PC Recaps: The week of February 24, 2003 on Port Charles
Caleb was successfully killed, but Tess's tears revived him. Tess offered to turn back into Livvie, but Caleb admitted that he wanted Tess. Jack told Tess that their marriage was over. Reese admitted to Rafe that the key to destroying Caleb was contained in the first notes of Stephen Clay's song “Naked Eyes.” Caleb tried to kill Lucy.
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Monday, February 24, 2003

In the alley outside of Stephen's Studio, as Jamal tries to convince the arresting officer that he is not REALLY drunk, Joshua returns and the police inform the band manager that they are shutting down his drunken brawl! Meanwhile, inside the Studio, as Reese prepares to take a hunk out of Ricky, Casey creates an indoor twister that throws Reese against a wall. When Casey runs outside, yelling "Twister!" she finds that the police have turned Jamal loose so they can return to headquarters to see if the twister has created any emergency situations. After the police leave, Casey confesses to Jamal that the twister was her idea and that Casey is afraid she will be yanked back to the Here-After because the twister might be considered an 'interference' in mortal lives. When Joshua and Caz go inside the Studio, Reese begins to complain that she feels kind of weird - and Caz admits that he is beginning to feel the way he used to feel on the day before Christmas! Joshua suddenly perceives that something must have happened to 'Stephen!" Outside, Casey complains to Jamal that she was supposed to be sweet, like a TV angel, but Jamal assures Casey that IF her boss had wanted 'sweet', he would NOT have sent Casey to do the job! When Ricky arrives, Jamal apologizes to Ricky for slugging him and Jamal announces that Jamal and 'Marissa' just worked out their differences and Jamal is now cool with everything. Ricky complains about the freaky windstorm and Casey splits after she almost gives her angelic connections away.

At Elizabeth's Hotel Room, an alarmed Alison confides to her mother that Alison believes that she must stop Rafe from exterminating Caleb because it would mean that Rafe would have to leave as well. But Elizabeth encourages her daughter to believe that Rafe will be OK, because Rafe has so much experience in dealing with evil monsters like Caleb. Then Elizabeth suddenly begins to feel light headed and wonders if her vampire symptoms are vanishing because Caleb is gone. Alison becomes more concerned than ever that Rafe will have to leave again if Caleb has checked out permanently and Alison dashes out the door to look for Rafe.

Meanwhile, at the Scenic Overlook, as Caleb reminds Tess that he ONLY wants to be with Livvie, Jack suddenly opens the music box and Tess becomes Livvie again. As Caleb jubilantly embraces Livvie, Lucy rises from her hiding place and aims the silver gun at Caleb. Just then, Kevin walks in front of Lucy, rushing to get to Livvie. But Ian tackles Kevin and Lucy fires, striking Caleb. Livvie screams in protest and proclaims her love for the fallen Caleb. Caleb told Livvie that her great 'friends' set her up and used Livvie to get to Caleb. As Livvie cries that she can't lose Caleb again, Kevin tries to get to Livvie, but Ian hits Kevin again and knocks Kevin down. When Rafe, Jack, Lucy and Ian move closer to get a closer look at their dying enemy, Livvie accuses Jack of destroying Caleb because Jack was jealous of Livvie's love for Caleb. Then Livvie screams that Lucy always hated Livvie. Livvie accuses them all of murder and Jack slams the music box shut. At the same time, Alison arrives at the gateway to the Scenic Overlook, searching for Rafe. Meanwhile, Tess suddenly returns and realizes that Caleb is dying in her arms. Caleb again informs Tess that they used her to get to him. Tess demands that Jack tell her if Caleb is telling her the truth. As Lucy turns to Ian and worries that Tess will NEVER understand WHY it was so important for them to destroy Caleb that they stooped to tricking an innocent young girl like Tess, Lucy happily notices that the vampire symptoms are leaving Ian.

After Casey leaves the alley behind Stephen's Studio, Ricky told Jamal that Jamal is lucky to have wriggled off of Marissa's hook - because Ricky believes the girl is seriously whacked! Meanwhile, Casey slips back into the Studio and watches as Reese, Caz and Joshua worry about what is happening to them. Joshua announces that he is going to find out what is happening and dashes out of the Studio. Outside, Jamal and Ricky suddenly notice that the sky seems to be brighter. Ricky observes that it is like something major is happening! Meanwhile, inside the Studio, Reese and Caz begin to realize they are losing their powers and conclude that that must mean that someone has successfully eliminated Caleb. Casey wonders if her little twister might have been responsible for whacking Caleb.

Meanwhile, back at the Scenic Overlook, Tess assures Caleb that she only wanted to help him and apologizes for the trick that took his life. Rafe takes Jack aside and warns Jack that they need to get Tess away from Caleb as quickly as possible. Jack gently tries to convince Tess to leave Caleb, but Tess refuses and reminds Jack that Tess loved Jack and trusted Jack but Jack lied to Tess and then tricked her. Jack protests that Caleb was NOT human, but Tess argues that Caleb WAS Capable of love and is now dying because of Jack's trick. As Jack grabs Tess to try to remove her, Kevin reappears and orders Jack to take his hands off of Kevin's daughter. When Lucy orders Kevin to leave Tess alone because Tess is no longer Livvie, Kevin vows that he WILL get his daughter back! As Jack tries to convince Tess to go home with him, Rafe told Caleb good-bye. Kevin spots the music box in the snow, grabs the box, and makes off with it. Caleb told Tess that creating her was the best thing he ever did, then breathes his last.

At the same time, back at Elizabeth's hotel room, Elizabeth exults in her new feeling of well-being and begins to rejoice that her monstrous husband is finally checking out - permanently! But, as Elizabeth toasts her happy future as a mortal, she is interrupted by a loud knock at the door. Expecting to see Rafe and Alison returning together with good news, Elizabeth is shocked to find Joshua on her doorstep. As Joshua pushes his way in and demands to know what is going on with Elizabeth, Elizabeth gloats that she is just fine - the best that she has ever been. As Joshua rages at the end of his most cherished plans if what he suspects is true, Elizabeth gleefully grabs Joshua and shoves him out the door, slamming the door with great satisfaction.

As Caleb dies, Alison finally finds Lucy and Ian at the Scenic Overlook and Lucy explains that Lucy just succeeded in exterminating Caleb. As Alison asks where Rafe is, Lucy assures Alison that Rafe was just there. However, Alison sees only Jack and Tess beside Caleb's body - but no sign of Rafe! Lucy admits that Rafe is gone - and Lucy does NOT know where Rafe has gone!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

At the Scenic Overlook, as Alison demands that Lucy tell her what has happened to Rafe, Rafe suddenly reappears and Alison enthusiastically greets Rafe with open arms. Ian thanks Lucy for setting him free from Caleb's curse. As Ian and Lucy begin to make plans for their future together, Tess sobs beside Caleb's body and accuses Jack of using Tess to set a trap for Caleb. As Jack gently tries to convince Tess to go home with him, Tess expresses the hope that she will STILL be able to heal Caleb. Tess accuses Lucy of being a murderer, but Lucy protests that Caleb was a total evil being who planned to destroy them all and adds that even Caleb might appreciate this opportunity to finally rest in peace. After Jack convinces Tess to go home with him, Rafe brought out the Sacred Cloth of Neer, which he explains has been passed down for centuries by the Kovich clan for the burial of the undead. Then Rafe announces that it is time to put Caleb's body to rest for eternity. Rafe covers Caleb with the cloth. Then Rafe, Alison, Lucy and Ian pick up Caleb's body and transport it to a special crypt that Rafe had prepared. Rafe announces that they will conduct a special ceremony and, after the ceremony, the body MUST remain in solitude. Then, Rafe will return later to dispose of the body. Rafe puts Myrrh Oil on Caleb's forehead and makes the sign of Omega on Caleb's forehead. Lucy explains to Alison that Omega means 'The End' - and that it means that they are sending Caleb's spirit back to eternal darkness. Rafe announces: "Now we seal his eyes to the world forever!"

Alison and Lucy each take a turn, reminding Caleb of Caleb's monstrous offenses against his many innocent victims, and then Alison concludes: "I hope you rot in hell!"

Rafe ends the ceremony by proclaiming: "The wheel of life has come full circle, as we lay this being back to the dust. No longer is life welcome in this being! I banish the sins of his clan, the brotherhood of destruction, that seeks to take over the world, with the fires of inhumanity! The spirit is now rendered powerless by the forces of light!" Ian hands a wooden stake to Rafe and Rafe plunges the stake into Caleb's heart.

Meanwhile, at Jack's River House, Jack tries to explain to Tess that Caleb was dangerous and that Jack only lied to Tess to protect her from being destroyed by the evill monster. But Tess refuses to believe Jack. As Jack looks on in horror, Tess suddenly begins to just stare, rocks back and forth and then begins to hum 'Naked Eyes!" Begging Tess NOT to hum that tune, Jack holds Tess and covers her with a blanket. Then Jack decides that Tess is cold and heads outside to get more firewood. Before he went out on the porch, Jack promises Tess that, one day, everything connected with Caleb will only be a terrible memory.

Later, Lucy and Ian return to Ian's Loft and Ian declares that he feels like a dark cloud has been lifted from the place. Ian again thanks Lucy for saving his life and Lucy proclaims that she will ALWAYS love Ian! When Lucy confesses that she just wants to wash away the horror of the night, Ian coaxes Lucy into sharing a shower with him.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison return to Rafe's Loft and Alison confesses her fears that Rafe would have to return to the Here-After if Caleb was vanquished forever. Rafe confesses that Rafe was ALSO worried about the same possibility. But Rafe reminds Alison that the important thing to ALWAYS remember is that good DOES triumph over evil! Later, Alison confides to Rafe that Alison is worried about Tess and the way that Tess seemed to sincerely believe that Tess would be able to bring Caleb back. But Rafe distracts Alison by making plans for a picnic the following day. As they begin to kiss, Rafe assures Alison that they will NEVER have to worry about Caleb - ever again!

When Jack returns to his living room with an arm load of wood, he finds Tess missing and only her rag doll, sitting alone, beside the fire! As Jack frantically searches the house for Tess, Tess enters Caleb's crypt and, once again, begs Caleb's forgiveness for the trick that took his life. Tess removes the stake and pleads with Caleb to come back to her. As Tess lays her head on Caleb's chest, she confesses to Caleb that she now wishes that she had let Caleb have Livvie back, because Tess knows now that Caleb only loved Livvie. When Tess says: "I would save you if I could," and touches Caleb's forehead, a single tear from Tess's eye falls on Caleb's cheek. At that moment, a wind blows through the crypt. Caleb opens his eyes and smiles up at Tess.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

In the crypt, Tess revives Caleb, to the tune of Newborn Heart:

I don't have the strength
to lie any more
Spent my life taking
all the wrong doors.
Think I have the answers;
Questions remain.
Still here on the outside,
Covered in pain.
So magnify the light
that shines through my window.
I can see so clearly in your eyes.
Justify the night.
And, Oh, baby, Let it go!
Need to feel you near me.
No more lies.

Counting on a star
in the moonlight mist
Controls the emotions
of a mythical kiss.
Been planning on my work,
Working my plan.
I'm here on the outside.
Maybe I'm dead!
Baby, where I am,
So magnify the light
That shines through my window.
I can see so clearly in your eyes.
Justify the night
And, Oh, Baby, Let it go!
Need to feel you near me.
No more lies.

Bring me to life
Bring me to life
Bring me to life
With a newborn heart!
With a newborn heart!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Bring me to life!

Caleb awakens and kisses Tess.

Meanwhile, at his loft, Rafe glances at the bedside clock, sees that it is after midnight, and quietly slips out of bed without waking Alison. At the same time, at Jack's River House, Jack looks at a picture of Tess, then grabs his jacket and dashes out the door. At Ian's Loft, Ian and Lucy finish their shower.

Later, Alison wakes up and discovers that Rafe is gone but that he left a note, telling Alison that he had to check on something. Alison is disturbed by a loud knock at her door and finds Lucy on her doorstep. Lucy reports that she is looking for Ian, who HAD been at home, but suddenly got a weird look on his face and took off. As Alison reports that Rafe has also gone out, there is another knock at the door. Alison's next visitor proves to be Elizabeth, wearing sun glasses. Elizabeth demands to know what is happening and asks Lucy if Lucy is to blame. When Lucy snatches Elizabeth's sunglasses off, Alison and Lucy see that Elizabeth's red eyes have returned. Elizabeth blasts Lucy for being an incompetent slayer - because it is obvious to Elizabeth that Caleb is still alive! Then Elizabeth suddenly changes and begins to beg Lucy to help her. Alison manages to calm Elizabeth down and gives her mother some of Caleb's water. Lucy dashes out, vowing to find Ian.

At the crypt, as Rafe discovers that Caleb is no longer in the crypt, he is soon joined by Ian and Jack. They discover the wooden stake, thrown in a corner. And Jack reports that Tess is ALSO missing. Jack expresses his belief that Caleb took Tess, but Ian and Rafe voice the suspicion that it was TESS who took Caleb somewhere! Ian told Rafe and Jack that it HAS to be that Tess healed Caleb and brought their monstrous enemy back. Rafe and Jack suddenly realize that Ian's red eyes have returned! Ian told Jack that Jack needs to accept the fact that, IF Tess is with Caleb, it is because Tess WANTS to be with Caleb! But Jack refuses to accept that explanation. Rafe urges Ian and Jack to end their argument, so they can all focus on finding Caleb. Jack decides to return to the River House to see if Tess has returned home. Ian told Rafe that they need to accept the reality that they will NEVER be able to defeat Caleb. Rafe promises that, when Ian is ready to give up completely on his life - including giving up his son Danny - then Rafe will be happy to put Ian out of his misery. Ian finally admits that he is not really ready to give up all hope. Rafe encourages Ian to believe that they will soon ALL be back to normal and Caleb WILL be gone - forever!

When Ian returns to his Loft, he discovers that Lucy is waiting for him and already knows that Caleb is on the loose again. When Lucy apologizes for botching her assignment to rid the world of Caleb, Lucy promises that she WILL find a way to destroy Caleb - for good! But Ian suddenly turns away from Lucy.

When Rafe returns to his Loft, he finds that Elizabeth has fallen asleep. When Rafe announces that he believes that Tess used her healing powers to revive Caleb, Alison begins to worry about Jack's reaction to Tess's latest disappearance. But Alison suddenly asks Rafe: "Wait, Rafe --- Do you think maybe this whole thing was a lie? I mean - Jack and Tess - and her whole kindness thing. Do you think we were so worried about setting HER up to get Caleb -- were WE actually the ones being made fools of?"

Back at the River House, Jack looks at a picture of Tess and declares that Jack believes Tess will NEVER return to Jack, because Tess is with Caleb and that maybe Tess ALWAYS belonged to Caleb. Jack concludes that maybe Tess was never even real at all!

Tess takes Caleb to a cave which she announces is a secret place that no one knows about - not even Jack. Tess told Caleb that she KNOWS he is Caleb - NOT Stephen - and that she is Tess - NOT Livvie! Tess told Caleb that, since it was Caleb who created Tess, it was now time for Tess to save Caleb's life. Tess told Caleb that she is sorry that she fought with him about Livvie and that Tess now plans to just go to sleep and let Livvie out, to be with Caleb. Caleb confides to Tess that he felt Tess' unconditional love, reaching out through the darkness to him, and it was the love of Tess that brought Caleb back to the land of the living. When Tess proclaims that she is now ready to let Caleb be with Livvie, Caleb declares that he no longer wants Livvie. It is now TESS that Caleb wants!

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Returning to the Scenic Overlook, a frustrated Rafe addresses Ed in the Here-After, begging to know WHY Caleb is back among the living - again - after Rafe followed all the rules. Rafe begs Ed to give him some kind of clue about a master plan that might call for Caleb to have popped back up among the living so soon after the evil monster's demise. Although Rafe receives no direct answer to his query, Casey suddenly shows up! Casey is surprised that Rafe recognizes her so quickly. When Rafe confides that Casey has a certain 'aura' that he can see, Casey happily announces that she is now an official Guardian Angel and has been sent back to protect Ricky and Marissa. Casey confides that Ed has been keeping an eye on Rafe and that everyone upstairs had watched Rafe and Alison's wedding and were annoyed when the big event was suddenly called off. Casey admits to knowing that Caleb is back - again! Rafe notes that Casey is ALSO back and then asks if Casey is back so she can give Rafe a clue about a way to get rid of Caleb - for good! But Casey reminds Rafe that Casey does NOT know how to de-fang Caleb but, even if Casey DID know, she could NOT tip Rafe off - Rafe will just have to figure it out on his own!

Casey told Rafe that he just has to have faith and hope, but Rafe confesses that he is all out of moves. Casey told Rafe: "Well, hey! Just do what I do!"

RAFE: "What's that?"

CASEY: "Fake it!"

Rafe then begins to tell Casey about the Village of Turmistan - where the Last Battle of the Great War Between Slayers and Vampires was fought! Rafe sadly relates that almost all the slayers were killed and the vampires won. Most of the villagers were ALSO killed. Rafe confesses that he was always mystified as to HOW all the bad guys could win - but, now, Rafe is beginning to understand how it WAS possible! It was sort of like even the bad guys get a chance to win once in a while!

Meanwhile, at Jack's River House, Jack polishes off another bottle of booze as he bitterly tears up all of his pictures of Livvie and Tess and burns them in the fireplace. Alison lets herself in and attempts to console her heart-broken friend, but Jack will have none of it. Jack explains that he believes that, no matter what Jack does, Livvie and Tess will ALWAYS belong to Caleb - and Jack declares that he is finished with making futile attempts to rescue the woman he loves from that evil monster! Jack points out that, because Tess brought Caleb back from the dead, ALL of Caleb's victims will be the ones who will have to suffer in the end. But Alison urges Jack to not give up on his love for Tess - yet! Jack told Alison that it is not a matter of WANTING to give up - Jack has come to believe that he MUST let go of Tess! Jack sadly observes that Tess is drawn to Caleb and Caleb controls her - and Caleb always WILL control Tess! Jack confides to to Alison that it is like Livvie's attraction to Caleb has a dark magic in it that is bigger than Jack!

In her secret cave, Tess is shocked when Caleb announces that he no longer wants Livvie back, but now believes that Tess and Caleb were destined to be together. But Tess reminds Caleb that she loves Jack and that, although Tess DID help Caleb, Tess does NOT love Caleb in the same way that she loves Jack! But Caleb insists that Tess taught Caleb that love is NOT filled with betrayal and it was LOVE that Caleb felt when Tess brought Caleb back. Caleb points out that Jack will probably NOT forgive Tess for bringing Caleb back. Caleb went on to tell Tess that Caleb is convinced that Tess PROVED that she loves Caleb when she brought Caleb back - and that Jack means nothing to her. But, when Caleb tries to kiss her, Tess slaps Caleb and orders him to stop it! Then Tess apologizes for the slap and protests that she KNOWS that she loves Jack. But Caleb argues that Tess merely feels grateful to Jack because Jack brought Tess out of a dark cave and into the light - and that the reason WHY Tess could NOT let Caleb die was because she loved Caleb. Caleb again told Tess that he believes they were destined to be together. But Tess tearfully confesses that Caleb is confusing her! Putting her hand on Caleb's heart, Tess admits that she can tell that Caleb does NOT want to hurt her! When Tess reminds Caleb that she is married to Jack, Caleb claims that Jack only married Tess to keep her away from Caleb. Caleb insists that Tess chose Caleb when Tess reached out to save Caleb from eternal darkness. But, when Caleb kisses her, Tess suddenly pulls away, grabs her jacket and runs out of the cave.

Back at the Scenic Overlook, Casey reminds Rafe that: "Angels and slayers exist because - you know who up there - thinks people down here are worth saving - worth fighting for. Man - even worth dying for!"

RAFE: "Is that what you think?"

CASEY: "I think I am glad that I got a place in the fight. A job to do!"

RAFE: "Listen, I know you can't really tell me much. But - do you mind if I take you being down here as kind of a good sign?"

CASEY: "Look, I've got to make sure Ricky is NOT playing out in traffic!"

RAFE: "Sure!"

As Casey begins to walk away, Rafe asks another question: "Hey, Casey! Tell me something. How to you like being part of that band?"

CASEY: "It's no surprise, man! It's just like they advertise - Wild 101. Round the clock - sex, drugs and Rock and....!"

A sudden thunderclap stops Casey in her tracks and Casey asks: "What! What did I say? Sheesh!"

As Casey hurries away, Rafe observes: "Sex, drugs and rock and roll, huh?"

Meanwhile, at the River House, Alison tries to remind Jack that Tess is the REAL Livvie - the Livvie whom Jack fell in love with three years ago, but Tess is still vulnerable. Alison suggests that Tess might NOT be able to survive without Jack beside her! But Jack argues that he can NOT care any longer! Alison urges Jack to take some time before he makes any final decisions about Tess. Alison invites Jack to feel free to come talk with her any time. After Alison leaves, Jack sadly picks up the rag doll he gave to Tess, and then tosses the doll into the fireplace. As Jack sadly declares: "Good-bye, Tess," Tess suddenly arrives at the front door and calls for Jack!

Friday, February 28, 2003

At the Light House, Kevin looks at Livvie's picture and contemplates the music box he grabbed while everyone else was distracted by Caleb at the Scenic Overlook. Kevin flashes back to the scene at the Overlook and realizes that, when Jack opened the music box, Tess mysteriously turned into Livvie again. Kevin promises that he will do whatever it takes to bring Livvie home. Then Kevin grabs his jacket and dashes out the door. Meanwhile, at Jack's River House, Tess asks Jack WHY he burned her things and Jack announces that he is putting the past behind him. Tess protests that her marriage to Jack means everything to her, but Jack argues that that could NOT be true as long as Tess refuses to stay away from Caleb. Jack reminds Tess that, by bringing Caleb back, she has hurt Rafe, Alison, Jack, Lucy and Ian - all the people who have ever truly cared about Tess. Tess reminds Jack that Caleb was not going to hurt her, but Jack declares that Caleb has ALREADY hurt Tess! Jack proclaims that their relationship is over!

As Lucy starts moving back in to her house, she is surprised by a visit from Serena. Serena confesses that she slipped away from her baby sitter because Lucy sounded upset when Serena spoke to her Mom on the telephone. Lucy tries to hurry Serena back home, explaining that Serena's father will be VERY worried about her. But, before Lucy can get Serena out the door, Caleb suddenly appears! Serena, however, is delighted to see the big bat. Serena rushes to Caleb and declares that Serena is his biggest fan! As Lucy tries to get Serena away from Caleb, Serena clings tightly to the rock star's hand and Caleb solicits Serena's help in convincing Lucy to allow Caleb to stay in Port Charles. Lucy interrupts and demands that Serena go to her room and call her father. Serena finally disengages from Caleb's hand but continues to gush about the song - Naked Eyes. As Serena leaves the room, she hums the first few notes of Naked Eyes and gets a promise from Caleb to sign her new CD.

Back at the River House, Tess reminds Jack that he promised they would be together forever. But Jack declares to Tess that he believes she IS Livvie! Tess denies being anyone other than Tess. Jack confesses that he feels like he keeps re-running the same miserable, no-win story over and over again. Tess protests that she would NEVER leave Jack, but Jack declares that Tess has been leaving him for a long time. When Jack told Tess that all Caleb wants is Livvie and that the evil monster does NOT care about Tess, Tess tearfully admits that Caleb kissed her and told Tess that Caleb now wants Tess - and NOT Livvie! Tess promises Jack that she is NOT going back to Caleb and begs Jack NOT to argue with her any more about Caleb. But Jack refuses to believe Tess and orders her to leave. Even though Tess begs him to reconsider, Jack coldly announces that Tess is now free to go to Caleb - but she just needs to go! When a sobbing Tess runs outside, she finds Kevin waiting on the porch and cries on her father's shoulder. Kevin has the music box with him!

When Rafe returns to his Loft, he finds Ian waiting there for him. Ian confides that he has been trying to figure out a way to get rid of Caleb! Rafe declares that the key to destroying Caleb might be contained in the phrase: "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!" Rafe and Ian decide that the water Caleb drinks is like a drug. Sex refers to the fact that, when a slayer sleeps with a vampire, the symptoms vanish momentarily. Rafe and Ian agree that, since Caleb apparently can NOT be killed, they need to find a way to take Caleb's power away from their evil enemy - permanently! But, as they talk, Reese and Caz suddenly burst in, intent up on inflicting some serious damage in retaliation for the attempt to exterminated Caleb. Rafe and Ian quickly gain the upper hand and Caz splits. When Rafe threatens to exterminate Reese permanently, Reese confesses that the first notes of Naked Eyes has a secret message - but Reese does NOT know what the message is! After Reese leaves, as Rafe and Ian listen over and over again to the first part of 'Naked Eyes,' Rafe confesses that he believes that the notes are like fingernails on a chalk board, but Ian declares that there is something soothing about the music. Ian told Rafe that he can hear voices, water and then shots ring out. But Rafe insists that he can NOT listen to the music any more and orders a startled Ian to turn the music off before Rafe kills him!

When Serena runs to get her CD and leaves Lucy and Caleb alone, Lucy warns Caleb to stay away from Serena. When Serena returns with the CD, Caleb signs it, then kisses the delighted girl on the cheek! A horrified Lucy finally convinces Serena to go to her room. After Serena leaves, Caleb announces that, since Lucy has tried to kill him twice, Caleb has arrived to return the favor! But, when Caleb turns his back momentarily, Lucy brought out a silver stake and threatens her evil enemy with permanent extinction. But, when Serena suddenly calls to Lucy from upstairs, Lucy is distracted and Caleb takes the stake away from Lucy. Once she is disarmed, Lucy begins to tell Caleb that she has always been kind of fond of him. Lucy then entices Caleb into kissing her!

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