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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on Port Charles
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Monday, June2, 2003

At the Hospital, Caleb and Livvie explain to an uneasy Chris that they want him to analyze the contents of the broken vial and then duplicate the antidote that was in the vial for them. Caleb warns Chris that the doctor WILL need to take sides in Caleb's feud with Joshua, but Chris declares that he plans to be like Switzerland ~ neutral! While Caleb and Livvie wait, Caleb admits that Joshua has a good idea, about creating a vampire Empire. But, Caleb continues, people need to feel they are being 'led' rather than ordered around. Livvie expresses her confidence that Caleb could succeed where Joshua is bound to fail. Caleb assures Livvie that they WILL find a way to return to their previous state of bliss! But, when Chris returns, they are disappointed when Chris announces that the vial held ONLY sugar water! Caleb is stunned, and mutters that it appears that Rafe has double-crossed Caleb ~ again!

Casey and Ricky take the injured Rafe to Ian's Loft for help and are surprised when Ian insists that he can no longer help them. But Casey prevails upon Ian to go ahead and stitch up the wound in Rafe's side, and Ian reluctantly agrees to secretly help Rafe But, when Casey and Ric take a break, Rafe confides to Ian that, when Rafe returned to the Catacombs, Rafe learned that Livvie had already turned Alison over to Joshua and that the vial with the antidote was broken during the scuffle that followed. However, Ian confesses that Ian filled the vial with sugar water because Ian hoped Livvie would believe she was cured, then bite Caleb and kill him! When Rafe angrily accuses Ian of double-crossing him, Ian reminds Rafe that Rafe should know better than to trust ANY of the Undead! Meanwhile, outside Casey confides to Ricky that she believes the two of them have become Rafe's back up. But Ricky announces that Casey is on her own when it comes to protecting Rafe, because Ricky is ONLY a musician ~ not anybody's Guardian Angel! Casey is stunned when Ricky resolutely walks away! Meanwhile, Ian urges Rafe to find Alison and take Alison away ~ to leave Port Charles ~ AND all of its curses ~ far behind. But Rafe insists that Port Charles is now their home and they are NOT leaving! Rafe declares that it is every man for himself from now on ~ and leaves!

At Joshua's Mansion, Alison drops her looney facade and begs her old friend Jamal to help her escape. But Jamal reminds Alison of the time when Alison got Jack to pretend to be her boyfriend named Chandler in order to fool Alison's grandmother. Jamal confesses that he has not yet turned to blood, but warns Alison that Joshua has murderous guards posted all over the place. Jamal also admits that Joshua does NOT yet trust Jamal all that much! Alison suddenly accuses Jamal of selling her out to Joshua and warns Jamal that they can NEVER be friends again! When Joshua returns and announces that he now KNOWS that Alison's delusions were just an act, Alison informs the monster that she will NEVER willingly be with Joshua, and the only way Joshua can have love now is by using force! Although Joshua scoffs that he is NOT interested in love, Alison promises that she plans to become Joshua's worst nightmare. Later, Joshua grills Jamal about Alison. While Joshua brags that Joshua knows HOW to 'charm' a woman, Jamal guesses that what Joshua REALLY wants is for Jamal to tell Joshua how to make Alison fall in love with him! Jamal then advises Joshua to let Alison get a look at Joshua's vulnerable side, to make Alison believe that Joshua is opening up to her. Joshua returns to Alison and tries to convince his captive that even Joshua has a 'softer, gentler side' to him and talks briefly about a lost love ~ that ended badly ~ and asks Alison to teach Joshua about love! Aliison appears to be impressed and asks Joshua what he wants from her. Joshua urges Alison to rest in the confidence that no one will disturb her sleep. However, after Joshua leaves Alison, he collapses in laughter in the hall way!