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The Luis/Sheridan/Beth scenario has gone on for far too long. Perhaps it is time for Sheridan to finally get her son and start a new life with a new man.

Every week you dear readers log on and read my opinions about Passions. This week, I'm turning the column over to you. Enjoy!!!!!!!


Is it just me or does no one understand or sympathize with Gwen? Gwen has attacked Theresa, but there has always been good reason. Back in 2000 when she attacked Theresa, she did so because she considered Theresa her friend and Theresa took advantage of that. When Gwen couldn't visit the potential honeymoon vacation with Ethan, she asked Theresa to go with him. She allowed Theresa to help her plan her wedding. And what does Theresa do, she tries to hook up with Ethan. She obviously succeeded because Ethan called off the wedding the DAY BEFORE it was to take place. Any jilted bride would be upset. What people fail to realize is that Theresa drew first blood. She started this never-ending feud between her and Gwen. Theresa is a selfish witch who never knows how to leave well enough alone and if I hear her say that it's fate for her and Ethan to be together, I'm going to scream. Maybe it was fate that Ethan found out that Gwen was pregnant before he proposed to Theresa. Maybe it was fate that stopped them from getting married the 2 times that they made it to the altar. Theresa tries to use her children to get to Ethan and I can't respect any mother who will use her children to try to get a man. I agree with the judge, the way that Theresa went about getting pregnant with Jane warrants scrutiny. She RAPED Ethan. Rape is a felony offense along with stealing embryos. Theresa should be locked up, but no one sees how Gwen has turned the other cheek as far as all of this is concerned." Thanks Dawanne!!!!!!!!!

"Theresa had every right to fire back. Ethan and Gwen are taking Jane for all the wrong reasons. And if anyone is an unfit mother it is Gwen. Okay, so Theresa isn't ever going to win Mother of the Year, but she is a much better mother than Gwen. I would definitely trust Theresa to watch my children any day over Gwen. I wouldn't let Gwen take care of my dog - or even water my plants. Gwen is just too violent, and while Theresa has gotten violent a few times, it is no comparison to how violent Gwen has been. Gwen ALWAYS turns to violence and it is unacceptable." Thanks Jennifer!!!!!!!


"I agree that T.C., Liz, and Chad do need to go. As much as I love the diversity of the show, these characters are nothing to useless wastes of air. Chad is a punk who has no business in a business office. T.C. should have been locked up long ago. I love seeing Kay and hope more is in store for her like maybe exploring her powers and getting a love interest. Fox would be great. Get him out of this sick storyline with Chad and Whitney." Thanks Lloyd!!!!!!!!!

"I couldn't agree with you more. I'm all for your options. Especially Fox and Kay. It's obvious he wants a child and Kay has one...." Thanks Debbie!!!!!

The Bennett's:

"Put Fox with Kay you have to be kidding. She raped Miguel by drugging him into thinking she was Charity. She has tried to kill Charity I don't know how many times and sold her soul to Satan. Not to mention treated Grace like crap and named her daughter Maria Ivy just despite her own mother. To get a man who isn't worth it in my book. You think she better than Theresa or Whitney for Fox please. This is the same woman who was going to let Whitney and Chad think they were brother and sister for her best friend Simone so she can have him. Until it came out they were really half-brother and half-sister. So to me Kay is even worse than Theresa or Whitney ever could be. Kay is also immature and spoiled brat she would try to runs Fox heart though the ringer. So run Fox run as fast as you can." Thanks Shelly!!!!!!

"How could Sam not have known his own son is no longer in school? Huh. Talk about serious child neglect." Thanks Jamison!!!!!!!

"Do something with the character of Kay! there is SO much possibility!" Thanks Ryan!!!!


"The Luis/Sheridan/Beth scenario has gone on far too long. Yes, perhaps it is time for Sheridan to get her son--finally!--and start a new life with A NEW MAN." Thanks Barb!!!!!!

"I find it very offensive to say the least, one Sheridan and Luis belong together and it took a long time for that to happen and now to try to end that would have totally been a waste of good man-hours. However, I do like the fact that Sheridan is standing up to Luis, a strong woman she is turning out to be." Thanks Sherrell!!!!!!!!!

Tabitha and Endora:

"Endora and Tabitha are my favorites: they're the only characters who are on top of things and don't whine. Juliet Mills has the best job, talking to inanimate objects and a baby who's long since left the set. She WAS very repetitive and slow about controlling Sheridan and Dottie, but she was funny! I love the way she trilled her R's: 'Rrredo the DNA test.'" Thanks Macarena!!!!!!!!!

Passions in General:

"Oh Brandi, its been so long since I've emailed a comment to you. But honestly speaking, part of me has been a. busy with finals and then b. not that interested in Passions anymore. It just seems to me that all of the drama surrounding each and every person in Harmony is so far fetched and redundant that I've taped the last 2 weeks worth of episodes and fast forwarded through every SINGLE one of them. When the only good thing to see in Harmony is Endora, there's obviously a problem." Thanks Steph!!!!!!!!

"I LOVE reading the two scoops, and I have to agree that it is a refreshing change. I have been watching Passions since it came on (right after or at least around the time that Princess Di died and they decided to conveniently use that as a part of Sheridan's storyline) and I am getting a little sick of the repetition. It took forever for the few secrets that came out to finally be realized, and there is SO much more dirt to be dug up on SO many characters. I have spoken with many viewers, and they seem to feel the same way. I will probably only watch the show on a recurring basis, because it is SO redundant. I can go almost a month without watching it, and nothing will change. Keep writing as you are, because right now, you are the best thing that Passions has going for it, whether they know it or not!!!" Thanks for the wonderful comments P.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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