PC Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on Port Charles
Using the music box, Kevin made Livvie reappear, but Caleb smashed the music box to pieces. “Naked Eyes” was discovered to have a different effect on humans, vampires, and slayers. Rafe and Alison, and Lucy and Ian tried to figure out the secret message in “Naked Eyes.” Lucy, Ian, and Kevin found the healing hot spring.
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Monday, March 3, 2003

Kevin is thrilled when he runs into a sobbing Tess on Jack's porch. When Tess confesses that Jack ordered her to leave, Kevin happily invites Tess to stay at the Light House with him. As Tess agrees to go with him, Kevin flashes back to the scene at the Overlook, when he saw Livvie appear after Jack opened Caleb's music box. Kevin grabs the music box and told himself: "And you, Livvie, will soon be right here!" Later, at the Light House, Kevin calms Tess's fears and encourages his daughter to share her feelings about the events at the Scenic Overlook. But Kevin is shocked when Tess confesses that she revived Caleb and that evil monster is still roaming among the living. When Tess finally relaxes a little, Kevin brought out the music box and opens it. As Tess listens to the music, Livvie suddenly emerges and embraces her ecstatic father!

At Rafe's Loft, Ian is surprised when Rafe angrily orders Ian to turn Caleb's music off before Rafe kills Ian. But Ian tries to argue that he hears a beautiful spring in the music. However, Rafe suddenly grabs Ian by the throat and begins to throttle Ian. As Ian tries to remind Rafe that he is Ian, Alison suddenly arrives and tries to pull Rafe away from Ian, but Rafe is too strong for her. Ian shouts to Alison to turn off the music and, as soon as the music is off, Rafe suddenly lets go of Ian and confesses that he does NOT remember what just happened. Rafe explains that the first few notes of Caleb's 'Naked Eyes' had filled Rafe with hatred for all vampires, including Ian - and Rafe attacked Ian automatically. Ian reports to Rafe and Alison that Ian saw a place and he was being called there. Ian describes the place as all white and cold, except for a hot spring, right in the middle. Ian explains that he heard the voices of people - some were calm and at peace and others were screaming. Then Ian mentions that he could hear the sound of muskets. As Rafe and Ian wonder WHY the music would cause such different reactions, Rafe suggests that maybe the music has a different effect on slayers and vampires. Alison suggests that maybe the music has an even different effect on ordinary people and suggests that Alison listen to the music - alone. Rafe insists that Alison should NOT listen to the music alone, but Ian agrees with Alison - Ian argues that there has to be some reason why Ian saw weird images when he heard the music but when Rafe heard the SAME music, the music kicked Rafe's slayer instincts into overdrive. Alison insists that, if she uses headphone, the music would NOT affect Ian or Rafe and Rafe reluctantly agrees to the experiment. As Alison listens, she gets a far-away look in her eyes, then suddenly reaches over and kisses Rafe. When Ian turns the music off, Alison describes that she felt so connected to Rafe as she listened to the music that she only wanted to think about their future together. But, as Alison tries to kiss Rafe again, Rafe surprises Alison by pulling away and announcing that he does NOT want any kisses that were brought about by a spell being cast by Caleb's music! Ian suddenly worries about Lucy and dashes out of the Loft.

Meanwhile, at Lucy's Place, as Caleb and Lucy get passionate, Caleb demands to know what Lucy wants. As Lucy tries to convince Caleb that she is blown away with passion for him, Caleb suddenly takes an interest in Lucy's neck and a terrified Lucy skitters out of Caleb's grasp. Caleb angrily announces to Lucy that he is NOT stupid and is NOT enticed by Lucy's latest ploy. Lucy reminds Caleb that, IF Caleb kills Lucy, the evil of such a monstrous act would drive Tess away from Caleb forever, and Caleb would be kissing good-bye to his last chance to have Livvie back. Lucy advises Caleb that Lucy KNOWS that Tess is wrong about Caleb and that it is plain to Lucy that Caleb does NOT want to be saved! As Caleb begins to explain that he no longer wants Livvie, Lucy grabs her silver stake and threatens Caleb again. But Caleb suddenly gets a premonition that something is up with Tess and disappears, leaving Lucy alone!

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Kevin begins to make enthusiastic plans for Livvie to go away with Kevin so that Livvie can get stronger. But Livvie insists that she NEEDS to go find Caleb. Kevin explains that, whenever the music is NOT playing, Livvie disappears. So Kevin believes that they MUST find a way for Livvie to get her body back. Kevin tries to convince Livvie that he CAN go along with Livvie's feelings for Caleb, but what is most important to Kevin at the moment is that they make sure that the 'Tess' part of Livvie NEVER comes back! As Kevin encourages Livvie to fight for herself, Caleb suddenly appears and a delighted Livvie rushes into Caleb's arms. Livvie proclaims: "It's me - Livvie!"

But Caleb replies: "Not any more!" and suddenly slams the music box shut. As soon as the music stops, Tess reappears, with no memory of what went on while she was Livvie. When Kevin informs Caleb that the evil monster just saved the wrong girl, Caleb announces: "I know!" and then begins smashing the music box into bits!

Meanwhile, at her place, Lucy is desperately trying to call Ian, when Ian suddenly bursts through the door! When Lucy confesses that she just tried to seduce Caleb to save her life and protect Serena upstairs, Ian suddenly demands to know just exactly how far Lucy was willing to go to neutralize her evil enemy!

At the same time, at the Light House, Kevin demands to know WHY Caleb destroyed the music box, because the box was the ONLY way to get Livvie back! But Caleb calmly announces that he no longer wants Livvie and begins to leave with Tess. As Kevin stoops to retrieve the broken pieces of the music box, Kevin warns Caleb that Caleb just destroyed his own future. Kevin predicts that Caleb will soon tire of Tess and will eventually corrupt Tess, the same way Caleb corrupts everything he touches. On the porch, Caleb informs Tess that she is coming home with Caleb, but, inside the Light House, a determined Kevin vows to keep pushing until he gets his daughter back!

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

As Jamal watches Casey chow down on a burger at the Recovery Room, Jamal tries to give Casey tips to help the Angel become more like her missing sister - Marissa. Meanwhile, Ricky watches Casey and Jamal through the window until Reese ambushes Ricky. Reese tries to convince Ricky to find a dark corner with her and continue where they left off when the twister hit Stephen's Studio. But Reese is disappointed when Ricky blows her off and went inside to huddle with Jamal and Casey. When Ricky went inside, Ricky begins to quiz Jamal and 'Marissa' about their on-again, off-again relationship, pointing out that they seem to be spending more time together now that they have broken up than they did when they were 'together.' When Jamal tries to convince Ricky that Jamal and 'Marissa' have reconciled, Jamal plants a kiss on Casey to prove his point. But Ricky insists that he STILL does NOT believe Jamal's claims. When Ricky gets Casey alone later, Ricky suddenly kisses Casey and lets the angel know that he realizes she IS Casey! As Ricky and Casey kiss, Jamal catches up to them just in time to hear a clap of thunder and see Casey disappear. As Ricky asks what he did to cause Casey to disappear, Jamal announces: "You blew her cover! This can't be good, bro!"

As Reese fumes on the bench outside the Recovery Room, bemoaning Ricky's apparent disinterest in her, Jack suddenly joins Reese on the bench. Jack informs Reese that Jack was once a creature of the night and Reese admits that she suspected something like that might be true when she saw Jack's display of strength when Jack lifted the fallen tree off of Reese's leg. Reese begins to be interested and Jack admits that he split up with his wife and then congratulates Reese for the part Reese played in Caleb's master plan to grab Jack's wife. Jack announces that he is tired of the sweetness and light routine he got from Tess and might be interested in some Mattress Mambo with a 'Bat-Girl!" Reese asks if Jack is saying he wants to become a vampire again and Jack confides that he feels like he has nothing left to lose. After kissing Reese, Jack and Reese head off to Jack's River House.

When Tess and Caleb return to Caleb's apartment, Caleb tries to convince Tess that they belong together and Tess needs to stay away from Kevin, who is still trying to recover Livvie. But Tess reminds Caleb that she is married to Jack because she LOVES Jack and she does NOT love Caleb in the same way that she loves Jack. Caleb argues that Tess is with Caleb now because Jack does NOT understand her heart. When Tess points out that she could never love someone whose heart was as filled with hate, rage and revenge as Caleb's heart is, Caleb confesses that he HAD planned to kill Lucy that night, but Caleb stopped when he realized that Tess needed him. Tess reminds Caleb that she could NOT love him so long as he held the desire to kill inside of him. But Caleb claims that something inside of him changed when Tess saved his life. Caleb insists that, tonight, he chose love over hate - and it was all because of Tess! Caleb confesses that, while he wants Tess to spend eternity with him and Tess is welcome to stay with Caleb if she wants to stay, Caleb won't try to force Tess to stay with him. Caleb announces to Tess that she is free to go try to patch things up with Jack if that is what she wants to do. Tess declares that she MUST talk to Jack - and leaves.

Later, when Jack and Reese arrive at the River House, they begin kissing - just as Tess arrives and catches them!

At Lucy's Place, as Ian quizzes Lucy about her attempt to seduce Caleb, Lucy angrily defends her actions. When Ian asks Lucy to promise that she will NEVER attempt something like that again, Lucy becomes angry, orders Ian to get out of her house, and knocks over a chair. The falling chair knocks a large book off the table. When Ian bends down to retrieve the book, he becomes transfixed by a picture he sees in the book. As Lucy apologizes for her angry outburst and reassures Ian that she wouldn't want to live if Ian could not be in her life, Ian explains about Rafe's experiment with Caleb's music. Ian explains to Lucy that, when Ian listens to the first five notes of Caleb's Naked Eyes, Ian has a vision of the same place that is pictured in the book, while the same notes drive Rafe up a tree! Lucy agrees that the first five notes of Caleb's song also make her feel very disturbed. As Ian and Lucy look at the picture in the book, Lucy reads that the place pictured is a healing pool of hot springs surrounded by a legend: "From this pool, the dead will return to life." As Lucy and Ian decide that this could refer to Caleb, Caleb sits alone in his apartment and plays the first five notes of Naked Eyes, over and over again, on his guitar.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

As Elizabeth contemplates a cold dinner, alone, in her hotel room, she is appalled when Joshua shows up on her doorstep and accuses her of avoiding her one and only eternal buddy. Joshua gloats to Elizabeth that she jumped the gun when she leaped to the conclusion she had been permanently de-fanged by Caleb's demise. Joshua then begins to tell Elizabeth all about Caleb's endless parade of women, but Elizabeth accuses Joshua of just trying to turn Elizabeth against Caleb. Joshua encourages Elizabeth to get even with Caleb for using and abusing her by helping Joshua plot the final downfall of Caleb Morley! Elizabeth seems interested, until Joshua suggests that, IF Joshua and Elizabeth only knew HOW Rafe was planning to attack Caleb next, Joshua could give the plan a helpful little nudge. When Elizabeth angrily refuses to spy on Alison, Joshua assures Elizabeth that she will soon WANT to spy on her daughter and Rafe because it will just be a case of Alison helping her mother get revenge for Caleb's ruthless treatment of Elizabeth. When Joshua begins to nibble on Elizabeth's neck, Elizabeth protests at first, but Joshua and Elizabeth eventually end up in bed together.

At Lucy's Place, Ian is frustrated that the book with the picture of the healing spring has no title on it. When Lucy apologizes for her angry outburst, Ian kisses her. Ian told Lucy that he is positive that, IF he can figure out the mystery of the healing pool, it will lift the curse from Ian forever! Lucy suddenly decides that she knows WHO will be able to help them unravel the mystery of the hot springs and hustles Ian off to visit Victor. Later, Ian and Lucy try to convince Victor that Ian is writing a medical paper about the healing spring, but Victor announces that he does NOT believe them! Lucy finally coaxes Victor to tell them about a legendary healing spring that became known when some Revolutionary War soldiers stumbled across it and, when they bathed their wounds in the water, they were healed. Victor explains that the pool is around Port Charles somewhere, because it was because people kept arriving in the area to bathe in the healing springs that led to the decision to build the Hospital! Lucy takes a few minutes alone with Victor and attempts to apologize for Lucy's break-up with Kevin. Victor assures Lucy that he understands why Lucy felt she could not continue to put up with Kevin's strange behavior. As Lucy and Victor talk, Ian suddenly discovers a book that told about the Revolutionary War Battle of Putnam's Field in 1775 - and includes a picture of the healing pool! Victor suggests that some ancient maps he has might give them a clue about the pool's whereabouts.

At Rafe's Loft, as Rafe keeps writing down the first five notes of Naked Eyes on music sheets, searching for a message, Alison returns and tries to strike up a conversation about Rafe's perception that Alison kissed Rafe after listening to Caleb's music because Alison was under some kind of spell from Caleb's music. When Rafe just begins kissing her instead of arguing, Alison insists that it is NOT funny and that she IS serious in her objections. Rafe and Alison are interrupted by a persistent knocking on the door. When Rafe answers the door, he discovers that Kevin is there and Kevin announces that he has come to volunteer to help Rafe get rid of Caleb. Kevin offers to help Rafe untangle Caleb's twisted mind, but Rafe reminds Kevin that Kevin ALSO wants to get rid of Tess - permanently! However, Kevin insists that Kevin wants BOTH parts of Livvie - back together again - as a complete person. But Rafe reminds Kevin of the times that Kevin has hurt Lucy - and Kevin interprets Rafe's comments as a rebuff of Kevin's offer to help. However, as Kevin begins to leave, Kevin spots the music sheets with notes on them and declares that there is a message in those notes!

At Jack's River House, Jack and Reese's kiss is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tess! Even though Reese protests the interruption, Jack rushes out to apologize to Tess but, when Jack catches up with Tess, Jack announces that he does NOT regret his involvement with Reese! Tess protests that Jack comes first with her but Jack argues that Tess is really 'with' Caleb! When Jack admits that his heart is broken, Tess pleads with Jack to allow Tess to heal his heart, but Jack refuses any kind of help that comes from Tess. Jack reminds Tess that their life together and Tess' powers were something special - UNTIL Tess used her powers to turn a monster like Caleb Morley loose on the world again! When Tess argues that Caleb is NOT a monster, Jack announces to Tess that she needs to go back to her lover and leave Jack alone. Tess sadly walks away from Jack's House. As Jack sadly watches Tess walk away, Reese comes out on the porch. When Jack reminds Reese of their plans for the evening, Reese announces that Jack is WAY too complicated for her and she does NOT need any more complications in her life at the moment. And Reese walks away as well. Meanwhile, Tess runs through the woods until she finds herself back at her old home in the cave. When Tess arrives, she quickly finds the book of fairy tales that Jack used to read to her and tearfully told herself that there will NOT be a happily ever after for her and Jack. Tess sadly wonders where she will go next and what will become of her, if Jack is no longer a part of her life.

At Rafe's Loft, Rafe and Alison are mystified when Kevin connects the first five notes of Naked Eyes to make a three-dimensional drawing of something that looks like steps, and keeps insisting that the drawing IS a message!

Meanwhile, at Victor's Place, Victor shows Lucy and Ian his old Revolutionary War period maps. Lucy spots a notation on one map that Victor explains is in Dutch and translates the meaning: "Place of Healthy Waters." But the map that Lucy is holding has a piece missing!

Thursday, March 6, 2003

At the Recovery Room, a tipsy Elizabeth pours her heart out to Frank, declaring herself to be a magnet for losers. But, when Elizabeth makes an attempt to get VERY friendly with Frank, Frank wriggles away to make a call. On the phone, Frank assures someone that he is good for the money and will get it! In the meantime, Joshua moves in on Elizabeth. Reminding Elizabeth that they BOTH want to destroy Caleb - and that Elizabeth's future son-in-law ALSO wants to destroy Caleb - Joshua urges Elizabeth to pay a visit to Rafe and Alison to see if she can pick up any details about Rafe's plan for Caleb's destruction. As Elizabeth and Joshua argue about Joshua's plan, Frank notices the argument and orders Joshua to leave Elizabeth alone. Elizabeth thanks Frank for his intervention, but declares she was leaving any way. After Elizabeth leaves, Frank warns Joshua to leave Elizabeth alone. But Joshua told Frank that Joshua is VERY impressed with Frank's the way Frank handles himself in a crisis! After Frank leaves, Joshua muses that someone with a quick temper and willingness to fight, such as Frank, MIGHT be an asset to Joshua!

At Rafe's Loft, Rafe and Alison sum up their discoveries so far: When Rafe hears the first five notes of Naked Eyes - it makes Rafe want to strangle Ian. But the SAME notes make Alison eager to hop in bed. However, the first five notes of Naked Eyes give Ian a vision of some kind of Oasis with a hot spring in the middle. But, when KEVIN saw the notes, Kevin made some kind of pattern by connecting the notes. As Rafe and Alison puzzle over the mystery of the notes, Lucy and Ian burst in with news about their discovery of the picture of the hot springs that Ian has been seeing in his visions. Lucy and Ian begin to explain their discovery that a hot spring was once prominent in Port Charles. As Ian shows Rafe and Alison Victor's ancient maps, Lucy and Ian notice the pattern that Kevin drew with the musical notes. Ian and Lucy discover that the shape matches points on the old map. And, when the same pattern is put over a modern-day map of Port Charles, it matches up with a spot near the docks - right where Caleb bought a building when his band first arrived in Port Charles! However, Kevin comes down from upstairs just then and Lucy angrily orders Kevin to leave. But Kevin protests that he came to visit Rafe to help plan the downfall of Caleb and would have no way to know that Lucy and her boyfriend would show up as well. Ian and Lucy suddenly become suspicious that Caleb sent Kevin with the pattern to plant the information with Caleb's enemies. When Lucy declares that she does NOT trust Kevin, and Ian orders Kevin to go home, Kevin angrily denies being a plant sent by Caleb - and storms out! After Kevin leaves, Ian explains the legend of the healing spring to Rafe and Alison. Alison asks if the healing spring could be some kind of power source for vampires, but Rafe suggests that maybe Kevin DID conveniently arrive with the design to help Caleb set a trap for Rafe and Lucy! When Ian orders Lucy to stay where it is safe while Ian checks out Caleb's building, Lucy objects and Ian finally agrees to allow Lucy to go with him to look for the healing spring. The planning session is interrupted by the arrival of Elizabeth. Lucy and Ian make some hasty excuses and head out to check out Caleb's building, while Rafe and Alison stay to try to distract Elizabeth. However, after Lucy and Ian leave, Elizabeth declares that she KNOWS they were talking about Caleb and that they are hiding something! Elizabeth states that IF they HAVE found something out about her husband, Elizabeth DOES have the right to know! Meanwhile, at Caleb's Building, Lucy and Ian discover a locked door, leading to a crawl space under the building, with a design on the door that is the same as the pattern that Kevin drew from the musical notes. However, as Lucy and Ian try to pick the lock, they are surprised by the arrival of Kevin!

Tess is surprised when Caleb suddenly shows up in her cave. Caleb tries to get Tess to leave with him, but Tess begs Caleb to put her back the way she was BEFORE Caleb separated the different parts of her. But Caleb claims that not even he can do that. Declaring that he can no longer live his life without Tess, Caleb insists to Tess that he only wants to be with her forever. Declaring that Tess' destiny is with Caleb, Caleb takes Jack's wedding ring off of Tess' finger and throws it away. When Tess asks if Caleb really DOES love her, Caleb replies that he will love Tess forever. Tess gently kisses Caleb's hand.

Meanwhile, at Caleb's building, as Kevin makes sarcastic comments about Ian's breaking and entering techniques, Tess and Caleb slowly walk through the same alley, talking. Lucy, Ian and Kevin hear Caleb coming and jump into the crawl space to avoid being seen. But, as Caleb walks past the door, he notices that the lock is open and snaps the padlock back together. Inside the crawl space, Kevin, Ian and Lucy hear the lock click into place. After Caleb passes, the burglars push on the door and, when the lock does NOT give, they conclude that they are locked in!

Friday, March 7, 2003

At Rafe's Loft, Elizabeth voices her suspicion that Rafe and Alison have discovered something important about Caleb but are keeping her in the dark. Elizabeth begs to be a part of bringing Caleb down, but Rafe and Alison pretend they are just on their way out to a movie. Elizabeth tries to reassure Rafe and Alison that Caleb no longer exercises any power over her, but Rafe and Alison remain skeptical about Elizabeth's claims of having acquired some will power where Caleb is concerned. When Rafe suddenly suggests that there is something Elizabeth COULD help with, Alison objects. As Rafe and Alison go into a huddle to discuss Rafe's idea, Elizabeth flashes back to Joshua's revelations about Caleb's womanizing habits and Joshua's belief that Joshua and Elizabeth COULD help Rafe and Alison guarantee Caleb's downfall. Rafe finally asks Elizabeth to listen to the first five notes of Naked Eyes and then tell Rafe what her impression is of the message in the notes. Rafe whispers an explanation to Alison that Rafe wants to know if Ian's reaction to the notes was a fluke or if Elizabeth has the SAME reaction to the SAME music! As Elizabeth listens to the notes, a look of peace suddenly comes over her face. But, when Rafe and Alison ask Elizabeth if she had any reaction to the music, Elizabeth claims it was nothing unusual - but then Elizabeth makes a hasty exit, claiming she is late for dinner with an old friend. Alison observes: "Mother, you don't have any old friends!" But Elizabeth rushes away and Rafe and Alison decide to follow Elizabeth - guessing that her 'old friend' is probably Caleb. As Rafe and Alison follow Elizabeth, they can tell that she IS headed to Caleb's apartment, telling herself: "I HAVE to tell him what I know!" Alison sadly confides to Rafe that, in spite of the many times that Caleb has hurt her mother, Elizabeth apparently still loves the evil monster!

In Caleb's apartment, Tess thanks Caleb for offering her a place to stay and Caleb assures Tess that he just wants her to feel at home. Caleb gallantly volunteers to spend the night on the couch. However, as Caleb drifts off to sleep, he flashes back to the encounter with his stepmother which turned him into an evil monster - and recalls Tess expressing her belief that Caleb COULD free himself from his family curse. When Caleb calls out in his sleep, Tess rushes to his side! Tess encourages Caleb to confide in her about his nightmare. When Caleb confesses that he was remembering the argument with his father and the encounter with his stepmother that turned him into an evil being, Tess declares that she believes that Caleb is able to return to being the man he was before his evil family turned him into a monster. Tess again states her opinion that she believes that Caleb created her so that she could save him and return him to the life Caleb had in the days when he resisted the evil of his family heritage. Tess told Caleb that she wants the best part of Caleb to make love to the best part of Tess. To the tune of Newborn Heart, Caleb begins to kiss Tess and then carries her back to his bed. As Caleb and Tess kiss on the bed, Elizabeth arrives at Caleb's apartment and walks right in, staring in horror and disbelief at the sight of her husband, in bed with healer Tess!

In the crawl space underneath Caleb's building, Lucy begins to have problems with claustrophobia, while Kevin makes caustic comments about Ian's career as a home-wrecker and demands to know WHAT they are supposed to be looking for in their cramped quarters. When Lucy has a serious attack of claustrophobia, Ian is astounded when Kevin is able to calm Lucy down by encouraging her to whistle. Finally, the trio see a light ahead of them and begin to hear the sound of water. Eventually, Kevin, Ian and Lucy break through to an ethereal, phosphorescent cavern, enshrouding a bubbling hot spring. As Lucy remarks at the beauty of the cavern, Kevin realizes that Lucy and Ian KNEW the cavern was there and demands to know what this place is. Ian and Lucy claim they do NOT know. But Lucy announces that she is getting a bad feeling about this when they suddenly hear someone moaning and Lucy declares that they are NOT alone!

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