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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on Port Charles
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Monday, May 5, 2003

Livvie and Caleb return to Caleb's apartment and Caleb assures Livvie that everything will be fine, while Livvie worries that her poisoned fangs will render her forever deadly to the man she loves. As Caleb begins to kiss her, Livvie pushes him away, again voicing her fear that her poisoned fangs would kill Caleb. But Caleb informs Livvie that he can teach her how to have sex without biting. When Caleb and Livvie hit the sheets, Livvie is amazed that it is possible to have sex without biting. Afterward, Caleb confides to Livvie that he is positive that Joshua would have had an antidote available for any poison that Joshua was using. Caleb vows that he WILL have that antidote, no matter what the antidote costs!

When Kevin arrives at the newly redecorated "Club Elixir," Joshua hands Kevin a couple of vials and a syringe and Kevin thanks Joshua for his 'gift,' admitting that Kevin's daily dose of Joshua's 'medication' is now the high spot of every day. Elizabeth suddenly arrives and blasts Joshua for demanding that she appear. Elizabeth is shocked when Joshua finally announces that Joshua wants to turn Alison into his latest disciple ~ and that Joshua also expects Elizabeth to 'ease' Alison into her new lifestyle ~ as Joshua's wife! Joshua points out that it is inevitable that Joshua WILL have Alison for his bride ~ and it can either be pleasant, with Elizabeth's help ~ or VERY unpleasant! As Elizabeth and Joshua argue, Kevin takes out his sketch pad and draws a picture of Elizabeth. When Elizabeth asks Joshua WHY he wants Alison, Joshua replies that it is because Alison is a Barrington and Joshua craves the respectability the Barrington family could give to Joshua. Elizabeth insists that ELIZABETH could give Joshua that same respectability, if only Joshua would leave Elizabeth's daughter alone. But Joshua growls that he is NOT interested in Elizabeth's offer! Elizabeth finally agrees that she has no other choice except to go along with Joshua's plan.

At the airport, a disguised Rafe and Alison make plans to fly out of Port Charles, but Frank also enters the airport and keeps an eye on them. While Rafe and Alison wait for their flight to be called, Rafe dozes off and dreams of watching a mesmerized Alison marry Joshua, while Rafe is powerless to rescue the woman he loves! When Rafe wakes up, he senses Frank closing in on them and hurries Alison toward the ticket counter. When Frank spots a couple at the ticket counter who look like Rafe and Alison, Frank roughly grabs "Alison," but realizes too late that he has captured LUCY instead! When Ian orders Frank to run back to his boss with the news that his plan did NOT work, Frank snaps that he will eventually get even with Lucy and Ian for interfering with his plans! Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison arrive at the Catacombs, prepared with sleeping bags to hide out there for the duration. When Alison wonders if Caleb might have left behind any booby traps, Rafe assures Alison that he is confident that Joshua would NEVER think of looking for them in Caleb's old hang out!