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Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the worst that Passions had to offer in 2006.

Worst Character:
I so want to write about what a horrible character Ethan has become, but I have to give this category to Siren. She served no purpose except to set out to sleep with Miguel, which she didn't accomplish. Basically Brandi was hired to run around in a skimpy bikini and spout fish related lines.

Worst Couple:
The worst couple on this show is Chad and Whitney. For over half the year they thought they were siblings, and Whitney ran around pretending to want to be a nun. Then they learned they weren't related and Chad started cheating on Whitney with what has to be another man, yet pressuring her to marry him. And all the while I could careless if they make it or not. I care more about Spike and Jessica than I do Chad and Whitney.

Worst Triangle:
Kay/Miguel/Fox. Kay has been in love with Miguel her whole life, and when Ivy brought him back to town to split Kay and Fox up, it almost seemed like a sure thing they'd end up together. (Especially since NuFox sucks.) Lo and behold, I was right, Kay really does love Miguel the most. So Fox hires Miguel and Charity look-alikes to keep Kay and Miguel apart. Kay now runs around saying things like, "I can't believe you'd do this to me again" while Miguel has no clue what is going on. And we have yet one more idiot that would rather be with someone that doesn't love them than give up and find someone that does.

Worst Story:
Alistair is the monk. The story started out okay, a suspicious monk that was pulling the people of Harmony to Rome; a chalice, and some priceless artwork that was involved; it all seemed mysterious enough. Little by little, as the denizens of Harmony went to Rome, speculation began as to who the monk was. Alistair was the main suspect, but when Julian's face was revealed online, expectations and excitement rose through Passions fans everywhere. Finally the writers had outsmarted us and Julian was up to no good again. Sadly it was all not to be as Alistair was revealed to be the monk and he was trying to get the chalice for world domination. Also, online Sheridan's face was shown as one of the denizens that went to Rome, but she never made it there. Why was she even shown?

Worst Actor:
Mark Cameron Wystrach (Fox Crane). I'm sure he's a nice fellow, and he ain't bad on the eyes, but acting just isn't his calling. He bores me to tears and I spend a great deal of time fast-forwarding through his scenes. He could make such an interesting villain if he could not be so monotone and had more than one look on his face. I know Justin Hartley left some big shoes to fill, and Mark doesn't come close.

Worst Actress:
Danica Stewart (Jessica Bennett). Unlike Mark, I believe Danica is a victim of the writers. All her character does is whine and moan, which she does well, but she is frustrating to watch as her squeaky voice never changes. I can spend the rest of my life happy if I never have to hear, "But Spiiiiikkkkeeeeee" again.

Worst Moment 2006:
JT Cornell telling Ethan that Phyllis leaked the truth about his paternity. After five years of waiting for Gwen to get busted, fans finally thought Theresa finally had the upper hand when she had $100 more than Gwen. JT was all set to blab the truth and Gwen just knew she was going to lose Ethan forever. Instead, JT tells Ethan that Phyllis, the dead Crane maid, outed him. Why this particular secret can't come out is beyond me. Maybe the writers are scared they'll have no where else to go with the story. They have to realize fans are sick and tired of Gwen getting away with this and Ethan going back and forth between her and Theresa. Now with St. Ethan cheating on his beloved wife, where does that leave this story to go? Down the toilet where it's been headed for years now.

Have a safe, blessed, and Happy New Year,

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