CRANE Family Tree
Alistair Crane

m. Katherine Barrett (annulled)
    c. Julian Crane
        a. Eve Johnson (see Johnson)
            c. Vincent Clarkson
        m. Ivy Winthrop (divorced in 2001; see Winthrop)
            c. Fancy Crane
            c. Pretty Crane
            c. Fox Crane
                m. Kay Bennett (2007; dissolved by his death)
        m. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (invalid; see Lopez and Fitzgerald)
        a. Tabitha Lenox
            c. Endora Lenox (2003)
        m. Rebecca Hotchkiss (2004)
        Their legal 2001 ceremony is never referenced.

    c. Sheridan Crane
    Her marital history prior to 1999 is unknown.
        a. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (see Lopez and Fitzgerald)
            c. Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (2003)
        m. Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald (2002-2004; Deceased; see Lopez and Fitzgerald)
        m. Christopher Boothe (2006 to present)
            c. Unnamed child (miscarriage; 2006)
            c. James Boothe (adopted in 2006)
        m. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (2006; invalid)

a. Edna Wallace

    c. Beth Wallace (deceased; 2006)

r. Liz Sanbourne
    c. Chad Harris-Crane
    Adopted as an infant by the Harris family.

m. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald
    c. Ethan Crane
    Theresa's son with Ethan; adopted by Alistair in 2005.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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