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Brook Kerr
Heartfelt thanks
For the Week of June 28, 2004
How dense can Whitney be? Last week, Fox admitted to her that he was in love with a taken woman, and that she is African-American. A huge red flag should have went up; he only has Whitney, Liz, Eve, Simone, and Aunt Irma to pick from.
A huge THANK YOU to the writers. First of all, "Mah Wife" is gone. He is dead and he is not coming back. At least not until Sheridan and Luis walk down the aisle and the writers need something else to put in their way. Secondly, thank you for only making us wait a day to mourn Sheridan's "death." We all knew she wasn't dead, and this time, we didn't have to endure months of Luis crying about how much he loved her.

How dense can Whitney be? Fox admits to her that he is in love with a taken woman. Then he admits she is African American. A huge red flag should have went up. I mean, he only has Whitney, Liz, Eve, Simone and Aunt Irma to pick from. Since Aunt Irma is a little old for him, neither Fox nor Liz has shown any interest in each other, Whitney has seen her mom canoodling with Julian, and Simone hasn't been seen in ages, that pretty much narrows it down to her. I mean even dim witted Chad figured this one out eons ago.

I loved that Whitney is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. However, she went way off the deep end telling Fox that the white master can't have the slave girl. Fox has never been anything but good to both her and Chad. He has never degraded her or even made an off color comment to her. So where did she get off telling him he was after her because he was white and she was black? On the flip side, kudos to the writers for tackling this touchy issue.

Poor Pilar. She is about to get hit with all kinds of drama. Antonio is dead, Martin is alive, and her daughter (Paloma) hates her. Not to mention that she is still suffering from her rare blood disease. Then there is Theresa who is carrying hers and Ethan's biological child and Ethan is close to remembering the truth. No, no, there is no rest for the weary.

Highest point of the week: Ding dong the dummy's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowest point of the week: Sheridan and Luis constantly saying "I love you" and groping each other.

Until next week friends,

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