PC Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on Port Charles
Lucy and Ian discovered that the entrance to the hot spring had been bricked up. Rafe and Ian broke into Caleb's loft in order to get to the hot spring. Elizabeth teamed up with Joshua to defeat Caleb. Ricky learned that Casey, who blew her cover to Caleb, was a guardian angel. Tess shacked up with Caleb.
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Monday, March 10, 2003

As Elizabeth enters Caleb's apartment, eager to share her good news with her husband, she is shocked when she believes she sees her husband in bed with Livvie - Caleb's one great love. Until Caleb calls out Tess's name in the throes of passion! Angry that Caleb decided to hop in bed with his true love's mousey double, Elizabeth storms away. At the same time, Tess announces to Caleb that he has turned away from the dark side tonight. After they hit the sheets, Caleb told Tess that he is surprised by the way his tryst with Tess has made him feel. However, as Caleb continues to drink water from his blue bottle, Tess stops him and they begin kissing again. Tess and Caleb hit the sheets again to the tune of:

I don't want to call my friends,
They might wake me from this dream.
And I can't leave this bed,
Risk forgetting all that has been!
Oh, I am what I am!
I will do what I want.
But I can't hide,
I won't go,
I won't sleep,
I can't breathe,
Until you are resting here with me.

I won't leave.
I can't hide,
I cannot be
Until you are resting here.

I won't go,
I won't sleep,
I cannot breathe,
Until you are resting here with me.

When Tess isn't looking, Caleb flashes his fangs, but changes his mind and just kisses Tess. After Tess falls asleep, Caleb leaves the bed.

In the Underground Cavern, Kevin, Ian and Lucy are surprised when Rafe and Alison show up. Rafe announces that he and Alison followed the map that Lucy left behind. When Kevin begins asking questions about the cavern and why everyone has assembled there, Rafe told Kevin that it does NOT concern him. As Ian announces that he believes they WILL find answers there, the screams they have heard in the background become louder, then suddenly stop, then start up again. When Rafe puts his hands up and says: "Shhh!" - the screaming suddenly stops and Rafe announces that there is both pain and healing in this place. When Kevin continues to ask embarrassing questions, Lucy angrily informs "Doc" that it is NONE of his business. But Kevin notices that Lucy called him "Doc" - and points it out to her! When Rafe asks Kevin WHY Kevin is SO determined to hang around and ask questions, Kevin replies that, since Caleb destroyed Kevin's daughter, Kevin wants to see an end to that evil monster's reign of terror as much as everyone else in town. When Ian continues to refuse to include Kevin in their plans, Kevin declares that: "I saw something in those notes that the rest of you did NOT!" Rafe finally agrees that they MIGHT need Kevin's special knowledge to put all the pieces of Caleb's puzzle together. Ian finally agrees to allow Kevin to remain. When Alison asks about the screams they could hear, Lucy offers the opinion that the screams came from the ghosts of Revolutionary War soldiers who came to the spring to be healed - more than three hundred years ago! However, when Alison reaches out toward the spring, Rafe stops Alison and warns her NOT to touch the water. Rafe reminds everyone that, since the water is under CALEB'S building, the water COULD be toxic! Rafe urges everyone to leave the cavern now and visit the spring at another time. Rafe lets everyone know that Rafe and Alison found the spring by following Elizabeth, AFTER Elizabeth listened to the first five notes of Caleb's song, 'Naked Eyes." While Lucy worries that Elizabeth must have told Caleb, Rafe points out that if Caleb KNEW that they had discovered the spring, Caleb would have arrived to attack them by now. Lucy suggests that they take a little of the water and analyze it and Alison offers her water bottle, which Ian gingerly dips into the spring. Then they all head for Ian's Loft. After Kevin and Ian enter the tunnel, Lucy takes Rafe and Alison aside to clue them in that Kevin does NOT know that Ian has joined the creatures of the night and Lucy urges Rafe and Alison to help her keep Kevin in the dark about Ian's special problems. When Alison asks, Lucy admits that Lucy gets the same kind of bad vibes about the cavern that Rafe feels!

Elizabeth stomps into her hotel room, angrily muttering to herself her list of grievances against Caleb and yanking her clothes off. As Elizabeth gets undressed, she babbles that she had hoped to get Caleb back with her stupid little surprise - and all the while, Elizabeth's ungrateful husband was in bed with that mousey little Tess! Elizabeth is startled when she realizes that Joshua is in her room and taking in her entire tirade! Joshua accuses Elizabeth of planning to betray Joshua and take the information that Elizabeth gleaned from snooping into Rafe and Alison's plans - directly to their arch-enemy - Caleb! But Elizabeth vehemently denies Joshua's accusation and announces to Joshua that she finally realizes that Joshua has been right all along about the way Caleb turned Elizabeth into a walking freak of nature and then doomed her to live in a perpetual state of loneliness forever. Elizabeth declares that she is now 100% behind Joshua's power play to topple Caleb! Elizabeth fills Joshua in on Rafe's experiment with the first five notes of Naked Eyes. Elizabeth explains to her cohort that, while Elizabeth listened to Caleb's music, she had a vision of an icy paradise with a hot spring in the middle - and that Elizabeth just had an overwhelming feeling that she SHOULD go to that place! Joshua decides that what they MUST do is find that spring and find out what the spring means to Caleb. Joshua further points out his suspicion that Rafe ALREADY knows where to find the spring - and was merely using Elizabeth to to confirm what Rafe had ALREADY guessed! Elizabeth agrees that Joshua is probably right and Joshua proclaims that he and Elizabeth CAN succeed in bringing Caleb to his knees - but they DO need each other! Elizabeth agrees to continue spying on Rafe. Then Joshua and Elizabeth begin to kiss to seal their bargain and head for the bed.

Kevin, Rafe, Alison, Lucy and Ian all gather at Ian's loft and Kevin lets Lucy know that he recognizes all of the General Hospital lab equipment that appears to have mysteriously found its way into Ian's apartment! Ian discovers that, when Ian mixes the water from the healing spring with the formula that Chris came up with during Chris' research into vampirism, the list of ingredients matches the list of ingredients in the water that Caleb packages in the blue bottles! Rafe wonders idly if the water from the healing spring could cure a vampire completely. As Rafe speaks, Caleb visits the healing spring and contemplates the water!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy enjoys a soothing bubble bath with Ian's help, Lucy assures Ian that Kevin will NOT learn that Ian has turned into a creature of the night. But Ian glumly observes that everyone will eventually learn the truth. Later, as Lucy and Ian enjoy the tub together while listening to classical music, Ian suddenly wonders if soaking in the healing spring while listening to Caleb's music would be the secret that would lead to Ian's healing. Ian and Lucy immediately hop out of the tub and head back to the healing pool to test their theory.

At Stephen's Studio, Joshua tries to get Ricky, Caz and Reese in the mood to practice. Just as Joshua assigns Ricky to sign the lead because Stephen has not shown up yet, Caleb arrives. Caleb hands out new music to the band and takes Joshua aside for a conference. As Caleb and Joshua huddle, Ricky notices Casey creeping back into the studio and quickly hustles the angel outside to talk to her. Caleb announces to Joshua that they will no longer be known as the Stephen Clay Experience but as The Experience, Featuring Caleb Morley - because Caleb now wants the whole world to know who he really is. Arguing that the band will lose some of the name recognition they have built up with their original name, Joshua tries to talk Caleb out of his decision. But Caleb refuses to listen to Joshua, pointing out that even the rumors of vampirism have helped to boost record sales. Caleb reminds Joshua that Joshua's job is to look after the band - and Elizabeth. Reminding Joshua that Caleb does NOT want to see Elizabeth get hurt, Caleb asks Joshua how long Joshua has been sleeping with Elizabeth. Joshua evades the question, but replies that he believes it is a good way to keep an eye on Elizabeth.

As Jack polishes off another bottle of booze at the River House, he is suddenly haunted by a vision of Livvie, determined to make sure Jack knows exactly why ALL of the women that Jack ever loved have thrown Jack over for Caleb. Jack realizes that he is talking to a vision. But, as Livvie begins to remind Jack that even Tess is with Caleb now, Jack states his determination to get away from Livvie's haunting jeers, and bolts out the door.

In the alley outside Stephen's Studio, Ricky kisses Casey, but the angel finally admits to Ricky that she is now a guardian angel whose assignment is to protect Ricky from Caleb's being killed by Caleb's cohorts. Casey is shocked when Ricky announces that Ricky has ALWAYS known the truth about Caleb's band - but doesn't care! Claiming that his association with the big bat has given him a successful music career, Ricky explains to Casey that, once Casey left for the Here-After, the only thing Ricky had left to live for was his music. But Casey continues to try to warn Ricky that he needs to get away from the band before he ends up very dead - for real! However, Ricky declares to Casey that, as long as Ricky is in danger, Casey will continue to hang around to keep him out of trouble - so Ricky will end up with the best of both worlds - a built-in excuse to hang out with Casey as well as a successful music career! As Casey and Ricky hug, Casey promises that she will always be watching over Ricky.

Caleb claims to be overjoyed when a hung-over Jack arrives at the Studio. As Caleb orders Jack to get out, Caz brought a note to Caleb. After Caleb reads the note, Caleb changes his mind and told Jack that Jack can remain at the Studio. Then Caleb leaves, announcing that practice is over for the day. Jack immediately finds Reese and they leave the studio together.

When Lucy and Ian rush back to the healing pool, they are stunned when they discover that the entrance to the crawl space is now gone - and that they are now facing a solid brick wall!

When Caleb returns to his apartment, he is thrilled to discover that Tess has prepared a romantic dinner for him.

At the same time, in the alley behind the Studio, as Jack and Reese kiss, Jack begs Reese to go ahead and bite him!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

After a romp in the hay with Reese in the alley behind Stephen's Studio, Jack is disappointed when Reese announces that she does NOT do 'mercy' bites and refuses to give Jack what he asked for. When Reese angrily heads toward the park, Jack follows her. When Jack catches up with Reese, Jack reminds Reese that Jack HAS been a fellow creature of the night. But Reese points out that Jack obviously did NOT want to pay the price before and reverted to his mortal status as soon as he had the chance. Reese declares that Jack STILL is not ready to pay the price and should be happy that Reese is turning him down. Jack engages Reese in a conversation about her life BEFORE she met Caleb and Reese confesses that her mother was a lush and her father was one of her mother's many one night stands!

Joshua storms into Elizabeth's hotel room, angrily grousing about the changes Caleb intends to make in the band and Caleb's plan to proclaim to the world that he really is Caleb Morley. After Elizabeth observes that Joshua must have gotten up on the wrong side of the coffin, Joshua announces that Caleb ALSO knows about Joshua and Elizabeth's mutual sleeping arrangements. Elizabeth is disappointed when Joshua reports that Caleb is neither angry nor jealous but, instead, merely asked Joshua NOT to mistreat Elizabeth! Elizabeth suddenly switches on some romantic music and seductively informs Joshua that she is in the mood for a little nibble, and begins kissing Joshua. At the same time, Alison arrives with some dinner for her mother and walks right in. Alison arrives just as Joshua is taking a bite out of Elizabeth - and Alison drops the casserole dish she is carrying. As Elizabeth tries to help Alison clean up the spilled casserole, Elizabeth tries to explain her actions to her daughter. But Alison blasts her mother for hopping in bed with the monster who almost killed Alison not so long ago! When Joshua tries to defend his actions and explain his complicated relationship with her mother, Alison threatens to have Rafe get rid of Joshua forever. But Alison is surprised when her mother mounts a spirited defense for Joshua. Alison accuses Elizabeth of ENJOYING rolling around in the gutter with filth and angrily reminds her mother that Alison has known OTHER people who were bitten but who resisted their baser instincts with every fiber of their being! When Alison storms away, Elizabeth begins to follow her daughter, but Joshua stops Elizabeth - telling Elizabeth that Alison is just ungrateful and will only continue to hurl insults at Elizabeth. Declaring that Joshua is the ONLY one Elizabeth has left now that her own daughter has deserted her, Joshua reminds Elizabeth that their MAIN objective MUST remain bringing Caleb down and punishing the evil monster for the heartache that Caleb caused Elizabeth. Elizabeth agrees.

In the Park, as Reese told Jack about her life as a singer in Bristol before she met Caleb, Reese admits that she has no idea WHO her father was and NEVER tried to learn about him. While Reese and Jack are talking, Alison suddenly shows up, still angry about her mother's involvement with Joshua. Seeing Reese with Jack, Alison attacks Reese, socking the bat-girl in the stomach. Alison is surprised when Jack appears to NOT welcome Alison's rescue! When Jack tries to defend his involvement with Reese, Alison blasts Jack for throwing his life away on a cockroach who lives in filth! After Alison storms away, Jack explains that Alison was his friend long ago. When Jack offers to take Reese for a cup of coffee, Reese declares that she is NOT into dating, and turns Jack down. But, after Jack leaves the Park, Reese vows: "I never forget a sucker punch, Alison. And neither will you!"

Caleb is surprised when Tess greets him with a romantic dinner and sweetly admits that she got the idea from a magazine article titled "How To Make Your Man Happy!" Caleb assures Tess that she does NOT need a magazine to make him happy. When Caleb sadly confesses that he has a LONG history of tarnishing everything he touches, Tess assures Caleb that he can NOT hurt her, because she simply loves him. However, when Caleb burns his hand on one of the dishes and Tess tries to heal the wound, Tess is devastated when she realizes that she has lost her healing powers! When Caleb told Tess NOT to worry about the lost powers, Tess theorizes that her gifts of healing had been given to her for the express purpose of saving Caleb's life and healing Caleb's heart. And, since she HAS done all of that, Tess no longer needs her healing powers. As Tess declares that she and Caleb are soul mates, Caleb assures Tess that he loves her and they kiss again.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

At Stephen's Loft, Caleb plays 'Newborn Heart' again and flashes back to the night that he created Tess. Caleb told himself: "I was right, Tess. I created you for me!" Tess discovers Caleb brooding and Caleb announces that he has some work he has to do at the studio and leaves, reminding Tess as he went that Eternity is theirs.

In Elizabeth's Hotel room, as Joshua gets ready for work, he instructs Elizabeth to kiss and make up with Alison so Elizabeth can resume her snooping. Elizabeth reluctantly agrees that she realizes it is imperative that they learn Rafe's game plan if they are going to be successful in defeating their mutual enemy!

When Alison arrives at Rafe's Loft, she discovers that Lucy and Ian are already there. When Alison reports that she saw Jack huddled with Bat-Girl Reese, Rafe reports that Lucy and Ian discovered that the entrance to the healing spring has been walled off, presumably by Caleb. In going over the architectural drawings of Caleb's building, the friends discover a hidden space in the wall which Rafe decides MUST be Caleb's route to the spring. Rafe and Ian decide they MUST get inside Caleb's loft if they are going to successfully visit the healing spring again. Later, Lucy and Alison visit Caleb's loft and, finding Tess alone, they barge in and imply that Jack is suffering terribly, is in a really bad way and desperately needs to see Tess, if only just to say a proper good-bye. Tess suspects a trick but eventually agrees to go with Lucy to see Jack. However, as Lucy, Alison and Tess drive, Tess realizes that Lucy is NOT headed toward Jack's River House and demands that Lucy let her out of the car. When Lucy tries to ignore Tess's demands, Tess grabs the wheel and drives Lucy's car off the road!

Meanwhile, when Lucy, Alison and Tess leave the building together, Casey gets a call from someone and promises to keep the big bat distracted, then heads toward the Studio. Later, when Casey arrives at the Studio, the angel discovers Caleb practicing his guitar. But, when Caleb decides it is time to go home, Casey tries to keep the big bat busy by pestering him with questions about her new lyrics. Casey is shocked when Caleb takes one look at the lyrics and voices his suspicion that 'Marissa' has changed too much and is possibly no longer the same gifted person that Caleb hired to write lyrics for his band. When Caleb decides to leave in spite of Casey's stalling tactics, Casey tries to stop Caleb with another indoor twister but realizes too late that she has just blown her cover.

At the same time, Elizabeth arrives at Rafe's Loft, announcing that she is there to apologize to Alison, but discovers that only Rafe and Ian are at the loft. Elizabeth spots the architectural plans for Caleb's building and is suspicious when Rafe and Ian grab the plans away from her and hustle her right back out the door. As soon as Elizabeth leaves, Ian receives a call from Lucy, announcing that they have succeeded in conning Tess into leaving the Loft. Rafe and Ian rush over to Caleb's loft and, using some special spy equipment donated by Victor, they successfully break into to Caleb's apartment. Unbeknownst to Rafe and Ian, Elizabeth has followed them. As Rafe and Ian snoop, they discover Caleb's secret stash of magic water in blue bottles, hidden in a concealed closet. When the duo move some boxes, they discover an entrance which they suspect leads to the spring. At the same time, Elizabeth phones Joshua with the news that Rafe and Ian have broken into Caleb's Loft. Joshua instructs his partner to move in for a closer look at Rafe and Ian's activities. Meanwhile, inside, armed with a portable CD player, Ian insists that he MUST visit the spring and listen to Caleb's music at the same time - and Rafe accompanies Ian down the stairs. After Rafe and Ian begin climbing down to the spring, Elizabeth cautiously follows them down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Casey confesses to Caleb that she is, indeed, a heavenly visitor to earth, and has managed to secret her sister, Marissa, away in a safe place. Announcing that this all means that Casey is now out of the band, Caleb disappears - but the big bat reappears beside the side of the road, where Lucy and Alison are admitting to Tess that they DID trick her, but it was because they believe Caleb is ruining her life. As the three women argue, Caleb arrives and orders Lucy to take her hands off Tess!

Meanwhile, at the Spring, as Rafe and Ian discuss what might happen if Ian went into the pool while listening to Caleb's music, the duo suddenly hear footsteps and manage to surprise Elizabeth, who has followed them to the pool!

Friday, March 14, 2003

At the Recovery Room, Jamal tries to convince Jack to leave Reese alone, while a gloating Joshua listens in. While Jack ignores Jamal and tries to pick up a girl at the bar, Jamal takes time to chat with Casey. While Casey complains that she is bombing out on her big assignment, Ricky shows up and is surprised to learn that Jamal seems to know all about Casey's earthly assignment. Joshua barges in and informs Ricky that the drummer has a choice - either Ricky ditches the angel or gets out of the band! As Casey and Jamal try to remind Ricky of all that he would be giving up to stick with the undead, Joshua reminds Ricky of all the fame and fortune the drummer could receive by staying with the band! Jamal and Casey are dismayed when Ricky announces that he has chosen to stay with the band. When Reese enters the Recovery Room, she tries to get Jack to dump his bimbo, but Jack orders Reese to get lost! After Joshua steps away momentarily, Jamal and Casey ask Ricky what his plan is and they are both stunned when Ricky announces that he just wants a chance to be somebody. However, Ricky explains that he plans to split when he has what he wants from Caleb and his minions. As Ricky tries to assure Jamal and Casey that he will be fine, Reese keeps a jealous eye on Jack trying to pick up the girl at the bar. Then Reese suddenly storms out. When Joshua returns, he makes an angry call to Elizabeth's answering machine and demands that she return his call immediately. When Frank demands that Joshua either order something or leave, Joshua orders a glass of red wine, then pays Frank with a $100 bill, pretending that Joshua believes he has given Frank a $10! When Frank fails to correct Joshua's error, Joshua is pleased. After a triumphant Joshua leaves with Ricky, Jamal tries to reassure Casey that Ricky will eventually come to his senses, but Casey glumly declares that she is sure that she has lost Ricky! Meanwhile, Reese enters Jack's River House and begins vandalizing the place. But, when Jack walks in on her, Reese appears to be totally unconcerned!

In the cavern, Elizabeth admits to Rafe and Ian that she followed them. Elizabeth announces that she recognizes the pool as the same pool she saw in her vision when she listened to Caleb's music, and Elizabeth demands an explanation from Rafe and Ian. However, Rafe accuses Elizabeth of always handing important information over to Caleb and Joshua. As Ian, Rafe and Elizabeth argue, Rafe and Ian rush Elizabeth and tie her up in a different part of the cavern.

On the roadside, Caleb demands to know what Lucy and Alison were doing with Tess. Alison and Lucy insist that they just wanted some time to convince Tess that Caleb was a monster who was ruining Tess's life! Caleb orders Tess to leave, then makes menacing moves toward Lucy and Alison. However, Tess returns and reminds Caleb that he is a new man now and no longer needs to destroy. As Tess begs Caleb to resist the dark side and let Lucy and Alison go, Tess suddenly kisses Caleb. Then the two of them suddenly disappear. Lucy and Alison decide they need to rush to the cavern to let Rafe and Ian know that Caleb might be getting wise to their diversion. As Alison and Lucy rush away, Kevin comes out of the bushes and follows them!

Meanwhile, Caleb takes Tess to the villa, explaining that he only wants Tess to be safe. Tess reminds Caleb that she exists because of Caleb and Caleb exists because of her. However, when Caleb and Tess hit the sheets, Caleb bares his fangs again. And, this time, Tess sees Caleb's fangs, she screams!

When Rafe and Ian have Elizabeth securely tied up, they return to the spring and find Lucy and Alison waiting there for them. As Lucy and Alison explain that Caleb caught them with Tess, Kevin slips in and unties Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Ian decides that he still wants to try out soaking in the spring, accompanied by Caleb's music. When Lucy expresses the fear that it might be dangerous for Ian to go into the healing pool, Ian replies that he wants to be with Lucy as a man, not a vampire. Kevin overhears Ian's statement and angrily confronts Ian and Lucy with the knowledge that Kevin now knows that Ian is among the undead. Kevin accuses Lucy of having always been a sucker for a hard luck story. As Kevin, Ian and Lucy argue, Elizabeth slips up to the pool and dives in! As Elizabeth splashes into the pool, the major events of her life suddenly flash before her eyes. As Elizabeth sinks beneath the surface of the pool, Lucy and Alison ask what is happening. Alison announces that Elizabeth is dead! As Alison calls to Elizabeth, Ian steps toward the spring but Lucy stops him. At that moment, Elizabeth resurfaces and the cavern is bathed in an eerie red glow.

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