PC Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on Port Charles
Jack learned that Caleb's music box had the power to turn Tess into Livvie. Using Tess and the music box, Alison, Rafe, Jamal, Jack, and Lucy put their plan to get rid of Caleb in motion.
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Monday, February 17, 2003

When Jack returned to the river house, he was shocked when he discovered Tess dancing around and acting like Livvie. Jack spotted the love letter that Tess was writing to him and noticed that she had signed the card, "Livvie." Livvie told Jack, "He's calling me, Jack. Can't you hear him calling me?" Jack spotted the music box and slammed it shut.

As soon as the lid went down on the box, Tess reappeared and appeared to have no memory of what had just happened. Tess informed Jack that Caleb had given the music box to her because Caleb had wanted to prove to Tess that Caleb had not wanted to control her anymore. Jack convinced Tess to allow Jack to destroy the music box. Jack took the music box outside and smashed it with a hammer, then threw it in the trash. Tess and Jack began to kiss.

At the restaurant, when Ian realized that Kevin was the benefactor who had sent a bottle of wine to their table, Ian decided it was time to get rid of Kevin and approached Kevin to give Kevin a piece of his mind. Kevin protested that he had been respecting the restraining order. Ian and Lucy ran over to Kevin. Lucy suddenly insisted to Ian that she would rather eat at home, and Lucy and Ian left.

Later, Caleb arrived at the same restaurant and engaged Kevin in a discussion about Livvie and Tess. As the two men talked, some fans of the Stephen Clay Experience spotted Caleb and pestered him for his autograph. Caleb complied with their request and then thrilled them further when he kissed them. Kevin suggested that maybe Caleb was only interested in women who did not succumb instantly to Caleb's questionable brand of charm.

Kevin suggested that, since Tess appeared to be able to resist Caleb, perhaps Caleb was switching his obsession from Livvie to Tess. Caleb retorted that Kevin was in no position to be trying to analyze Caleb, since Caleb was so different from anyone that Kevin had ever met before. But Kevin pointed out that the more time Caleb spent with humans, the more Caleb was becoming just like them.

At Ian's Loft, Elizabeth puzzled over the research notes that she had discovered, which seemed to indicate that sleeping with a slayer was a way to cure the cravings that had turned her life into such an eternal torment. When Ian and Lucy arrived home, Elizabeth immediately began hitting on Ian, but Lucy ordered Elizabeth to get her hands off of Ian. Elizabeth tried to trick Ian and Lucy into confiding news about their "breakthrough" to Elizabeth, but Lucy and Ian remained mum about their discoveries. Lucy finally ordered Elizabeth to leave. However, after Elizabeth left Ian's Loft, she placed a telephone call to Rafe.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's river house, Jack and Tess enjoyed some togetherness on the porch swing. When they went inside, a closeup of the trash can revealed that the music from the music box could be heard again.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

In Elizabeth's hotel room, Elizabeth told herself that going to bed with her daughter's fiancé would not count because Elizabeth would only be doing that in order to save her life. However, Elizabeth was disappointed when she answered her door and discovered that it was Alison, rather than Rafe, who was standing there. Alison explained that she was there because Rafe had had something to do, but Alison had felt it was important to check on her mother. Elizabeth explained that she had some questions about her "condition" that Elizabeth believed she needed to discuss with Rafe.

As Elizabeth and Alison talked, Elizabeth changed her mind about seducing Rafe and, instead, agreed to go apartment hunting with Alison later. Alison dropped a hint that Rafe had a plan that would end Caleb's reign of terror in Port Charles soon, but Alison clammed up when Elizabeth asked for more details about Rafe's plan. After Alison left the hotel room, Elizabeth congratulated herself for deciding that she could resist the temptation to bed Rafe in order to get rid of her "symptoms."

Meanwhile, at Jack's river house, Jack filled Jamal and Rafe in on the way that Caleb's music box had turned Tess into Livvie -- just like flipping a switch. When Rafe pointed out that whoever controlled the box could control when Livvie would appear and asked Jack for the box, Jack admitted that he had already smashed the music box into a million pieces. Rafe warned Jack that smashing the box had not been a smart move. Rafe went on to explain that, if they opened the box and Livvie appeared, Caleb would let his guard down, and while Caleb was distracted, they would be able to deliver a death blow to the evil monster.

Rafe told Jack and Jamal that Caleb would not have let the box out of his hands if Caleb had known the box would produce Livvie, so Rafe declared that Rafe was presuming that Caleb did not know that the box had the power to turn Tess into Livvie. Rafe suddenly remembered Caleb informing him that the balance between good and evil had to be maintained so that, when Rafe returned to earth, Caleb got to return as well. When Jack, Jamal, and Rafe went to look in the trash for the smashed music box, they were surprised when they discovered that the box was not in the trash any longer.

As Jack, Jamal, and Rafe decided to continue looking for the music box, Jamal asked how many times Caleb would have to die before that evil monster really died. Rafe declared that "this time" would be different because a slayer would kill Caleb. Rafe also suggested that they find a way to keep Caleb off his water, so Caleb would become more vulnerable. Rafe assured Jack that everything would be done to protect Tess.

As Jack, Jamal, and Rafe got ready to go look again for the music box, Alison arrived, and Jack, Jamal, and Rafe tried to evade Alison's questions about their plans. But Alison told them that she knew they were evading and asked to speak to Rafe alone. After Jack and Jamal left, Alison told Rafe that she had just seen Elizabeth, and it had appeared that her mother had been freaking out, so Alison asked Rafe to visit Elizabeth and answer some of her mother's questions. Rafe agreed to go and asked Alison to stay at the river house to be with Tess.

At Stephen's studio, Ricky spotted Casey, still posing as Marissa, and told the angel that her on-again, off-again routine had him confused. Meanwhile, inside the studio, Reese and Caz complained to Joshua about the changes in Caleb since he had written the song "Newborn Heart." Caleb suddenly appeared and announced that they were getting rid of "Newborn Heart" and returning to their traditional form of music. Caz and Reese were enthusiastic about the changes Caleb had announced.

Later, as the band practiced, Caleb admitted he liked some of the changes Ricky had made in one of the songs. When the band took a break after rehearsal, Reese approached Caleb and reminded the boss that they still had a problem with Ricky. Caleb gave Reese permission to nibble on Ricky, but Joshua listened in on Reese's plan. Reese later went to Ricky and told him that The Stephen Clay Experience was planning a big party and asked Ricky to go with her to the big bash.

Casey overheard Ricky agreeing to go with Reese and later tried to warn Ricky not to go with Reese. Ricky angrily ordered Casey to butt out of his life and quit ruining his good time. Meanwhile, Caleb remembered Kevin's warning that the longer Caleb was around humans, the more Caleb became like the humans he so despised. Just then, Reese reported back about her plans for nibbling on Ricky. As Reese told Caleb how grateful she was, Caleb began to kiss Reese, and Reese jumped into Caleb's lap and returned his kisses.

Meanwhile, in her hotel room, Elizabeth wondered what she should do to get rid of her symptoms if she did not hop into bed with Rafe. Elizabeth was pleasantly surprised when Rafe showed up at her door, and Elizabeth welcomed her daughter's fiancé with open arms. At the same time, Joshua left an urgent message on Elizabeth's phone, informing his partner that he needed her -- immediately.

After Rafe left Jack's river house, Tess walked out of the next room, holding the music box. As Jack and Jamal searched through the trash on the front porch, looking for the music box, Tess showed the music box to Alison and told her that Jack had said he was throwing the box away but had to have changed his mind. Alison observed that the music box looked familiar. Tess opened the music box and, when the music began to play, Tess turned into Livvie in front of an astonished Alison.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

When Lucy took a takeout lunch to Ian's Loft, Ian announced that he had finally devised a formula that he believed would cure his insatiable appetite for blood. Ian declared that he believed it was time to see if the formula would work -- on Ian. Lucy tried to persuade Ian not to use the new formula on himself because Lucy believed that they were doing fine, keeping Ian's symptoms in check with a combination of Caleb's water and Ian's relationship with Lucy. Ian protested that he could not bear the thought of living like that forever -- and would never be content to accept a life that was merely maintaining the status quo.

Lucy reluctantly agreed to help Ian try out the new serum. However, when Ian tried the serum on himself, his fangs emerged, and he suddenly attacked Lucy. The more Lucy tried to help Ian, the angrier Ian became. Ian began to strangle Lucy. When Ian knocked Lucy down and advanced menacingly toward her, Lucy suddenly pulled out a silver stake and threatened to impale him unless he stopped his attack.

Lucy appealed to Ian's love for his son to encourage Ian to fight Ian's cravings. Suddenly, Lucy declared her love for Ian and proclaimed that Lucy believed that Ian would not hurt her. Then Lucy put the stake down. As Lucy put down the stake, Ian's fangs disappeared, and Ian suddenly changed back to himself.

At Jack's river house, Alison was stunned when Tess opened Caleb's music box and suddenly turned into Livvie. As Livvie blasted Alison for always hanging around trying to make trouble, Jack walked in, and as Jack listened to Livvie bad-mouthing Alison, Jack spotted the music box and slammed the lid down. As soon as Jack shut the music box, Livvie disappeared and Tess reappeared, admitting that she did not remember what had just happened. Jack sent Tess to the kitchen for some soda, and then Jack filled Alison in about Caleb's music box and the power that the box seemed to exercise over Tess.

When Alison asked what she could do to help, Jack urged Alison to get to Rafe as quickly as possible and ask Rafe to return to the river house, while Jack kept Tess busy. Alison left right away, and when Tess returned to the living room, Jack explained that Caleb's music box made Tess remember some unhappy times in Livvie's life and made Tess sad and frightened. Tess explained that the box had just appeared beside Tess's bed, and Tess believed that Jack had put the box there.

Jack convinced Tess to never open the box again while she was alone, and Tess told Jack that she remembered that there was something "not quite right" about the music. Jack told Tess that, for the time being, Jack would keep the music box. Tess promised Jack that she would never open the box while she was alone, and Jack promised that he would always be there to take care of Tess.

When Rafe arrived at Elizabeth's hotel room, Elizabeth enthusiastically welcomed Rafe with open arms. As Elizabeth suddenly began to paw around on Rafe, Rafe demanded to know what was going on, and Elizabeth eventually informed Rafe bluntly that Elizabeth believed that she had proof that hopping in bed with a slayer would cure her of Caleb's curse of the undead. Rafe tried to tell Elizabeth that her idea did not make any sense and that, if that were true, Rafe would know about it.

As Rafe tried to convince Elizabeth that she needed to give up on the idea that hopping in bed with him would somehow "cure" Elizabeth, she knocked Rafe down on her bed, declaring, "You can kill me, or you can have sex with me." But as Elizabeth tried to cuddle up to Rafe, Alison suddenly burst in the door and blasted her mother for trying to seduce Alison's sweetheart. Elizabeth quickly tried to explain that, if Elizabeth could only bed Rafe, all of Elizabeth's unholy symptoms would disappear. Rafe agreed that Elizabeth had told him that.

Alison apologized to Rafe for her mother's behavior. Then Alison blasted Elizabeth for being so selfish. But Rafe urged Alison to realize that her mother was just desperate. Elizabeth agreed that Rafe was right and that Elizabeth did believe that she had proof that bedding Rafe would "cure" Elizabeth of her curse. Rafe tried to hustle Alison out of the room, but Elizabeth begged Alison not to leave.

As Elizabeth cried that she had no hope for the future, and the present was driving her mad, Rafe informed Elizabeth that there was hope -- all they had to do was kill Caleb. Elizabeth protested that killing Caleb would prove to be impossible. Alison warned her mother that Alison was tired of listening to all of Elizabeth's excuses, and Alison walked out into the hallway with Rafe. Once outside, Alison filled Rafe in on her experience as she had watched Tess turn into Livvie when Tess had opened Caleb's cursed music box. Rafe encouraged Alison to try to comfort her mother while Rafe called Jack to get the details about Tess's latest experience with Caleb's music box.

Meanwhile, at Jack's river house, Jack thrilled Tess when he gave her a new doll that was an exact duplicate of the doll that Livvie had burned. Tess exulted, "She is back! And we are going to have one of our own soon, too."

When Rafe called, Rafe warned Jack that they should not wait any longer before attempting to trap and destroy Caleb. Jack finally agreed with Rafe, and Jack declared, "As much as I love her, I have to send Tess out -- alone!"

Thursday, February 20, 2003

At Ian's Loft, as Ian voiced his disappointment that his vaccine had not worked, Rafe interrupted Ian and Lucy and announced that they were finally ready to get rid of Caleb -- permanently. Rafe explained that Jack had finally agreed to let them use Tess to con Caleb into dropping his guard and that, in fact, Jack would be the one who would set Tess up. Lucy was shocked when Rafe declared that Rafe could not be the one to exterminate Caleb -- Lucy would have to do the job. When Ian was suspicious of the reason why it had to be Lucy who took Caleb out, Rafe answered that he would explain all of that to Lucy -- alone.

After Ian left, Rafe reminded Lucy that Rafe could not eliminate Caleb because of the balance between good and evil -- when Rafe had gotten a pass back to earth, Caleb had also gotten the same kind of pass. Rafe explained a slayer had to make the kill if they ever wanted to be rid of the evil monster, and Lucy was the only one left who could take Caleb out. Lucy asked whether, if Lucy terminated Caleb, that also meant that Rafe would have to return to the hereafter, as well, but Rafe confessed that he did not know the answer to her question. When Ian returned, Lucy fibbed that Caleb would suspect Rafe of trying to eradicate Caleb but would not suspect Lucy because Caleb was too arrogant to realize that Lucy might be strong enough to face Caleb.

At Jack's river house, Jack reminded Tess that Jack was supportive of Tess's mission to "heal" Caleb. However, Jack convinced Tess that Caleb hid behind a wall, and that was the reason why it was so difficult for even Tess to reach down far enough to be able to awaken the goodness that Tess believed was buried deep inside Caleb. Jack explained to Tess that Jack believed that the water that Caleb drank provided a "mask" that Caleb could hide behind. Jack suggested that Tess was the only one who could successfully get Caleb to quit depending on the water long enough for Caleb to drop his mask and allow Tess to heal the evil monster.

A delighted Tess sweetly thanked Jack for understanding Tess's mission and thinking about getting rid of the water as a way to reach Caleb. Tess announced that she would go out to find Caleb right away and take Caleb to the scenic overlook to convince Caleb to give up drinking the water. When Tess rushed out to meet Caleb, Jack followed her.

Caleb's party was in full swing at Stephen's studio, and Joshua guardedly congratulated Caleb for recovering Caleb's former evil persona. Reese reported to Caleb that she was prepared to feast on Ricky before the night was finished, and Reese greeted Ricky enthusiastically when the drummer made an appearance. Joshua asked Caleb if he planned to move on and forget all about Olivia -- and Tess. Caleb insisted to his suspicious band manager that Caleb had already forgotten.

As Jamal sauntered through the park, Jamal was surprised when angel Casey sprang out at him and demanded Jamal's immediate help in protecting Ricky from getting bitten by Reese. Casey explained that she was not allowed to interfere to rescue Ricky -- but Jamal could interfere. After Casey explained her plan, Jamal rushed to Caleb's party. When Jamal arrived at the party, he found Ricky and slugged Ricky for kissing Jamal's girl -- "Marissa." However, as Casey watched in horror from a hidden corner, Caz showed up and threatened to teach Jamal some "manners" for Caz's "good friend," Ricky.

Back at Ian's loft, Rafe explained that the plan was for Tess to convince Caleb to quit drinking the water. Then, when Caleb had grown weakened from being without the water, they would open the music box when Tess and Caleb were together, and Livvie would appear. Lucy would pull the trigger while Caleb was distracted with the phenomena of seeing Livvie again.

Lucy assured Rafe that Lucy believed they would all be there to celebrate their victory over Caleb. Rafe returned to the car to get Lucy's silver slayer gun. While Rafe was gone, Ian assured Lucy that Ian believed that she would be successful in eradicating Caleb. Rafe returned with the gun and showed Lucy how to use it.

Caleb took a break from his party and saw Joshua as Joshua left. After Joshua was gone, Caleb remembered that Kevin suspected that Caleb was becoming human. Caleb also remembered Tess announcing that she could feel the goodness inside Caleb. Tess suddenly arrived, but Caleb rudely brushed her off and told Tess that they would not be talking again -- ever.

As Jack watched from hiding, Jack silently willed Tess to just take Caleb at his word and leave. However, Tess suddenly reminded Caleb that she truly believed that there was good inside Caleb. Before leaving, Tess confessed that, in her own way, she did love Caleb. Caleb suddenly asked Tess to wait.

Friday, February 21, 2003

At the party in Stephen's studio, as Casey watched in horror from a hidden corner, Jamal angrily informed Caz that Jamal's beef was with Ricky. Caz remained determined to make it about Caz. Jamal pretended to be willing to take the disagreement outside, but, as Caz followed Jamal, Jamal suddenly turned around and slugged Caz. Reese angrily warned Jamal that Jamal would be sorry for punching Caz.

Alison panicked when she discovered that she could not reach Rafe. When Alison confided her worry to her mother, Elizabeth could offer little to allay her daughter's fears. Alison declared that she was positive that Rafe had gone to face Caleb. Elizabeth tried to assure Alison that if Rafe had gone to eliminate his evil adversary then Rafe would succeed in his plan to eliminate the evil monster who had destroyed all of their lives. Alison flashed back to Rafe's explanation about the balance of good and evil and how it had enabled Rafe to gain a second chance at life on earth to be with Alison. Alison fell asleep and found herself in the midst of a horrible dream in which she learned that Rafe had to leave her because Caleb was dead.

At Ian's loft, Ian made a cup of soothing tea for Lucy to help calm her nerves before she left for her first solo attempt to rid the world of Caleb's evil. Rafe also tried to assure Lucy that she would succeed in destroying their evil enemy, but Lucy began to worry that Rafe might never see Alison again if Rafe was yanked back to the hereafter as soon as Caleb landed in hell. Rafe insisted that they needed to just concentrate on the job at hand.

Jack called to report that Tess was still working on Caleb but appeared to be making some headway. Lucy encouraged Rafe to call Alison before they headed out to face Caleb, but Rafe refused. Lucy grabbed the silver gun and announced that it was time for them to destroy Caleb. However, as Rafe, Lucy, and Ian left the building, Kevin noticed them leaving and followed.

Outside Caleb's party, Caleb stopped Tess from leaving and asked how Tess could still have faith that there was goodness inside Caleb that was worth saving when Tess knew that Caleb was ruthlessly using Tess to get to Livvie. Tess declared that she believed that Caleb was only trying to create someone who could love him as he really was. Tess knocked the blue bottle of water out of Caleb's hand, proclaiming that Caleb did not need the water.

When Caleb picked up the bottle, Tess accused Caleb of hiding behind the water because it masked the real Caleb. Tess announced that, in order to heal Caleb's heart, Tess needed to get close to the real man, not the persona that had been forced upon him by his evil family in centuries past. Caleb confessed that he regretted that he had ever shared his shameful family secrets with Tess. Tess stroked Caleb's cheek and invited Caleb to accompany her so that she could heal his wounded heart.

When Tess extended her hand, Caleb gratefully accepted it. Tess kissed Caleb's fingertips and led him away. Jack was thrilled when he realized that Tess was on the verge of success. However, when Jack stepped out of the shadows to follow Tess and Caleb, he discovered that two toughs were blocking his path. Jamal ran up and reported to Jack that ghouls were pursuing Jamal. When the thugs caught up with Jack and Jamal, the goons knocked Jack unconscious.

When the police officers arrived, the fight began to break up. A panic-stricken Casey desperately looked for Ricky, but did not find the drummer and was afraid that Reese might still follow through on her plan to feast on Ricky. At the same time, Reese finally cornered her tasty drummer boy and promised to give Ricky the "gift that keeps on giving."

Meanwhile, Jamal picked Jack up off the ground and revived him. As Jack and Jamal headed off to catch up with Tess, the police officers noticed them and decided to arrest Jack and Jamal. When the police put handcuffs on Jack, Jamal began to pretend that he was falling-down drunk and took his car keys out. As Jamal screamed for his mama, the police handcuffed Jamal. While the police were distracted by Jamal's antics, Jack freed himself and ran away to catch up with Caleb and Tess.

As Caleb and Tess approached the scenic overlook, Lucy confessed to Ian that she was afraid she would not succeed in destroying their evil adversary. Ian assured Lucy that Ian was confident that Lucy would succeed in saving the world from Caleb, and they would all soon have a reason to celebrate. Rafe, Lucy, and Ian hid in the shadows and waited for Tess and Caleb to appear. When Caleb arrived with Tess, Caleb admitted that he was not surprised that Tess had taken him to the scenic overlook. Tess gently encouraged Caleb to let himself go so he could open himself up to his feelings.

Caleb complained that he needed his water, but Tess insisted that Caleb's water would only stand in the way of Caleb discovering his human emotions. Tess proclaimed to Caleb that it was meant to be and urged Caleb not to be afraid because Tess was convinced that that moment was the reason why Caleb had created Tess in the first place. Caleb announced that he only wanted Livvie back. Caleb did not want love and did not want to be healed. Caleb suggested that it was Tess who needed to look inside and find the woman inside of herself whom Caleb desired. Tess vowed that she would never allow Livvie to return.

Meanwhile, Rafe, Lucy, and Ian lurked in the shadows and wondered why Jack had not yet appeared. However, Kevin spotted the group and moved closer to discover what their mission was.

Meanwhile, as Caleb angrily demanded to see Livvie, Tess valiantly continued to stand her ground and gently urged the evil monster to tell her what was in his heart. Caleb declared that there was only darkness in his heart. At the same time, Jack slipped close and quietly opened the music box. When Caleb heard the music, he stopped dead in his tracks. But the tune also enticed Livvie to emerge from within Tess. Kevin witnessed the emergence of his daughter and happily started toward the couple. However, Lucy drew her gun, aimed, and shot.

Meanwhile, Casey found Ricky alone, with Reese poised behind the drummer, ready to sink her teeth into Ricky's neck.

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