Eric Martsolf
The complete destruction of Harmony
For the Week of June 9, 2008
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All signs are leading up to Ethan and Theresa getting back together, but at what cost? Ethan is not exactly the most honorable guy; what makes Theresa think that he will remain faithful to her?

First, we have Vincent. He exacts revenge on his parents by murdering everyone who gets in his way. Next we have Viki, who is hell bent on staying with her Aunt Esme. She will kill anyone who mentions sending her off to boarding school. The next murderer in Harmony’s midst is Juanita. She shows up in Harmony frantically searching for Pilar and her family. Now that she knows Pilar’s location, will she successfully eliminate Pilar and her entire family? Somehow, I don’t see that happening. She will no doubt plan something disastrous, but I doubt that she will end up killing anyone. If anyone dies, it probably won’t be Pilar or her family. And finally, will the above murders somehow get together and coordinate their crimes? Viki and Vincent are doing it. Will Vincent also reach out to Juanita?

All signs are leading up to Ethan and Theresa getting back together, but at what cost? How will Ethan get out of being married to Gwen? Will Theresa stop the recommitment ceremony in time? Ethan is not someone I would refer to as honorable. After all, this is the same guy who remains married to his wife and cheats on her on the sly. What makes Theresa think that Ethan will remain faithful to her? Ethan likes the idea of women falling at his feet. The idea and the action excite him. Someone else could come along and win over Ethan. How would Theresa behave? It’s quite clear that she would relive what she has gone through with Ethan and Gwen.

What is Pretty up to these days? Her latest scheme is not really working, so what will she do next? Being pregnant with Luis’ child is certainly not keeping Fancy away from Luis, so what’s next on Pretty’s agenda? Sheridan is out of commission since Vincent almost killed her, so Pretty has one less person in her way. Is Pretty convinced that Luis loves her? It seems to me that Pretty knows that Fancy has Luis’s heart, so she will do anything to keep them apart. Her mantra is “If I can’t have Luis, no one else can.” “Good luck to you, Pretty, because Luis only has eyes for Fancy.” He used to be in love with Sheridan, but all he can think of right now is Fancy. It’s quite possible that Pretty can concoct another scheme that will prevent Luis from marrying Fancy. It better be good because Luis is clinging to Fancy like glue.

Her book of disaster forecasts doom on Harmony and Tabitha cannot do anything about it. Her latest spell to stop Juanita does not work. Will Tabitha suffers with the folks of Harmony? Her powers are failing, so what will she do?


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