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For the Week of May 16, 2005
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Theresa deserves everything that she has coming to her, simply because she won't open her eyes and see the truth. She keeps yammering on about Ethan not taking Jane away and hurting her because he loves her, despite the fact that he has filed for custody.

I must apologize. This week will be a short column because I have had finals all week and I am moving over the weekend. My life is very hectic right now, and I will admit that I have spent the week watching Passions here and there. And to be perfectly honest, I fast forwarded through a lot, because lets face it, Passions is repetitive.

Theresa deserves everything she's got coming to her simply for the fact that she won't open her eyes and see the truth. She keeps yammering on about Ethan not taking Jane away and hurting her because he loves her. Yes he may love her, but she's got the papers in her hands where he filed a petition for custody. I'm sorry sweetie, if the written word ain't proof enough for ya, nothing ever will be. And I don't care if it is Rebecca and Gwen's idea, Ethan IS going along with it.

And Ethan is a moron. Sitting in the study, sipping his brandy with his mother, mother in law, and, wife he calls Theresa every name in the book. Yet when Theresa bangs down the Crane door, he defends her when Rebecca calls Theresa the very things he was calling her moments ago. No wonder the poor girl is confused. He can't keep a lucid thought from one minute to the next.

Sheridan is finally starting to wake up and smell the baby lotion. Luis thinks she's insane, but he also thought Precious was capable of taking care of his son. I am loving Sheridan getting her backbone back again and standing up to everyone. She is not going to let anything stop her from being a mother to her son, including Luis.

Meanwhile, I had to laugh at Edna's "Pretty Woman" moment. I loved her walking into that store with her new gold walker and throwing her cash around. And a big thanks to the writers for not playing Roy Orbison's song of the same title. It made the moment a little more special. I also love the way Alistair cringes everytime Beth calls him "Daddy" He's never been real affectionate and he's not about to start now. I think Alistair will break Beth's heart more than Luis ever could.

Whitney finally held her son. While Fox and Chad are trying to kill each other on the wharf, she's cooing and cuddling her infant son. It was nice to see she isn't the heartless monster she's made out to be. And it would also be nice if SOMEONE could put two and two together and realize why she gave the baby up.

I promise next week will be an expanded edition. Until next week friends,

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