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The year in review
For the Week of December 31, 2007
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Passions had to offer in 2007.
The year 2007 has finally come to a close. All though Passions is famous for doom and gloom storylines (SLˇs), there were some episodes or moments that I thought were good, and there were a few comical moments. The only SL's that were half decent were the one's with Pilar and Little Ethan (LE). The comedy routines were always good to watch. They made me laugh. I also loved the Christmas miracles.

The Best of 2007
Eva Tamargo (Pilar) did a marvelous job portraying a woman being assaulted. She shined in that role, and she should be applauded. I've always loved her, but it seems as if she was thrust in the midst of the Theresa/Ethan/Gwen train wreck most of the times. It was quite refreshing to see her with her very on SL.

LE was always used as a pawn, so it was sort of good to see him offer up a portion of his liver to his baby brother, Jonathan. I loved the tender moments between him and Theresa. That has not been the case in the past when it comes to this character. He was always in a tug of war of some sort. In any event, the year ended with him doing something positive.

Passions Wouldn't Be Passions Without a Little Humor
JER is good at writing comedy. I'll give him that much credit. I love Esme. She is such a great addition to the cast. I also adore Endora. Both these characters have added humor to this quirky soap. Let's not also forget Tabitha. She does have her moments. Kay sucks as a witch, but she too had some humorous moments.

Esme's men were dropping like flies, but it was so hilarious the way she dealt with their deaths. Do you remember when Pete, the man in the cat costume, died? Esme didn't know the number for 911. It was also hilarious watching her trying to get away from the vicious dog that killed Pete. I also love it when she is on her meds. She thinks she is hearing things, and she keeps messing up on people's names.

Endora is so adorable. I think everything she does is cute. Do you remember when she turned her friend, Tina, into a cat? What followed was hilarious. Tabitha asked Tina, the cat, to speak to her so that she could pick her out of the crowd. The cat spoke. Tabitha didn't have the time for all the red tape, so she used her magic to disappear with the cat. The officer, who tended to the animals, observed and could not believe his eyes. How can I forget one of my favorite ones with Endora? Miguel thought that he was losing his mind, due to Kay's awry magic, so he called a psychiatrist. When the psychiatrist got there, Endora made her think that she was the crazy one and not Miguel. I loved it when the psychiatrist thought that Tabitha's house was a nuthouse, and she (herself) was nuts, cuckoo, and she was a big cashew. I was laughing hysterically. It was hilarious watching her run out of the house with her hair in spikes. She looked like a scared cat.

You have to love Tabitha. I can't forget when she made Spike think that he went to hell and back. Spike was terrified the entire time. Evil spirits were dragging him in all sorts of direction, and he was amazed that he got away. He has been scared out of his mind to go to Tabitha's house ever since.

When Kay performs magic, they always go awry, and it's too funny watching her correct her mistakes to make even more mistakes. I can't forget the time she felt sorry for Miguel and decided to cast a spell to make him feel better. She ended up zapping off his clothes, and poor Miguel was out of his mind wondering what was happening to him.

Christmas Miracles in Abundance
I never thought I'd see the day that James E. Riley (JER) would have so many happy endings. This is the same writer that has been writing doom and gloom for eight years. To tell you the truth, it was quite shocking because I was prepared for only one Christmas miracle, but I will take what I can get. Luis and Fancy were reunited. Endora and Miguel returned home to Tabitha and Kay. Sheridan was reunited with Marty. Little Ethan's fever broke, and Jonathan is back to normal, which means that his body is accepting the liver. Hmmm...I wonder. How long will this joyous occasion last? I'm counting my fingers. Can you picture me rolling my eyes too? Ah, bah humbug, you say. Hey, this happens only once in a lifetime on Passions. What else can I say?


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