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Monday, November 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Nicholson

Ethan and Sheridan are at the gatehouse. They spot a police car and Sheridan wonders if they are there to arrest her for murder. Ethan assures her that she would not be arrested for anything because it was a nightmare. Sheridan says that she doesn't know if she will ever be able to forgive Julian for letting her believe for all those years that she killed someone. She is not sure if she should trust Julian. Pilar comes in and tells her that Julian told her that is was a nightmare. She told Sheridan that she wasn't there the night that it happened, because she was at home with her own children. When she came back the next morning there was no blood or anything to clean up, so she just figured that Sheridan had had another nightmare. Pilar said that Sheridan often had nightmares during that time because she felt that her birth had caused her mother's death. Pilar told Sheridan that she needed to let go of her guilt because that is probably what keeps leading Sheridan to men who are not worthy of her. She hopes that Sheridan can find the love that she deserves. Ethan tells her that she needs to bury the past. Sheridan tells Ethan that there is one more thing that she had to do.

At the Crane Mansion, Luis is there questioning Julian about his father's disappearance. Julian doesn't really want to talk about it until Luis says that he would question Alistair instead. Julian tells Luis that money was missing from Martin's dept. They felt that Martin was skimming money. Martin was called into the office the next day to explain, but he never showed up. Julian said that they already knew that he was guilty. Luis doesn't believe this, and states that his father was a good man, and he wouldn't steal. Julian said that Alistair had proof, but destroyed it to protect Pilar. He stated that Ivy depended on Pilar. Julian said that Martin had overextended himself by buying that house. He said that the Cranes had helped Pilar financially, and at the same time protected her by not revealing the crimes of her deadbeat husband. He told Luis that he should be loving the Cranes, not hating them. Luis then leaves. Sheridan and Ethan arrive shortly. Julian tells them that Luis was there and they went over some history.Sheridan tells Julian that the room held some bad memories for her, and she didn't know if she could get over it.Sheridan has some sort of flashback, but then states that she feels better than she had in years. She tells Julian that she is still very angry with him. She tells him that she was putting him on notice and that from now on they were going to have to deal with her demands on the family. Ethan and Sheridan leave.Julian tells his father that he handled the situation with Luis.

Luis returns home and has a talk with Pilar. Luis tells his mother that Julian called Martin a thief. Pilar says that her husband was an honest man, and was certainly not a thief. He worked hard his whole life, and would die before he took something that wasn't his. She said that she would not allow anyone to make his own son ashamed of him. She said that there was not a man alive who was more honest than Martin. Luis said that he didn't believe that his father was a thief, he just needed to hear her say it.Luis said that he was going to prove Julian wrong no matter how long it took. Luis gets a phone call. He said that someone was working under his father's social security in Santa Fe. Pilar said that it was always Martin's dream to retire in Mexico.Pilar lights some candles and knows that her husband would cut off his right hand before he took something that wasn't his. Luis said that if Martin were alive and well and living in Mexico, then Pilar had to face the fact that Julian was probably right. He then blows out the candles.

At the book cafe, Whitney is working on the computer when Chad walks in. Whitney is looking up tennis statistics. Chad tells Whitney that he thought that she was through with tennis. He thought that she was looking for a real man to give her some real love.

At school, Simone is looking for Chad but he isn't there. Simone wants to go look for Chad at the Book Cafe, but Kay want to wait on Miquel. Miquel walks up and asks Kay to wait on him because he wanted to walk her home so that he could check on Charity. Kay tells him that her parents wanted Charity to rest. They decide to go to the Book Cafe. Whitney tells Chad that she intends to make it to the Olympics and is putting together data on the top athletes to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Chad said that he also used the computer for his music , but not for research. Whitney said that she was researching the history of Harmony, going all the way back to the pilgrims. Chad wants her to run a search on his name in Harmony.Whitney tries to find data in the computer on Chad in LA and the surrounding counties, but is unable to find anything. Simone comes in and is glad that Whitney and Chad seem to be getting along. Chad has to get back to work, and an old man seems to think that he knows that Chad Harris Story.

Kay and Miquel are listening to music, and Miquel decides to buy the CD. Kay thought that he was buying it for her, but he was buying it for Charity. Whitney tells Simone that she was just trying to help Chad find out some information, and the sooner that he found it, then the sooner he could leave Harmony.

Charity is at Tabitha's and recognizes a painting. She feels that she has seen it somewhere. Tabitha says that the painting is of one of her Ancestors.Charity feels faint and goes outside to get some fresh air. The picture moves to another place magically. When Charity returns, she wonders how the picture moved across the room. Tabitha claims that she put it there to see how it would look. Tabitha flashes back to when she was was almost beheaded. She tells Charity that she would get rid of the painting, but it holds some sentimental value for her.. Charity feared that she was being a nuisance. She said that she had only come over to apologize for calling her evil. She tells Tabitha that she has to leave. Tabitha starts having heart pains to stop Charity from leaving. When Charity goes to get Tabitha's medicine, Tabitha decides that it is time to get rid of Charity once and for all.She grabs a poker from the fireplace.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Beers.

Chad talks to an old man named Orville at the Book Cafe. Orville knows Chad and remembers him being born in Harmony. But after Chad was born, his family moved to Los Angeles because it was, as Orville said it, where Chad belonged. Chad, Simone, and Whitney were just a little creeped out. Orville said that he needed to make a phone call before he could tell Chad everything from his past, but he was gone when Chad went to look for him by the pay phone. All the man left behind was his hat and the phone off of the hook. Kay and Miguel leave the Book cafe to go see Charity. As they are walking back to Kay's house, Charity sees them and taps on Tabitha's kitchen window. Miguel and Kay stop by at Tabitha's and wonder what Kay is doing there. Charity explained that she just wanted to apologize to Tabitha for the other night and the episode with the evil. Luckily Miguel and Kay walked by at just the right time because Tabitha was getting ready to kill Charity.

Theresa overhears her mother and Luis talking about her father and how he is living in New Mexico. She gets very excited, but Luis lets her down by telling her that their father stole from the Crane's and ran away in shame.

Theresa and her mother don't want to believe it. Sheridan wants to talk to Pilar, so she heads over to her house. Ethan decides to go into town and he runs into Theresa. She is crying and very upset. Meanwhile, Sheridan arrives the Pilar's house and realizes that Luis is very upset and so is the whole family. Luis threw his fathers candle and smashed it. Sheridan helped clean up the glass and Luis came out into the living room and found her there. He seemed happy to see her and didn't want her to leave. As Ethan tries to comfort Theresa, Gwen walks by and sees the two of them hugging.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Chad explains to Miguel why Orville may hold a key to finding the answers he needs about his connection to Harmony. Julian gloats to Ivy about how he successfully muzzled Luis. Meanwhile, Sheridan is astonished when Luis admits that he may have judged her family too harshly. As Theresa clings gratefully to a sympathetic Ethan, Gwen strolls up and icily confronts her boyfriend. Theresa hastens to explain why she was so upset but Gwen's fury only intensifies. A dejected Luis confides to Sheridan how his father embezzled from Crane Industries and skipped off to New Mexico. Chad asks Whitney to help him locate Orville. After Theresa departs, Gwen tears into Ethan for his inappropriate interest in the housekeeper's daughter. Despite her sister's warning, Simone decides to tail Chad. Sheridan smells a rat and demands that her brother recant his bogus story about Martin. Pilar tearfully objects when Luis considers having his father arrested and brought back to Harmony.

Thursday, November 18, 1999

Chad spends the night camped out on Orville's doorstep. Sheridan admits to Ivy she's still having doubts about that fateful evening which has haunted her dreams for years. Simone brings Chad breakfast and encourages him to believe that he's close to finding the answers he needs. Hinting that he's ready to get on with the future they've envisioned, Ethan scoffs at Gwen's insistence that Theresa is out to marry money. When Ivy recalls how Martin vanished right after her sister-in-law was sent away to Paris, a shuddering Sheridan wonders if the man she killed was in fact Luis' father. Though Pilar exhorts her son to abandon his plan, Luis insists on going to New Mexico to place Martin under arrest. An angry Miguel chimes in, demanding that his brother stop slandering their father. Theresa empties her savings account to purchase a sophisticated new outfit worthy of the wife of a Crane. Ethan and a beaming Gwen decide to go up to the Cranes' cabin for some private time together. Whitney reluctantly offers to help Chad wait for Orville in exchange for Simone returning to class. Sheridan makes plans to fly to New Mexico to check out a hunch.

Friday, November 19, 1999

As Chad furiously demands answers from a flustered Orville, Whitney intercedes and tries to coax the old man to recall their encounter at the Book Cafe. Ivy enjoys watching Julian's face fall as she reveals that his sister now suspects she may have killed Martin Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, Sheridan faces tough questions from an irked Luis after he overhears her arranging for a flight to New Mexico. Theresa's overreaction to his announcement about going to the cabin with Gwen makes Ethan wonder if the girl has some ulterior motive for keeping him at home. After calming down, Chad is pleasantly surprised to discover that he and Orville share a love of music. Ivy reminds Julian how she was the one who provided Pilar with funds after Martin disappeared. When Orville suddenly remembers something special about baby Harris, Chad asks a dismayed Whitney to check his rear end to see if the birthmark matches. Trying to throw Luis off the scent, Sheridan claims she's going to Santa Fe to help Pilar find some closure. Orville slips away from Chad and Whitney but falls victim to a hit-and-run driver.

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