PC Recaps: The week of February 10, 2003 on Port Charles
Jamal learned that Marissa was actually Casey and offered to help her act more like Marissa. Caleb ordered his vampires to feed on the residents of Port Charles, but Tess stopped it. Joshua revealed himself as a vampire. Tess turned back into Livvie.
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Monday, February 10, 2003

As Casey wanders in the Park, she flashes back to kissing Ricky and wonders out loud if there WAS a way that she and Ricky COULD be together. Casey suddenly finds herself bathed in white light and then transported back to Ed's Office in the Here-After. Ed reminds Casey that Casey was sent back to earth to be Ricky's guardian angel - NOT to fall in love with Ricky. Casey reminds Ed that Ed KNEW that Casey was ALREADY in love with Ricky! Ed warns Casey that the trouble in Port Charles now is getting worse and - IF Casey can NOT keep her mind on her mission, Ed will be forced to yank Casey back to the Here-After. Ed reminds Case that Ed does NOT plan to let Casey repeat the mistakes that Ed watched Rafe make! Casey protests that, even though Casey IS a screw-up, she STILL managed to save Marissa and Jamal's lives and Ricky's life on her last trip. Ed finally agrees that Casey CAN return to earth and asks Casey to keep an eye on Rafe as well. Ed warns Casey to remember that she IS dealing with a VERY serious situation in Port Charles. Then Ed claps his hands and Casey disappears.

In Rafe's Loft, as Jack explains to Jamal, Alison and Rafe how Tess suddenly disappeared after the lights went off, Lucy suddenly arrives and announces that she needs to speak to Rafe about the situation with the lights. Rafe declares that Caleb probably has Tess and that Caleb is probably plotting some serious payback for the city of Port Charles!

In the fog enshrouded woods, Ian watches as Caleb orders Caz and Reese to go ahead and feed on the good folks of Port Charles. As Ian fights his impulse to join Caleb's stooges, Elizabeth also arrives but stays hidden. Ian and Elizabeth do NOT see each other on the fringes of Caleb's gathering. As Caleb proclaims to Reese and Caz that they are free to begin a feeding frenzy, Ian flashes back to kissing Lucy and then runs away from Caleb's gathering. Shortly afterward, as lightning flashes in the woods, Tess suddenly appears and declares that she will NOT let Caleb avenge himself on the hapless citizens of Port Charles. When Caleb declares that Tess should NOT be there, Tess informs Caleb that she HEARD his call and that Tess believes that Caleb WANTED Tess to hear his call because Caleb WANTED Tess to arrive and stop Caleb from attacking the town. Caz and Reese beg Caleb's permission to get rid of Tess, but Caleb states that no one will EVER hurt Tess! Tess reminds Caleb that he once told her that he WANTED to find the goodness in his soul and wanted Tess to help him. Tess demands that Caleb choose immediately between continuing down his dark pathway or turning to the light. Caleb announces that he chooses Tess, and Caleb orders his followers to return to the shadows. But, as they leave, Reese complains to Caz that they need to get rid of Tess because that interfering do-gooder is clouding Caleb's mind!

As Lucy, Alison, Rafe, Jack and Jamal discuss a plan to search for Tess, Ian suddenly arrives and warns Lucy that Caleb is ordering his legions to take flight over Port Charles for a feeding frenzy. Rafe suddenly asks HOW Ian could get close enough to hear Caleb's orders to the evil monster's underlings, and guesses that Ian has been turned into one of the walking undead. Even though Lucy tries to gloss over Ian's status in the world of the undead, Ian finally admits to Rafe that it was Elizabeth who bit Ian and turned Ian into one of Caleb's followers. Ian reports that Tess was NOT with Caleb in the woods when Ian was there but offers the opinion that IF Tess IS with Caleb, Tess will be the FIRST one Caleb will be planning to turn into one of the walking undead. Rafe agrees that: "We have to stop Caleb and his brood now - or the whole town is lost!' They all leave to find Tess. Later, as Jamal walks through the Park, looking for Tess, he hears a noise behind a bush and went to investigate. While Jamal is hidden in the bushes, Casey suddenly materializes in front of him. Jamal told himself that he KNOWS that MARISSA could NOT just appear out of nowhere like that. So Jamal decides that he has just seen Angel Casey, and decides to follow the angel when she leaves the Park!

As Elizabeth watches Caleb from her hiding place in the woods, Mrs. Clay is stunned when she sees the power that Tess seems to exercise over Caleb. However, as Elizabeth marvels at the way Caleb appears to have switched from obsessing over Olivia and has now turned his attention to Tess, Elizabeth is horrified when Joshua suddenly appears, grabs her and carries her off. Joshua takes Elizabeth to his garishly decorated lair and announces that Elizabeth messed up, big time, when she 'killed' Joshua - and ended up turning Caleb's right-hand man into one of the walking undead instead!

Back in the fog-enshrouded woods, Tess told Caleb that she is proud of him for making the choice to call off his planned bloodbath. But Caleb suddenly disappears as Jack, Rafe, Alison, Lucy and Ian arrive. They are all surprised when Tess announces that Caleb has called off the attack he planned to punish the people of Port Charles. Rafe agrees that Tess is right and that the evil monster's followers have disappeared.

Meanwhile, Caleb appears back at his apartment and drinks some of his water while he flashes back to Tess stating that Caleb is ready to find the good inside himself. Caleb proclaims to himself: "You are a sweet girl, Tess. And now you think you have some kind of power over me! You think you can fix me. You can make me better. Well, if you think that, Tess, here's to you - my Guardian Angel!"

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

At Ian's loft, Jamal, Rafe, Alison, Lucy and Ian brainstorm ideas for defeating Caleb. Lucy reminds everyone that the last time they destroyed Caleb, they used Livvie to get to Caleb. Ian confides that he is working on a formula to reverse the vampire virus, but it is a long shot. Rafe suggests that they use Tess to get to Caleb, but Alison disagrees and Jamal reminds everyone that Jack would NEVER agree to that kind of plan. Alison suggests that they just let Tess continue doing what Tess HAS been doing - heal! Since Tess IS a healer, Alison argues, maybe Tess COULD reach Caleb's vulnerable side and change Caleb's heart forever. But Rafe disagrees, pointing out that he has dealt with Caleb longer than anyone and Rafe KNOWS that Caleb has NO heart for Tess to heal! Rafe and Ian caution that the way they saw Tess change Caleb's mind about declaring war on Port Charles the previous evening might have just been part of a game that Caleb was playing. Although Alison continues to voice her disapproval, Rafe admits that Tess IS the key to defeating Caleb but NOT because it would ever be possible for Tess to heal Caleb's heart. Alison reminds Rafe that Rafe - of ALL people - SHOULD believe in miracles and she encourages Rafe to exercise a little faith!

Meanwhile, in Joshua's lair, Joshua convinces Elizabeth that Joshua is, indeed, 'alive!' Elizabeth dares Joshua to go ahead and bump her off because Elizabeth no longer has any reason to want to live. Joshua orders Elizabeth to cut out the melodrama but finally confides that he is just as angry as Elizabeth is that Caleb is obsessed with Olivia - AND Tess! As Elizabeth reminds Joshua that Joshua is ONLY Caleb's servant, Joshua suddenly bares his fangs and announces that Caleb would be VERY angry if Caleb discovered that Joshua had been turned in to one of the undead, instead of just being dead! Elizabeth is surprised when she learns that Joshua is grateful to Elizabeth for turning Joshua into one of the undead. Elizabeth finally guesses that what Joshua wants is power and that Joshua plans to use Elizabeth in some kind of plot that would enable Joshua to become more powerful than Caleb. Elizabeth declares that she wants NOTHING to do with any plan that would get her on Caleb's 'worst' side. But Joshua begins to imply that Caleb has had MANY affairs, especially since marrying Elizabeth, including Dr. Karen Wexler at the Hospital! At the same time, Joshua hints, Caleb expected Elizabeth to remain 100% faithful to her promiscuous spouse. Joshua gloats that Elizabeth is living her first marriage all over again with Caleb! Elizabeth suddenly agrees to help Joshua in whatever plan Joshua is concocting!

At Jack's River House, Jack assures Tess that he is NOT angry that Tess changed her mind about leaving town. Jack told Tess that he is happy that she was able to stop Caleb's attack the previous evening. Tess and Jack settle in to enjoy a quiet day at home and Jack slips off to sleep.

As Ricky, Casey, Reese and Caz wait for Caleb to show up at the Studio, Caz and Reese quietly grouse about Caleb's sudden about-face the previous evening. When Caleb DOES arrive, he announces to the band that they are going to record a new song about an amazing woman. As the band tunes up, Reese gets Caleb alone and confides that she is worried about the Boss because he seems to be 'out of it' recently. Reese suggests that she would be willing to take Joshua's place as the band's manager. Caleb hints that his 'unfocused' appearance lately is all part of a bigger, master plan. Meanwhile, Casey almost confesses to Ricky that she had no idea he was so talented musically.

When Jamal gets ready to leave Ian's loft, Lucy and Ian walk Jamal out so Rafe and Alison can have a private chat. As soon as Lucy, Ian and Jamal leave, Alison reminds Rafe that Tess would be in SERIOUS danger if Caleb ever figured out that Tess was part of a plan to trick Caleb. Meanwhile, in the hall outside, Lucy informs Ian that she believes Caleb's plan is to keep all of the evil monster's enemies at odds with each other so that Caleb can get stronger! Then Lucy hints that Lucy believes that Lucy and Ian HAVE uncovered some important information when they discovered that Ian's cravings ARE suppressed when Ian hops in bed with Lucy. Ian finally asks if Lucy is suggesting that Lucy should hop in bed with Caleb to get Caleb to give up his evil agenda. Although Lucy denies that she is suggesting anything of the sort, Ian orders Lucy to get that notion out of her head right away. Meanwhile, inside the loft, Alison declares that she believes Rafe is wrong this time about the best way to defeat Caleb, then Alison leaves. When Lucy and Ian return, Lucy assures her cousin that Alison will soon understand Rafe's plan.

Caleb and his band finally begin to record their new song:

I don't have the strength
to lie any more.
Spend my life
Taking all the wrong doors.
Think I have the answers -
Questions remain!
Still here, on the outside -
Covered in pain;
So make a fire to light
That shines through my window,
I can see so clearly in your eyes.

Just a fire tonight;
Then, Oh, baby, let it go.
Need to feel you near me.
No more lies.

Bring me to life. Bring me to life. Bring me to life!
With a newborn heart.
Yeah - So make a fire to light
that shines through my window.
I can see so clearly in your eyes.

Just a fire tonight;
Then, Oh, baby, let it go.
Need to feel you near me.
No more lies.

Bring me to life. Bring me to life. Bring me to life!
With a newborn heart! With a newborn heart! With a newborn heart!
Yeah; yeah; yeah!
Yeah; yeah; yeah!
Bring me to life. Bring me to life!

As Caleb sings, Alison arrives at Jack's River House and Tess slips away from the sleeping Jack to answer the door. Alison announces to Tess that Alison believes that Tess WILL be able to heal Caleb.

Meanwhile, after Caleb's band finishes recording, they congratulate themselves. As the band listens to their recording, Caleb fantasizes about Tess walking in to the room, then turning into Livvie and announcing that she is returning to him!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

At Ian's Loft, Ian and Lucy's breakfast is interrupted by a visit from Ian's friend Tim and Ian's son Daniel. Tim reveals that Lucy was the one who arranged the visit. While Ian is happy to see Daniel, when Ian reaches for his son, Ian has flashbacks to memories of seeing himself with fangs and red eyes and backs away from Daniel. Ian orders Tim and Lucy to get Daniel out of there. When Lucy takes Ian aside, Ian confesses that he does NOT want his son to see what a monster Danny's father has become. But Lucy assures Ian that Ian has NOT become a monster and Ian finally sits down with Danny on his knee and they finish breakfast together. Ian promises Daniel that one day, it WILL be safe for Daniel to return to Port Charles, then Daniel and Tim leave to return to New York City. Lucy assures Ian that Ian's condition is only temporary and they will soon find an answer that will free Ian from his curse.

At Jack's River House, Tess is surprised when she finds Alison on her doorstep. Alison confides to Tess that Alison KNOWS that Alison has SEEN Tess perform miracles. Alison went on to explain that Alison believes that Caleb and Elizabeth STILL have souls that can be salvaged and encourages Tess to go ahead and try to heal Caleb. But Tess reminds Alison that everyone else - especially Jack - have warned Tess time and again to stay away from Caleb. When Alison affirms her belief that Tess could succeed in healing Caleb so that Caleb would never again hurt anyone else, Tess confesses that healing is not something that Tess merely WANTS to do. Rather, healing is something that Tess MUST do! Alison encourages Tess to leave immediately to make another effort to heal Caleb. After Tess leaves, Jack comes out on the porch. When Jack asks where Tess is, Alison reluctantly admits that Tess went to see Caleb and plans to attempt to heal Caleb's heart. Jack declares that he must go after Tess to rescue her. Alison at first tries to talk Jack out of going to Stephen's Studio, but Jack refuses to listen to Alison. When Jack leaves, Alison follows him.

Kevin is pleased to receive a visit from Caleb while Kevin is in jail. Kevin asks Caleb to help Kevin get out of jail, reminding the evil monster that Kevin can still help Caleb gain access to Tess. However, Caleb reports that he no longer needs Kevin's help with Tess and suggests that Kevin get some of his friends to help him out. But Kevin admits that none of his friends will help him any more - confessing that even Kevin's own father has refused to help. When Kevin desperately proclaims that he REALLY needs to get out of jail, Caleb asks if Kevin needs to get out so that Kevin can kill Lucy and her latest boyfriend. Although Kevin denies that he is planning to kill Lucy, Caleb finally agrees that, IF Kevin could just keep Lucy distracted and OUT of Caleb's face, it would be worth it to Caleb to help get Kevin out of jail. Caleb informs Kevin that the price of obtaining Caleb's help now is that, at some future date, Caleb will ask Kevin to return the favor and Kevin will have to grant the favor WITHOUT asking any questions! Kevin agrees to Caleb's terms and Caleb leaves to arrange for Kevin's release. After his release, Kevin returns to the Light House, finds Lucy's crystal ball and, looking into the ball, declares: "I see your future, Lucy and Ian. And it is NOT pretty!'

Casey discovers Reese laying in wait for Casey in the Park. Reese warns Casey to stay away from Ricky because Reese has plans for the drummer boy. When Casey orders Reese to buzz off, Reese rushes forward to attack Casey, but Casey uses some Angel Power to throw a tree limb in Reese's path, which trips Reese up. As Reese falls, Jamal spots the encounter from his hiding place in the bushes. Reese accuses Casey of using some kind of power to make that branch trip Reese up. But Casey insists that Reese is merely a klutz. Reese makes the sinister promise that, one day, Reese will 'bite' Casey, then storms away. After Reese is out of sight, Casey addresses heaven, but is interrupted when Jamal comes out of the bushes and admits that he just saw 'Marissa's' trick with the tree branch and asks if she is really Casey instead of Marissa. Although Casey denies it at first, the angel finally admits that she IS Casey and IS an angel. Casey explains that Marissa left Port Charles and, IF Marissa returns to that doomed town, Marissa will get pulled in to the conflict with Caleb and will die. Jamal agrees that he understands why Marissa had to leave town and Casey admits that Ricky does NOT know that Casey is Casey instead of Marissa. Jamal suggests that Casey needs some pointers on pretending to be Marissa and volunteers to coach the angel.

When Tess arrives at Stephen's Studio, she is surprised to find Joshua waiting for her there. Tess reminds Joshua that he was the one who pushed both Livvie AND Tess into the water and left them to die. But Joshua reminds Tess that, since Tess is so good and pure, Tess WILL find a way to forgive Joshua. But Tess informs Joshua that Tess KNOWS that Joshua is NOT sorry and is still bad. Joshua declares that he has changed his mind and now believes that TESS is exactly what Caleb deserves. As Joshua begs Tess to listen to what Joshua has to say, Jack and Alison suddenly burst in and Tess rushes into Jack's arms. Alison is transfixed by the sight of Joshua, whom she believed to be dead! After Tess, Jack and Alison rush away from Joshua, Caleb suddenly appears and asks Joshua: "Can you give me one good reason why I should NOT kill you, right now?"

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Alison rushes back to Rafe's Loft with the news that she just saw Joshua! Rafe immediately guesses that Elizabeth turned Joshua into one of the undead, rather than bumping him off entirely. Alison is surprised when Rafe explains that there was always the possibility that Elizabeth had turned Joshua rather than doing away with him entirely. Alison is happy when she realizes that, since Elizabeth did NOT actually kill Joshua, it would mean that Elizabeth has NOT crossed over to Caleb's world of eternally condemned souls. When Alison asks if Rafe would have had to eventually destroy Elizabeth if Elizabeth HAD crossed over, Rafe assures Alison that Rafe would have found ANOTHER way rather than destroy Alison's mother. Alison tries again to convince Rafe that Rafe should allow Tess to try to heal Caleb, but Rafe insists that Caleb has NO heart to heal and, while Rafe wishes that Tess COULD restore Caleb's soul, it is more likely that continued delay would only give Caleb more time to corrupt Tess the same way that Caleb corrupted Livvie. And, Rafe points out, Alison would ALSO become Caleb's target! But Alison affirms her belief that Rafe and Alison together are living proof that miracles DO happen!

Meanwhile, at Jack's River House, Jack asks Tess if the reason that he ALWAYS finds her with Caleb is because she is under some kind of spell. OR because she is NOT really happy with Jack - and really wants to be with Caleb instead. Tess assures Jack that she loves Jack only. But Jack reminds Tess that he has been through all of this before with Livvie. Tess argues that she only wants to HELP Caleb, because she was blessed with a gift and she MUST use that gift! Jack finally agrees that, if Tess truly believes that she CAN change Caleb, Jack will quit opposing her efforts and become supportive of Tess's mission to heal Caleb's heart. Tess assures Jack that he will NOT be sorry for having faith in her. Then Tess suggests that they go to bed. Jack told Tess to go ahead and get ready, but Jack needs to go out to pick up something special first. However, outside, Jack told himself: "I love you, Tess. I hope just one day, you will forgive me!"

At Stephen's Studio, Caleb demands to know what Joshua said to frighten Tess. When Joshua insists that he only tried to assure Tess that Joshua had misjudged her, Caleb guesses that Joshua has been turned in to a member of the Undead by Elizabeth. Joshua produces a knife and told Caleb to do whatever Caleb needs to do. But Caleb told Joshua that, when Caleb decides it IS time to be rid of Joshua permanently, Caleb will NOT need a prop! Caleb admits that he HAS missed Joshua's help in keeping the band in line. When Joshua told Caleb that "Newborn Heart" is a brilliant song, Caleb admits that he wrote the song so that Tess would believe that Caleb IS changing and Caleb could then succeed in luring Tess into trying to heal Caleb so that Caleb could draw Livvie out of Tess. Joshua congratulates his evil master for concocting such a brilliant plan. Caleb confesses that Caleb's orders to the big bat's follower's to take flight over Port Charles for a feeding frenzy was just an elaborate charade to convince Tess that she HAD changed Caleb and DOES have the power to 'uncover' the good in Caleb's heart. Joshua admits that Joshua would have gone ahead with the attack on the town. Joshua asks if Caleb is sure that Caleb still wants Livvie and NOT Tess. But Caleb insists that he wants only Olivia and NOT Tess - that Tess is merely a means to an end. When Joshua offers to help his master, Caleb reminds Joshua that Joshua is just an underling who can be easily exterminated. But, after Caleb leaves, Joshua gloats to himself that, by the time that Caleb discovers what Joshua is up to, it will be too late.

Meanwhile, back at Rafe's Loft, Rafe tries to explain to Alison that opposing evil forces is the only thing that Rafe has known all of his life. Rafe assures Alison that he appreciates her courage. But Alison admits that she has NOT been feeling very brave. Rafe confesses that he was scared every time that he was separated from Alison. Alison announces to Rafe that she has a perfect plan for getting revenge and begins lighting candles. Alison declares that, for a few hours, they will forget that Caleb Morley ever existed. Rafe and Alison soon hit the sheets. Afterward, Rafe gives Alison's engagement ring back to her and Alison gives Rafe's special watch back to Rafe.

Elizabeth slips into Stephen's Studio, looking for some more of Caleb's water, but finds only Joshua. Joshua informs Elizabeth that they are out of the special water and Joshua suggests that Elizabeth take care of her cravings with a 'traditional' feeding. Even though Elizabeth objects and Joshua admits that he is not really fond of Elizabeth either, Joshua soon bites Elizabeth.

Back at Rafe's Loft, while Rafe and Alison are making plans for their future, they are interrupted by a persistent knocking on their door. When Rafe answers the door, Jack bursts in and announces that he just set Tess up. Jack confides that Tess continues to believe that she can heal Caleb and Jack is afraid that Tess will never stop trying to 'heal' Caleb. So Jack pretended to Tess that he now supports Tess's mission to save Caleb. Jack warns Rafe and Alison that Caleb will destroy them all if they do NOT do something - soon! Jack then announces that Jack wants to be the one to drive the stake through Caleb's heart this time! Meanwhile, Tess is at the River House, lighting candles in anticipation of Jack's homecoming. But Caleb watches Tess from the porch and then materializes inside the living room and advances toward Tess.

Friday, February 14, 2003

At Ian's Loft, Lucy secretly makes plans to surprise Ian with a special treat called "The Taste of Ireland." However, a male stripper shows up and announces his plan is to step dance as he strips down to his Shamrock. Ian is amused as an embarrassed Lucy quickly pays the Dancer to leave before he strips down to his Lucky Charms. After the Dancer leaves, Ian gives Lucy a special gift of a four-leaf clover he found when he was a boy. Then Ian suggests that they go OUT for dinner!

At Stephen's Studio, Elizabeth coldly informs Joshua that the thought of satisfying her cravings with Joshua is too repulsive for her to even consider it. Joshua reminds Elizabeth that he is the only choice she has - unless she has a hidden lover somewhere. Mrs. Clay insists that her husband is her only passion but it is obvious that Caleb has moved on. Joshua brightens, as he observes: "So - I DID stir something in you, didn't I?"

ELIZABETH: "You certainly did! Utter disgust!"

Joshua reminds Elizabeth that Joshua plans to take Caleb's place and that Elizabeth has promised to help Joshua take Caleb down. But Elizabeth retorts that that does NOT mean that Elizabeth would allow their relationship to become anything other than a business arrangement. Joshua urges Elizabeth to just give in to her cravings but Elizabeth storms out of the room. After Elizabeth leaves, Joshua chuckles to himself as he assures himself that Elizabeth will come around eventually.

At Rafe's Loft, Rafe assures Jack that Lucy and Rafe will need to take care of eliminating Caleb. Alison objects to the possibility of Rafe and Lucy doing away with Caleb in front of Tess. Alison notices that Jack bought a replacement of Tess's doll for Tess's Valentine's Day gift and blasts Jack because it looks like Jack prefers to treat his new wife as a child! Alison points out that Jack wants the sweet, innocent, untouched side of Tess while Caleb wants the evil, manipulative side of Livvie - but what Livvie AND Tess both need is a chance to become one whole, complete, integrated person! Jack argues that Tess IS a complete person, just the way she is! When Alison appeals to Rafe for Rafe's opinion, Rafe replies: "I think, given the chance, Caleb is going to turn Tess into something we do not even recognize. And, if it were me, I would do anything to stop that!" Alison continues to warn Jack and Rafe that using Tess to get rid of Caleb could backfire and TESS could end up being the one who ends up VERY hurt by their plan!

Caleb calls Tess up to the Scenic Overlook that he introduced her to and plays "Newborn Heart" for her, claiming that he wrote the song just for her. Caleb informs Tess that he now believes that he is no longer destined to keep repeating the same mistake. Caleb kisses Tess and told her that it is because he is grateful to her for the new life she has opened up for him. Caleb then gives Tess a music box, claiming that Livvie was very fond of the music box and that the music from the box will bring Tess closer to Livvie. Tess prophesies that Caleb WILL love again, even though Caleb can NOT have Livvie! But, after Tess leaves, Caleb vows to himself: "Don't worry about me, Tess! I WILL find love again!"

Elizabeth arrives at Ian's Loft but arrives after Ian and Lucy have gone to dinner. Elizabeth lets herself in to wait for Ian and makes herself comfortable by stripping down to almost nothing. As she waits, Elizabeth spots Ian's research notes and reads: "Vampire symptoms are relieved when a vampire makes love with a slayer!" Elizabeth guesses that Ian is referring to his relationship with Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy and Ian are enjoying dinner out when someone sends a complimentary bottle of wine to their table. When Lucy and Ian look around for their benefactor, they spot Kevin, who lifts his glass in salute! Meanwhile, back at Rafe's Loft, Rafe gives Alison some pink roses and they promise each other that they will forget about all of the evil lurking around Port Charles for a little while. They promise that they will always talk through their differences of opinion. Then they hit the sheets. At the same time, at the Scenic Overlook, Caleb affirms his belief that Livvie will find her way back to him, because Livvie has ALWAYS found her way back to Caleb. Meanwhile, Tess sets a romantic mood for Jack at the River House. But, as Tess writes a love letter for Jack, she opens Caleb's music box and begins to listen to the music and then begins to dance. By the time that Jack returns home, Tess has turned into Livvie!

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