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Monday, August 4, 2008
by Love264

Tabitha and Endora were able to see the natural disaster from their magic bowl. Tabitha asked Endora to use her powers to try to prevent the volcano from erupting, but Endora was unable to do so because the demons cast a spell over the house to prevent Endora from using her powers. Both Tabitha and Endora were helpless since they were barred in the house by the dark side. Tabitha decided that the best solution was to have someone come to their rescue, so Endora zapped Eve and Julian to the house. Endora greeted Julian by calling him "Daddy." Eve was shocked and confused. When Endora spoke about magic and spells, Eve thought that she was hallucinating. Eve checked her breath to make certain that she was not drinking. Julian explained to Eve that Tabitha and Endora were witches, and Eve thought that Endora was crazy.

Tabitha suggested to Julian that both she and Julian should focus all their love on Endora in hopes of preventing the disaster. Eve stood in a corner and fantasized about drinking because nothing made sense to her. Tabitha, Julian, and Endora's efforts were in vain. The volcano was still active. Tabitha decided that she needed an extra boost, so she asked Eve to focus on the love for her children. Eve did and joined hands with Tabitha, Endora, and Julian. The love emanating from all four was able to make a difference.

Rebecca told herself that she was glad that Sam's video camera was broken. No one would discover hers and Gwen's secret. As soon as Rebecca uttered those words, Little Ethan informed Sam that he fixed the video camera. Sam was able to rewind the tape.

Juanita discovered that Gertrude was Theresa and held Theresa at gunpoint. Theresa begged for her life, but Juanita took pleasure in making sure Theresa would suffer. By hoping that Ethan would feel the connection, Theresa prayed and begged for Ethan's help.

In the midst of Ethan and Gwen's ceremony, the church started to shake, and Ethan wondered if it was a sign for him to stop the wedding. Gwen and Rebecca tried to get reassurance from Ethan to make sure that he was not backing out. As Ethan was about to focus on this recommitment ceremony, he heard Theresa's voice. Theresa's voice stated that she was alive and that Ethan was to help her. Ethan began saying Theresa's name. Gwen begged Ethan not to back out on her. Ivy saw the commotion and rushed up to Ethan and told him that he had made a promise to Gwen and that Theresa was just a ghost.

The ceremony resumed. Gwen asked Father Lonigan to speed up the ceremony, and she got her wish. Both Gwen and Ethan were recommitted. Pilar was disappointed because she thought that there was nothing that could stop Ethan from leaving Gwen. Shortly afterwards, Little Ethan was playing with Sam's camera, and he overheard Gwen and Rebecca on the tape.

Back in the basement, a gun went off, and Theresa screamed. Pilar and Father Lonigan questioned the screaming. Meanwhile, Ethan heard Theresa's voice begging him for help. Ethan remarked that something was wrong with Theresa, and Gwen looked on in astonishment. Gwen begged Ethan not to leave her at the altar, but Ethan insisted on going to the basement to check out the screams.

Juanita was in agony because the gun exploded in her hands. She begged Theresa to help her, but Theresa wanted instructions on disarming the bomb before even thinking of helping Juanita. Juanita got up and ran over to the bomb. She reset the timer and informed Theresa that everyone would perish. Juanita managed to corner Theresa, knocked Theresa unconscious, and then handcuffed Theresa and left her to die in the bomb explosion. Theresa pretended to be dead. Juanita heard footsteps, and tried to make a run for it. Theresa told Luis, Ethan, and Miguel, who were at the door, not to let Juanita get out of the room. Ethan saw Theresa and ran over to aid her. Theresa mentioned the bomb to Ethan, but Ethan was so happy to see Theresa that he kissed her while ignoring that there was a bomb.

Ivy made an observation that Theresa was wearing Gertrude's clothing, and Pilar confirmed that Gertrude was Theresa all along. Paloma also came forward to admit that she knew that Theresa was alive but had to keep it a secret to prevent Juanita from killing Theresa.

Gwen sadly complained to Rebecca that Ethan found out that Theresa was alive and was kissing Theresa. Rebecca asked Gwen for Gwen's cell phone to call Juanita so that Juanita could kill Theresa.

Luis finally recognized Juanita in disguise and mentioned her name. Everyone, including Pilar and Sam, turned their attention to Juanita. Sam placed Juanita under arrest.

Theresa managed to get everyone's attention on the bomb. Ethan grabbed it to dry and disarm it. Juanita exclaimed that the bomb could not be disarmed. The best solution was to leave the building. Gwen suggested to Rebecca that they should leave. Rebecca tried to leave, but Father Lonigan stopped her from leaving. Theresa was handcuffed to the wall, so she begged Ethan and the others to leave. Gwen went over to tell Ethan that they should leave, and Ethan refused to leave without taking Theresa with him. Everyone else decided to stay behind and help in any way they could except for Rebecca, who left.

Upstairs in the church, Little Ethan was still messing with Sam's camera. Rebecca informed Little Ethan that there was a bomb and that they should leave. Little Ethan refused to leave without the camera, but left on Rebecca's insistence.

Downstairs in the basement, Ethan proceeded to see if he could defuse the bomb, and he was able to do so. After defusing the bomb, Ethan ran over to Theresa and kissed her passionately. Gwen looked on in disappointment. Gwen saw how close Ethan and Theresa were getting, so Gwen informed Theresa that Ethan had promised that if he recommitted to Gwen, Ethan would not leave her. Ethan tried to get out of it, but Gwen reminded Ethan that he took vows in front of Father Lonigan. Ethan begged Gwen not keep him bound to her, but Gwen insisted. Theresa begged Ethan not to give up on their love, since they had been through so much together.

Upstairs in the church, both Rebecca and Little Ethan realized that the bomb had not gone off. Little Ethan took the opportunity to retrieve the video camera. Rebecca realized that Little Ethan was about to hear what was on the tape, so she fought Little Ethan to get the video camera away from him.

. . .


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