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Poor Julian. After finally being reunited with his long-lost son Vincent, he is now forced to come to terms with the fact that Vincent is dead...or is he? In fact, Vincent is alive, and he is determined to stick it to both his parents.

Welcome to the first week of our Two Scoops auditions, fans. In our second column, Sophia has offered up a column for your enjoyment. Please take some time to read over it and then drop us a line to let us know what you think, whether you'd like to read more from Sophia every week -- or if you'd like to wait to read from someone else. And if you would like your own chance at being a Two Scoops columnist, please click here for more details.

This week on Passions was all about father-son relationships. From birth to death, it was an action packed life cycle experience!

It's A Boy!

Ethan continues to bond over his brand new baby boy. While Theresa and Pilar continue to ponder how this baby even came into existence, Gwen is taking every advantage she can get to steal her ex-husband back! Ethan becomes worried as his son is not responsive, and thinks that something might be wrong with the baby. The nurse checking Ethan's vitals, sees it too and asks Gwen if the baby has a pediatrician. Gwen, who is obviously hiding something, reassures the nurse and Ethan that the baby is just fine, and is in fact getting over a cold.

Meanwhile, Theresa and her mother are discussing telling the truth to Ethan about little Ethan. Theresa finally decides after much deliberation, that she is going to tell Ethan the truth and that Gwen isn't going to stop her. Unfortunately Ethan is not the brightest tool in the shed! Theresa continues to insist to Ethan that little Ethan is in fact his son, but he continues on and on about how he will always consider little E as his first born, and tells Theresa not to worry about him not being there for the boy. Gwen manages to get Theresa out of Ethan's hospital room and begins to tell her that if she tells Ethan the truth she could jeopardize his recovery. Theresa starts to feel the walls building up around her again as she sees both Gwen and Alistair as huge threats to her future with Ethan and their children.

And so the triangle begins…AGAIN!! Theresa and Ethan finally find happiness, but it is all too good to be true, and is short lived. So why doesn't Theresa just tell Gwen to but out of her business and her life with Ethan, and try to move forward?... because big Al is back, and he is going to stop at nothing in making sure that he isn't not going to loose another one of his wives to another man! So, we wait to find out, (a) if the truth about little E's paternity will finally be revealed? (b) how is Theresa going to rid herself of Alistair? and (c) what is Gwen really hiding about her "supposed son"?

Lost And Found

Marty is alive!! Sheridan watches a live video feed of her son playing in an unknown room in an unknown location, on her laptop. She swears to Marty that she is going to find him, and so will his father, Luis. Alistair walks in and finds Sheridan in the kitchen, and begins to taunt her about her failure as a daughter and tells her that she has had nothing but a miserable life, with no one to love or to love her back. Sheridan grabs a kitchen knife, and decides to kill Al. Alistair again laughs at Sheridan and tells her to "go ahead, stab me in the heart". When she doesn't do it, he says that she never had the guts to kill because she is weak. Luis comes into the kitchen and convinces Sheridan to put the gun down, and tells her that there has been another murder. Overcome with emotion at the loss of her nephew Fox, Sheridan seeks comfort in Luis' arms, as an unmoved Alistair watches and says that Sheridan would do just about anything to get into Luis' arms. While the two console each other, Al slips out, and Sheridan tells Luis that she has proof that Marty is alive! Luis doesn't believe her at first, but when Sheridan brings him over to the computer, Luis can't believe his eyes. She shows him the calendar in the corner of the room, which proves that he is in fact alive and well.

Sheridan tells Luis that they must leave right away and find their son, but she has strict conditions. Knowing that it would drive Fancy mad to learn that Luis was working with her, Sheridan tells Luis that he must keep this a secret from Fancy. A repulsed Luis begins to wonder if this is another one of her plans to get him back, and tells Sheridan that he is reconsidering. Sheridan sweet talks Luis into believing that not telling Fancy is for the better, because Fancy has a tendency to talk, and if it gets out that the two plan on rescuing their son, Al will make sure that Marty is hidden for good. After some back and forth arguing, Luis agrees to keep it a secret from Fancy although he is not too fond of the idea.

Fancy finds the two together in an embrace, Sheridan makes up an excuse, Luis goes along with it, and tell Fancy not to worry, and the two head off upstairs to enjoy each other's company while a scorned Sheridan watches on, She goes back to her laptop to tell her son that she and Luis are going to find him, and they will get married and live happily ever after.

Can Luis really be so stupid! Well, ok, that's a strong word, but I'm sure that he has to know that keeping a secret from the person or persons you love, only ends up getting worse once it's revealed, just ask Theresa, and Kay, and Ivy, and well you catch my drift. However, Fancy doesn't seem like the type to just roll over and sulk about her lover's misdeeds, after all she is a Crane! And that said, Fancy intends to go full force against her Aunt B-word (as she is now being called) and beating her to the punch, by asking Luis upfront, what the hell is going on?

And moving on to the sad part of the last week…

Grieving the loss of not one but two sons! Poor Julian, after finally just being re-united with his long-lost son Vincent, he is now forced to come to terms with the fact that he is dead. Or is he?? Vincent is in fact alive, but of course no one knows!! He's back and this time with more vengeance and is willing to stick it to both his parents. Julian visits Eve, to tell her that Fox is dead, but finds her passed out on her couch with a dozen empty bottles of booze. Figuring that if he can't stop her from drinking away her sorrows, he might was well join her. Eve tells Julian that Vincent is alive, but he tells Eve that it's just the booze that's talking. He grabs the bottle that Eve has in her hand, and drinks half of it, telling her that he has been the worst father to both of his sons, and that now he will never have the chance to make it up to them.

The death of Vincent didn't move me to tears as much as the death Fox did! Partly because I knew that Vincent wasn't dead, because there is still so much more to this storyline. Fox's death was very tragic and very ironic. When he had come to Harmony just a few years earlier, Fox had no intentions on falling in love, but he did. First there was Whitney, then the small affair with Theresa, then Kay, and most recently Esme. All he really wanted was to find a woman that completed him and loved him and only him whole heartedly. He found that love with Esme, but quickly lost it went he lost his life. So he died, but at least he finally attained that happiness he had been searching for.

So I guess that it's safe to say that the only time someone reaches that long goal of happily ever after in Harmony, is when they are six feet under.

But even so, and this is just my opinion, I wouldn't trade Passions and the crazy town of Harmony for anything!!

And that's all for this week!

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