PC Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on Port Charles
Joshua was revealed to be the new owner of the Recovery Room and renamed it Elixir. Frank turned Victor into a vampire. Joshua got hold of Caleb's ring, poisoning Livvie's fangs in the process. Caleb, Rafe, and Alison finally got to Livvie and discovered Joshua's plans to turn Port Charles into a “vampire nation.”
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Monday, April 28, 2003

From the office in his Hide Out, Joshua calls Frank, who assures Joshua that Victor doesn't suspect a thing. Meanwhile, inside the Recovery Room, Mary gets Victor ready for Victor's first day as the new building inspector for the city of Port Charles. When Frank arrives, Frank insists that Victor allow Frank to drive Victor to his first day on the job. Although Victor initially turns down Frank's offer, Victor finally agrees to go with Frank. After Victor and Frank leave, Karen and Mary begin planning a party to celebrate finding a buyer for the Recovery Room and Victor's new job. Joshua arrives and introduces himself to Mary and Karen as the new owner of the Recovery Room and announces that he has 'big plans' for the place!

At Rafe's Loft, Alison pleads with Rafe to return to Caleb's Villa and rescue Livvie from the Dungeon, but Rafe insists that Livvie will be fine as long as Livvie has Caleb's ring. Rafe shows Alison the list that Ian found on Joshua's computer, with Frank's name at the top. Rafe explains that he believes that it is a list of Joshua's potential victims and Rafe then declares that he plans to return to Joshua's Hide Out to see if he can unscramble the rest of the names on the list. Alison agrees to keep an eye on Caleb, but Rafe told Alison that there should NOT be much to watch, since Caleb was given a pretty strong pain medication. Rafe instructs Alison to call him if Caleb even blinks! As Rafe and Alison talk, Caleb spits his medication out. Later, after Rafe leaves and Alison returns to Caleb's room, Alison realizes that Caleb is very much awake. Caleb begins trying to persuade Alison to turn him loose, reminding Alison that Alison KNOWS how much Caleb does TRULY love Livvie! Alison instead asks if Caleb killed her father, but Caleb insists that the unfortunate death of Alison's father was just an unfortunate circumstance that just happened to work into Caleb's plans for regaining control in Port Charles and that all Caleb did was take advantage of circumstances already present. When Alison refuses to give in to Caleb's pleas to release him, Caleb becomes agitated and begins thrashing around and yelling. As Caleb becomes more agitated, he breaks open his wound and the wound begins to bleed again. Meanwhile, in her cell in the Dungeon beneath Caleb's Villa, Livvie begins to suffer from even more serious withdrawal pains. However, as Livvie focuses on Caleb, she suddenly envisions Caleb beside her in her cell, encouraging her to hold out against Joshua's demands. But, when Livvie closes her eyes, Caleb assures her that she is never alone ~ then Caleb disappears! At the same time, in Rafe's Loft, Alison changes Caleb's bandage and reminds Caleb that Caleb's ring will protect Livvie from Joshua. But Caleb points out that the ring will NOT stop Joshua from causing Livvie pain! Caleb accuses Alison of helping Joshua to destroy Livvie! Alison told Caleb to wait until Rafe returns, but Caleb insists that there is NOT a moment to lose and that, by the time Rafe returns, it will already be too late to rescue Livvie! Caleb told Alison that, IF she will just trust herself and listen to her heart, she WILL know what she HAS to do!

When Frank and Victor arrive at City Hall, they are warmly greeted by Councilman Hadden. As Victor talks with Hadden and Frank, both Frank and Hadden suddenly tell Victor that they have been looking forward to this meeting ~ with a passion ~ and then Victor opens his eyes in astonished terror! Later, Frank calls Joshua at the Recovery Room and announces: "Mission accomplished!" As Joshua returns to charming Mary and Karen, Frank looks at an unconscious Victor, with bite marks on his neck. Frank told Victor: "You are a lucky man, Victor, believe me! When you wake up, you will thank me for this!"

When Rafe arrives at Joshua'a Hide Out, he finds the place empty and went to work immediately to try to unscramble the mysterious list on Joshua's computer, affirming his belief that the list is a list of Joshua's intended, whom Rafe could save if Rafe could warn the intended victims BEFORE Joshua made his move on them. However, just as Rafe believes he is about to unscramble the remainder of the list, Joshua's computer suddenly flashes the message: "Bye-Bye, Slayer!" Rafe jumps out of his chair and rushes into the hallway, just as the computer explodes. Rafe is knocked unconscious by the blast.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

When Ian returns to Lucy's Place, Ian tries to tell Lucy about her blood test results, but Lucy insists they hop into bed first. However, as Lucy and Ian kiss, Lucy finally asks Ian point blank if their time in bed is continuing to help quench Ian's thirst and Ian finally admits that Lucy's powers to satisfy Ian's cravings are gone ~ and that additional tests show that there is some kind of toxin in Lucy's system, which might have come from the hot spring. Ian explains that the toxin is depleting Lucy's red blood cells. Ian assures Lucy that it will only be a matter of time before Ian has found a solution for Lucy's problem.

In Joshua's Hide Out, Rafe is shocked when Joshua's computer suddenly flashes the message: "Bye~Bye, Slayer!" Rafe barely makes it into the next room before Joshua's computer explodes. Following the blast, Rafe lies motionless in the rubble. Meanwhile, at Rafe's Loft, Caleb continues to try to persuade Alison to release him, admitting that Alison lost her friend when Caleb separated Livvie and Tess. Alison argues that Livvie would just turn Caleb back into a vampire and that Livvie is protected by the ring. But Caleb counters that Joshua could do a lot to harm Livvie, even though Livvie has the ring. Alison weakens and pulls out some wire cutters, intending to break open Caleb's handcuffs. But, before Alison can do anything Elizabeth suddenly arrives. Elizabeth is initially overjoyed when she realizes that Alison is no longer missing. Although Alison tries to prevent Elizabeth from learning about Alison's "guest," Elizabeth quickly spots her injured husband. When Elizabeth blasts Caleb for tricking her into helping Caleb escape from the Hospital, Caleb counters by blasting Elizabeth for failing to realize what kind of ordeal her daughter endured when Alison was taken prisoner by Joshua. But Elizabeth angrily declares that she offered herself to Joshua in exchange for Alison when Elizabeth found the wedding rings and guessed that Joshua planned to try to marry Alison. Both Caleb and Alison are shocked to hear Elizabeth's report of finding wedding rings in Joshua's Hide Out. Elizabeth, in her turn, is shocked when she learns that Lucy had NOT warned Alison about the rings! While Elizabeth insists that she believes the rings WERE for Alison, Caleb suggests that perhaps LIVVIE is the one whom Joshua desires to make his wife. Alison suddenly insists that Elizabeth leave and Elizabeth accuses Alison of being ungrateful, while Alison hustles her mother out the door. After Elizabeth leaves, Caleb is more insistent than ever that Alison release him so he can rescue Livvie. Alison finally agrees with Caleb, retrieves the wire cutters and cuts Caleb loose from his handcuffs. As Caleb leaves, Alison begins again to worry about Rafe. At the same time, the dust begins to settle over the debris scattered around Joshua's Hide Out. But, a trail of blood leads out into the courtyard!

Livvie is suspicious when Joshua releases her from her Dungeon cell and takes her out for a stroll around the Villa's gardens. But Joshua claims that he was just feeling sorry for her. Joshua offers Livvie a drink of red liquid from a glass on the table, but Livvie eyes the drink suspiciously and told Joshua that she believes he will kill her once he has Caleb's ring in his possession. Joshua again told Livvie that she is waiting in vain for Caleb to return to rescue her. Joshua offers to allow Livvie to go search for Caleb in exchange for the ring, but Livvie again refuses. Joshua then produces Kevin and Livvie rushes to greet her father. But Livvie quickly realizes that there is something wrong with Kevin when Kevin cheerfully assures Livvie that everything will soon be fine. Kevin rushes on to explain that Joshua has enabled Kevin to create and incredible piece of art! Joshua admits to Livvie that he gave her father something to make Kevin more cooperative and Livvie reminds Joshua that she plans to kill Joshua as soon as she is reunited with Caleb. As Kevin comforts his tearful daughter, Kevin suddenly yanks the ring from Livvie's neck and triumphantly hands the ring to Joshua. Joshua slips the ring on his finger and announces that: "Everything is so much better!" As Livvie cries: "No," Kevin assures Livvie that things will get better now. As Kevin leaves, Joshua insists he has no reason to want to harm Livvie and Joshua again offers Livvie a glass of the red liquid. As Livvie eyes the glass suspiciously, Joshua insists that he does NOT want Livvie to starve!

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Lucy promises Ian that she will go to the Hospital for further tests, as soon as they stop by Victor and Mary's party to celebrate turning the Recovery Room over to the new owner. Lucy again expresses her confidence that Ian will quickly diagnosis Lucy's ailment and come up with a cure. Meanwhile, at the party, Reese complains to Jack that it is a pretty tame party, just as Jamal and Casey arrive. At the same time, Mary explains to Karen that the sale of the Recovery Room and Victor's new job will give them more time to be together. As Victor and Frank arrive for the party, Victor expresses his perception that he can feel a resurgence of vitality, but appears puzzled when Frank explains that Victor has been given the gift of eternal life and now has the power to be able to bring about meaningful changes in town. When Ricky enters, he spots Jamal and Casey and announces that, since Caleb is still a no-show, the TV producer from VH-1 has been calling Ricky about the special telecast! Casey warns Ricky that Joshua is a real control freak but Ricky brushes off Casey's warning. When Elizabeth arrives, she is surprised to see a party going on and accidentally bumps into Chris. As Chris and Elizabeth talk, Elizabeth spots Frank with Karen and is disturbed to see her daughter's kidnapper enjoying the party. At the same time, Karen informs Frank that she found a cute little house they could buy. But, when Karen informs Frank that the house is down by the riverside, an agitated Frank insists that ANYWHERE BUT down by the river would be acceptable! When Karen questions Frank's reaction, Frank explains that it is just a case of believing that property values will fall for land near the river. As Karen and Frank discuss the house, Chris and Elizabeth begin to dance. When Chris makes the mistake of asking Elizabeth why he had not met her before, Elizabeth launches into a lengthy history of her relationships with Caleb and then Joshua, leading Chris to conclude: "Sound like my kind of woman!" At the same time, Victor entertains the crowd with a juggling act, while Reese observes that the party is beginning to have possibilities and Ricky tries to get Casey to dance with him ~ and is shocked when Casey turns Ricky down! Jack is surprised when Reese acts like she recognizes a bar patron, but Reese quickly insists that the bar patron was just a guy. When Jamal sympathizes that Casey appears upset following her encounter with Ricky, Casey confides that she is becoming very confused about her mission on earth, especially since she continues to be haunted by visions of Lucy's demise. When Lucy arrives, Jamal urges Casey to go speak to Lucy again.

Outside Rafe's Loft, Alison catches up with Caleb and announces that she will NOT allow Caleb to rush to Livvie's rescue by himself. Caleb orders Alison to get lost, but Alison points out that Caleb is in no shape to rescue Livvie alone. Alison is shocked that Caleb appears to have no plan for confronting Joshua and Caleb coldly announces that, if anything went wrong during any battle with Joshua, Caleb's priority will always be to save Livvie ahead of Alison. Alison continues to insist upon going, in spite of Caleb's warnings, and Caleb reluctantly agrees to allow Alison to accompany him to the Villa. Meanwhile, in the garden of Caleb's Villa, Joshua hands the chalice of red liquid to Livvie and told her that they had a deal and that Joshua is merely keeping his word to allow Livvie to feed. Livvie finally drinks from the cup Joshua offers. But, after Livvie has drained the cup, Joshua declares that there IS one little catch to Livvie's repast. Joshua leans over and whispers his secret about the drink in the glass that Livvie just drained. Livvie angrily threatens to kill Joshua. But, when Livvie tries to rush Joshua, Joshua touches the ring and the ring immediately repels Livvie's attack. After Joshua leaves to attend the Recovery Room party, a disconsolate Livvie cries out for Caleb! At the same time, Caleb and Alison arrive on the Villa grounds. And, as the two look around for Joshua or Livvie, they are suddenly ambushed by a bruised and battered Rafe, brandishing a stake. After Rafe realizes that he has caught Alison and Caleb, and Alison explains that she was worried because Rafe never returned to the Loft, Rafe explains that he has been playing dead so that Joshua will believe that Rafe died in the explosion at Joshua's Hide Out. Rafe and Caleb both try to get the other to leave the Villa. Caleb explains that he knows his way around the Villa and Rafe insists that Rafe is better prepared to deal with Joshua than Caleb would be. Alison finally convinces the two enemies to cooperate, at least momentarily. As the three investigate, they soon discover Livvie in the main hall, transfixed before a painting. As Livvie and Caleb rush into each other's arms, Rafe and Alison gaze in amazement at the painting. Livvie explains that Kevin painted the picture, on Joshua's orders! Rafe announces that the painting is not only twisted, but also a prophecy of Joshua's plans for Port Charles! Rafe spots a strange symbol, featuring an X with four small dots, placed strategically on all the buildings in town. Alison spots Joshua in the doorway of a church with a blond bride on his arm. Alison suspects the woman might be her. Rafe also notices that all the men have red eyes except for a group of men down by the riverside and guesses that he is looking at feeding pens to hold the mortals in town! Caleb announces that the picture shows that Joshua intends to turn Port Charles into his own personal vampire nation!

Victor is thrilled when Lucy and Ian arrive at the Recovery room for the party. But, when Joshua arrives for the party, Lucy and Ian are shocked when Mary rushes forward to greet Joshua warmly and announces that Joshua is the new owner of the Recovery Room! As Victor proposes a toast to Joshua, Reese and Jack, Lucy and Ian, Chris and Elizabeth and Casey and Jamal are dismayed by the startling announcement. When Victor makes a flowery speech, asking Joshua to say a few words, Joshua announces that he has many ambitious plans for Port Charles. As everyone claps and Jamal brought a cake from the kitchen, Joshua twists the ring on his finger and many people in the Recovery Room suddenly have a glowing symbol that shows up on their hands ~ the symbol is the SAME as the symbol on the buildings in Kevin's painting! As Frank and Victor raise their glasses to salute Joshua, both of them display the same symbol on their hands!

Thursday, May 1, 2003

At the Recovery Room, as Victor leads his patrons in a salute to the Recovery Room's new owner ~ Joshua ~ Jamal brought out a cake and, as everyone claps, Joshua turns his ring and patrons all over the dance floor reveal a glowing mark on their hands that is identical to the mark that Rafe, Alison, Livvie and Caleb discovered on buildings in Kevin's painting of Port Charles. When Lucy notices that even Victor has one of the marks, Ian suggests that the mark identifies Joshua's recruits. Casey warns Jamal, Jack, Reese and Ricky that, from now on, everyone will begin to HAVE to choose sides. Lucy insists on speaking alone with Victor, but Joshua disagrees. Finally, when Victor told Joshua that he really does want to speak alone with Lucy, Joshua grants permission and Lucy and Victor go outside. Meanwhile, Reese shocks Jack by admitting that she believes she should rejoin Joshua and become a part of Joshua's plans. When Jack attempts to dissuade Reese, she reminds Jack of how awful it was for her to survive when she didn't know where her next meal would be coming from. Jack assures Reese that Jack knows how to 'work' the situation WITHOUT needing to grow fangs! Ricky assures Casey and Jamal that he wants to be on the WINNING side, but Casey confides that she believes she is looking at a big puzzle with one piece missing. However, Ricky sarcastically suggests that perhaps Joshua's rise to power is a sign that the Big Boss has moved on to new interests. At the same time, Ian blasts Joshua for turning a sweet old man like Victor into one of Joshua's disciples and angrily asks if Joshua plans to turn his attention to children next. Joshua gleefully agrees he might consider that as his next step! When Ian takes a threatening step toward Joshua, Ian learns that the ring surrounds Joshua with an invisible force field that stops Ian! Joshua invites Ian to join Joshua's little band but Ian refuses. Meanwhile, Jack informs Reese that he can PROVE to her that she will be able to be a winner if she remains mortal, then Jack disappears into the crowd. At the same time, Karen informs Frank, point blank, that she suspects that Frank has joined Joshua's Dark Side. When Frank finally admits that she is right but tries to argue that he is still the same guy, only better, Karen blasts Frank for giving in to the same need to be on a power trip that lured Frank into the Avatar's snare in the not-so-distant past! Even though Frank protests that Karen is rushing to judgment, Karen orders Frank to stay away from her and then Karen storms away! Meanwhile, Joshua predicts to Ian that, one day, Ian's hunger will overwhelm Ian and Ian will then be happy to join the dark side. But Ian promises to get to Joshua first. Joshua suggests that the best way for Ian to protect his loved ones would be by joining Joshua, but Ian brushes aside Joshua's opinions. Outside, Lucy is shocked when Victor insists that Joshua has given Victor an opportunity to have people listen to Victor again! But Lucy reminds Victor that Joshua is STILL a liar and Lucy warns Victor that Joshua merely wants Victor's soul! Joshua interrupts their discussion and Lucy is devastated when Joshua calls Victor away and Victor obediently follows his new master willingly! Ian arrives and insists that Lucy go to the Hospital with him, for more tests. Back inside the Recovery Room, Joshua reminds Victor that Lucy is, after all, now Victor's enemy. Meanwhile, Casey assures Ricky that she is STILL Ricky's guardian angel, but Ricky declares that Joshua's crowd at least likes to have a good time ~ and Ricky leaves! At the same time, Jack hands Joshua's wallet to Reese and informs her that things are about to become VERY interesting! Before Ian and Lucy can leave for the Hospital, Joshua comes outside and informs Lucy and Ian that he is about to announce the name of his new club and unveils a sign that reveals the name "Elixir", with four small dots placed in strategic points around the X!

At Caleb's Villa, Rafe, Alison, Livvie and Caleb continue to be transfixed by Kevin's painting of Port Charles. Rafe asks Caleb what Joshua's weaknesses are, but Caleb refuses to tell Rafe anything ~ reminding Rafe that, as soon as Livvie bites Caleb, Caleb will be in a position of power and prepared to squash Joshua like a bug. Livvie warns Caleb that it might not be as easy as Caleb believes. When Caleb asks about the ring, Livvie reports that Kevin was drugged by Joshua and that Kevin took the ring away from Livvie and delivered the ring to Joshua. Caleb insists that, even without the ring, he needs Livvie to bite him, so he will be able to fight Joshua on an even playing field. But Rafe warns Caleb that, once Caleb has returned to the world of the Undead, Caleb will be under Joshua's control now that Joshua has the ring. Livvie suggests that perhaps Rafe IS right and perhaps the BEST way for Livvie to be able to protect Caleb would be to prevent Caleb from returning to his former Undead state. Rafe suggests that Caleb work WITH Rafe to bring Joshua down, but Caleb refuses and Rafe finally agrees to leave Caleb and Livvie alone for their reunion. But, before leaving, Rafe appeals once again to Livvie to remember Rafe's warnings. After Rafe and Alison leave, Caleb begs Livvie to bite him again ~ but Caleb is shocked when Livvie declares that she believes Rafe was right about the danger of Caleb falling under Joshua's control once Caleb has been bitten. Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison return to Rafe's Loft, and Alison flashes back to her recent encounters with Joshua. Alison reminds Rafe that it is clear to Alison that Alison is the one Joshua wants! But Rafe assures Alison that he will NOT allow Joshua to harm her! Back at Caleb's Villa, Caleb insists that he PREFERS to take his chances with Joshua. But, as Caleb begs Livvie for just one bite, Caleb is shocked when Livvie announces that she can NOT bite him!

Friday, May 2, 2003

Outside the newly christened "Elixir" Club, Frank pleads with Karen to realize that they can STILL have a life together but Karen asks point blank if Frank means that Karen should join Frank among the Undead. Meanwhile, inside, Victor reports to Joshua about Victor's success in lining up strategic properties for Joshua to buy. After Joshua curtly dismisses Victor, Jack stops by to ask Joshua for the job of managing Joshua's Club. When Joshua told Jack to send a resume, Jack hands Joshua's wallet back to the King Bat. Outside, Karen blasts Frank for giving in to the dark side when Frank had once been Karen's hero who traveled through time to rescue her! Frank insists that he is the same guy, only better, but Karen told Frank good-bye ~ for good! Later, Karen cries quietly on a corner of the street and wonders where her life will lead next. Inside, Jack points out that Joshua NEEDS a light-fingered assistant like Jack who can deal with 'the other side' for Joshua. Joshua admits that he is impressed by Jack's audacity and hands Jack the keys to the Club. Jack rushes outside, where he is greeted by Reese. When Jack informs Reese that Jack will be the manager of Joshua's new club, an elated Reese gives Jack a kiss. Then Jack and Reese head out to Jack's Place. When Frank returns to the Club, Joshua announces that he has another job for Frank. After Frank leaves, Victor arrives to report on his progress to Joshua and Joshua mentions to Victor that Joshua does NOT plan to be alone for long. After Victor leaves, Joshua told himself: "Well, I have my kingdom. All I need now is my queen!"

At Rafe's Loft, Alison points out to Rafe that, once Joshua took Caleb's ring from Livvie, Livvie was defenseless, so there was nothing to stop Joshua from making Livvie his bride ~ so, IF Joshua WAS after Livvie, Joshua would have made his move then. Rafe announces that he agrees that Joshua IS after Alison and they they are leaving Port Charles ~ tonight! Alison protests that she can't just leave her mother and grandmother with no explanation about her whereabouts and that Rafe is the ONLY one who can stop Joshua's evil plans for Port Charles. But Rafe insists that his first priority is Alison's safety! Alison insists on knowing WHAT Rafe's plan is and Rafe finally explains his plan to Alison. Alison is shocked when she learns WHERE Rafe plans to go to Hide Out! Rafe and Alison quickly disguise themselves and head for the airport. But, as they leave, Frank sees them leave and reports to Joshua that "They are on the move!"

In the Park, Casey asks her boss to give her some sign as to whether she has returned to Port Charles to save Ricky from joining the dark side or to save Lucy's life! However, Jamal suddenly arrives and suggests that maybe Casey is supposed to save the entire town! When Jamal reminds Casey how special she really is, Casey misunderstands and believes that Jamal is coming on to her. But Jamal quickly explains that what he means is that IF Casey IS in Port Charles, it MUST mean that the good guys have NOT yet given up on the town! Casey rewards Jamal with an impromptu kiss.

At Caleb's Villa, Livvie confesses to Caleb that, while she was Joshua's captive, she drank from a cup that Joshua later informed her had poisoned her fangs! Caleb insists that Joshua just made up the story to keep Livvie away from Caleb. Livvie agrees that it COULD be just Joshua's story, but, as long as she does NOT know for sure, she can NOT risk biting Caleb. However, Caleb persuades Livvie that they MUST take the risk if they are to defeat Joshua and Livvie prepares to bite Caleb. But they are interrupted by Joshua's Undead Underling, Bruno! Caleb quickly outmaneuvers Bruno and invites Livvie to take a bite out of Bruno, to see what happens. When Livvie bites Bruno, she is devastated when the Underling dies almost instantly! As Livvie tearfully declares that she is poison to the man she loves, Caleb comforts her.

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