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The scenes with Tabitha, Kay, and Endora last week were enjoyable. Tabby was declared a good witch, and the witches committee took Endora to live with them so that they could raise her to be a bad witch, so Tabby and Kay joined forces to save Endora.
Sheridan, Sheridan, Sheridan; where do I begin? First she starts the week off by screaming at the top of her lungs at the sight of the blackmailer. Second, she gets rather snippy with the blackmailer, first insisting Luis loves her and not Fancy, then demanding that the blackmailer free Luis immediately. When that doesn't work, she manages to knock the blackmailer out, which is where we all think things may get interesting. Luis may finally be free!!!

A normal person would've done just as Father Lonigan asked and called the police. A normal person would've held that gun on the blackmailer in case he/she woke up and tried to get away. A normal person would've ripped the mask off the unconscious person and at least saw their face. A normal person would've stopped at nothing to bring this person to the limelight to save the man she supposedly loves.

Needless to say, Sheridan Crane is not normal. After knocking the blackmailer out, her first mistake is to run outside to make a phone call. I'll give her credit that her phone had no reception in the church. However, there was nothing stopping her from dialing the number and asking Father Lonigan to step outside and make the call to the police. Instead Contessa Crane runs outside and calls the jail, bribing the guard to let her speak to Luis. She spends countless minutes on the phone with Luis telling him all about her adventures in catching the blackmailer and trying to convince him that he really loves her and not Fancy.

After she hangs up with Luis, she then calls Ethan, who is with Theresa and Fancy, and tells him to get to the church. If she had run back inside instead of sticking around outside and having that stupid fantasy of Luis wanting her, we might be singing a different tune. But no, there she was waiting at the front door when Ethan, Theresa, and Fancy arrived. One would think they would finally go inside, but no. The quartet manages to hang around outside and waste even more time. You'd think these people actually want Luis to die.

There was nothing stopping any of them from running the church the second they got there. Instead Sheridan and Fancy get into their never ending argument about who Luis loves more, ending with Sheridan getting a slap across the face from Fancy. Next, Theresa stops Ethan three times, scared the blackmailer will reveal her secret and she will lose him forever. By the time they finally got in the church, I would hope the blackmailer would be gone. Was he/she really supposed to wait around and get caught? I know Father Lonigan helped, but still in all, Sheridan most especially should've gone back in the church.

And what did Sheridan think Father Lonigan could possibly do? He is blind for crying out loud. He couldn't hold the blackmailer at gunpoint. He couldn't see the blackmailer's face. He is bound by church law to keep confessions quiet, so he doesn't have to tell them who the blackmailer is, even if he does know. It would serve them all right if Luis were to die, as they are too stupid to realize they had a million chances to save him.

And yes I apply this to Ethan and Theresa too, because all they had to do was stop having sex, but that seemed impossible for them. And how Theresa has managed to trick Julian into keeping quiet is beyond me. Fancy is his daughter, and nothing has ever been made of Julian not caring about her. Why would he screw her over? I'm sure that if Fancy were handed Crane Enterprises, all Julian would have to do is ask her for a bigger title. Fancy knows nothing about running a company and trusting her father should've been easy.

Instead Julian has cowered down to Theresa in exchange for a bigger slice of the pie. I hate this. I so wanted Theresa's secret to be out. Does she think she is going to hide this from Ethan forever? Does she ever want to be with him? If so, he needs to know, and the sooner he knows the better. And how stupid is Ethan to stand there and let Julian dangle the carrot of the secret in front of his face and him not bite?

Was anyone else uncomfortable watching Julian hit on Valerie? He just seemed like such a letch. And out of left field she pulls out a gun to kill Julian. Why? And this theory that Vincent and Valerie are the same person took a turn this week because Vincent was rummaging through Valerie's desk and found her gun. If they were the same person, wouldn't Vincent have known where the gun was?

Later on, over at the Blue Note, Julian hooks up with Ivy, who admits she wants to give their relationship another try. Did you hear me howl? I have been a Juvy fan from day one and I always knew they'd had a special place in each other's hearts. I liked Eve and Julian together too, but they never had the same sizzle Julian and Ivy had. Kim and Ben play so well off each other, that's part of the magic of Julian and Ivy.

As angry and upset as I was at those particular aspects of the show, I did enjoy the scenes with Tabitha, Kay, and Endora this week. First Tabby is declared a good witch, and the witches committee takes Endora to live with them so they can raise her to be a bad witch. So Tabby and Kay join forces to save the little witchlet, which transports them to another dimension. Just as it seems as though our favorite witch is doomed, Kay uses her powers to zap the evil witches for good. I especially loved the tender moment where Tabby admitted she loved Endora and Kay.

But the fun didn't stop there. Once they were home, Kay was far too excited about using her new powers and wanted to fine tune her skills. Her attempts at a turkey sandwich and popcorn were a bit off, but she did manage to conjure up a hot dog, along with a vendor. It was nice for a change to see Kay focus on something other than Miguel.

After a pep talk from Noah, Jessica is ready to confess to killing the johns. Only she doesn't remember killing them and Paloma isn't so sure Jessica won't take her down too, so now Jessica is confused about what to do. Meanwhile Paloma is working overtime to make sure her butt, as well as Jessica's is covered.

Some Random Thoughts::

It seems the writers are using Fancy and Sheridan to stage daily arguments now that Gwen and Theresa can't do it. Seriously, can two women ever get along on this show?

Did Theresa act just a bit too nonchalantly to the news Miguel was free?

Why is Whitney so calm? I would've killed Chad by now.

Where is Gwen???

Week's Best Quotes::

Julian to Theresa: "You will end up with what you should have had from the very beginning; the Lopez-Fitzgerald birthright, nada."

Theresa to Julian: "How long are you planning to live, anyway?"

Tabitha to Kay: "Yes, yes -- brewgle! It's the ghost search engine on the witches computer network!"

Tabitha to Kay: "Endora is in the 10th dimension, sandwiched between Oz and Narnia."
Kay: You're kidding, right?

Tabitha to Kay: "And I love you, too, dear. Who said that?"
Kay: "You did."

Sheridan: "I'm begging you, don't take Luis away from me."
Blackmailer: "Away from you? He doesn't belong to you, bitch. Luis is in love with Fancy."

Sheridan to Father Lonigan: "Luis has to die because you had to answer the phone."

Until next week friends,

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