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Monday, November 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Karen Nicholson

Hank and Luis are at the Youth Center. Hank sees Luis with a gun, and asks him if he is going to pull in trick-or-treaters for being over the blood sugar level. Luis says that the mugger was spotted again, and he just wants to be prepared because the mugger might be armed. Luis said that he wasn't expecting trouble at the center, but that 1 or 2 kids may want to cause mischief. Luis stated that he wanted everyone to have a good time. Hank said that since he used to be one of those kids, it may be easier for him to spot one of the troublemakers. He said that he would keep one eye on the kids, and one eye on Sheridan. Luis warns Hank again about getting involved with the Cranes. Hank replied, " I only want to get mixed up with one of them." Luis says that you get one, you get them all, and they are dangerous. They won't think twice about crushing anyone who gets in their way. Hank tells Luis that he is wrong about Sheridan. Luis says that Sheridan may have Hank snowed because of her looks, but there is a side to her that Hank hasn't seen yet. Hank replies that he can't wait to see it.

At the Crane Mansion, Sheridan decides to go to the Dance as a mugger. Ethan tells Sheridan that she better be careful. or Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald may arrest her. Gwen and Ethan are also going to the dance. Ethan decides to go as the Phantom of the Opera, and Gwen decides to go as the Cat Woman. Gwen wants to fix Theresa up with the guy that Theresa has a crush on. Sheridan wonders why Gwen would want to play matchmaker for Theresa. Ethan says that Gwen's motives aren't all that altruistic, she just wants to eliminate who she thinks is her competition for Ethan's affection. Ethan tells Gwen how much he loves her. Sheridan tells them that she is going with Hank. She describes him as a nice man, but she is not serious about him. Julian sees Ethan with his cape, and thinks that Ethan is going to the opera. Ethan tells him that he is going to the Halloween dance, and Julian can't believe that Ethan wants to mingle with the locals. He then accuses Ethan of wanting to meet up with Theresa, but that Ethan better be aware of Theresa's brother. Gwen comes in, and Julian tells her that she looks ravishing in her costume, he then tells Ethan not to do anything that he wouldn't do. Ethan and Gwen leave.

In Theresa's room, she and Whitney are dressed as women from the 18th or 19th century. Theresa has on a blonde wig. She says that she is wearing the gown of her dreams. She just wishes that Ethan could see her in it. She then decides that maybe she will skip the dance altogether, and go to the Crane Mansion, and be Ethan's Halloween treat. Whitney asks," Can't you just forget about Ethan for one night and have some fun?" Pilar walks in and said that it might be difficult because Ethan and Gwen would be at the dance. She heard them talking about it. Pilar tells Theresa to stay away from Ethan and Gwen. She also tells Theresa what they will be dressed as. Theresa tells Whitney that she will dance with Ethan , and if she doesn't she'll buy her lunch at the Book Cafe. Grace is dressed as a princess passing out candy to the children when Miguel shows up. Miguel wishes that he could take Charity to the dance, but can't since she is still afraid of him. He hopes that by taking Kay to the dance, Charity will see that she has no reason to be afraid of him. The girls are upstairs dressing for the dance. Charity is in some sea creature costume, and can barely walk in the fins. Kay is dressed as an exotic dancer, and Simone is dressed as either Carmen Miranda or the Chiquita Banana Girl. Charity was originally supposed to go as the dancer, but Kay convinced her that guys would think that she was easy, and would hit on her if she showed up wearing that costume. Tabitha gave Kay the costume that Charity is wearing now. Jessica can't understand why Charity is wearing a different costume. Miquel tells Jessica that he will be dressed as Bluebeard ,and that Reese was going as Zorro. Jessica gets a mischievous look in her eyes.

Sheridan is still at home waiting for Hank, she sees herself as a child with blood on her hands. Julian comes in and she tries to get him to tell her what happened, and who did she kill. He tells her to drop it, and he was not going to let her destroy the family again. She says that if no one will help her then she will find out what happened on her own. Hank comes by to pick up Sheridan. He takes her into another part of town to show her what he did when he was a kid. They get into a water balloon fight. Sheridan buys two pies from a guy, and hides behind the bushes. She sees someone dressed as a cop and thinks that it is Hank. She jumps from behind the bushes and hits him smack in the face. The person she hits is Luis and he looks angry.

Tabitha and Timmy are in the woods. A fire is going, and Tabitha is conjuring up demons to do her bidding. She says that she must first release them from the bowels of the earth. Timmy tells her that seems like a tall order. Tabitha says that although she may not have her powers back, but with the help of her charms, she will conjure up the demons from hell tonight. Tabitha throws into the fire, the hair of a rabid dog, and the fire starts to blaze. The demons want to be freed. Tabitha tells the demons to destroy her enemies. Tabitha then produces some special charms, that she says are the eyes of her ancestors who were burned alive in France. She tells the children of the night to come to her. Many ghost-like figures are coming out of the fire. Timmy says that the smell is awful. Tabitha says that it is the sweet smell of revenge. She asks the demons to give her the power to destroy Charity.

At the dance, Whitney is upset to see Chad. She says that Luis wouldn't like him there messing around with the music. Chad says that Simone asked Luis to hire him as the DJ. Whitney tells Chad to stay away from her sister. Chad tells Whitney that she wore the wrong costume. She should have come as a witch. Theresa whisks Whitney away from Chad. She wants to look for Ethan. Gwen and Ethan arrive. They don't see Theresa. They start to dance. Theresa pages Gwen, and points her in the direction of a phone. When Gwen goes into the closet to see if a phone is in there, Theresa locks her in. With a southern accent, Theresa tells Ethan that she bets that he can't dance. He states that he can, and they start to dance. He briefly wonders what is taking Gwen so long. He senses something familiar about his dance partner, and asks if they had ever danced before this. Theresa shakes her head no. Gwen is calling for help, but no one hears her.

Zorro asks Charity to dance. She steps on his feet, and fears that he won't ask her to dance again. Jessica tells her that Zorro is a friend of hers, and that she is sure that he will want to dance with her again. Zorro looks a lot like Miguel. Kay is dancing with Bluebeard. She looks over at Charity and Zorro dancing , and says to herself that they make the perfect couple. A match made in geek heaven. She decides to kiss Bluebeard. She says that once Charity sees them kissing , she will give up on Miguel because she is such a goody-goody and wouldn't want to hurt Kay by going after Miguel. Jessica says to herself that Kay is finally getting what she deserves. Simone brings a soda to Chad. He tells her that he will play a special song for her. Whitney pulls Simone away from Chad, and tells her that if she didn't stay away from him, she would tell their Mother everything that had transpired.

Grace is at home asleep on the couch. She is having a nightmare about the fire. She tells Faith that she won't let anything happen to Charity. A fire is going in the fireplace. Meanwhile in the woods, Tabitha is telling the demons to fly as fast as they could to Grace's house, and destroy it. She also said to wipe Grace off the face of the earth. The demons suddenly appear in Grace's fireplace, and then they surround her while she sleeps.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Ivy triumphantly informs her husband that Ethan has remained loyal to Gwen despite Julian's immoral advice about the boy sowing some wild oats. Whitney warns Theresa that Gwen's radar is now on high alert and she'll do whatever she has to in order to keep Ethan for herself. Meanwhile, Gwen urges her lover to believe that the housekeeper's "innocent" daughter is out to snare him by hook or by crook. Ivy and Julian's quarrel nearly turns violent and then passionate by turn. When his wife finally pulls away from him in disgust, Julian presses Ivy for an explanation but Pilar's timely interruption brings the Cranes' tete-a-tete to an abrupt halt. Theresa tells a skeptical Whitney that Ivy would never stand in the way of her love for Ethan. Gwen whines to Sheridan about Ethan being blind to Theresa's true intentions. Luis reminds his sister that every Crane is bad news and must be avoided at all costs. Later, Sam and Luis are summoned to the mansion for a dressing-down by an irate Julian. Ivy thanks Pilar for helping her keep her devastating secret. Believing she's speaking to her father, Whitney confides how she yearns to start dating, then is mortified to discover that she's actually been unburdening herself to Chad.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

Humiliated to realize she's just bared her soul to Chad, Whitney rails at him for pretending to be her father. When Sam angrily refuses to fire Luis, Julian threatens to use his influence to have Chief Bennett removed from his post. Gwen is delighted to discover that Luis and Theresa's paths are set to cross at the Crane mansion. After quickly intervening to prevent Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald from spotting his kid sister, Sheridan scolds Gwen for deliberately attempting to get Theresa into trouble. Pilar and Ivy are alarmed to see Ethan trying to pry open the locket which contains Sam's picture. Chad suggests to a bristling Whitney that she lay down her tennis racket and focus on getting a personal life which will fulfill her. Outraged to learn from Luis how Julian meddled in her business, Sheridan furiously confronts her brother. As he watches Sheridan tear into Julian, Luis begins to develop a grudging admiration for his attractive nemesis. Ivy nervously asks Ethan to stop monkeying with the broken locket. Later, Ivy faints dead away when Julian asks his son to become the new liaison between Crane Industries and the police department.

Friday, November 5, 1999

In the wake of the Halloween dance, Kay is aggravated to realize that her cousin has completely lost her fear of Miguel. Julian watches dispassionately as Sam and Ethan rush to Ivy's aid. Pilar thanks Sheridan for helping Theresa evade Luis. Meanwhile, Luis runs into his sister outside the Crane mansion and angrily declares that she'll be sent to a convent school as punishment for disobeying his orders. After Ethan goes off to fetch his mother some ice, Ivy comes to and--believing it to be twenty years earlier-- begins happily stroking Sam's face. A sobbing Theresa begs her brother not to send her away from Harmony and everyone she loves. Overhearing Luis' ranting, Sheridan covers for Theresa by convincing Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald that the girl was only making a delivery. Still lost in her reverie, Ivy declares her love to a flustered Sam. Later, coming fully back to her senses, Ivy fields questions from Julian as he wonders if she's hiding something. Sheridan vows to make amends with Luis if it turns out that the Cranes somehow did hurt the policeman's family.

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