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For the Week of November 28, 2005
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Is Gwen ever going to pull the plug on Ethan, or is she just going to keep fighting with Theresa each week? Gwen finally signed the papers last week, but how much longer will it take before Ethan actually dies?

So Esme is back and out to get Noah from Fancy. She locks Fancy in a closet and then gets naked and crawls into bed with Noah. All that was missing was the, "I was drunk/drugged and thought it was you" line. (Noah and Ethan are brothers after all). Noah and Fancy have too much potential to become Gwen/Ethan/Theresa (or worse Luis and Sheridan) part two.

Is Gwen ever going to pull the plug on Ethan? Or are we the viewers going to be subjected to day after day of Gwen and Theresa going at it? "It's your fault he's like this Theresa!" "If you do this you are a murderer Gwen!" I've just written two weeks worth of script here. And why on earth is Eve standing there acting all noble and condescending toward Theresa. She gave her the pills in the first place. Gwen finally signs the papers, but I'm sure that more of the hating going on between Gwen and Theresa will surface before Ethan "dies."

I loved the Thanksgiving feast at Tabby's this year. Endora is too cute, and her sidekicks Miles and Maria made this feast more enjoyable. However, I am tired of Norma. It is time to be done with this storyline once and for all. I am glad to see Edna back. I wonder why Tabitha can't perform a memory spell on Edna to keep her from remembering Tabby and Endora are witches?

I am already bored with Sheridan and Creepy Chris. Valerie and Ivy need to be busted and soon. Why is Whitney celebrating Thanksgiving with the crew at Tabby's? Shouldn't she be with her order at a shelter or something, helping the less fortunate? I've never heard of a nun celebrating any holiday outside of the order.

The woman with the red nails showed herself to Alistair this week? So who is she? Is she Grace Bennett? Is she Rachel, Katherine's supposedly dead sister? I personally think "she" is Luis in disguise and he's trying to get info on Beth and Marty. Or maybe she really is Beth. Whoever it is, Alistair is running scared from her.

Some Random Thoughts:

"Terror claiming to be so righteous when she told Whitney that God only had the right to take life. This from a girl who stabbed Gwen and Ethan, threatened Rebecca and Gwen numerous times and has been caught trying to kill Alistair twice and putting Ethan at death's doorstep. What a hypocrite!" Thanks Katie!!

"As for the toon, I really thought it was boring, low budget, and lack luster. People on boards have commented on how Heidi's voice over being really bad and I have to agree so I'm glad we saw this in toon rather than onscreen. As for Fox and what he said, actually EVERYTHING Fox has told Kay is pretty much EVERYTHING he's told Whitney. JER repeats their dialogue and scenes and have done so for QUITE SOME TIME. He's doing the projecting and not dealing thing with Fox and therefore, saying the things to Kay trying to substitute her for Whitney. So the toon shouldn't be the first time you got upset, Fox has been doing his Whitney dialogue for almost 2 months. There have been 20 or more Fox and Whitney replays and dialogue situations. I know Fox stuff like the back of my hand. And JER has giving clues that Fox and Kay are heading to dumpsville in a hand basket and that Fox is just using Kay and Maria as substitution." Thanks Monique!!! It's looking more and more like a Fox/Valerie coupling.

"Why is she [Theresa] asking people for help and letting security guards haul her away when all she has to do is put her foot down and say, 'I am Mrs. Alistair Crane, and I will NOT be treated this way!,' and BAM!, she's able to stay in the hospital. Why would she go to Alistair for help in making sure Gwen couldn't carry out Ethan's wishes? She should just call whoever needs to be called and again say, 'I am Mrs. Alistair Crane blah blah...' I just don't understand why she's neglecting this HUGE chance to start using the Crane name for good, or at least to further her situation to her advantage a little." Thanks Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!

"How many people thought it was weird for Theresa and Gwen to be having a calm understanding chat about the man they both love. I honestly think that if it was not for Ethan they will be friends. The reason why most of the audience is either for Theresa are for Gwen is because these two are BOTH AMAZING actresses. They equally draw you in to whatever storyline they are in. That's why most people can't be neutral when it comes to these two." You have a great point Antoine!!!!!!!!

"You know, I don't know what to think of the whole Ethan being 'brain damaged' (when we all know he's going to be his usual "Theresa I want to be with you but I'm married" self in 3 weeks maximum? What I don't understand is why Eve had to give Theresa the ENTIRE container with the pills. Eve intended for Theresa to only use ONE pill. She could have just opened the container, taken one pill out, and given it to Theresa. This whole Ethan ordeal wouldn't have happened. But then again, I wouldn't mind seeing Theresa whacked by bedpans again!" That is too funny (and true) Alexandria. Thanks for writing in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "Is anyone else TOTALLY sick of Ethan/Theresa/Gwen? This has been going on for years with no apparent change. Are the writers of this show just lazy or did Theresa slip them some of Ethan's pills? The show has gotten so recycled and boring that I can't watch it anymore. How about Theresa and Noah? That at least would be a little more interesting. The Noah/Fancy thing just is not working for me. It is way too Luis/Sheridan (another couple I am sooo over). Hopefully, they'll leave Ethan in a coma, and stop putting their viewers in one." Thanks Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to thank all you who wrote in wishing my family and myself a Happy Thanksgiving. We were very blessed with the two hurricanes that hit our area in a month's time, and we are very thankful to be together and well this holiday season. Please keep those who have lost everything in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you throughout this holiday season.

Until next week friends,

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