The end of Passions is here
Posted Friday, July 25, 2008 9:49:11 PM
It isn't any easier the second time around. In August, Passions will air its final episode. Unlike the last time around when the often campy soap was cancelled by NBC, there will be no reprieve. And to make matters worse, the airdate for the final episode has been moved up.
Passions is coming to an end next month, and DirecTV has decided that the series will end sooner than originally anticipated. The series, which was to have wrapped up on August 11, will now air its final episode on August 7. A show spokesperson did not explain what led to the decision to up the finale, but it is expected that the DirecTV did not want to compete against the Olympics.

DirecTV will also air a marathon of the final four episodes on August 8.

While Passions was DirecTV's highest-rated original program, insiders say that Passions did not bring in the expected number of new subscribers anticipated by the satellite television provider. Passions moved to DirecTV in September 2007 as part of a $40 million deal designed to bring more original programming to the service.

Meanwhile, fans of Passions will have one last chance to own a piece of the television series. An auction will be held on August 9. For more on the auction, click here.

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