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For the Week of June 14, 2004
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Last week, Theresa sort of confessed all to Fox. Whit urged her to be honest with him, and she told him the semi-truth (which is a huge step for her). It was hard to tell if Fox was relieved or saddened by the fact that Theresa basically dumped him.

Martin has to go. He definitely could be Antonio's father. Why didn't that hit man kill him? He is a horrible actor. He reminds me so much of Drake Hogestyn. He only has the one expression and it doesn't do much for him at all. And this story of Katherine and Martin running away together is absurd. I can understand why Katherine would want to leave and risk losing her children, but Martin was supposedly happy with Pilar and his kids. I do wonder, however, if Antonio knew the truth about Martin and Katherine and that is why he left town years ago.

And why is Paloma in Mexico with Pilar's sister? Trust me, if my sister's husband left her for another woman and had my sister thinking that he is probably dead, and he turned up on my doorstep with the woman, he wouldn't be hiding out. I'd rat him out in a second. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water. Paloma has been living her whole life with her aunt, father, and his mistress and has no clue. No wonder the poor girl is rebelling. I think Pilar better get Terrorsita straight because when Paloma comes home, she is going to have her hands full.

As bad as Martin's acting is, it is better than watching Harry and Patience. Hopefully this is all over with. This was by far the worst fantasy ever. Now Luis is wishing on a shooting star (how original) that Sheridan would remember her love for him. Now we as the viewers know the truth and we are supposed to be pulling for Luis. But in real life (and believe me I know how far I am stretching this with Passions) Luis should be the one getting electro shock therapy. I mean Sheridan has been rejecting him for almost two years now and he still won't take no for an answer. That "baby" he had with Beth will be graduating from high school soon and Luis is busy living "past lives" and almost getting himself killed with Sheridan. Poor kid is going to need therapy before he's out of diapers. And where is Beth anyway?

Theresa sort of confesses all to Fox. Whit urges her to be honest with him, and she tells him the semi truth (which is a huge step for her). I can't tell whether Fox was relieved or saddened by the fact that Theresa basically dumped him. But his interest in Whitney seems renewed and that is a plus.

Please let Liz go back to St. Lisa's with Antonio. She is by far the most boring part of this show. She's been around for two years and hasn't spilled anything yet. And it is ridiculous that now, 25 years later T.C. is remembering there was someone else in the car with Julian the night of his accident. Funny as much time and energy as he spends focusing on that crash, you'd have thought he'd remember a detail this important. Or at the very least, his father's ghost could've told him.

I must commend the writer's though. Last week we got a view into a very poignant side of Rebecca we rarely see. This week, we saw Eve and Ivy, two women who were mortal enemies, come together to commiserate over losing the people they love. Ivy knows she is living on borrowed time with Sam now and Eve is just waiting for the other shoe to drop (which she has been for the last two years). But still those scenes had me interested in the show, something that has been rare as of late. I do however have one bone to pick. Since Eve's pager seems to go off at all the inopportune moments, is it wise to show her drinking her sorrows away?

Highest point of the week: Eve and Ivy's chat. Minimal Theresa.

Lowest point of the week: Harry and Patience. Kay - who honestly feels sorry for her?

Until next week friends,

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