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The theatre masks of comedy and tragedy
For the Week of December 24, 2007
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Ethan has disintegrated into a first-class jerk. If he continues to blindly support Gwen, his relationship with Theresa probably won't last another month...not that it was much of a relationship.
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Never has the duality of the theatre masks of comedy and tragedy applied more to a TV show then this week's Passions' episodes. Tragedy

Pilar touched my heart in a way she hasn't in years. Her grief and angst for her family were very real. I cannot imagine being forced to listen to my own sister's murder or to force my daughter give up her happiness. Pilar is trapped by her arrogance of long ago and she realizes that now. She wishes she had handled things differently, but we cannot wish away our pasts. I agreed with her remark that Christmas is marred by the pain and tragedy around her. How could it not be? I loved Pilar's powerful scene where she unburdened herself and told Theresa the truth about what happened in Mexico. Too bad her version of the truth had a sprinkling of lies and omissions (Lopez-Fitzgerald style.) I have a feeling there is much more to come from this story. Could Theresa be the mobster's daughter? I think that is very possible. Pilar seems to be dealing with a trauma far greater than a long-ago rape and she was evasive. She only told Theresa about the phone call that caused the deaths of the mobster's family.

I cannot pass this week without discussing the terrible threesome: Ethan, Gwen and Theresa. What was once lovely stories of Ethan being torn between two women has become a bitter and hateful game of can you top this. Gwen has been absolutely horrid. Her blackmail threats to Theresa are desperate and pathetic and the ungrateful attitude she gave Theresa after Little Ethan's surgery was bordering on the evil that Theresa called her. I certainly do not like this new attitude of Gwen's. It is monstrous behavior for a woman who claims to love children. Yes, yes, I know Theresa has been vile to her for years but that doesn't excuse this behavior. Nothing does. I can only hope that Jonathan survives and motherhood softens her anger.

Then we have our little Theresa, tearful as always. This character has been shedding tears for herself for 8 years. Get a new stick, Theresa. I actually laughed when she said, "Maybe you should worry about that God thinks, Gwen;" this from a woman who has been to hell and back (literally.) It has been eight years of lies, threats, and wild seduction attempts. Theresa always causes her own problems. Her current predicament is because she hid her child's paternity for over a year. Ethan will never know that Little Ethan saved Jonathan. I have to say this though; I am beginning to feel sorry for her. She is trapped in her lie and in Gwen's blackmail and she is finally trying to do the right thing but Ethan is being judgmental and accusatory.

To put it bluntly, Ethan has disintegrated into a first-class jerk and Theresa cannot defend herself. One thing that bothered me no end was his insistence that he meet the donor family; some gratitude, huh? They donate a body part and ask only for anonymity in return but the Master of the Universe "needs" to thank them. Try sending a lovely thank you note next time, Ethan. If Ethan continues to blindly support Gwen, I don't give his relationship with Theresa another month. Not that it was much of a relationship. She is still Mrs. Alistair Crane and Al doesn't share his toys. In all honestly I'd like Theresa to wise up and tell Ethan she's had enough of his abuse. In fact, I'd like to see Gwen do the same.


I believe this show has survived for as long as it has mainly due to the outrageous laughs provided by unorthodox characters like Tabitha the witch. In the mist of Fancy's suffering over Luis' involvement with her sister and aunt, Tabitha and Kay use magic to zap her from house to house like a ping pong ball. Snaps to the actress for a job well done. She made me dizzy just watching her. Those of us who love Passions live for the laughs and this week delivered plenty of them.

Best lines of the week:

Vincent: An honest answer? FYI, a career in politics is not for you.

Tabitha: If you are so set on being good, why didn't you zap the poison fruitcake to Congress?

Spike: Hurry it up. I still have a lot of Christmas shoplifting to do.


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