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For the Week of December 19, 2005
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If you're ever in a coma, Noah and Theresa are probably the last people in the world you would want to rely on to save you. Last week, Ethan's heart stopped, and all they could do was rub his hand and beg him not to die.

Sorry this is short and sweet, but I just got finished with finals this week and I have a hundred Christmas parties to go to, plus I got engaged Saturday. Next week's column will be the Best of 2005, so make sure to get your emails in by Friday.

If ever I am in a coma, the last person in the world I want trying to save me is Noah and Theresa. Ethan's heart stopped and all they could do is rub his hand and beg him not to die. Well hell, I could do that. Of course Ethan is the idiot that won't quit and keeps on "living." You would think Noah would try to convince Theresa to bring Ethan back seeing as how they are trying to keep Ethan "alive" and he is flatlining. At least let the man die with some dignity.

I thought sure Fancy would rat their body stealing behinds out, but now she is right in the thick of things too. I love that she hasn't forgotten that Theresa put Ethan in his situation. I also love her memories of Christmas past. I would love to see more of that, especially if it meant seeing Kim and Ben in more scenes together.

Someone else who should have the plug pulled on him is T.C. How stupid can he be believing that girl's lie that Simone felt her up? For twenty something years Simone has been the poster child for good behavior, and now all of a sudden she's feeling up random girls. And of course it is all Eve's fault. Amazing a few months back he wanted Eve back and was willing to forgive all. Now she's encouraging her daughter to feel up other girls. What an idiot!!!!

Was anyone else wanting Sheridan to die when she fell through that ice? Chris is the creepiest character on the show and it's way too soon after Luis' death for Sheridan to be moving on.

Merry Christmas,

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