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Last week, Theresa did it. She finally stepped up and did the right thing. After weeks of demanding love from Ethan, support from her mother, and a DNA test to boot, Theresa has decided to let fate take its course.

So she did it. She finally stepped up and did the right thing. After weeks of demanding love from Ethan, support from her mother, and a DNA test to boot, Theresa has decided to let FATE take its course. Had she just obliged to begin with, she could spend the rest of her life with an even conscious. But no, she had to play God, and I personally hope she spends the rest of her life paying for it.

Rebecca knows Theresa is up to something (she's breathing isn't she) and tries to clue Gwen in. Bless her heart, Gwen wants to believe in the good in Theresa and defends her. I see Theresa and Ethan's baby surviving and another round of bedpans meeting Theresa's head before this is all over with. I really hope Gwen gets the chance to be a mother, but if not, I'd love to see her kidnap EM and hide out in parts unknown. It would serve Theresa right to lose her child, since she is going to be responsible for Gwen losing both her children. I've said it all along that Theresa should've left LA when she found out Gwen and Ethan were there. And NO ONE twisted her arm to get herself implanted. So she has no one to blame but herself.

And for the love of Pete, please stop letting Pilar defend her. I understand a mother's love is unconditional, but enough is enough. Her telling Ethan that Theresa just makes bad decisions was ludicrous. I lived in Baton Rouge while two serial rapists/killers roamed free, terrorizing women. I'd love to see their mothers go tell the victim's families that their sons just made bad decisions and see what happens. News flash Pilar, your daughter makes bad decisions because you didn't teach her any better. I've had plenty of people wrong me and I don't go drugging them and raping them to get back at them. In the circle of life, what you put into this world comes back on you three fold. In the soap world, apparently rape is an okay crime to commit.

The frog was back this week. I absolutely loved Julian telling her that no matter what she does, she will never have T.C.'s heart the way Eve does. Deep down the frog knows that no matter how much she tries to destroy Eve, T.C. will always have feelings for her. And no matter what the frog does, she can not change the fact that T.C. and Eve share children. So all her plans may go up in smoke yet.

Luis finally figured it out. I hate the writers of this show. For weeks I've been screaming that Marty's voice hasn't changed. Now that it all makes sense to Luis, he sees it too. I loved that he beat Marty down. And I am looking for Sheridan to lay the smack down on Kathy too when her secret is revealed.

There is no excuse for the two of them. With all her bruises Kathy could've took the Crane empire down by pressing charges. We all know how much Alistair hates scandal. Kathy had him. Instead she chose to leave her children and run off with a married man.

Some Random Thoughts:

Jordan is quite upset with this show. She is fed up with Theresa and hates Luis spouting about "getting Alistair" when it's never going to happen. However, she loves the new Ivy and so do I.

The quote of the week goes to Candy, "I cannot stand Chad's hair-it looks like he has bugs on his head and I keep expecting them to start moving any second!"

Last week I wrote about Precious being Julian and Eve's long lost child.

Katie, Lisa, and Jordan both want the Wheelers gone, which isn't going to happen now. And Katie wants Pilar to have Theresa committed to Dr. Acklund's institution.

Until next week friends,

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