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The end of an era
For the Week of July 2, 2007
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For years, Theresa stood by and watched as Ethan first married Gwen, then refused to leave her time and time again. Now, all of a sudden, he can't wait one more day for Theresa to leave Jared to be with him.
Okay, so Gwen is talking out of both sides of her mouth. One minute she hates Ethan and wants nothing more to do with him, the next she has to save him from Theresa. Please, oh please let Gwen be through with Ethan. I would hate for the final weeks of this show to go down the same way it has for the last 8-9 years. This triangle has been over for years now and there is no point in revisiting it.

And what is with Ethan being a spoiled brat and demanding everything go his way. For years Theresa stood by and watched not only as Ethan married Gwen, but also as he refused to leave her time and time again. But all of a sudden he can't wait one more day for her to leave Jared to be with him. So he proposes, and she accepts, nevermind her current husband and Ethan's current (but soon to be ex) wife are right outside in plain sight listening. I mean how could Ethan not see Gwen when she and Rebecca were arguing in the open doorway?

And once Jared became repossessed, he was determined to kill Ethan, but ended up flinging Theresa across the room. Did the possession give them super human powers? Spike managed to bend jail bars to get free. And Ethan sounds like an idiot with his, "I love her and she loves me and we're going to be together" rants. If Theresa really loved him so much, she'd leave Jared and be with him. The fact of the matter is that staying married to Jared has nothing to do with Luis being in prison. It has to do with the fact that Theresa needs a backup in case Ethan dumps her after learning she lied about EM's paternity.

So the blackmailer wants Sheridan to do his/her bidding. The blackmailer has asked Sheridan to kill Theresa in exchange for saving Luis' life and bringing Pretty to town to keep Luis and Fancy apart. Its' not surprising Sheridan didn't consider the offer. What is surprising is the Sheridan doesn't have enough sense to knock the blackmailer out and try to trap him/her. And then of course the blackmailer is revealed to Sheridan and we see neither of them again for the rest of the week.

Luis has got to be the luckiest prisoner alive. I have never known any prisoners personally, but I'm pretty sure they don't enjoy showers and private lovemaking sessions with their girlfriends, especially if they are on death row. And not only that, but live feeds of them are broadcast to cell phones. Give me a break!!

I can't believe that when the Bennett's realized Jessica was buried alive, they stopped digging to pray!!!! I believe in the power of prayer, but if my sister were buried alive, I do believe I could multitask to pray and dig at the same time. And for someone who "died", Jessica sure popped out of the grave with some spunk as she kneed Spike in the groin. One question, why hasn't Jess told Sam about the baby?

I guess I can kind of see Kay's point about her newfound magic powers and why she refuses to listen to Tabitha. The first time Kay used her powers it was to seduce Miguel and she has a beautiful daughter to show for it. Miguel is also in love with her now, which is what she wanted her whole life. So in essence, everything worked out okay. But hopefully she'll soon learn that she can't conjure up demon elves or fix every little thing just because she's a witch. Hopefully, she'll start to listen to Tabitha and take her advice seriously.

However, Kay's got bigger fish to fry now that Fox has told Julian he found Kay and Miguel making out. Julian is now threatening to send Miguel back to the slammer, and Miguel knows what Kay did to save him from prison. What I don't understand is why Fox sat there and listened to them say "I love you" and he still wants Kay. Let her go already.

So is Endora gone for good? Is she off to stay at the magic academy like Harry Potter to Hogwarts? I would hate that if she were off the show now. She's one of the main reasons I tune it. And that musical number was okay. But Passions spoiled me with the Chicago-esqe number they did with Beth. Nothing will ever top that.

Some Random Thoughts::

Kay and Tabby left to chase the demon elf into the woods leaving Endora and Maria home alone with an unconscious Fox.

It was quite humorous to see Gwen, Sheridan, Spike, Fox, and Jared become possessed (and then unpossessed and then repossessed, but I digress). The black eyes and zombie-like stares were spooky.

Week's Best Quotes::

Elf to Tabby: "Do not rush me, Hagitha."

Spike: "I think a bug just stung my cheek."
Paloma: "I hope you get a disease and die."

Kay: "You are evil."
Demon elf: "Duh!"

Sheridan to the blackmailer about Fancy: "Luis is about to be executed so even she looks good."

Tabitha: "Where is a martini when you need one?"

Until next week friends,

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