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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on Port Charles
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Jack spots Reese, trying to sing "Fever" to an unappreciative audience in a dive. Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Ricky complains to Casey that no one wants to book The Stephen Clay Experience without Stephen! When Jamal joins them, Ricky gets a call from Jack and alerts Jack and Casey to Reese's predicament. After Ricky talks to Jack, Ricky convinces Jamal and Casey to go with him to listen to Reese. Meanwhile, outside the dive, Jack offers to pay the cover charge for passersby and surprises Reese by bringing a crowd into the bar to listen to Reese. When Ricky, Jamal and Casey arrive, they bring Caz with them and the band breaks in to "Hey, Sister" for a growing and appreciative crowd. Afterward, Reese kisses Jack and thanks him for his involvement and Ricky exults in the discovery that the band CAN be a success without Stephen Clay's name!

Karen arrives at the Light House and finds Kevin working feverishly on a dark and dreary painting in his Artist's Studio. As Karen listens to Kevin's dark predictions of nothing but doom and gloom ahead for the great city of Port Charles, Karen suddenly decides to try to cheer Kevin up and invites Kevin to join her in a dinner out. But Kevin turns down Karen's invitation, and warns Karen that things in Port Charles are going to get MUCH worse and may NEVER return to normal!

In the alley behind the Recovery Room, Ian points out to Frank that Joshua does NOT know that Ian is a fellow creature of the night. Ian first tries to convince Frank to take Ian to Joshua so that Ian can offer to trade himself for Alison's return, but Frank refuses to buy into Ian's idea. Ian then tries to con Frank into taking Ian to Joshua because Ian is now part of Joshua's demon kingdom and Joshua might be willing to reward Frank for turning Ian over to Joshua. While Frank is at first reluctant to admit that Ian's plan might have some credibility, Ian finally convinces Frank that Frank's latest Lord and Master would be happy enough to learn about Ian's Undead status to give Frank a reward. Frank finally agrees to take Ian to Joshua.

At Joshua's Hide Out, Elizabeth tries to persuade Joshua that she is back because of Joshua's magnetic charm. Joshua fails to be convinced and merely threatens to kill Elizabeth unless she comes clean. Elizabeth persists in trying to convince Joshua that she is thrilled at the prospect of becoming Joshua's bride. At the same time, Lucy searches Joshua's closet for something she can turn into a stake. Lucy finally finds a wooden hanger and quickly begins turning the piece of wood into a stake. Meanwhile, Joshua begins to get wise to Elizabeth's ploy and suggests that perhaps she WOULD make a perfect bride! But, of course, Elizabeth would have to be among the officially Undead first! Although Elizabeth tries to stall, Joshua finally bares his fangs and prepares to nibble on Elizabeth. As Joshua advances menacingly toward Elizabeth, Lucy bursts out of the closet with her stake raised and warns Joshua to prepare to meet his end. However, just as Joshua advances toward Lucy, Ian and Frank arrive. When Joshua demands to know why Frank brought Ian to Joshua's Hide-Out, Frank reports that Ian is officially among the Undead. Ian tries to get Joshua to release Elizabeth and Lucy before Ian and Joshua talk. But Joshua demands to know first if Elizabeth knew Lucy was hiding in Joshua's closet. When Elizabeth denies knowing about Lucy and Lucy backs Elizabeth up, Frank reports that Elizabeth and Lucy KNOW that Joshua is behind Alison's disappearance. Joshua declares that he is well aware that they all planned to trap him. Then Joshua invites Lucy to go ahead and attempt to eradicate him!