Galen Gering
When will they realize that Luis isn't into them?
For the Week of March 31, 2008
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Sheridan is pathetic. She constantly uses Marty to bind Luis to her, but Luis keeps running back to Fancy. She rejected Luis when Chris was in the picture, and she told him to move on. She even gave Fancy the go-ahead to date Luis.

“News flash, Pretty, Luis only had sex with you because Alistair forced the issue.” Luis did not even want to sleep w/ her. Pretty begged Luis, and Luis backed out at the last minute. The only reason they slept together was because of magic. Fancy is right. Pretty is acting like a dog in heat. How can Pretty force a man to love her? The girl is so naïve that she actually believes it. When will she wake up and realize that Luis is not into her?

Sheridan is another pathetic one. She constantly uses Marty to bind Luis to her, but Luis keeps running to Fancy. She rejected Luis when Chris was in the picture, and she told him to move on. She even gave Fancy the go ahead to date Luis. When Pretty asked Sheridan if she was on board to kill Fancy, she ran off without answering Pretty. I wonder what Sheridan has planned for Fancy that she couldn’t share it with Pretty? Is it possible that Sheridan will find a way to win over Luis while duping Pretty and Fancy? I wouldn’t put it pass Sheridan. She is after all a Crane. Pretty seems to want Luis all to herself, so I would not be surprised if Sheridan had the same thing in mind.

Who Wants Gwen With Ethan More?

I think Gwen has fought the good fight and has since given up. Gwen left Ethan, and she was ready to start a new life, but as soon as she returned to Harmony, Rebecca constantly shoved her in Ethan’s face. Even if Gwen backs down, Rebecca would not let up. Gwen finally listened to Rebecca and pursed Ethan by any means necessary. She blackmailed Theresa and Pilar at Rebecca’s prodding.

It seems to me that Rebecca is living vicariously through Gwen. Rebecca detests Pilar and Theresa because they are beneath her, and she hates the fact that Theresa has made her daughter’s life miserable, so every chance Rebecca gets, she wastes no time using Gwen to exact her revenge on Theresa. Without Rebecca prodding Gwen, I believe that she would not have returned to Harmony. Gwen was really hurt when she walked in on Ethan and Theresa having sex. She gave up on Ethan and her marriage because she was tired of catching Ethan in compromising positions with Theresa.

Battle of the Ex Wife & the Mistress

Gwen is the debutante who knew Ethan since High School. They were very much in love, but there was someone lurking in the corner ready to break them apart. The culprit is Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. She decided that she wanted Ethan, and she stopped at nothing to get him. Theresa has been harping on fate since day one, but she still does not have Ethan. She even went as far as making sure Gwen did not have any kids for Ethan. It turned out that Gwen finally got pregnant and gave Ethan a child. Theresa was jealous of the news since she had a son for Ethan, but Ethan was not told the truth. Theresa is still keeping Ethan in the dark. She constantly comes up with excuses for not telling Ethan the truth about his son.

Gwen realizes that Theresa is keeping the truth from Ethan for Theresa’s own selfish reasons, so Gwen decides to use it against Theresa. At Rebecca’s urging, Gwen wasted no time in letting Theresa pay for what she did to her. Gwen blackmailed Theresa by using Pilar’s secret. Theresa could have prevented the outcome, but instead, she visited Mexico to confront her mother’s enemy, which resulted in Theresa’s death. Theresa is not really dead. She is very much alive, and her main objective is to win Ethan back. Both women, Gwen and Theresa, have been fighting over Ethan for eight years now, and it will not be a happy ending since neither woman refuses to back down.


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