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For the Week of June 23, 2008
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Pretty has completely lost her mind. Pretty has a twisted sense of entitlement, which she learns from Alistair, her father. Juanita accidentally humiliated her by exposing her fake pregnancy, and she was still willing to jump through hoops for Luis.

Harmony is filled with deranged people who will kill and torture anyone in order to get what they want. If a woman or man sees an intended partner, he/she will chase said partner regardless of marriage, and it doesn't stop there. Sometimes it takes a number of years before their dreams are realized. Please don't even make the mistake of accidentally hurting a family member. That will cause one his or her life.

Pretty has completely lost her mind. It's not enough that she pretends to be pregnant, but she is making sure that Luis does not have anyone else besides her. The thing is Luis does not love her. Pretty has a twisted sense of entitlement, which she learns from Alistair, her father. Juanita accidentally humiliates her by exposing her fake pregnancy, and she is still willing to jump through hoops for Luis, who has expressed his distaste for her.

For the life of me, I don't understand why Gwen still wants to be with Ethan. He has disappointed her time and time again, but she is willing to put up with his mental anguish. I get that Theresa has hurt her tremendously, but it's time to let it go. Let Ethan be with Theresa and implode all on his own. Theresa cannot seem to tell the truth for less than five minutes, so let she and Ethan self destruct. It will not to take that long for that to happen since Theresa herself is her worst nightmare. She will use every excuse in the book to prevent herself from telling her significant other the truth, even if it will benefit her. She will find a reason to blame it on someone else. Ethan still does not know that Little Ethan is his son, or does he know the truth and refuses to accept it? Either way, it's Theresa's responsibility to make sure that Ethan knows the truth. If she can drug him to take advantage of him sexually, surely, she can drug the truth into him. I guess that would not be exciting enough for her.

Vincent and Viki are another kind of crazy. Vincent claims that Eve and Julian abandon him while he was a baby, but both Eve and Julian have told him repeatedly that Alistair is the one to blame. Vincent is hurting, so he is lashing out at others around him. His first victim is Eve, his mother. Eve is a recovering alcoholic, so Vincent uses that to his advantage. He plays on Eve's emotions by committing evil acts while blaming her. He eventually drugs Eve until Eve willingly starts drinking again. His ultimate goal is realized when Eve loses her license to practice medicine. Vincent deliberately switches a prescription for one of Eve's patients, and the hospital holds Eve responsible.

Vincent also makes sure that his father, Julian, suffers for his part in Vincent's supposed abandonment. Thanks to Vincent; Julian's penis will never be the same again. His penis is on backwards due to Vincent's instructions to a drunken Eve. After Viki deliberately chops off Julian's penis, Vincent makes sure that Eve reattaches it in the wrong direction. Vincent is done torturing his parents, so he is moving on to other victims, who he thinks wronged him in some way shape or form.

Viki suffers from abandonment issues like Vincent. She kills or attempts to kill anyone who threatens her security. She refuses to be separated from her Aunt Esme. Viki has now teamed up with Vincent to kill various people in Harmony just because it excites her.

Juanita is another deranged one. Her family is killed and she blames Pilar for their death. Strangely enough, her late husband, the mobster, rapes Pilar and attacks her. Pilar kills him in self defense. Another family, who is also into organized crime, sees the opportunity to take control, so they kill Juanita's children. Juanita ends up in jail. She eventually gets out. Her main purpose in life is to destroy Pilar and her entire family. She wants Pilar to suffer the same way she has suffered.


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