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For the Week of July 5, 2004
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Last week, we learned the real reason that Martin and Katherine left Harmony. Now he wants to waltz back into town and send poor Pilar to an early grave with the news that he left her for another woman.

I am loving Aunt Irma. I just hope that now that she is faced with Eve, she doesn't just revert to her name calling. Given some time, and some proper dialogue, Aunt Irma could become a very fun part of this show. I'd love to see her tangle with Tabitha. It's time to split Tabitha and Kay up anyway.

Martin is like a cardboard box. Please writers, whatever you do, please, please, please DO NOT put Chad and Martin in a scene together. I could imagine that would be as exciting as watching paint dry. Now that "mah wife" is dead, Martin has decided to go back to Harmony. I hope he picks up some acting lessons on the way.

We found out this week the real reason Martin and Katherine left Harmony. It made me sick to my stomach to see Martin hugging all over Pilar, telling her how much he loves her and we all know he left her to save Katherine. Now he wants to waltz back into town, and send poor Pilar to an early grave with the news he left her for another woman. However, it was funny to see Pilar call a young Theresa "a devil."

And the devil has struck again. She follows Fox outside and overhears his confession of love for Whitney. She then decides the truth just has to come out, and confesses to all. Chad becomes livid (well, as livid as he can) and we learn its all a dream. But the devil then confides all to Whit in private, shocking her friend into silence.

Why in the hell did Luis spend all of Wednesday looking for the call button before he finally started screaming for help. I couldn't help but laugh when poor Pilar fell out of the bed. But Luis is as stupid as they come. However I am thankful we didn't have to endure months of hushed whispers and hearing, "but the truth could kill her." At least now Pilar knows and we can all get on with our lives.

font color=#ff6699 class="blocks">Highest point of the week: Aunt Irma.

Lowest point of the week: Way too much Sheridan and Luis.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July,

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