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Jennifer Leigh Hammon

Port Charles Presence

Karen Wexler (June 1, 1997 to 1999)

At A Glance

Ms. Hammon was born in Orlando, Florida, and received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Florida State University, where she appeared in many theatrical productions. Ms. Hammon always knew that she wanted to be an actress; and at the age of 15, began auditioning and won the role of a "bubble-headed cheerleader" in cable's "Superforce." Other television credits include The Young & The Restless, and appeared in the television movie, "Killing Mr. Griffin."

Theatrical credits include "Parenthood," "The Bodyguard" and "Wilder Napalm."

A committed activist, Ms. Hammon is involved with the AIDS Foundation and is participating in the AIDS Dance-A-Thon.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys swing dancing, ballet, jazz and ballroom dancing.

She is skilled in martial arts training, specializing in choung nbu and t'ai chi.
Acting Portfolio
The X-Files
ICU Nurse

Port Charles
Karen Wexler
June 1, 1997 to 1999

Killing Mr. Griffin

Acting Portfolio

Mach 2

Allyson Is Watching
Allyson Roper

Vital Statistics
PLACE OF BIRTH: Winter Park, Florida
DATE OF BIRTH: March 7th, 1976
HEIGHT: 5'7"
EYES: Dark Brown
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