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Leveling the playing field?
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Gwen used to be the classy, educated society type who only wanted a family with her husband, Ethan. Currently, Gwen is linked to atrocities that only her nemesis, Theresa, would do.

Head writer, James E. Reilly, decided to write both women in the triangle similarly. It was not always like this. Gwen used to be the classy educated society type that only wanted a family with her husband, Ethan Winthrop. Ethan led her to believe that he loved her and was committed to her, but he really had eyes for another woman, Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald, who stalked him since her teenage years. Currently, Gwen is linked to atrocities that only her nemesis, Theresa would do. I get the feeling that James E. Reilly is switching roles with these characters to even out the playing fields. Since Theresa terrorized Gwen from day one of her marriage, it's only fitting that Gwen would try to keep her ex husband, now husband, from her enemy, Theresa.

Is Alistair Through With Controlling Fancy?

Since the device fell out of Fancy's nose, I wonder how this will all play out. Will Sheridan and Pretty try to woo Luis the old fashioned way? Will Sheridan and Pretty try to befriend Luis until he is vulnerable enough to lure him into bed? That seems quite difficult for Sheridan and Pretty though. Luis only has eyes for Fancy these days, and it doesn't matter what terrible things Fancy does; Luis still yearns for Fancy.

I haven't seen or heard from Alistair in a while. The last I heard of him was when Pretty was having a conversation with him via phone. It seemed one sided though because Pretty did all the talking, and we neither heard Alistair's voice nor saw him. I hope James E. Reilly does not drop this storyline. He does have a knack for doing that. In as much as I want this storyline to continue, I'm excited that the device is no longer an issue. It was borderline silly. In my opinion, it was a cheap way of killing three birds with one stone: Giving Sheridan, Fancy, and Pretty a storyline all rolled up into one.

This Double Wedding I have Got to See

Since the demon elf is still lurking in Tabitha's house, I wonder what mayhem he will think of next. I have the strangest feeling that Kay/Miguel and Paloma/Noah's wedding will be a total disaster due to the elf. Since Tabitha detests happiness, she would do anything in her powers to prevent a wedded bliss. Knowing how Endora adores Miguel, she would definitely make sure to keep Tabitha in line. Since the demon elf is after Endora, by request of the dark side, I doubt that Endora has any control over the elf.


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