PC Recaps: The week of September 22, 2003 on Port Charles
Imani's stalker asked questions around Port Charles. Caleb proposed to Livvie. Elizabeth tried to make Chris jealous. Kevin made great strides in his recovery. Rafe and Alison received a gift of a wedding reservation at a bed and breakfast from a gym customer, who turned out to be Caleb.
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 22, 2003

At the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, Jamal and Imani relax after a hard day of helping Imani's grandmother, Madea, keep the Cafe running. Jamal confides to Imani that he is really enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of her grandmother's home. After treating Jamal to some of Madea's home made peach pie, Imani changes clothes and, telling Jamal that she has a surprise for him, convinces Jamal to close his eyes and hold out his hands. When Jamal holds out his hand, Imani presents Jamal with a can of night crawler worms and implores Jamal to go fishing with her. Jamal agrees, and the two set off for a night of uncomplicated fun. In the meantime, the ominous sheriff arrives outside Club Elixir in Port Charles and hides his badge before entering the building. Once inside, The Mystery Sheriff spots Ricky and begins asking questions about Jamal, claiming to be an old friend of Jamal's. Ricky insists that he has NOT seen Jamal lately, so can't give the stranger much information. However, when the Mysterious Sheriff leaves the Elixir, he places a call to someone else, informing his contact that he is positive that he is in the right place. Reporting that Jamal has a business in Port charles, plus friends and connections, The Mystery Sheriff declares that he believes that if he can lay low in Port Charles for a while, someone is bound to lead him to Jamal sooner or later!

In the meantime, Jack returns to The Elixir and learns from Ricky that Livvie left with Caleb! Jack is visibly shaken when he learns that Livvie is once again in Caleb's clutches. But, as Jack prepares to rush out of the Elixir to try to talk some sense into Livvie, Jack runs into Alison. Alison immediately guesses that Jack is preparing to make an attempt to rescue Livvie again, but Jack asserts that what Jack does is none of Alison's business! Alison reminds Jack of the many times that Livvie has broken Jack's heart and implores Jack to leave the debris of his relationship with Livvie in the past and begin making a new life for himself with ANY of the dozens of available girls who would be HAPPY to have someone with Jack's qualities in her life. Jack protests that he has learned how to forgive Livvie and believes that Livvie does NOT deserve the misery and pain that Jack KNOWS Livvie will eventually suffer through if Livvie continues to let Caleb jerk her around the way he always has! Alison reminds Jack that the LAST time Jack tried to wrestle Livvie OUT of Caleb's control, Caleb came close to killing Jack! Jack argues that, even though Alison is no longer in love with Jamal, if Alison saw Jamal about to step into a dark and dangerous alley, Alison would try to warn Jamal. Alison retorts that Jamal NEVER treated Alison as cruelly as Livvie has treated Jack, so the situations would be entirely different! When Jack protests that RAFE knows how dangerous Caleb is, Alison informs Jack that EVEN RAFE has decided to step away from the war with Caleb and concentrate on the future that Rafe and Alison have in front of them. When Alison realizes that she will probably NEVER be able to convince Jack to quit falling for Livvie's crocodile tears, Alison decides to leave, but instructs Jack to call Alison if he needs anything at all! After Alison leaves, Ricky informs Jack that Caleb fired his entire band ~ including Ricky ~ and that Caleb and has BIG new plans, new changes in the works. Ricky confides that he lost his job and BOTH of his girls all in one day. Jack invites Ricky to become a bartender at Club Elixir, but Ricky insists that he still has hope of making it big as a drummer and wants to focus on that career. Ricky confides to Jack that the changes Caleb is making in his music do NOT look like good changes. Ricky further observes that he would HATE to be Livvie right at that moment. Then Ricky shows Jack a sample of the lyrics Caleb was last working on at the rehearsal hall:

"With all of the warnings ~ all the signs ~~
You still tried to take what is mine!
So, with the promise of my kiss ~
You will never know a pain like this!"

RIcky confides that, in his opinion, Caleb's lyrics are as dark and nasty as they could get and, when you listen to the lyrics, they make you want to run out of town. When Ricky asks Jack what Jack plans to do about Caleb and Livvie, Jack admits that there is nothing Jack CAN do, because Livvie made her bed with Caleb and Livvie now has no other choice but to lie in it! After Ricky observes that it is strange, the way women keep picking all of the brutally psycho guys to fall in love with, Ricky leaves. But Jack continues to be mesmerized by the lyrics to Caleb's song, working them over and over in his hand!

In the meantime, at Caleb's apartment, Livvie wakens to find the room filled with black candles and red flowers. When Livvie thanks Caleb for making the room so lovely, Caleb insists that he only wants to see Livvie happy. Although Livvie protests that being with Caleb IS what makes her happy, Livvie ALSO asks WHY Caleb is now being so sweet to her when Livvie realizes that, the LAST time Caleb threw Livvie out of the apartment, Caleb WAS truly angry and truly serious about their relationship being at an end! Caleb insists that he just wants Livvie to KNOW that he has forgiven her and that Caleb has realized that Livvie was right when she said they were tied together for all eternity. However, Livvie confesses that she remembers when Caleb returned to Port Charles, disguised as Stephen Clay, and almost drove Livvie crazy because he was trying to punish her. Livvie confides that she always feels as if Caleb is always testing her ~ that Caleb always seems to have some new trick up his sleeve, ready to spring on Livvie during the least expected moment! Caleb angrily opens the door and informs Livvie that she MUST choose WHAT she wants! If Livvie truly WANTS someone who is nice, safe, quiet and predictable, then Livvie needs to leave now. But if Livvie chooses to stay, she will have to realize that there will ALWAYS be risks in her relationship with Caleb. Livvie closes the door and insists that Caleb KNOWS that Livvie WANTS to stay with him. Caleb agrees that Livvie has made the right decision. When Livvie again confides that it is difficult for her to believe that Caleb has forgiven her, Caleb points out that he did, for a brief moment, think about doing away with Livvie entirely to get her out of his system. But, then, Caleb realized that doing away with Livvie would be like doing away with himself. Livvie insists again that she only took Caleb's ring because she loved him and wanted to do something FOR Caleb ~ that she never meant for Caleb to be hurt. Caleb replies: "It is your nature ~ a scorpion can't help but sting. So, that is it! I either accept you ~ flaws and all ~ or ~ I get rid of you. I have made my decision!" Caleb and Livvie hit the sheets again. Afterward, Caleb astonishes Livvie by suggesting that they make their reunion complete by making it all official with a real wedding. Livvie happily agrees to accept Caleb's proposal of marriage!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 23, 2003

As Elizabeth stops past the Hospital to thank CHRIS for dinner out the previous evening and suggests they consider another date soon. Chris agrees it WOULD be a possibility to have dinner out again soon, but hesitates at the prospect of making any firm new commitments. Later, when Ian stops by the Nurses's Station to sign out, Ian informs Chris that Ian will be at his cabin in case Chris has any new thoughts about further research. Chris tries to get Ian's opinion about getting seriously involved with someone and Ian advises Chris that Ian is the WRONG person to ask, since Ian and Lucy are NO LONGER an "item!" Ian told Chris that Ian now realizes that Chris saved Ian from making a really big mistake by throwing out all of the experimental antidote and the research notes. As Chris and Ian talk, Elizabeth returns and overhears Ian mention that he plans to be doing some serious thinking about his future while Ian is relaxing at his cabin. When Ian advises Chris to "go for it" if he thinks the girl is "the right one," Elizabeth leaps to the conclusion that Chris and Ian are discussing someone OTHER than Elizabeth! At the same time, Chris wonders if Elizabeth might drive him nuts, even though he DOES have a good time whenever he is with her! As Chris tries to convince himself that he really needs just an ordinary, uncomplicated girl in his life, New Nurse Katrina arrives and Chris starts some mild flirting, then offers to meet Katrina for dinner later. After Katrina agrees to a dinner date with Chris, Elizabeth catches up to Chris and, admitting that she realizes that he just made a date with Nurse Katrina, Elizabeth asserts that she believes that Chris does NOT have time to keep his date with Katrina because "George" NEEDS to take care of some final paperwork for "their" Fashion Design business. But Chris curtly protests that, between his workload at the Hospital and the noise created at home by Elizabeth's Fashion Factory, Chris DESERVES some Rest and Relaxation! Later, when Elizabeth spots Ian, Elizabeth vows to send a "message" to Chris! Later, when Ian signs out at the Nurses' Station, Elizabeth overhears Ian tell Katrina that he is headed up to his cabin and that his pager is on. When Chris returns to the Nurses' Station, Elizabeth pretends not to see Chris and then pretends to be having a cell phone conversation with someone who is inviting her to spend some quality time at his cabin! Elizabeth makes sure that Chris can overhear when she mentions Lucy's name to her "mystery caller!" Elizabeth then hurries off, as if to keep an important date, making sure that Chris spots her hurrying away!

As Alison walks through the Park with an armload of wedding books, she runs in to Caleb and informs Caleb that she has decided to move on with her life, marry Rafe and forget all about the night that Caleb and Alison spent together as a result of Livvie's wish. Caleb announces to Alison that Livvie and Caleb have ALSO decided to get married. Caleb is surprised when Alison seems quite happy about Caleb's impending nuptials. Alison asserts that she has decided she needs to refuse to feel guilty about Livvie's wish and the night that Alison and Caleb spent together. Caleb agrees that that is the best plan. But, as Alison turns to leave, she twists her ankle and drops her armload of wedding books! Caleb catches Alison and helps her to a park bench. Alison confides that she does NOT understand the way that Caleb can be nice to her one minute, and then as cold as ice in the next minute. Caleb admits that their relationship IS confusing ~ especially to Rafe and Livvie! After declaring that all she wants is a quiet life with a white picket fence in front of her home, Alison wishes Caleb an eternally ever after with Livvie and heads home. After Alison leaves, Caleb told himself: "That was a cute speech, Alison. The destiny we share is JUST beginning!" Meanwhile, Lucy stops by Rafe's gym and Rafe clues Lucy in about his wedding plans. Rafe explains that he is ending the war with Caleb so he can concentrate on having a life with Alison. Lucy agrees that, although giving up Rafe's commitment to the family business of 'slaying" while Caleb is still on the loose IS a serious step, Lucy assures Rafe that he DOES have her blessing in the decisions that he has made. Lucy advises Rafe that it is NEVER wrong to put the person you love ahead of everything else in your life. When Alison returns home with her armload of wedding dress books, Alison announces that she believes that she has found the perfect dress to wear for her wedding. As Rafe and Alison happily chat about their wedding plans, Lucy sadly slips out the door, unnoticed!

Livvie stops by Club Elixir to explain to Jack that she did NOT keep their date the previous evening because she has reconciled with Caleb and they plan to be married soon. Jack warns Livvie that Jack can PROVE that Caleb is more interested in punishing Livvie than in marrying her! Jack shows Livvie the lyrics of Caleb's song: "So with the promise of my kiss, you will NEVER know a pain like this!" Livvie insists that the lyrics are only a song and do not mean anything. Livvie argues that she KNOWS that Caleb has had a change of heart, but Jack reminds Livvie that it is not likely that Caleb HAS a heart! However, Livvie burns the lyrics and insists to Jack that the lyrics mean nothing! Jack reminds Livvie that, when Caleb writes a song, the lyrics are usually a signal of what is to come! Later, after Livvie leaves and Jack is alone, Jack toasts Livvie's impending nuptials, declaring that Livvie is GOING to need some good luck if she is going to marry Caleb! Later, when Caleb returns home, he discovers Livvie listening to some of his music. Livvie asks Caleb if there are any ancient books of vampire rules which outline the proper way to conduct a vampire wedding. When Caleb switches the music off so they can talk, Livvie observes that the lyrics of that song are about getting Caleb's ring back and punishing everyone who took the ring and Caleb agrees that Livvie is right. When Livvie points out that she ALSO took Caleb's ring ~ Caleb reminds Livvie that that particular song had already hit the charts BEFORE Caleb learned that Livvie had taken the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring!

LIVVIE: 'So, since all your songs are sort of sneak previews of what you are about to do, I am just really glad that you did NOT write another one about me!"

CALEB: "You should be VERY glad!"

But Livvie suddenly remembers the lyrics that Jack showed her: "With the promise of my kiss, you will never know pain like this!"

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 24, 2003

In Silver Hill, Alabama, Imani and Jamal relax and have fun while Imani tries to teach her city~boy friend how to fish. Imani convinces Jamal that there is such a thing as 'fish~calls' and finally convinces Jamal to try a few 'fish~calls' with her. Shortly afterward, Imani and Jamal BOTH believe that they have hooked something big, only to learn that they have tangled their lines together and have caught each other! As Imani talks about enjoying fishing, she mentions going fishing with her father. But, when Jamal asks a few discreet questions about her father, Imani only mentions that her father died in an accident ~ then clams up! When Imani suggests that Madea might be worried about them and that they should go, Jamal collects the fishing gear and heads out for the car first. But, as Imani follows Jamal, she has a sudden flashback of men chasing her in a wooded area and a man, urging Imani to run and NOT look back! In her flashback, Imani sees herself stopping and looking back. Then Imani screams: "No!" At that moment, Jamal returns and touches Imani's shoulder. Imani suddenly lashes out at Jamal and scratches Jamal's cheek! Both Jamal and Imani are genuinely shocked by the occurrence! Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Ricky shows up at Club Elixir and mentions to Jack that a spooky guy has been asking questions about Jamal. Jack asks if Ricky told the guy anything, but Ricky reports that he merely told the stranger that he had NOT seen Jamal lately. Jack confides to Ricky that Jamal went to look for Imani, who was being hounded by a corrupt sheriff who had set Imani up to take the blame for a murder. Jack tries to call Jamal but discovers that Jamal is NOT answering his cell phone. However, when Jack checks his messages, he realizes that Jamal left a message for Jack that Jamal is at the Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama! Ricky suggests that they leave immediately to warn Jamal. But Jack told Ricky that Jack has a different plan for getting a warning to Jamal. Later, when Jack leaves the Club Elixir, the ominous sheriff follows Jack!

At Rafe and Alison's gym, as Rafe and Alison practice working out with each other, they find themselves in a passionate embrace. Rafe realizes that they have a customer in the gym and asks the customer to leave. As soon as the man is gone, Rafe closes the gym for the afternoon. Then Rafe and Alison hit the sheets. Afterward, Alison mentions to Rafe that she ran into Caleb in the park and Caleb informed Alison that Caleb and Livvie are also planning on getting married. Alison is shocked when Rafe appears angry that she 'just ran' into Caleb and Rafe suggests that it would be more likely that Caleb arranged to waylay Alison in the park. Rafe reminds Alison that Caleb never does anything without some kind of agenda attached to it. Alison suggests that maybe the wedding will keep Caleb and Livvie too busy to torment Rafe and Alison. Alison tries to reassure Rafe that they have nothing to worry about from Caleb, so long as Caleb is occupied with plans for his wedding to Livvie. But Rafe remains unconvinced.

At Caleb's apartment, Livvie demands that Caleb told her if the lyrics: "With the promise of my kiss, you’ll never know a pain like this," were written about Livvie. But Caleb wonders HOW Livvie even learned about those particular lyrics. Undaunted, Livvie keeps questioning Caleb about the meaning of the lyrics. Caleb finally admits that he DID write the lyrics with Livvie in mind. But Caleb argues that the lyrics were written when he was angry with Livvie and assures Livvie that things have changed since he wrote those lyrics. Caleb went on to explain that Livvie did NOT trick Caleb when Livvie took the Morley Family Heirloom Power Ring ~ that Caleb was fully aware of everything that Livvie was doing and gave her plenty of opportunities to confess her misdeeds and return the ring! But Livvie made no such effort until AFTER Caleb informed Livvie that he was 'on to' her game! Caleb shows Livvie a flashback of the time that Livvie killed Caleb by stabbing Caleb with Lucy's silver arrow. Livvie confesses that she now understands WHY Caleb was so angry with her and apologizes for the times that she has hurt him. Caleb assures Livvie that, although Livvie took his life once ~ Livvie also gave Caleb back his life several times over. Caleb begins to kiss Livvie and they soon hit the sheets. But, as Caleb looks over Livvie's shoulder, he has a cold, far~away, distant look in his eye.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2003

At the Hospital's Nurses' Station, Chris does a slow burn as he contemplates the possibility that Elizabeth and Ian really ARE involved in some kind of romantic tryst up at Ian's Cabin In The Woods! When the Nurses' Station phone rings and no one shows up to answer it, Chris grabs the phone and speaks to Lucy, who has an endearing message for Ian that she wants Chris to deliver. Although Chris says nothing to Lucy to suggest that Ian might be two-timing Lucy already, Chris is even more annoyed after he finishes speaking to Lucy. In the meantime, Ian is bewildered and slightly amused when Elizabeth shows up at the door of his cabin. Elizabeth quickly drops her facade of having " just been in the neighborhood" and admits openly that she followed Ian up to the cabin in the hope that Chris would find out that Ian and Elizabeth were at the cabin at the same time and the possibility of a romantic assignation with Ian would serve to make Chris jealous. Ian hints that perhaps Ramsey is ALREADY more than slightly interested in Elizabeth. Although Elizabeth is irritated at Ian's suggestion that Elizabeth's interest in Chris COULD turn out to be serious, Elizabeth DOES admit that an arrogant, self-centered, insensitive JERK is just the sort of man Elizabeth prefers. Elizabeth complains that she hates to just rip off her clothes and throw herself at Chris ~ because that sort of tactic has not really worked well for Elizabeth in the past. Elizabeth complains that she saw Chris making a date with a bimbo who was young enough to be Elizabeth's daughter. Elizabeth later confides that ALL of the men in Elizabeth's life ~ including both of her husbands, Ian and Kevin ~ always seemed to prefer to be with some other woman. Elizabeth dreamily wishes that she could have someone in her life who was interested in Elizabeth alone! Ian suggests that, perhaps, Ramsey IS interested in Elizabeth ~ but just doesn't realize it yet! Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, Nurse Katrina locates Chris at the Nurses' Station and reminds him about their dinner date that evening. Chris makes a LESS than graceful attempt to reschedule the date, and ends up making Katrina so angry that Katrina calls the date off altogether ~ and advises Chris that there will be NO rescheduling! Meanwhile, at the Cabin, Ian assures Elizabeth that if she just gives Chris a little time, Chris will surely come around ~ and Elizabeth decides to head back to town. However, after Elizabeth went outside, she quickly returns with the news that the tires on her car have been slashed. When Ian suggests that HE would be able to take Elizabeth back to town, Elizabeth sadly informs Ian that HIS tires have been slashed as well! Meanwhile, Chris skulks in the bushes outside Ian's cabin, chuckling to himself: "Have fun, you two! You deserve each other!" Then Chris leaves the scene of the crime!

At the Light House, after Lucy leaves the message for Chris to deliver to Ian, Lucy turns around and realizes that Kevin's physical therapist is leaving. Lucy suggests that it is time for her to gather up Christina and leave as well. As Kevin sorts through the mail, he comes across a letter that is addressed to Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Collins ~ but Kevin recognizes the return address as being one of Lucy's old competitors from Lucy's designing days. When Lucy opens the letter, she realizes that her old competitor is introducing a new line and has invited Lucy to a special party in Florida to introduce the line. Lucy is at first enthused at the prospect of the party, but then decides it would be out of the question for her to attend the party. Kevin urges Lucy to think about attending the party, but Lucy remains firm in her conviction that her old competitor's party is the LAST place where Lucy would want to be. Lucy decides to sit down and send the little R.S.V.P. card back in right away. However, as Lucy writes, Kevin suddenly urges Lucy to stop writing. When Lucy looks up, she realizes that Kevin is now standing beside his wheelchair! As Lucy watches, Kevin stands beside his wheelchair but quickly falls. Lucy rushes to help Kevin but Kevin insists that he is ready to do this all by himself. In spite of Lucy's concern, Kevin attempts to stand again and, this time, Kevin takes a few faltering steps away from the wheelchair toward the couch. Lucy is beside herself with joy and asks Kevin if he would be able to do that again to show Christina. Kevin agrees that he could and, after resting for a minute, takes a few painful steps back toward his wheelchair and sits down. A delighted Lucy rushes out of the room to find Christina and show Christina that Kevin is walking!

When Alison arrives at the Bridal Shop to pick out a gown for her wedding, Alison is surprised when the sales clerk informs Alison that she will have to share a dressing room with another bride. Alison agrees to the plan, but is surprised when she realizes that the other bride is Livvie. After a few awkward moments, Livvie and Alison begin to talk about the old days when they were best friends and used to talk about getting married. They both sadly realize that neither one of them will be at the other's wedding. Alison and Livvie spot a couple of ostentatious, gaudy gowns on the rack and dare each other to try these gowns on. Livvie and Alison give in to the desire to try the perfectly awful gowns on and, when they are done up in miles of fabric, Livvie sadly told Alison that, even in the cheesiest gown on the rack, Alison still looks like the perfect bride. Alison observes that, since the 'war' between Caleb and Rafe is officially ended, it will be unlikely that Livvie and Alison would be seeing each other much from that point on. The two brides sadly wish each other well and a world of happiness in their new lives.

At the same time, Rafe arrives at Caleb's apartment and warns Caleb to quit running in to Alison 'just by accident' ~ all over town! Caleb protests that, since they live in a small town, Caleb is bound to run into Alison from time to time. Rafe warns Caleb that, even though they have declared their 'war' with each other at an end, Rafe still senses that Caleb is making an effort to 'get to' Rafe! But Caleb accuses Rafe of just looking for any kind of excuse to heat up the hostilities all over again. Rafe again warns Caleb that IF Caleb is trying to use Alison to get to Rafe, all bets will be off about the hostilities between the two of them! Caleb accuses Rafe of being insecure in Rafe's relationship with Alison. Rafe denies being insecure about anything and reminds Caleb that the ONLY reason Alison even speaks to Caleb is because Alison believes there is a spark of goodness in Caleb's black heart which can be salvaged. Caleb protests that he has NOT gone looking for Alison ~ rather, it was Alison who went to Caleb and offered to do anything in exchange for Caleb's help in getting Rafe released from Hades. Rafe immediately demands to know if Caleb took advantage of Alison when Alison was desperate to secure Rafe's release from Hades. But Caleb merely replies that it would depend on what Rafe meant by 'took advantage of" ~ then hastens to admit that, while Caleb had been upset with Alison in the past, Alison has "more than redeemed herself" since then. Caleb assures Rafe that the 'war' between them really IS over, but Rafe expresses his suspicion that Caleb is up to his darkest deed yet! Caleb brushes off Rafe's accusations and suggests that Rafe concentrate his energy on making Rafe's special day with Alison truly special. Rafe assures Caleb that Rafe's plans to marry Alison ARE going forward at full speed, but reminds Caleb that the LAST time Rafe and Alison planned to get married, it was one of Caleb's dirty tricks that derailed the festivities. Rafe wonders if Caleb's constant efforts to corner Alison alone might be part of ANOTHER dirty trick being hatched by Caleb to derail yet another wedding! Caleb suggests that, IF Rafe is that concerned about Caleb and Alison running in to each other occasionally, it might be easier if Rafe and Alison moved somewhere else ~ such as Tallahassee! Rafe angrily orders Caleb to quit trying to push all of Rafe's buttons at once. Then, angrily declaring that Rafe and Alison WILL be married in spite of ANY dirty tricks concocted by Caleb, Rafe slams out of the door. But, after Rafe is gone, Caleb says to himself: "You come down here ~ all worried that I am going to get to your precious bride! You just don’t get it ~ I already have!"

Friday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2003

At Ian's Cabin In The Woods, Elizabeth is dismayed when she learns that, not only have the tires on BOTH cars been slashed, but Ian does NOT have a regular phone at the cabin and NEITHER of their cell phones will pick up a signal.! Elizabeth becomes defensive when Ian suggests that Chris slashed the tires of their vehicles after Elizabeth SUCCEEDED in making Chris jealous by pretending to have a romantic tryst with Ian planned at the cabin. Elizabeth decides that the ONLY solution is to walk out of the woods. Ian warns Elizabeth that it is a twenty mile walk and points out that Elizabeth is NOT dressed for a hike like that. But Elizabeth flounces out the door any way. Ian rushes to find out what is wrong when suddenly hears Elizabeth scream! Ian discovers that Elizabeth has been stung by a bee. Although Ian suggests that she MIGHT be allergic to a bee sting, Elizabeth insists that she has never been allergic before and heads to Ian's refrigerator to grab some ice to put on the bee sting. In her haste, Elizabeth knocks some of Ian's blood supply on to the floor, then accidentally steps on the bag, driving her spiked heel through the bag. As she realizes what she has just done, Elizabeth asks Ian if he has more of a stash than that. But Elizabeth suddenly went into an allergic reaction to the bee sting and Ian rushes to give Elizabeth a shot to counteract the affect of the bee sting. Elizabeth realizes that the shot is making her drowsy and begins to drift off to sleep, still wondering if Ian has a bigger blood supply. Worried that Ian might bite her if he needs to feed, Elizabeth told Ian that she trusts he will NOT need to bite her. After Elizabeth went to sleep, Ian admits to himself that his entire blood supply has now been destroyed! Then Ian realizes that he is beginning to feel the need to feed!

Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Imani's Ominous Sheriff follows Jack as Jack went to a public pay phone and "calls" Jamal, then appears to become frustrated when Jamal does NOT pick up his phone. So Jack heads into the woods, wandering around and around, consulting a sheet of paper in his hand, as if reading directions. As Jack assures himself that the spot he is looking for should turn up soon, Jack hears a noise behind him and suspects that he is NOT alone. At the same time, at the closed Silver Hill Cafe in Alabama, Jamal and Imani return from their night of fishing and Imani rushes to clean and bandage the scratches on Jamal's face that Jamal received when Imani had her flashback. Jamal reassures Imani that it WILL be safe for Imani to level with Jamal about whatever caused Imani's severe reaction. Imani seems to be on the verge of telling something to Jamal when Madea enters and accuses Jamal of having done something to Imani that prompted that kind of a severe reaction from her granddaughter. But Jamal protests that nothing that serious happened and Imani insists that Jamal is right. Madea sends Jamal off to look for a bandage for his face and takes advantage of Jamal's absence to warn Imani that, no matter how attached Imani has become to Jamal, Imani will have to give Jamal up in one week. Madea ALSO warns Imani that, just by remaining in Silver Hill, Jamal COULD learn Imani's secret! When Madea learns that Imani had another vision of the night when her father warned her to run and not look back and she paused and looked back and got caught, Madea warns Imani that the vision means that "he" is getting closer to finding where Imani is hiding. But Imani assures her grandmother that Imani believes that she is STILL safe with her grandmother. AND that Jamal is just a very nice person who is NOT dangerous to Imani. Later, after Jamal returns, Jamal has a few minutes alone with Madea and, while seeking to reassure Madea that Jamal is totally in Imani's corner, Jamal begins to describe his astonishment when he first heard Imani sing at the church. Madea's eyes suddenly cloud over and she rises abruptly to leave, just as Imani returns. After Madea leaves the room, Jamal confides to Imani that Jamal believes that he is making headway in winning some respect from Madea. Imani remains skeptical. Imani and Jamal take advantage of Madea's absence to begin kissing and Jamal suddenly confides that he 'wants' Imani. Imani assures Jamal that the feeling is mutual ~ then told Jamal that she knows a place where they could go where they would have some privacy ~ away from Madea! Jamal agrees that they could slip off somewhere. But, at that moment, Imani and Jamal hear a loud crash at the door, and Imani instinctively moves to shield Jamal!

Back in Port Charles, as Alison is explaining some of their gym's programs to a prospective customer, Rafe bursts in and drags Alison away from the customer. Rafe confides that he has had a remarkable idea ~ since there are so many places in Port Charles which have painful as well as happy memories for both of them ~ Rafe proposes that they pack their bags, go to some place where they have never been before, and get married there. Alison finally agrees to Rafe's plan. Rafe rushes off to get a list of lodges where they could go, promising to return soon. And Alison returns to her customer. Alison is surprised when the customer mentions that he had been planning to get married today and they had planned to travel to a Luxury Bed And Breakfast for their honeymoon. But his bride backed out. Joel explains that it had taken them a year to obtain a reservation to stay at the Luxury Bed And Breakfast ~ and that the deposit to hold the room was totally non~refundable. Joel urges Alison to accept the paid~up reservation at the Luxury Resort as his 'gift' ~ and Alison finally agrees to accept the reservation in exchange for a year's membership at the gym. Joel agrees. However, when Rafe returns and Alison explains that one of the gym's newest customers just traded her a reservation at a Luxury Resort for a year's membership at the gym, Rafe warns Alison that he believes they should NOT go to that specific resort and that it would not be a good idea to be accepting a 'gift' such as that from a customer. But Alison insists that, sometimes, 'a gift' is really ONLY 'a gift!' Rafe remains skeptical, but Alison does her best pleading and Rafe finally gives in. However, Rafe warns Alison again that, in Rafe's opinion, they would be better off ANYWHERE else EXCEPT at "The Gift Place!" As Rafe and Alison rush upstairs to pack for their great adventure, "Joel" watches from outside. Joel says to himself: "Nice! I did something nice ~ it makes me feel all ooey-gooey inside!" But, then, "Joel" transforms himself in to Caleb! And Caleb continues: "Bon Voyage, kids!"

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