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 Two Scoops: July 30, 2007 columns
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Eva Tamargo
Death row blues
For the Week of July 30, 2007
Poor Pilar. That woman has been through more suffering than anyone should ever have to go through, and now she's been forced to prepare her son's final meal.
It was so nice of those nearest and dearest to Luis showed up to spend his final hours with him. Where was Miguel? Off in bed with Kay I'm sure. I mean Luis protected Miguel while they were in prison together, why wouldn't he be there with his family and pay tribute to the brother that helped raise him and protect him? I'm glad he's not my brother.

Poor Pilar. That woman has been through more suffering than anyone should ever have to go through. And now she's sitting here making a huge meal so her son can enjoy it one last time. I think that I would've been trying to find a way to help him escape, but Pilar is more saintly than I am.

I could do nothing but laugh at the expression on Sheridan's face when she realized Luis and Fancy were going to marry. But Contessa Crane pulled a few tricks out of her hat, and out of empathy for Fancy's future husband and children convinced Luis not to marry her. It only lasted until Fancy got back and convinced Luis to marry her and this Lo-Fitz family trait, back and forth thing is something Fancy is going to have to get used to.

However, one has to wonder why if Sheridan knows Vincent is the blackmailer and, by revealing this, she might possibly save Luis' life, why is she so worried about Pretty coming to town? What good is Fancy's secret with Pretty if Luis is dead? However, Vincent assures Sheridan that he will delay Luis' execution and Pretty is on her way to town, all Sher Sher has to do is kill Theresa.

Poor Eve found out Vincent is her son and she's back to popping pills and swigging Vodka to deal with it. The funny thing is that Eve knows the whole truth and Whitney and Chad are standing there looking down their noses at Eve and Julian for keeping Vincent a secret. If only Whitney knew the truth; that Vincent seduced Chad to hurt her. Would she be so cold toward her mother then?

All Julian wanted was the chance to start over with his first born. What Julian ended up with was a cross dressing, murderer. So much for the father/son bonding. And it just dawned on me this week that Chad and Vincent were uncle and nephew. YUCK!!! Also, I found it very curious that when Vincent and Valerie were in the scene together, they never actually showed Vincent. I got a "Psycho" feel from that scene. It could possibly be they are the same person.

Theresa is now walking around talking to prisoners about her secret and the consequences of keeping it. Luis urges her to tell Ethan, but again she refuses for fear of losing Crane money. Gwen and Jared both let Theresa off the hook and kept her secret. Jared even bowed out gracefully to let Ethan and Theresa be together. I thought it was rather wimpish of him to not even fight for his marriage, but apparently he is smarter than Gwen and is getting out while the getting is good.

Some Random Thoughts::

I love Endora and Tabby, but I cannot stomach Norma and Edna, so all those scenes were fast forwarded.

I cannot believe with all the people that have laid hands on Vincent, no one can ID him as a blackmailer.

I loved Pilar telling the prison guard he's broken so many rules he can break a few more so she could be with Luis.

Why hasn't Paloma accepted Noah's proposal yet. If she really wanted to marry him, she'd have said yes by now.

Week's Best Quotes::

Eve to Julian after he learns Vincent is the blackmailer/son: "Julian, you look like you could use a drink. Or a pill. Or both."

Eve about why she has kept Vincent being her son a secret: "Because Vincent has issues."

Until next week friends,

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