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Jake Marshak
Actor History
Rib Hillis (June 1997 to 23 June 1998)
Former Intern at General Hospital
Marital Status
Single/Never Married
Past Marriages
His parents are Polish immigrants
Flings & Affairs
Danielle Ashley
Lark Madison
Crimes Committed
Brief Character History

Jake Marshak is the child of Polish immigrants who never quite fit in. After he found science, he found Danielle Ashley, whom he credits for making him complete. Unfortunately, he has found out that Danielle lied to him, and he is learning that her uncle, Rex Stanton is very evil, which may lead to his downfall. Rex blackmailed Jake into helping with his schemes. To his anguish, Jake only forgave Danielle moments before she died from injuries following a car crash. Danielle's death devastated Jake, who pulled a gun on Rex and would have killed him if not for the interference of others.

After Rex went to jail, Jake tried to move on with his life, but his fling with Lark Madison ended when he learned she was underage. He then invented DL-56, only to have Chris Ramsey and Bennett Devlin steal the formula and patent from him.

Jake was hanged from the rafters by the General Homicide killer (Greg Cooper) at the Nurses' Ball.

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