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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on Port Charles
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At Imani's Place, as Jamal calls a Missing Persons Report in to the Police, Imani suddenly arrives and stops Jamal. Jamal demands to know what happened to Imani and points out that Imani's torn fingernails prove that the scratches on the windowsill were made by Imani! Imani at first tries to deny Jamal's allegations, but Jamal describes the way he followed Imani's trail in to the woods and found some of Imani's clothing hooked on bushes there. Imani finally explains that she heard a strange sound and believed that her stalker had found her. In her panic to get away, Imani clawed her way out of her room and ran away. Jamal again insists that he cares for Imani and is prepared to protect Imani and again insists that Imani can easily solve her problem by moving into Jamal's apartment. Imani at first refuses but, when Jamal declares that the only other option that Jamal would be willing to consider would be for Jamal to bunk on Imani's doorstep, Imani gives in and begins packing to move in to Jamal's apartment!

At Lucy's Place, Kevin apologizes for taking his misery out on Lucy the other day. Lucy accepts Kevin's apology but rushes off the find Ian. Lucy explains to Ian that Caleb's ring can grant wishes and that, somehow, Christina got the ring and wished for Kevin and Lucy to live together again. Lucy also explains that even the most innocent of wishes made with Caleb's ring often backfire after they are granted. Ian reminds Lucy that the lyrics of one of Caleb's songs contained the phrase: "Be careful what you wish for!" Lucy also explains that, while Jamal had the ring, Lucy had wished that Kevin would return to his former, kindly self ~ and then Kevin experienced his "miraculous" instantaneous personality change! Ian points out that, since the wishes seem to always backfire, they need to get Kevin out of Lucy's Place and back to the Lighthouse as soon as possible. However, while Ian and Lucy confer, Christina climbs in to Kevin's lap while he is reading her a story and confidently informs Kevin that he is going to get to live with Christina forever! At the same time, Ian argues that, IF they move Kevin back to the Lighthouse, the action MIGHT begin to reverse the wish and Kevin would finally begin to mend! Lucy finally agrees with Ian. Although Lucy worries about Christina feeling upset if Kevin returns to the Lighthouse, Lucy finally told Ian to go ahead and make arrangements for a nursing service to provide care for Kevin at the Lighthouse. After Ian rushes off to make arrangements for a private nurse, Lucy returns to the living room to inform Kevin about her decision. But, by the time Lucy returns to the living room to speak to Kevin, Lucy discovers that Christina has fallen asleep in Kevin's lap and Kevin is softly singing a lullaby to Christina!

As Ricky and Casey return Jamal's bike to Club Elixir and talk about their whirlwind trip to Atlantic City, Reese suddenly appears and accuses Ricky of talking to himself again ~ and Casey disappears! Reese blasts Ricky for taking off just when Caleb went looking for the band members to rehearse! Reese implores Ricky to get back to living in the real world instead of wasting all of his time, hanging out with a dead girlfriend that ONLY Ricky can see! As Ricky protests that the situation is more complicated than Reese realizes, Reese grabs Ricky and kisses him. Reese challenges Ricky to return to the REAL world and get interested in a REAL girl! Then Reese grabs Ricky's hand and told him that she has a REAL surprise prepared for him if Ricky will only go with her! Ricky sadly informs Reese that he can NOT go with her now ~ and walks away! As Reese fumes to herself about Ricky's wasted life, a street light above Reese suddenly bursts and and a frightened Reese runs away! After Reese runs away, Casey suddenly appears and chuckles gleefully!

At Club Elixir, as Jack flashes back to kissing Livvie, Rafe suddenly arrives and asks Jack how Jack's meeting with Livvie went. Jack gleefully reports that he is POSITIVE that Livvie is on the verge of grabbing Caleb's ring for herself. When Rafe confides that he has come up with a new plan for stealing Caleb's ring that does NOT require Jack to plant ideas in Livvie's head, Jack angrily declares that he will NOT allow Rafe to cut Jack out of the plot to grab Caleb's ring! Rafe accuses Jack of being seduced by the power of the ring and guesses that Jack has been plotting to grab the ring for himself. Jack accuses Rafe of just being paranoid and trying to dictate to everyone how they should conduct their lives! Rafe guesses that Jack might want the ring for himself so that Jack could wish that his relationship with Livvie could be restored to the way it was BEFORE Livvie met Caleb! Rafe warns Jack that the ring is like a drug ~ one hit and you are hooked! Jack declares that Livvie is close to bagging the ring and, when Livvie grabs the ring, Jack plans to get the ring first and make some wishes of his own ~ and there will be NOTHING that Rafe will be able to do about it. When Rafe vows that he WILL stop Jack from using the ring, Jack accuses Rafe of being the TRUE nut job in town! Jack angrily asks if Rafe would kill Jack to keep Jack from getting his hands on Caleb's ring first, then accuses Rafe of playing God with all of their lives! Rafe responds by slugging Jack and knocking him down. When Jack recovers, Jack warns Rafe that Rafe's self-righteous path is NOT doing anyone any good either! Jack suddenly reminds Rafe that Rafe ALREADY has everything anyone would ever want to wish for and does NOT appreciate what he has! Rafe reminds Jack again that, because the ring is CALEB'S ring, the ring is dangerous to EVERYONE!