure out what happened to the bird. Tabby thinks the Bennett's could have found it. She goes and gets a pizza--her excuse for getting into the Bennett house. She says it's time to expose Eve. Timmy wishes they could do something nice for a change.

The Bennett House:
Kay says nobody can know she has the bird. She wants to hide the bird in Charity's room so she'll have an allergic reaction and go crazy. Just then Charity walks in and asks Kay what she's doing. Kay covers up the bird and says she wants to make dinner but Eve offers to do it. Charity apologizes for upsetting everyone with her premonitions but Miguel and Jessica say she doesn't have to be sorry. Chad says now that the bird is gone Charity won't be bothered and Kay agrees. Charity suddenly has a premonition of a family being destroyed. Kay hides the bird behind her back. Simone and Kay take the bird upstairs and Charity feels better. Just then Tabby walks in with the pizza. She asks if anything is wrong. Miguel says Charity had a premonition and Tabby asks if anyone knows why. Upstairs, Kay is ecstatic that the bird really did make Charity crazy. Simone asks what if Charity really is psychic? Kay says the only power that bird has is the power to get her Miguel. She goes to hide the bird in Charity's room but Jessica comes in and asks what is Kay up to now? Kay makes up an excuse but Jessica sees through it. Kay and Simone go to Kay's room and Kay hides it there. Meanwhile, Tabby asks about the bird and Eve says the premonitions have nothing to do with the bird. Tabby leaves and Eve says she is strange. TC says she's just lonely. Outside, Tabby says something strange is going on. They watch Eve and TC kiss and Tabby says their happiness won't last for long. She says secrets always come out and Eve will soon be exposed. Inside, Simone suggests maybe there is something inside the bird and her and Kay start to knock on the bird!

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Theresa is in her room, taking down all her Ethan pictures and ripping them up. Whitney comes in and Theresa says she is finally facing reality and Ethan would never admit it to himself even if he did love her. It's over. Whitney gives her a hug and asks if Theresa will quit her job. Theresa says her failure with Ethan will not ruin her fashion career. She says she'll think of Ethan as just another member of the Crane family. Whitney says now that she's seen what Theresa has gone through, she's putting love on hold. Theresa says if love comes to her, she should grab it and never let go. Whitney says nobody she knows is mature enough to understand love. Theresa recalls the fortune she was told over the summer and thought fate was on her side, but she brushes it off and starts to get ready for work. She says she won't hide from Ethan and Whitney says she's glad she's not in love.

The Book Cafe:
Eve comes in and says hi to Chad. He gives her a free cup of coffee because she was nice to him the night before. Eve says she wants him to be happy but he has to stay away from her daughters. TC walks in and Chad says he doesn't like making promises to people. TC says people are always breaking promises and Eve says they should leave. As they leave, Eve says there is something strange about Chad that gives her the chills. TC defends him but Eve insists that Chad must stay away from the girls.

Whitney comes in and Chad talks to her about tennis. He says her life sounds a little boring but she says she's happy. He starts to flirt with her but she says tennis is all she needs. Chad reminds her of the time when she was talking about wanting to do less tennis and a little more dating. She says she's seen first hand what guys can do to a girl and she has no time for that. Chad says she is just lying to herself. Whitney says his judgment means nothing to her. Chad says she is running away from love because she's never felt it and she'll know when it happens. Whitney asks what makes him an expert? He says he know more than her. She says he's wrong and he dares her to try an "experiment" with him. He puts on some sexy music and tells Whitney to close her eyes. He gets really close to kissing her on the neck and she turns around and looks at him.

The Bennett House:
Simone says maybe something isn't inside the bird but Kay says they should just try opening the bird. They pull on it but can't open it. Kay hides it and they go in to say hi to Miguel, Jessica, and Charity. Grace and Sam come back and tell them nothing went wrong, proving Charity's premonition wrong. Sam flashes back to Ivy but doesn't say anything. Kay tells them about the ice breaking and Charity's premonitions. Charity says she felt like Grace's heart would be broken as well as other people's hearts. Grace says every couple they know is happy. Eve and TC arrive and Grace thanks Eve for all her help. Everyone reassures Charity about her premonitions but Kay and Simone go into the next room to plan how to prove Charity's lunacy. Kay gets the bird and says there must be a way to use the bird to get Charity locked up. She asks what would Simone do if someone tried to take Chad away? Simone says maybe she'd fight for him and Kay says then she doesn't know what it's like to love someone so much that she'll do anything for them. Eve says maybe Charity has allergies and Miguel says there has to be a logical explanation for the premonitions. Charity thanks him for looking out for her and he says it's the best job he ever had. Jessica asks Kay and Simone what they're doing? She says Miguel and Charity are in love and Kay starts screaming when the two lovebirds walk in. Miguel says Eve thinks Charity is allergic to the bird and he'll burn it if he sees it. Kay and Simone go to hide the bird in Charity's room. Simone urges Kay to think about this more and Kay goes off about how people should start thinking about her feelings for once. Miguel and Charity come in and ask what's going on. Kay notices that the bird is sticking out from under a chair.

Sam tells TC the whole trip was "eventful." He tells TC that Ivy showed up at the lodge. TC says what Ivy did was inexcusable and Sam shouldn't have any feelings for Ivy ever. Sam insists he's in love with his wife. Grace tells Eve about her dream and how her and Sam have an honest relationship--just like TC and Eve. Eve thinks about the bird.

Ethan greets Ivy on her return and tells her of his engagement to Gwen. He tells her how wonderful Theresa has been through all this and her "breakup" with Chuck. Ivy says Theresa has so much going for her and she'll find someone else. She says true love only comes along once and Ethan asks if that's how she feels about Julian. Ivy says it's nothing like that and he can't understand why their marriage is unhappy. Ivy tells him that Julian showed up at the lodge with Suzanne and Ethan is angry. She wants to tell Ethan about her marriage now that Julian is trying to corrupt him. He says he's proud to be a Crane, but he'll never be like his father. Ivy says don't worry, your father was never like that. He doesn't understand what she means. Ivy covers by saying she didn't know what Julian was like when she married him. Ethan is really angry and asks who Ivy's great love was. Ivy says it doesn't matter, she just wants Ethan and Gwen to be happy. Ethan says Ivy and Julian must have been in love once because she's always told him he was conceived in love. She says yes, he was and he says maybe they can get that love back. She says Ethan is such a good man and Ethan leaves to call Gwen. Theresa walks in as he is leaving. He and Ivy ask how she is and she says fine. Ethan says he wants to talk to Theresa later and leaves. Ivy wants to talk to Theresa about Gwen. She says Theresa has been really selfless about Ethan and Gwen and she really admires her. Pilar joins them and Ivy says she knows what it's like to lose a first love, and Theresa will get over it after a long time. Theresa looks at a picture of Ethan and says nobody knows what's she's going through and they never will. Pilar goes to get the phone and Theresa asks Ivy how can she replace a perfect love? Ivy changes her mind and says Theresa should do everything she can to get her man back or she'll regret it. Theresa says it sounds like that happened to Ivy, and who was the man? Ivy says she just read it somewhere and Theresa says no one should have to go through what she went through. Ivy begs Theresa to tell the man she wants how she really feels and steal him away from whatever girl he's with. Pilar comes in and Theresa leaves. Pilar tells Ivy not to give Theresa advice because the relationship Theresa wants could never happen. Ivy says if she had taken her own advice, she'd be able to tell Ethan that he really was conceived in a true and passionate love. She says she should have listened to Pilar all those years ago and she wants Theresa to not make the same mistake. Meanwhile, Ethan comes down the stairs as Theresa looks at another picture of him in the hall and remembers their time at the cabin and when he put the ring on her finger. He comes down and she hugs him and says there's something she has to tell him.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Eve says Charity must be allergic to the paint on the bird. Grace says Faith was rumored to have psychic powers and maybe Charity does too. Eve says after everything Charity has been through, she's bound to have emotional problems. Graces asks are they saying Charity is going crazy? They say of course not and Grace says she's just worried about Charity. Eve says everyone has feelings that something bad will happen but they rarely come true. These fears are natural and Charity will get over them in time with everyone's help. TC says wouldn't it be interesting to have psychic powers? Grace says she would want to know secrets about people's pasts. Everyone but Grace suddenly feels uncomfortable. She clarifies by saying she wants to know about her past, not really anyone else's. Eve asks if TC would still love her if he found out about her past? TC says nonsense, Eve had a wonderful upbringing and he's lucky to have married her. He can't believe nobody dated her until she met TC. Eve says she was just concentrated on her goals. She quickly changes the subject and says she has extra tickets to a hospital benefit at the Seascape. She wonders if Whitney and Theresa would like to go. Meanwhile, TC tells Sam if he found out about someone trying to ruin his family, he'd kill them.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar asks Ivy not to give Theresa advice but Ivy says Pilar is wrong. She says Pilar gave her the exact opposite advice years ago and if she would have followed it, Ivy would be with Sam now. Pilar says if Theresa pursues this relationship, it will be disastrous for everyone concerned. Ivy says Sam still loves her and Pilar says Ivy would risk everything for something that will never be. Ivy vows to have Sam in her life again. Theresa says she has something to tell Ethan. He says he thinks he knows what she's going to say: she's glad to see him so happy. He says he is happy because he's marrying Gwen. Theresa says she has something else to say. Pilar comes in and tells Theresa not to bother Ethan but Ethan insists on talking to her about Chuck. Pilar takes Theresa aside and reminds her of her promise to God. Theresa goes back and tells Ethan there's nothing he can do. Ethan says Chuck is a jerk. Theresa walks away and Pilar tells her she did the right thing. Theresa says she has to get away from Ethan or she really might tell him the truth. She runs out the door and straight into Julian's arms, and he makes a comment about her beautiful eyes. She gets even more scared and runs out. Julian tells Ethan that the marriage to Gwen is a great business merger and it's too bad he never slept with Theresa when he had the chance. Ethan is disgusted as well as Ivy who says Ethan will not do things like bringing the maid to some hotel. Julian says he thinks he knows why Ivy went to the ski lodge. It must have been for the ski instructors. Ethan is mad and tells Julian to apologize. Julian apologizes, but not sincerely. Ethan asks Julian how he can betray his wife like this. Julian says there's a lot Ethan doesn't know but Ethan says they had 4 children, they must have been in love once. Julian says someday Ethan will understand when he gets sick of being tied down by Gwen and becomes tempted by someone like Theresa. Ivy comes in and says they were offered invitations to the Seascape benefit but she doesn't want to go. She asks Ethan to go with Gwen to represent the family and Ethan agrees. Ivy says she hopes Theresa takes her advice and Ethan says she deserves the best.

The Book Cafe:
Chad tells Whitney to give in to the fire inside of her and they almost kiss but Whitney pulls away at the last second. Chad says she wanted it and what will her mother say? Whitney said she just wanted Chad to think she wanted him so she could see the look on his face when he lost the bet. Chad says Whitney was giving off all the signs like her lips and her eyes. He gets really close to her again and leads her on, but then he pulls away and says she's too easy. She might as well have a sign on her that says "Kiss me!" He says he knows her better than she knows herself. She says the only thing she really cares about tennis, not boys. She's willing to wait for love so she can have a marriage as perfect as her parents'. Chad says Whitney should let her heart write the rules. She tells him tennis can give her pride that no boy can give her. Eve calls her on her cell phone. Eve asks if she's there with Chad and Whitney says she'd never hang out with that jerk. Eve asks if Whitney wants to go to the benefit with Theresa and she says she'll call her back. Theresa walks in and says she wants to die. She says she almost told Ethan the truth but then she remembered her promise to God. Whitney says it really is for the best and Theresa needs to move on. Theresa says Whitney doesn't understand because she's never been in love. Whitney looks over at Chad. He comes over and offers to help. Whitney says maybe she doesn't know much about love, but Theresa should at least get out and meet more people. She insists that they go to the Seascape for the dance and calls Eve. Eve sets Theresa and Whitney up on blind dates from the hospital. Chad overhears them and questions Whitney about it. She ignores him and tells Theresa to stay away from Ethan. The manager of the Seascape comes in and asks Chad to fill in as DJ for the dance. Chad agrees to do it.

Tabitha & Timmy:
Timmy's punishment for losing the bird is that he has to clean the whole house. Timmy says it isn't fair and he knows the bird is evil. Tabby says he's the one that ruined her plans, and has he cleaned Fluffy's litter box? Timmy complains about that and she says it doesn't matter, sooner or later someone will find the bird and reveal its secrets. Fluffy is chasing Timmy around but Tabby sends him back in to clean the litter box. Timmy asks why is he being punished if the secrets in the bird will eventually come out anyway? Tabby says she wants to be the one to expose Eve. Timmy asks if Chad will contribute to Eve's downfall. She says yes and he asks how. Tabby says everyone has dark secrets and goes to her scoreboard to point them out. She can't wait to see marriages breaking up and people dying! Suddenly she goes over to the window and says that something is happening at the Bennett house. Charity is in distress and Miguel can't help her this time. Timmy picks up the phone to warn Charity but Tabby sics Fluffy on him. She says nothing can save Charity now...maybe it's the bird and it's only a matter of time before Eve's photos are exposed. Timmy asks why the pictures were taken in the first place? Tabby says Eve was desperate back then and she will have her life ruined soon now.

Charity and Miguel ask Kay and Simone what they're doing? Kay makes up an excuse and the two girls leave to let Charity and Miguel work on homework. Simone tells Kay there really is something spooky about the bird. Miguel tells Charity she has nothing to worry about. Charity says she hopes kids at school don't hear about her premonitions or they'll think she's weird. Miguel says he won't say anything and neither will Kay or Simone. The two girls are listening and Simone says she feels two-faced. Kay tells her not to worry about it. Charity turns around and sees dark shapes on the wall! She asks if Miguel sees anything and he says no. She looks again and sees the shadows of a man and a woman, but tells Miguel that she sees nothing. Kay says Charity is starting to see things and the bird is working. Miguel picks up the phone to call home and Charity looks at the shadows on the wall. It looks like the people are arguing and Charity asks who they are. Suddenly, the shadows start to become clearer...they turn into real people and Charity sees that it's Eve and a half-naked Julian fighting! She screams but can't look away. Kay says Charity's flipping out and the adults run up to see what's wrong. Tabby hears Charity's scream and says this could be what she's been waiting for.

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