PC Recaps: The week of April 14, 2003 on Port Charles
Ian found a list of names on Joshua's computer, with Frank's name at the top. Joshua turned Frank into a vampire and sent him to get Alison. Livvie found Caleb in his own dungeon and ended up in the dungeon, along with Alison and Rafe. Lucy and Elizabeth searched for clues of Alison's whereabouts in Joshua's hideout but found a pair of wedding rings instead.
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Monday, April 14, 2003

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy tries to distract Alison with some tea, Lucy reluctantly admits that she has been experiencing periodic dizzy spells since the explosion in the cavern. When Lucy starts to pour tea for Alison, Lucy suddenly experiences double vision and has difficulty holding the tea pot. However, when Alison suggests that Lucy visit the Hospital and have herself checked out, Lucy defensively assures Alison that she is fine and that Ian is the only doctor that Lucy needs! Lucy and Alison are soon interrupted by Elizabeth, looking for Alison. As Elizabeth gushes at the possibility of the three women enjoying some bonding time, Elizabeth suddenly begins to complain about the way Caleb treats her. Lucy and Alison are horrified when Elizabeth admits that she went to see Caleb in the Hospital.

At Rafe's Loft, Rafe told Livvie that all he needs from Livvie is to know where Joshua would be. But, as Rafe warns Livvie NOT to indulge in any of her usual tricks, Livvie suddenly collapses and Rafe decides that it must be because Livvie needs to feed. Livvie is truly touched by Rafe's concern and thanks him for his help. Meanwhile, in Joshua's Hide Out at Columbus Manor, Ian cracks Joshua's code and discovers that Frank Scanlon is the first name on Joshua's encoded list of ten names. After Rafe calls, Ian heads to Rafe's Loft with packets of donated blood to supply Livvie's need to feed. Livvie immediately guesses that Ian is also among the Undead. When Livvie went into the next room for her snack, Rafe confesses to Ian that Livvie still believes that Caleb is dead but that, since Livvie now knows it was Joshua who blew up the healing spring, Livvie is willing to help them hunt Joshua down and destroy him. Rafe also relates that Livvie asked Rafe to end her life but that Rafe found he couldn't go through with it because he could still see a spark of humanity in Livvie's eyes. Rafe also expresses his belief that he felt it would be better in the long run to enlist Livvie's help in their campaign to destroy Joshua. Ian hands Rafe a copy of the list Ian found on Joshua's computer and points out that Frank Scanlon is at the top of the list. Ian makes plans to visit the Recovery Room to look for Frank. Livvie suddenly returns and announces that she knows where to take Rafe to make it possible to trap Joshua. After Rafe and Livvie leave, Ian notices that Rafe left his cell phone behind. Ian then calls Lucy, who is happy to escape from Elizabeth's endless descriptions of Caleb's prowess in the sack. Lucy returns to Elizabeth and Alison, just as Elizabeth confesses that she let Caleb sweet-talk her into helping him to leave the Hospital! Alison immediately calls Rafe to alert her lover that his arch enemy has escaped, but Alison receives no answer. Meanwhile, Ian went to the Recovery Room, looking for Frank, and learns from Victor that Frank is AWOL.

In the Villa's Dungeon, Caleb explores his cell in a desperate attempt to find a way out. Meanwhile, in the alley outside the Recovery Room, Joshua announces to Frank that Frank has been turned into the newest member of the legion of the Undead. Joshua announces that Frank will now enjoy unlimited power and wealth ~ as long as Frank obeys Joshua's orders. Joshua reminds Frank of Frank's time as the Avatar and announces that Joshua needs recruits and that Frank will be in charge of lining up recruits for Joshua's new army of the damned! Frank insists at first that Joshua is joking but eventually realizes that Joshua is telling him the truth. Joshua then told Frank that Joshua has Frank's first assignment ready for him. Later, Lucy is surprised when Frank arrives on her doorstep and insists that it is vitally important for Frank to speak to Lucy right away.

Livvie takes Rafe to Caleb's Villa. When Rafe demands to know HOW they will lure Joshua to the Villa so Rafe can destroy him, Livvie went out on the balcony and calls for Joshua, telling him that she needs him. In the Dungeon below, Caleb hears Livvie calling, but believes that it is only Joshua, playing some kind of mind trick to torture Caleb.

Meanwhile, Lucy tries to convince Frank that he would NOT want to come in, because Elizabeth is there and is telling them her life's story is and only up to her first prom. But Frank persists and Lucy finally invites Frank to come in. When Lucy closes the door behind Frank, Joshua comes to the door and declares: "Good boy, Frank! You do your work. And I can do mine!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Ian returns to the Recovery Room to look for Frank and leaves a message for Rafe to contact Ian as soon as possible. When Ian enters the Recovery Room, he finds Kevin, working hard at staying sloshed. As Kevin and Ian trade insults, Karen arrives and Ian tries to find out if Karen knows where Frank is, but Karen admits that she has also been trying to locate Frank ~ with NO luck! When Ian suggests that Frank might be in some kind of trouble, Karen leaps to the conclusion that Frank's trouble would be because of the Frank's mounting gambling debts. When Ian tries to convince Karen to go somewhere else to talk, Kevin interrupts. Ian suggests to Karen that Frank may have turned to someone dangerous for help. When Ian assures Karen that they will be able to take care of Frank's problem, Kevin accuses Ian of just wanting to grandstand by playing the big hero yet again to yet another damsel in distress! When Karen orders Kevin to mind his own business, Kevin blurts out that Ian is officially among the Undead! Karen is shocked and refuses to believe Kevin but, when Karen asks Ian point blank for the truth, Ian admits that Kevin is right. When Karen asks Ian if there would be anything she could do for Ian, Kevin sarcastically observes that it is no wonder Frank took off if it is so easy for Karen to fall for a routine like the one Ian is using. Ian slugs Kevin for his wise crack and Karen blasts Kevin for his crack.

When Frank enters Lucy's Place, Alison informs Frank that Lucy hasn't been feeling well and asks Frank to check to see if he believes that Lucy needs to go back to the Hospital. Frank quickly agrees but, while Lucy insists nothing is wrong, Elizabeth surprises Alison by suggesting that perhaps Lucy is right about this. Meanwhile, a pleased Joshua stands on the other side of the door and listens in! Elizabeth tries to clue Alison in that something is wrong, but Alison fails to pick up on her mother's signals. When Frank is not looking, Lucy scribbles a note for Ian. Lucy gets Alison out of the room by asking Alison to go upstairs to get a sweater for Lucy. When Lucy told Frank that something seems not quite right, Frank accuses Lucy of just being paranoid. When Elizabeth drops a glass and distracts Frank, Lucy slips the note to Elizabeth and then 'reminds' Elizabeth that Ian is waiting for that list that Elizabeth was going to take to him. When Elizabeth realizes that the note says: "Trouble ~ Come!" Elizabeth agrees with Lucy that she needs to hurry along to meet Ian, and Elizabeth rushes out the door, after Lucy assures Elizabeth that Alison will follow. After Elizabeth leaves, Lucy guesses that Frank now has fangs. When Lucy guesses that Joshua is responsible for Frank's induction into the Fraternity of the Undead, Lucy begins to insist that Frank does NOT have to live under Joshua's control. But, when Lucy urges Frank to believe that Lucy COULD help Frank, Frank voices his belief that it would be impossible for anyone to help Frank now. When Alison returns with Lucy's sweater, Lucy realizes that Frank is really there for Alison. When Lucy refuses to allow Frank to go near Alison, Lucy rushes Frank, but Frank pushes Lucy back and Lucy falls to the ground. As Alison tries to help Lucy, Frank grabs Alison and drags her away. At the same time, Elizabeth arrives at the Recovery Room and breaks up Ian's fight with Kevin when Elizabeth alerts Ian to the trouble at Lucy's Place. When Ian and Elizabeth arrive later at Lucy's Place, they find Lucy unconscious and Alison missing.

After Ian leaves the Recovery Room with Elizabeth, Karen sits outside and flashes back to her memorable moments with Frank, including the fact that Frank traveled through time to save her life. Kevin notices Karen brooding outside and joins her, handing her a tissue for her tears.

In the Morley Family Dungeon at Caleb's Villa, Caleb convinces himself that hearing Livvie's voice was just one of Joshua's cheap tricks and begins plotting ways to defeat Joshua. Meanwhile, upstairs, Joshua suddenly arrives, in answer to Livvie's call. However, Joshua is surprised when he realizes that Rafe is ALSO at the Villa. At the same time, down in the dungeon, one of Caleb's former Undead Underlings arrives to guard Caleb. When Caleb tries to convince his guard to double-cross Joshua, the Undead Underling reminds Caleb that Caleb is now mortal and powerless, so the Guard's allegiance would be ONLY to Joshua! When Caleb asks who is upstairs, the Underling reports: "The Boss, some guy and a chick!" Caleb guesses that the woman upstairs is Livvie. In the meantime, upstairs, Joshua accuses Livvie of being a traitor to her kind, since she brought a slayer to Caleb's sanctuary. But Livvie reminds Joshua that it was JOSHUA who murdered Livvie's husband. Joshua disputes Rafe's version of what happened to Caleb, but does NOT let Livvie know that the REAL truth is that Caleb survived the explosion at the Healing Spring. When Livvie asks Rafe what Joshua means about the "truth," Rafe grabs Livvie and orders her to get out of harm's way while Rafe deals with Joshua ~ alone! After Livvie leaves, Joshua admits that he doesn't want Livvie to know about Caleb's survival any more than Rafe does. But Rafe demands to know WHY Alison's photo turned up in Joshua's collage of photos behind the painting of Port Charles in Joshua's Hide-Out! As Rafe and Joshua argue about Joshua's intentions toward Alison, Livvie finds her way toward the dungeon because she feels drawn there. Eluding Joshua's guard, Livvie soon comes face to face with Caleb, pacing his cell in the dungeon! Meanwhile, upstairs, Joshua implies that he gathered information on Alison because he knew there would be a showdown with Rafe and Joshua knew that Alison was Rafe's greatest weakness! But Rafe guesses that Joshua wants Alison for himself and, shoving Joshua down, Rafe prepares to stake Joshua. However, Frank arrives suddenly with Alison and warns Rafe that, unless Rafe releases Joshua, Frank will bite Alison!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Jamal finds Casey at the hospital, worrying about Lucy's health. Casey finally confesses to Jamal that Casey had a vision of Lucy being dead. Jamal persuades Casey to go ahead and check to see if Lucy has been admitted to the Hospital. Meanwhile, at Lucy's Place, as Ian revives Lucy, Ian reports that Elizabeth ran off to look for the missing Alison. But Lucy reports that Frank is now one of Joshua's Undead Underlings and that Frank took Alison with him. Ian convinces Lucy to go to the Hospital BEFORE she begins a search for Alison. Lucy admits that she seemed to have none of her powers when Lucy attempted to prevent Frank from abducting Alison. Ian and Lucy arrive at the Hospital, just as Deniece has assured Casey and Jamal that Lucy is NOT at the Hospital! When Casey and Jamal spot Lucy arriving, Jamal and Casey trail Lucy up to her room. In the meantime, inside Lucy's room, Ian discovers that he has a problem taking a blood sample from Lucy. Casey and Jamal eavesdrop and listen in as Ian assures Lucy that the results of her blood tests reveal that Lucy seems to be fine, except that she is suffering from anemia. When Casey continues to puzzle over her vision, Jamal suggests that maybe Casey should check out the meaning of her vision with her answer guy in the Here-After. When Casey focuses and asks for some heavenly help in deciphering her vision about Lucy, Casey receives no response. Jamal suggests that maybe it is important for Casey to figure out the meaning of her vision on her own! Casey wonders if her vision means that Casey is supposed to also act as Lucy's guardian angel now. Meanwhile, Lucy assures Ian that she will be fine again by tomorrow.

In the Morley family dungeon, beneath Caleb's Villa, Livvie is stunned when she discovers Caleb languishing in the cell where Joshua locked him. After Caleb convinces Livvie that he is real, Livvie admits that she felt Caleb fading away following the explosion at the Healing Spring. Caleb confesses that he is now mortal and has lost all of his powers. Livvie angrily vows vengeance when Caleb informs Livvie that BOTH Joshua AND Rafe knew that Caleb survived the blast in the underground cavern! Meanwhile, upstairs, Rafe is stunned when Frank arrives with Alison and Joshua warns Rafe that Frank will bite Alison unless Rafe releases Joshua immediately. Rafe reluctantly lets Joshua go. Rafe told Joshua that they will deal AFTER Joshua releases Alison, but Joshua smugly points out that, since Joshua has the upper hand, there will be NO deals! Rafe tries vainly to convince Joshua to let Alison go, but Joshua gets out a syringe and heads toward Alison. When Rafe rushes to protect Alison, Joshua injects Rafe with a fast-acting sedative, which knocks Rafe unconscious almost immediately. Joshua prevents Alison from assisting Rafe and coldly informs his captive that her boyfriend will be OK only so long as Alison cooperates with Joshua! Meanwhile, in the Dungeon, Livvie admits to Caleb that she brought Rafe to the Villa to help trap Joshua. Livvie vows that she will make BOTH Rafe AND Joshua suffer because they lied to her about Caleb. When Livvie reports to Caleb that Joshua got a shock when he tried to take the ring from Livvie, Caleb warns Livvie, that no matter WHAT happens to Caleb, Livvie should NEVER take the ring off! As Caleb told Livvie that he CAN regain his powers if Livvie bites him, Joshua's guard discovers Livvie in the Dungeon and, pulling Livvie away from Caleb, the guard shoves Livvie into another cell. Meanwhile, upstairs, Joshua orders Frank to take Rafe away As Frank leaves with Rafe, Joshua invites Alison to join him for tea. But Alison warns Joshua that he is in over his head and that Rafe will triumph in the end. Joshua announces that whatever happens next to Rafe will depend entirely on Alison's cooperation. Later, when Rafe regains consciousness, he discovers that he has been locked in a cell with Livvie, which is next to Caleb's cell. Both Caleb and Livvie inform Rafe that neither of them know what has become of Alison. At the same time, upstairs, Joshua listens to a requiem and makes more plans for his captives.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

At the Hospital, Lucy insists to Ian that Lucy needs to track Frank down right away to find Alison. But, as Lucy and Ian puzzle over the change in Frank, Frank suddenly arrives with the Emergency Team and Lucy immediately rushes up to Frank, demanding to know what Frank has done with Alison. Frank pleads ignorance. As Lucy loudly accuses Frank of having joined the Undead and snatching Alison, Frank accuses Lucy of having gone over the edge. Lucy is shocked when Ian suddenly seems to be agreeing with Frank, claiming that the stress of the last few days had made Lucy paranoid! Lucy finally catches on to Ian's plan and angrily storms away. After Lucy leaves, Ian apologizes to Frank for Lucy's outburst and suggests that they grab a drink together. Frank agrees and the two men head off together.

As Casey sits in a bar, puzzling over her mysterious vision about Lucy, she is soon joined by Elizabeth. Elizabeth finally confides that she is looking for her missing daughter, who is mixed up with a very dangerous man. Casey suggests that, maybe, if Elizabeth held on to something belonging to her daughter and focused, Elizabeth would get a 'vibe' that would lead her to her missing daughter. A delighted Elizabeth rushes off to take Casey's advice right away. Later, as Lucy tries to get some rest at her place, Elizabeth suddenly arrives at Lucy's door. When Elizabeth learns that no one has heard from Alison, Elizabeth hands Lucy one of Alison's necklaces and asks Lucy if Lucy could feel anything from the necklace that would lead them to Alison. But, when Lucy focuses on Alison's necklace, she gets no vibes. Lucy suggests that maybe the message is that they need to search for Alison somewhere else and both women decide that Joshua's hide-out would be the perfect place to start, so the two women head out together to search Joshua's Place.

In the Dungeon below Caleb's Villa, as Rafe regains consciousness, Livvie threatens to kill Rafe because Rafe lied to her about Caleb. Rafe argues that it was necessary to lie to Livvie in order to get her help in destroying Joshua. Rafe suggests that, IF Caleb and Livvie want out of the Dungeon, they will NEED Rafe's help. Caleb accuses Rafe of not being able to do more than cheap tricks. When Rafe tries to focus on a way out of the Dungeon, Caleb announces that, since it is Caleb's dungeon in Caleb's villa, there is an invisible force field around each cell to prevent escapes. Caleb points out that, IF Caleb knew of a possible way out, Caleb would have been gone by now! Livvie begins to suffer withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, Rafe points out that it would be highly unlikely that Caleb designed an escape-proof dungeon without including a secret escape route that Caleb could take if he ever needed it. Caleb denies Rafe's supposition and, as the two men argue, Livvie suddenly collapses and Rafe rushes to her side. As Rafe tries to revive Livvie, Caleb informs Rafe that, IF Livvie does NOT feed soon, she will die!

Meanwhile, upstairs in Caleb's Villa, Bruno leads Alison back to the drawing room, where Joshua waits in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. Alison complains about the red evening gown that Joshua insisted she change in to. When Joshua admits that he believes they are sharing a 'date,' Alison coldly informs Joshua that Joshua's idea of a 'date' is disgusting to her. Joshua rips off the shawl that Alison threw over her shoulders and orders his uncomfortable guest to relax and enjoy herself. When Alison demands to know what has happened to Rafe and insists upon seeing her lover with her own eyes, Joshua coldly refuses Alison's requests. When Alison makes an attempt to kill herself, Joshua reminds Alison that that would be a waste. When Alison accuses Joshua of having wanted to 'turn' Alison all along, Joshua smugly points out that IF that was what he wanted, Joshua could have easily done THAT long ago. Joshua insists that he just wants to get to know Alison and asks her what turns her on. Alison replies: "Angels,", but went on to point out that what turns her OFF is vampires! As Alison went into a rhapsody about what her love for Rafe means to her, Joshua points out how hard it is for two people to be together when one of them is dead! When Alison curtly rejects all of Joshua's overtures, Joshua coldly announces that the 'date' is over and orders Bruno to take Alison away. When Joshua gives Bruno permission to have dinner, Alison believes that Bruno is going to snack on her.

Friday, April 18, 2003

At the Recovery Room, Ian tries to get chummy with Frank, while being obviously protective of his medical bag, which rouses Frank's curiosity. When Ian excuses himself to make a phone call, Frank follows Ian into the alley and catches Ian about to chow down on the stolen blood from the Hospital blood bank. Frank eventually admits that he is also a fellow Creature of the Night ~ but Frank told Ian that Frank does NOT see that his alliance with Joshua is any kind of 'curse!' Frank reminds Ian that, while Frank IS a vampire, he is NOT an idiot! Frank claims that he has NO idea where Joshua took Alison. However, as Ian and Frank argue, Joshua calls Frank and told Frank that Joshua has a new assignment for Frank. Ian guesses the call is from Joshua and, when Frank begins to leave, Ian blocks Frank's way and implores Frank to do the right thing and lead Ian to Alison. When Frank again refuses, Ian warns Frank that Ian has been Undead longer than Frank and knows how to utilize Ian's power. When Frank rushes Ian, Ian quickly knocks Frank around and continues to demand that Frank tell Ian where Joshua took Alison.

In the Dungeon below Caleb's Villa, as Livvie becomes weaker and moans in pain, Rafe told Caleb that Rafe COULD help Livvie if Caleb would cooperate by showing Rafe HOW to get out of the Dungeon. As Caleb protests that there is NO way out and Caleb and Rafe resume their argument, Joshua and Bruno arrive, with Alison! Joshua shoves Alison into the same cell as Caleb! As Livvie begs Joshua for help, Joshua gloats that he will be VERY happy to help Livvie ~ all Livvie has to do is give up the ring! When Livvie refuses, Joshua gleefully points out that there IS another alternative ~ Rafe has the power to put Livvie out of her misery ~ by hopping in bed with Livvie! While Livvie is surprised to learn that would be an option, Caleb admits that he has known about that for a long time. After Joshua leaves, Caleb and Alison insist that Livvie hopping in bed with Rafe to save Livvie's life is NOT an option and Livvie and Rafe agree. Alison reports to Rafe that Frank showed up at Lucy's Place and abducted Alison before they realized that Frank had become one of Joshua's Disciples. Alison also reports to Rafe about Joshua's weird kind of 'fantasy date,' and the fact that the new King of the Undead asked a lot of personal questions of Alison. As Livvie becomes obviously weaker and weaker, Caleb told Livvie to do whatever it takes to save her life. But, as Rafe and Livvie eye each other warily, Caleb finally manages to get his wrist close enough to the wire mesh between the cells for Livvie to drink from his wrist. Rafe reassures an uneasy Alison that Livvie can NOT 'turn' Caleb by feeding that way. Rafe reassures Alison that they WILL find a way out of the Dungeon and the lovers entwine fingers through the wire mesh separating them.

As Lucy and Elizabeth hurry to Joshua's hide out to search for clues to Alison's disappearance, Elizabeth muses that her daughter's disappearance was all Elizabeth's fault, because Elizabeth inadvertently gave Joshua all of his power when Elizabeth attacked Joshua in an effort to protect Alison. An annoyed Lucy points out that she believes that Elizabeth is the most self-centered woman Lucy ever met. But Lucy is appalled when Elizabeth observes that the reason that Lucy never liked Elizabeth very much is because the two women are so much alike! Later, as Elizabeth and Lucy search Joshua's hide-out, they discover some wedding rings. Elizabeth is appalled when Lucy announces that it looks like Joshua is planning to take a bride and speculates that Joshua must have some permanent plans for either Livvie or Alison! As Elizabeth and Lucy puzzle over the meaning of the rings, they suddenly hear Joshua returning. Lucy succeeds at scrambling into a hiding place, but Elizabeth is still out in the open when Joshua enters the Hide Out. Brazenly seizing the bull by the horns, Elizabeth rushes forward and gushes all over the startled Joshua. Elizabeth exultantly admits that she found the rings and is thrilled to learn that Joshua plans to marry her. Elizabeth eagerly 'accepts' Joshua's intentions and gives her startled ex-partner a big hug, while Lucy glowers in her hiding place!

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