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Last week, Gwen finally snapped and tried her best to kill Theresa. In an almost catatonic state, Gwen fully admitted her guilt and showed her displeasure at learning that Theresa wasn't dead.

Okay, this show has finally crossed the line into utter absurdity. Sheridan has fluctuated for months on who Mrs. Wheeler really is. Once the truth is out all it takes is Kathy's voice for Father Lonigan to remember her. Yeah right. On the wedding front, Sheridan's dress was beautiful until she fainted and was laid out on the sofa and her boobs were hanging out of it. However, I wish she and Luis would just marry already. We all know Alistair is going to recover and be right back to keeping these two apart yet again.

Pilar unleashed her anger on her husband and Kathy yet again, and if Eva isn't at least nominated for an Emmy, then this show will never have a chance. And when she laid into Ethan, I was right there with her. If that were my daughter, I'd want the person responsible to hang too. But Pilar needs to step back and take a little responsibility here. After all, it was she who gave Theresa the keys to the mansion to rape Ethan.

Gwen finally snaps and tries her best to kill Theresa. It's no secret I'm on Gwen's side, and Liza's portrayal this week was chilling. In an almost catatonic state, Gwen fully admitted her guilt and showed her displeasure at learning Theresa wasn't dead. And later, while on suicide watch in prison, Liza proved why she should be nominated (for and Emmy).

You can't blame either woman. Both have done what they have done out of love for Ethan and pure spite for each other. And now both of them have gone completely off the deep end with one resorting to rape and the other resorting to murder. This is what I hate about the writers though. Where can they go from here? Obviously Gwen needs help, but I DO NOT want Liza written off this show. How can they redeem either of them now that they both have resorted to such horrible tactics?

T.C. is the biggest moron on the face of this planet. T.C. was married to Eve for years, and now all of a sudden because she slept with Julian 100 years ago, she's a murderer as well. Puhleeze. I was hoping Eve would just look at him and spew about how glad she is to be divorced from him. And both Simone and Whitney heard about Liz on the radio. As of then, it wasn't known Liz was poisoned, so what radio station broadcasts a fainting spell?

Why now is half of Harmony so concerned about the frog. Why hasn't someone questioned what Rebecca was doing hanging around "concerned" about the frog? It's not as if she and the frog were ever close. Chad was sitting there praying she wouldn't die because he just found out she was his aunt. How many scenes have Chad and Liz had together? And the fact that T.C. just proposed to the frog proves either one of two theories. One, he really wanted the frog when he was married to Eve and is therefore a hypocrite every time he accuses Eve, who was faithful to him during their marriage, of being unfaithful to him. Or two, he is a lonely and desperate man who needs someone else's income to support the lifestyle Eve has him accustomed to.

Yet again Rebecca commits an atrocious act, and someone else will take the fall. But this is why I like Rebecca. When she got the call that Gwen had been arrested, her whole demeanor changed. All of sudden, instead of framing Eve and winning Julian back, the only thing that really matters to Rebecca shined through, Gwen. Her daughter's happiness and life were the only concerns Rebecca had. She may pull some outrageous stunts, and she may be a complete witch, but the bottom line is Rebecca is just as good a mother as Pilar.

Some Random Thoughts:

"You're the crazy glue that holds us all together." Fox to a comatose Theresa. Truer words have never been spoken.

Why is Father Lonigan the only priest that could've possibly married Luis and Sheridan?

Quote of the week: "If [the Lopez-Fitzgerald family] were so poor, where did they get evening clothes? How did they take those vacations? And since losing everything, how is Luis affording trips to Mexico, etc? And where did he learn to be a computer expert? And the biggest complaint, why didn't the L-F clan just move? Instead of whining about losing everything, get your act together and MOVE. Mexico, maybe? I should be so poor as they were. Theresa with her designer clothes? Hello, yard sale, if you're that poor." Thanks Mary Jane.

Quote of the week part two: "My husband said they should hand out free cheese when watching this show." Thanks Cabrera.

Until next week friends,

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