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Monday, May 19, 2003

In the park, Casey pulls away from Jamal's kiss and tries to convince her friend that getting involved with an angel will NOT help Jamal get over the loss of Alison. Although Jamal reacts angrily to Casey's suggestions for dealing with his grief, the angel eventually convinces Jamal to look to his friends for support instead of smashing boulders, and they head off together for Club Elixir. Meanwhile, at Club Elixir, Reese greets Jack warmly as Jack admits that he went for a motorcycle ride after learning of Alison's death. However, Joshua jumps all over Jack because the club manager was late for work. After Jack apologizes to his steaming boss, Frank arrives to report to Joshua that no one has been able to spot Caleb. Joshua declares that he suspects there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, because NO ONE has been able to spot Caleb, Livvie OR Rafe! When Amanda arrives, Joshua orders Frank to spend more time looking for the fugitives personally. Reese almost bumps in to Amanda and Amanda scolds the girl for her rudeness. When Jamal and Casey arrive at the Club, Casey is immediately appalled when she spots Amanda with Joshua. Casey finds Jack and demands that Jack and Jamal talk. But Jamal just blasts Jack again for working for Joshua. At the same time, Amanda complains to Joshua about Reese's loud laughter, but Joshua brushes Amanda's concerns aside as Joshua assures Amanda that he will take complete charge of all the details of Alison's memorial service for Amanda. Jack and Jamal are shocked when Amanda announces that Joshua is in charge of Alison's memorial service! Casey takes Joshua aside and blasts the demon for turning Amanda into Joshua's newest convert. When Joshua orders the angel to buzz off, Casey warns Joshua not to forget the way the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were turned into a pile of salt by fire and brimstone from heaven. Joshua arrogantly warns the angel that she is biting off more than she can chew. Ricky pulls the fuming angel away from Joshua. Admitting that he cares about her, Ricky warns Casey NOT to get into direct confrontations with Joshua. Meanwhile, Jack and Jamal realize they will NOT be able to convince Amanda to dump Joshua as the primary planner for a memorial service for Alison. When Jack suggests that Alison's friends should hold their own memorial, Jamal cautions Jack about the danger of bucking Joshua over Alison's memorial. Jack and Jamal leave together to make plans. Meanwhile, as Ricky told Casey that he will never stop caring about her, Reese barges up and demands to know if either of them saw Jack and Jamal leave. Casey suggests that they should track Jack and Jamal down. Casey invites Ricky to go with them, but Ricky stays behind. After Casey and Reese leave, Joshua approaches Ricky and suggests that it would be helpful to Joshua if a certain angel were to fall from grace. Ricky guesses that Joshua wants Ricky to seduce Casey so that the angel will be called back to the Here-After. Joshua nods his assent.

At the Hospital, Rafe admits to Lucy and Ian that they faked Alison's death to keep Joshua off Alison's track. Rafe went on to confide to Lucy and Ian that Rafe, Alison, Caleb and Livvie are all staying out of sight together in Caleb's old hide-out in the Catacombs. When Lucy declares that she is suspicious of Caleb's motives for helping deceive Joshua, Rafe explains that Joshua poisoned Livvie's fangs, so that Livvie would kill whomever she bites ~ including Caleb! And that Caleb wanted Rafe's help to find Joshua's antidote to the poison Joshua gave to Livvie. Later, in the Park, Rafe explains that he DID find the antidote and Lucy warns her cousin that trying to keep Caleb in the dark about the antidote COULD backfire on Rafe! But Rafe explains that he needs to hang on to the antidote because, in case Caleb ever threatened Alison, Rafe could use the antidote as a bargaining chip to rescue Alison. Rafe hands the antidote over to Lucy and asks her to keep it in a safe place. Then Rafe asks Ian to help him keep a steady blood supply ready for Livvie and Ian agrees. After Lucy and Ian leave, Jack and Jamal spot Rafe, and Jamal immediately blames Rafe for not being able to protect Alison from Livvie! Rafe is shocked when Jack and Jamal report that Joshua is planning a memorial service for Alison and that Alison's friends want to conduct their own service. Rafe agrees a private memorial would be a good idea but announces that he has something important to do first. Jamal angrily objects to Rafe's plans and demands that the memorial service be held that very evening! Meanwhile, Frank lurks in nearby bushes and eavesdrops!

Elsewhere at the Hospital, as Elizabeth lurks outside Kevin's room, Karen catches Kevin getting ready to leave. Dangling Joshua's syringe in front of Kevin, Karen points out that she has discovered what remains of Joshua's 'medication' and does NOT plan to allow Kevin to leave the Hospital just to score some more drugs! Karen admits that she had the contents of the syringe analyzed and they are a potent combination of mind-altering drugs. Karen offers to help Kevin kick his habit but Kevin denies that he could be addicted. Boasting that he has more of the same at home, Kevin yanks open the door and spots Elizabeth in the hall. Kevin demands that Elizabeth come into his room. When Elizabeth gets inside, she apologizes to Kevin for his 'accident,' but Kevin coldly reminds Elizabeth that Kevin is in the Hospital because Elizabeth stabbed him!

At the Catacombs, as Livvie and Caleb kiss passionately and Livvie begs Caleb to hit the hay with her, Alison points out that she is standing right there and they need to, at least, take their passion outside. As Livvie and Caleb oblige Alison and go to the entrance of the cave, Livvie is annoyed when Caleb accuses Livvie of just wanting to show off in front of Alison. Livvie admits that she IS angry that Caleb and Alison wrote a song together, just as Alison saunters out of the cave. When Livvie orders Alison to keep out of it, Alison retorts that it is NOT Alison's fault if Caleb is reluctant to hop into bed with Livvie at a moment's notice. As Alison and Livvie begin to hurl insults at each other, Caleb tries to convince the two women to knock it off, but Livvie curtly orders Caleb to stay out of it! Caleb angrily declares that he feels helpless just sitting around the cave and waiting for something to happen and Caleb storms away from the cave. After Caleb leaves, Livvie accuses Alison of being the reason why Caleb left! As Alison and Livvie return to the interior of the Catacombs, they continue to argue. Alison accuses Livvie of being completely irrational, but Livvie coldly reminds Alison that all of Alison's friends already believe that Alison is dead because Livvie bit her! Reminding Alison that Livvie IS getting hungry and Rafe has not yet returned with his promised treats, Livvie declares that it would be easy for Livvie to make everybody's suspicions come true! At the same time, Caleb slips up behind Joshua at Club Elixir and grabs Joshua by the throat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

At the Hospital, Karen is appalled when Kevin seems to be very mellow about the fact that Elizabeth stabbed him with a letter opener. Karen is even more shocked when Elizabeth offers to drive Kevin home and invites Kevin to go with Elizabeth to the memorial service for Alison. In spite of Karen's protests, Kevin and Elizabeth head to the Light House together. Once at the Light House, Kevin admits that he originally planned to punish Livvie for whatever Livvie did to Alison, but couldn't go through with it. Kevin is surprised when Elizabeth confides that she understands Kevin's dilemma. Kevin sends Elizabeth off on an errand to find some aspirin ~ so that Kevin can slip himself a dose of his 'medication.' But, as Kevin gets a new syringe out, Elizabeth returns unexpectedly and sees Kevin with the syringe in his hand. Kevin covers by claiming that he was about to take a pain killer and didn't want Elizabeth to feel any worse about his wound than she already did. Elizabeth is impressed that Kevin would be so 'thoughtful.' Kevin urges Elizabeth to wait for him in the car. After Elizabeth leaves, Kevin begins to have some of Joshua's medication, changes his mind, puts the syringe away, heads toward the door, then weakens and returns for a dose of the medication.

In the Catacombs, as Livvie threatens to bite Alison for real, Alison slaps Livvie and angrily informs Livvie that there WILL be an end to the threats every time Livvie feels insecure! Livvie accuses Alison of having designs on Caleb but Alison brushes Livvie's accusation aside as nonsense and reminds Livvie that they need to remember that their common enemy is Joshua! As the two women argue, Livvie suddenly begins to experience withdrawal pangs and wonders why Rafe is taking so long to return with something to stave off Livvie's hunger pangs. When Livvie insists that she MUST feed and plans to go alone to the Hospital to steal some blood from the blood bank, Alison insists that Alison will have to go with Livvie. Livvie reluctantly agrees to let Alison come along with her.

In the park, Rafe is shocked that Jack and Jamal demand that they have a memorial service for Alison that very night. Jack confides that he understands why Rafe might not be enthused about a memorial service so soon, and Rafe agrees that he is not really ready to say good-bye to the great love of his life. But Frank interrupts and questions WHY Rafe appears to be so reluctant to have a memorial service for Alison if Rafe is experiencing genuine sorrow. Elsewhere in the Park, beside the fountain, Reese admits to Casey that she is only attending a service for Alison in order to score points with Jack. Ricky joins Casey and Reese as the flowers for the memorial begin to arrive. After Ricky flashes back to Joshua's hint that Ricky should seduce Casey to get the angel yanked back to the Here-After, Ricky quizzes Casey about what being a guardian angel means to her. Elsewhere in the park, Frank implies it is suspicious that Jamal appears genuinely upset by Alison's death, but Rafe is strangely calm and collected. Rafe bluntly told Frank that Rafe's feelings about Alison's death are NONE of Frank's business. Rafe then orders Frank to leave, threatening to give Frank a stake where it will do everyone the most good if Frank doesn't make tracks immediately. After Frank leaves, Rafe agrees with Jack and Jamal that they should have the memorial service right away. Rafe agrees to meet Jack and Jamal later by the fountain. After Jack and Jamal leave, Rafe checks on the supply of stolen blood he was taking to Livvie and hopes that Livvie will be able to hold out until he returns. Meanwhile, by the Fountain, Casey admits to Ricky that, if she messed around with Ricky, she would probably be immediately yanked back to the Here-After. After Ricky leaves, Rafe and Casey have a few minutes to talk together alone and Rafe and Casey agree that, while it is sad to see so many of Alison's friends so unhappy over Alison's loss, it is better for the friends to be in pain for a little while than it would be for Alison to actually be dead. Later, as Frank watches from the bushes, Jamal begins the service and asks everyone to share some of their memories of Alison. Rafe begins but, admitting that this is really difficult, Rafe announces that he just can't do this right now. So Jamal takes over, reminding the others of how important Alison's friends were to her. As Jamal begins to speak, Livvie and Alison cut through the park, on the way to the Hospital to pick up a snack for Livvie, and Alison listens as Jamal begins to speak of his deep friendship with Alison.

At Club Elixir, Caleb grabs Joshua by the throat. But, as Joshua gasps for air, some of Joshua's Undead Underlings begin to swarm around. Joshua reminds Caleb that they had a deal for Caleb to deliver Alison to Joshua ~ and that Livvie ruined the deal by killing Alison. Caleb demands the antidote, but Joshua rushes Caleb. However, Caleb suddenly douses acid in Joshua's eyes. As Joshua writhes in pain, Joshua's Underlings attack Caleb. However, when Joshua orders his Underlings to take Caleb out and get rid of him permanently, a TV reporter with a cameraman suddenly shows up, eager to get an interview with the great Stephen Clay! Caleb invites Joshua to go ahead and explain to the reporter what was going on when she arrived. But Joshua declines the offer. Pretending that there are no hard feelings between himself and Joshua, Caleb agrees to meet with the reporter later for an interview. Before leaving, Caleb whispers to Joshua: "You thought you were untouchable, but you are not! Enjoy your time on top. It WON'T last!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

At Club Elixir, Joshua flashes back to the many times he warned Caleb that Livvie would eventually be the death of him again; Joshua's subsequent rise to power and Caleb's recent threats to Joshua. Joshua then orders his Undead Underlings to go out and teach the people of Port Charles a lesson they will never forget. Meanwhile, in the Park Lucy collapses on her way to Alison's memorial service. As Ian revives her, Lucy worries about attending a funeral for someone who is not really dead. As Lucy and Ian indulge in an impromptu make-out session, Lucy and Ian are interrupted by Kevin, who is accompanying Elizabeth to the memorial service. Meanwhile, at the service by the fountain, Jamal speaks tenderly about the important part that Alison played in his life, while Livvie and Alison listen from the seclusion of nearby bushes. As Alison whispers an announcement that she can NOT let Jack and Jamal go through this grief, and attempts to leave their hiding place, Livvie grabs Aliosn and argues that, IF Alison shows herself, Alison will surely end up at Joshua's bride! As the two women engage in their whispered argument, Caleb arrives and orders Alison to shut up and stay put. Alison immediately lashes out at Caleb for ordering her around. At the same time, Lucy and Ian demand to know what Kevin and Elizabeth are doing in the park. Kevin sarcastically announces that they are on the way to Alison's memorial. When Ian expresses his astonishment that Kevin would be calmly walking through the park with a woman who just stabbed him, Elizabeth angrily asks where Lucy was when Elizabeth's daughter was being murdered! After Elizabeth storms away, Lucy confides to Ian that she DOES feel responsible for Alison's ordeal, even though both of them know that Alison is not really dead. When Lucy and Ian arrive at the gathering at the Fountain, Lucy whispers some words of encouragement to Rafe, as Jack speaks fondly about his memories of Alison, and Frank continues to watch from hiding. At the same time, Caleb and Alison continue to argue in whispers and Alison inadvertently lets slip that Caleb kissed her. At this startling piece of news, Livvie exclaims: "What?" and stands up. Ricky and Jamal hear Livvie's voice and look in her direction. As Alison begins to bolt into the clearing, Caleb grabs Alison, but Livvie loses her balance and falls into the clearing. As Caleb snatches Alison and hauls her off toward the Catacombs, Elizabeth spots Livvie and begins to shriek: "Murderer!" Kevin grabs Elizabeth to prevent her from attacking Livvie. As Livvie begins to run away, Jamal grabs Livvie. As Kevin moves to rescue Livvie from Jamal, Rafe gets between Jamal and Kevin and declares that RAFE will take care of Livvie! Casey interrupts and advises Jamal that Jamal is NOT equipped to take on a biter, while Rafe is. Lucy provides a distraction by pretending to faint. Livvie takes the opportunity to run again and Rafe runs after her, after declaring that it IS Rafe's job to deal with Livvie! As Elizabeth collapses, Lucy and Ian grab her and help Elizabeth to a nearby bench. Jamal loses sight of Livvie and Rafe in the woods and sits down to remember some of his favorite moments with Alison. After Kevin leaves to check on his sore arm, Elizabeth begs Lucy and Ian to give her a silver bullet or a stake, so that she can take care of Livvie herself. But Lucy and Ian begin to worry about the prospect of Elizabeth running around loose with sharp objects. And, after swearing Elizabeth to absolute secrecy, Lucy and Ian inform Elizabeth that Alison is alive, but in hiding ~ to keep out of Joshua's reach!

Caleb carries Alison back to the Catacombs. Once they have arrived safely, Caleb angrily told Alison that he is worried about Livvie and that he resents having been turned into nothing more than a baby-sitter for Alison! Alison demands to know WHERE Caleb has been and Caleb protests that he went to Joshua to get the antidote for Livvie. Alison insists that there is NO antidote! Alison accuses Caleb of just wanting to have a confrontation with Joshua to show Joshua who the REAL boss was! As Alison and Caleb argue, Caleb takes a swig of water from his bottle, then begins to laugh and sprays Alison. As Alison and Caleb begin to laugh and horse around together, Rafe and Livvie suddenly show up. When they arrive, Rafe begins to lecture Livvie about the stupidity of leaving the Catacombs. But Livvie counters that she was suffering from withdrawal pains and that, IF Rafe wants to be angry with someone, he should try jumping all over Alison for kissing Caleb. When Alison protests that it was CALEB who kissed ALISON, Rafe faces off with Caleb. When Caleb laughingly asks if Rafe plans to kill him now, Rafe admits that Rafe HAS been looking for an excuse to exterminate Caleb!

As Frank heads back to Club Elixir, Frank flashes back to the events that led up to Frank becoming Joshua's Disciple and Frank's arguments with Karen about Frank's latest walk on the wild side. Frank went on to report to Joshua that Alison's memorial service looked real to him. Joshua agrees that it is a pity the service seemed authentic. Then Joshua announces that they have turned all the key people in town into willing disciples, and it is now time to declare open season on mortals. Later, Joshua gets cozy with a couple of bat-girls. Meanwhile, at the hospital, an orderly reports to Karen that there is an epidemic of DOA'S down in the morgue ~ all of them missing their blood! When Frank arrives and asks to speak to Karen, Karen brushes Frank off by angrily pointing out that she has an epidemic of dead bodies on her hands ~ all of them missing their blood! When Kevin arrives, complaining that he has torn some of the stitches in his shoulder wound, Karen hustles Kevin away with only a frosty backward glance for Frank. At the same time, in the Park, Casey, Ricky, Jack and Reese realize that they are missing Jamal and decide to go over to Jamal's Place to look for him. Meanwhile, at the Hospital morgue, a body is wheeled in, inside a body bag. After the attendants leave, the latest body begins to move and Jamal fights his way out of his body bag, the bite marks apparent on his neck!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

When Casey, Reese, Ricky and Jack search for Jamal in the park, they have no luck. As the friends decide to continue their search, Jamal wakes up in the morgue and realizes that he has been bitten by one of Joshua's Undead Underlings. Jamal makes his way back to the park, huddled in a sweat shirt to hide his bite marks, and his friends are happy to see him. When Jamal reacts to their concern with anger, Jack and Reese suspiciously ask if Jamal is OK. When Casey tries to get Jamal distracted, Jamal sadly declares that he is now beyond help. Jack and Jamal get in a shoving match and Casey finally convinces Jack, Reese and Ricky to leave. After they are gone, Casey admits that she suspects Jamal has been bitten and has now joined the Undead and Jamal confirms that Casey has guessed his secret. When Casey worries that she spent too much time guarding Ricky and let someone attack Jamal behind her back, Jamal does his best to console the angel. Jamal confides that he remembers nothing of the attack that changed his life forever. Jamal sadly recalls that he was the one who went around warning Jack and Ricky about involvement with Joshua's Undead Underlings. Back at Club Elixir, Jack and Reese admit they are both wondering if Jamal has been turned, but Reese offers the opinion that Joshua would consider Jamal too much of a rebel to have among the Undead Legions. As Jack and Reese talk, the news reporter returns for her interview with Stephen Clay and is disappointed when she can't find him. Jack tries to convince the reporter that, although "Stephen" is not available, she can interview any or all of the other members of the band. When the reporter insists she MUST speak with 'Stephen,' Jack promises that he WILL find 'Stephen' for her. Jack later confides to Reese and Ricky that he is just following the wind, wherever it blows, because Jack believes the wind will soon blow Caleb and Joshua right out of town!

In the Catacombs, Caleb announces that it is a relief to him that everything is now out in the open and Caleb and Rafe no longer need to pretend that they are on the same side. Alison tries to remind Rafe and Caleb that they need to remember that Joshua IS their common enemy. Livvie declares that it is all Alison's fault that Rafe and Caleb are at each other's throats again ~ because of Alison! But Alison accuses Livvie of being the one who has to keep things stirred up in order to be happy. Alison tries to convince Rafe that Caleb was just trying to save her life at the Villa, but Rafe coldly points out that there were MANY other ways for Caleb to save Alison's life that did NOT include kissing her! Livvie manages to remind Alison that it was not so long ago that Rafe and Livvie were in bed together, but Alison retorts that that was different, because Livvie tricked Rafe! Livvie asks Caleb point blank if he has been in bed with Alison. Caleb immediately denies Livvie's suspicions and Rafe assures Alison that he has no such suspicions about Alison ~ but DOES suspect Caleb's motives. Livvie accuses Alison of being capable of manipulating any man into bed, but Alison insists that Livvie is just assuming that everyone else is like Livvie! When Rafe blasts Caleb for not being able to find another way to save Alison's life, Livvie enthusiastically agrees with Rafe! Alison convinces Rafe to go to the entrance of the cave with her for a private chat. After Rafe and Alison leave, Caleb admits he is shocked by the fact that Livvie would even consider that what she is saying could be remotely possible! When Livvie complains that the worry that her poisoned fangs might kill Caleb is destroying her, Caleb promises that he WILL find the antidote! But Livvie tearfully reminds Caleb that Rafe has said there is NO antidote! Caleb insists that Rafe lied about the antidote and, even if Rafe IS right and there is NO antidote, Caleb WILL find a cure for Livvie! But Livvie points out that, in the meantime, mortal women ~ like Alison ~ are the only women who are safe for Caleb to be around! Meanwhile, at the entrance to the cave, as Alison tries to defend Caleb's actions, Rafe reminds Alison that she is too trusting and has fallen for Caleb's lies in the past! Alison protests that she is NOT a naive little groupie, but Rafe reminds Alison that she MUStT remember that Caleb is NOT her friend, Caleb is NOT her buddy! In spite of Caleb's current mortal status, Caleb is STILL the same self-centered, ruthless beast he always was ~ the same one who saddled Alison's mother and half with town with Caleb's evil curse. Rafe warns Aliosn that, as soon as Caleb tricks Alison into believing that Caleb is reformed or harmless, or that Caleb is capable of caring about anything else besides himself ~ it will be the last mistake that Alison will ever make! At the same time, inside, Caleb convinces Livvie that Livvie is the only woman he has ever or will ever love. Caleb invites Livvie to go ahead and bite him and end his life now if she truly believes Caleb could ever love anyone but Livvie. Livvie admits that she could never love anyone but Caleb and they hit the sheets. At the same time, Rafe told Alison that he does not want to fight with her ~ especially about Caleb! Rafe describes the overwhelming awfulness of the feeling of grief that swept over him when he had to pretend to Alison's friends that Alison was gone and would NEVER be back! Rafe confesses to Alison that he will NOT apologize for protecting her or for hating Caleb. Rafe confides that the whole thing started with Caleb and Rafe has a sinking feeling that it will all end with Caleb as well. Alison assures Rafe that she understands.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Elizabeth visits Lucy and Ian at Lucy's Place to thank them for telling her the truth about Alison. As Ian walks Elizabeth to the door, Ian experiences a sudden overwhelming vision of giving in to the desire to bite Elizabeth, but shakes it off. After Elizabeth leaves, Lucy expresses her sublime confidence that Ian will be able to overcome his curse AND that they will also find a solution to Lucy's health problems as well. However, when Ian pours a glass of champagne for Lucy, Ian is shocked when the liquid in the glass suddenly turns red ~ and Ian drops the glass! When Lucy rushes to help Ian pick up the glass, Ian does NOT tell Lucy WHY he dropped the glass, and Lucy coaxes Ian into relaxing with her on the couch. But, when Lucy went to sleep, Ian nearly bites her. As Ian pulls away from Lucy's neck, he wakes Lucy up and Lucy insists on knowing WHY Ian is so upset again. But Ian puts it all off to a bad dream. Lucy buys Ian's explanations and heads for the bedroom. Ian promises to join Lucy in a minute. But, after Lucy is out of sight, Ian gets a new packet of stolen blood from the kitchen!

In the Park, Casey begs Jamal to let her help him, but Jamal reminds Casey that it is now and forever too late! Casey argues that it is NEVER too late ~ and freezes Jamal in time until she can figure something out. When Casey unfreezes Jamal, she suggests that Jamal could be like Ian and continue fighting his cravings and help to destroy Joshua's Empire. But, as Casey and Jamal talk, Jamal suddenly collapses and announces that his metamorphosis into a monster has begun. Jamal accuses Casey of never being able to help and wanders away. When Casey pleads for some help from above and receives no answers, Casey declares that, from now on, Casey will be doing things HER way, and sets off in search of Jamal. Later, Jamal arrives at Club Elixir, but walks away without going inside. Meanwhile, inside the Club Elixir, Joshua threatens to get a new drummer and a new lead singer for the band unless Ricky can knuckle under and come up with a plan to compromise angel Casey and get her yanked back upstairs. Although Ricky argues that Casey seems pretty riveted to her calling as a Guardian Angel, Joshua continues to demand total commitment from Ricky to prove Ricky's loyalty to Joshua ~ and to the band. Ricky finally agrees to try to get Casey called back to Headquarters!

In the Catacombs, Livvie has a nightmare about Caleb informing her that there really is NO antidote for the poison that Joshua gave to her. Caleb went on to explain that he has now been mortal for so long that he can no longer consider going back to his previous lifestyle of feeding on human blood. Livvie dreams that Caleb told her they can no longer be together and walks out on her! Livvie wakes up screaming and rushes around the Catacombs, searching for Caleb! Caleb suddenly appears and reassures Livvie that he DOES want to return to his former Undead status and loves Olivia beyond reason. When Livvie again expresses her fear that she might bite Caleb accidentally in a moment of passion ~ and kill him ~ Caleb assures Livvie that he would then die a happy man! As Livvie continues to worry, Caleb assures her that he understands her fears and WILL, eventually, take care of everything!

Elizabeth visits Kevin at the Light House and apologizes for her hysterical behavior toward Livvie during Alison's memorial. Kevin admits being surprised by Elizabeth's sudden about-face and pronounces Elizabeth the most screwed up woman he ever met. Elizabeth suggests that Kevin LIKES women who are supremely mixed up and they begin kissing passionately. Elizabeth suddenly draws back and confesses to Kevin that she is afraid she is making the same mistake all over again by hopping into bed with the next man before the wounds from her previous relationship have healed. When Kevin agrees, Elizabeth gives Kevin one last kiss, and they decide to throw caution to the winds and hit the sheets instead.

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