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If I wrote the show, part one
For the Week of July 9, 2007
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Alistair has far too many secrets, and him cowering down to blackmail is just not going to gel with his homecoming.
My VCR malfunctioned this week, and next week I will be on vacation. So instead of my usual column, I've decided to write one about how I would write Passions from this point on. Part two will follow next week. My usual column will return on July 16. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Alistair, Marty and Beth would be alive. Somehow they would've managed to survive the train wreck, and the trio has been recovering in a convalescent home all this time. Alistair has been planning on returning to Harmony in due fashion, but this blackmailer knowing everyone's secrets, and Alistair not being 100% sure who the blackmailer truly is, has him hiding out until things simmer down. Alistair has far too many secrets and him cowering down to blackmail is just not going to gel with his homecoming.

I would bring on Gwen's father (Jonathan Hotchkiss) who would do battle against Julian and the not so dead Alistair. I would turn Crane Enterprises and whatever company Jonathan Hotchkiss ran into bitter rivals and have it be one of the mainstay focal points of the show. I'm not quite sure how Rebecca would fit into this picture, but you can bet money and power hungry Rebecca would never be out of the picture.

I would put Julian and Ivy together and make them a powerful couple. No more longing for Sam and Eve. Ivy would stand by Julian as he climbed his way to the top of the heap, and perhaps even betrayed Alistair to achieve that. Fox would also be his father's right hand man, and find a woman worthy of him, as Kay can't manage to stay faithful to him to save her soul.

Just as Fox and Kay are splitting up and Miguel is headed back to prison, Kay comes fully into her powers and saves Miguel. However, in the process, Miguel realizes that Kay tricked him into sleeping with him the night Maria was conceived. Miguel tells Kay this is unforgivable as Charity was his first true love and this act cost Miguel his relationship with Charity.

Charity shows up in town for a memorial service for Grace (finally) and Miguel begs her to give them another chance. He tells her how Kay tricked him, and Charity hems and haws as only she can, until she gives in and she and Miguel make love. Just as the prophecy foretold, the dark side is vanquished, but our favorite witch Tabitha and her lovely daughter Endora are spared as they are now classified "good witches." It would also come out that Endora is Julian's daughter, but Tabitha places a spell on him to keep him from challenging her for custody.

Pretty would show up in town and it would be revealed that she is really to blame for the accident that everyone thinks Fancy caused. This in turn would open up the doors for Luis and Fancy to be together, thus infuriating Sheridan. This is when Sheridan learns Marty survived the train wreck, and she rushes to stop Luis and Fancy's wedding with the news. Luis rejoices in the news his son is alive, and celebrates by marrying Fancy anyway.

Sheridan then uses her son, and every other trick in the book to snag Luis away from Fancy. Ultimately, Sheridan turns to Beth, who has gone to jail for her crimes, for help in breaking up Luis and Fancy. Beth agrees in the promise that she will be released from prison, but turns on Sheridan and helps Luis and Fancy stay together. Ultimately Beth sets her sights on someone else….

Until next week friends,

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