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Monday, November 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Nicholson

At the coffeehouse, Miguel is trying to help Charity re-learn the computer. Charity wants to start a journal, and hopes that this will help her memory return. Kay and Simone are talking. Kay is seething with jealousy because she feels that Charity is playing games just to get Miguel to lean more towards her. Simone reminds Kay that Charity doesn't have to resort to tricks because she already has Miguel. Chad walks in and Simone's attention is directed at him, which Kay doesn't like.Reese comes in and gives Kay a flower. Charity and Miguel thinks that it is sweet of him to do this. Kay is fuming. Simone says that Kay has to put the flower in water, and she leads Kay away. Reese comes by the table and offers to help Kay with her trigonometry. Kay declines for the moment saying that she is working on a project with Simone. Kay is sick of Reese. Simone reminds her that she did kiss him, so it shouldn't surprise her that he is paying her even more attention. Kay says that she thought that she was kissing Miguel because he was supposed to be wearing the Bluebeard costume. Simone reminds Kay that although Reese may not be boyfriend material, he is a nice person. Chad comes by to take their order, and Simone says that she is surprised to see him there because he now works for her father. Chad says that he helps out at the coffee house when he can. Miguel asks Chad to play Cross My Heart, hoping that it will spark Charity's memory. He then flashbacks to the time that they danced to this song in the garage. Charity says that she feels like she remembers the song, but it's fuzzy. Kay thinks that Charity may be having a memory breakthrough and wants to stop it. She gets up from the table, and collides with Reese, and they knock the table over. Charity says, "Oh, my God." Charity starts flashing back to the night of the fire. She hears her mother and Tabitha fighting, and screams.

At the Crane Mansion, Ivy and Sam are outside talking. Ivy tells him that she has something important to tell him. Sam tells her that they are both married now, and what they had was in the past. He tells her that Julian and Ethan almost heard her tell him that she loves him. Ivy says that the past is the first thing that she thinks of in the morning, it is what keeps her going. In the house, Julian asks Pilar what is going on with Ivy. Pilar says that she hasn't noticed anything different about her. Julian is about to go look for Ivy, but is interrupted by a phone call from his father. His father is very upset about Sheridan, and doesn't feel that Julian has handled the situation well. Ivy reminds Sam that she was married the last time that they were together, because it was her honeymoon night. She tells him that there are things that he needs to know. He tells her that things are better left where they buried them years ago. He said that people would have known about them years ago if the idea of Sam Bennett and the Governor's daughter was imaginable. Ivy asks Sam if he ever thinks about the way that it was between them. He tells her again that it is long over and done with. Ivy feels that if that were true, he would have told Grace about her. Sam tells Ivy that when he met Grace, she was going through a great ordeal. He didn't want to burden her with his past. Sam said it wasn't easy for him to forget what happened between, he left town and had no intention of returning until Grace decided that she wanted to live in Harmony. Ivy tells him that if he had not come back, she would probably have sent for him. Sam wonders why? Before Ivy can answer, Julian comes out and wants to know what's going on? Sam says that Ivy just wanted to send her regards to Grace. Julian said that he thought that she probably wanted to talk with Sam about Ethan. Ivy says that she wanted to ask Sam a favor for the Village Improvement Society. Sam says that he would do what he could. Julian says that Ivy has been upset since Ethan became the liaison between the Crane family and the police dept. He tells her that she is going to smother all the Crane instincts out of Ethan. Ivy starts to tell Julian about Ethan's Crane instinct, but Pilar shakes her head no. Julian tells Ivy that they have bigger problems. His father is coming home, and is unhappy about the way Sheridan has been acting since she returned. Julian said that his father knows everything, and secrets can't be kept from him. Julian leaves, and Ivy says to herself that there are some secrets that he doesn't know, or all hell would have broken out a long time ago. Pilar tells Ivy that she must never tell the secret and they are the only two that know.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa and Whitney are in the living room discussing Ethan. Theresa tells Whitney that she has given up the idea that she and Ethan can be together. Ethan shows up at Theresa's door, and says that he is there because of her. Theresa looks star-struck again, and invites him in. Hank and Luis are in the kitchen. Luis says that if Ethan ever laid a finger on Theresa, he would kill him. Hank said that he has met Ethan, and that he seemed like a stand-up kind of guy. Hank said that Sheridan is a Crane and he likes where she is coming from. Luis said.' You just like her because of her long legs, and blonde hair." Hank says and not to mention those killer blue eyes. Luis says she does have a killer instinct alright, just like her brother and father. Hank said that Sam and Luis are totally irrational when it comes to the Crane family. Luis said that Theresa is a dreamer, and dreams of living the life of a Crane. Hank tells him that when you tell someone not to dream, it's like telling them not to breathe. Hank tells him that he is too over-protective. Luis says that there is only one thing that a guy like Ethan would want from Theresa, and that would be a rump in the hay, before he found someone of his class to settle down with. He said that no one would use his sister that way. Ethan tells Theresa that Sheridan told him about Luis finding her at the Crane mansion, and how he lit into her before Sheridan intervened. Theresa and Whitney both say that Luis's bark is worse than his bite. Ethan tells Theresa that he cares about her and her mother, and this has got to stop. Theresa thought that Ethan wanted to fire her again. but he told her that was not what he wanted. He told her that he wanted to sit down and have a talk with Luis. Theresa said that she didn't think that was a good idea. because Luis hated the Cranes. Ethan also wants to talk with Luis about why he hates the Cranes. Theresa feels that it will only make Luis more angry. Ethan says that he is not afraid of Luis, and that he deals with diffficult people all the time, since he is a lawyer. Whitney goes into the kitchen just as Hank and Luis are headed towards the living room. Whitney stops them by telling them that Theresa smelled gas and that they needed to check that out. Whitney tells Theresa that Luis is home, and Ethan reluctantly agrees to hide in Theresa's room. Luis and Hank never smell gas, and don't know where it could coming from. Luis agrees to explore further, but the valves are in the back of the closet in Theresa's room. Ethan is pacing around the room, and doesn't see the picture of himself hanging on Theresa's wall.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Beers.

Theresa hides Ethan in her bedroom so Luis won't see him in the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Unfortunately, when Theresa and Whitney return with Ethan downstairs, Luis walks through the front door and finds Ethan in the living room. Luis is very irrational and tells Ethan to leave, although Ethan was very polite and wanted to talk to Luis about working together at the police station. Sheridan goes through another flashback and is determined to find out what happened that night that she killed someone.

Julian notices Sheridan's pain and tries to convince her that she only had a dream that night. Sheridan knows that is not true. Sheridan and Julian's father is coming home to Harmony sooner than planned.

Charity freaks out at the Book Cafe when she has a flashback about the fire. She said that she heard her mother fighting with a dog. Miguel, Kay, Simone, and Reese take Charity back to the Bennet's to rest. Tabitha pays a visit to the Bennet's house. The angel appears in Charity's room and tells her to go downstairs and expose the evil. Charity wakes up and walks downstairs shouting the word evil repeatedly at Tabitha.

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