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Theresa was all set to press charges against Sheridan last week, until Sheridan admitted that Vincent had blackmailed her into killing Theresa in order to save Luis.
First we get tearful goodbyes, and "You can't do this! Luis is innocent" cries. Then sadly, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is put to death. There's tears all around, Pilar renounces her faith, and Ethan laments, "I did all I could do." Then Endora turns back time to save Luis' life. Few people notice that Luis has already died, but yet we sit through more tearful goodbyes and another almost execution until Eve rushes in at the last moment and reveals her son Vincent to be the murdering blackmailer.

Did you see Simone beat Vincent up? Does it not amaze you that Ethan, Theresa, Jared, Chad, and a whole plethora of people had Vincent in their grips and he managed to beat them off like he had some sort of super human strength. But Simone whipped his butt like he was a helpless puppy. And while I applaud Simone for beating the crap out of Vincent, didn't she jump a bit too fast to hurt him after one person, with no solid proof, said he killed Rae?

I'm not quite sure what to think about Sheridan. We all know she wants Luis, but the extremes she went to this week were insane. She knocked Theresa out, then strapped her in the electric chair and tried to fry her butt. And amazingly enough, Sheridan knew that she had to bypass the prison's regular electricity to get the chair to deliver enough volts to kill Theresa.

Never fear, our fair heroine is saved accidentally by her archenemy Gwen. The funny thing is that once Theresa accused Sheridan of trying to kill her, people weren't sure whom to believe. If Theresa had said it was Gwen that tried to kill her, no one would've batted an eye before pointing a finger at Gwen. Theresa was all set to press charges against Sheridan until Sheridan admits Vincent blackmailed her into killing Theresa to save Luis.

Which leads me to my next question. After Luis was being put to death a second time, and Theresa was almost dead, and Vincent was obviously going to renege on his end of the deal, why didn't Sheridan out him as the blackmailer? At that point, she had nothing to lose, but she did have a chance to save Luis' life. And then when it was all said and done, she was busted anyway. So her next ace in the hole is Pretty, whom Sheridan is hoping will rat Fancy out about the accident and Luis will walk away from her.

Father Lonigan almost had Pretty convinced to keep quiet about the accident and that it really was an accident, but Sheridan wormed her way into Pretty's head and has convinced her that Fancy is leading the charmed life, while Pretty is now grotesque. I mean really, Pretty is very beautiful. And if Luis and Fancy are truly in love, nothing Pretty tells him will keep them apart. I said last week we've all seen Fancy grow into a mature woman. She's not the same person she was when the accident happened.

Spike set up a bomb, per Fox's orders to kill Miguel. Wouldn't a bomb kill everyone else in the house, including Kay and Maria? Would Fox be happy about that? Anyway, Endora again saves the day and Spike is left to be tortured by Tabby, Edna, and Norma.

Some Random Thoughts::

If there is still an electric chair in the prison, then why does the sadistic warden allow lethal injection?

Can we please stop with the daily DirecTV nods? They are getting old and we still have a few more weeks on NBC.

Until next week friends,

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