Rex Stanton
Actor History
Wayne Northrop (June 1997 to February 23, 1998)
Resides At
Marital Status
Single/Divorced (Lucy Coe)
Past Marriages
Lucy Coe
Avery Stanton (brother; Deceased)
Dominique Stanton Baldwin (niece; deceased)
Danielle Ashley (niece; deceased)
Katherine Bell (niece; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
Helped in the kidnapping of Serena Baldwin

Framed Scott Baldwin for the kidnapping of Serena Baldwin

Framed Scott Baldwin as a drug user

Blackmailed Danielle Ashley into helping carry out his plans to get custody of Serena Baldwin

Called Danielle Ashley before her deadly car accident, thus possibly being indirectly responsible for her death

Brief Character History

In Rex Stanton's short time in Port Charles, he made everyone who knew him miserable. First, he ruined Danielle Ashley's life by blackmailing her into helping him carry out his plans to gain custody of Serena Baldwin and her trust fund. This eventually caused her to have a car accident after which she died. He framed Scott Baldwin for many crimes, including kidnapping his own daughter, being a drug user, and being a gambler. He also had an enemy in Jake Marshak, Danielle's ex-fiancee who was grieving over her death, and nearly shot and killed Rex before he was stopped.

In an effort to stay close to Serena and find information on Rex, Lucy married him. Only a few weeks later, Kevin, Lucy, and Scott captured Rex's confession to his crimes on videotape as he prepared to kill a secretly-alive "Danielle" (really Eve in disguise). After going to jail, he told Lucy he'd put a slow-acting poison in her tea. Lucy nearly died before the antidote was found. Lucy then found out he sent out a tainted shipment of Deception cosmetics, ruining her business and reputation. Fortunately, Rex has stayed in jail all these years, forgotten and doing no harm to least not that we know of.

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