PC Recaps: The week of January 20, 2003 on Port Charles
Elizabeth killed Joshua. Rafe made a deal with the captain for information about Alison's father. Lucy took Ian to his cabin, but he had a hard time controlling his urge to feed. Caleb panicked when he thought that Tess was dying.
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Monday, January 20, 2003

In her hotel room in Capri, Alison thanks Rafe for conjuring up a travel alarm to throw Joshua off the track. As Alison told Rafe how much she loves him, Rafe announces that he has the room that adjoins Alison's room, and shows it to her. As they talk, there is a knock at Alison's door and, after Rafe slips out of sight, Alison opens the door to find a waiter, bringing room service. When Alison informs the waiter that she did NOT call for room service, the waiter realizes that the delivery was for a honeymooning couple on a different floor, apologizes, and leaves.

Meanwhile, at Ian's loft, Ian and Lucy's kisses turn passionate, but before they can hit the sheets, Ian told Lucy that they MUST wait, even though Lucy declares that she does NOT want to wait. Ian cautions Lucy to remember that Ian does NOT know WHAT he is capable of doing - yet.

At the same time, at the Light House, Jack demands to know HOW Kevin could set a trap for his own daughter. But Kevin reminds Jack that only LIVVIE is Kevin's daughter. When Jack demands to know what TESS is to Kevin, Kevin coldly replies: "Nothing!' Jack lashes out at Kevin, hits Kevin and knocks Kevin against the wall. Jack is stunned when he realizes that he knocked Kevin unconscious!

Down near the water, Caleb sings to Olivia and is rewarded when Livvie opens her eyes and kisses Caleb. However, as Caleb and Olivia declare their love for one another, Livvie suddenly announces that Tess is beginning to come back. Caleb implores Livvie to fight to keep Tess inside.

After the waiter leaves Alison's Capri hotel room, Rafe apologizes to Alison that they are NOT on their honeymoon, as they had planned. When Alison steps into the next room to freshen up, Rafe produces a honeymoon lunch for them. When Alison returns, they again declare their love for one another and make plans for the honeymoon they will be able to enjoy when Caleb's lies have been exposed. Rafe promises Alison that her REAL honeymoon WILL take place - and SOON! Rafe declares tha, during the night, t he WILL be dreaming about a solution to their problem and he reminds Alison that 'Dreams DO come true.'' Rafe sadly returns to his own room, leaving them both thinking about what might have been.

Back at Ian's Loft, Ian insists to Lucy that he has NO idea whether or not he might eventually hurt Lucy. Ian promises to keep drinking Caleb's water and working to find a way out of his predicament. When Ian asks Lucy if she will wait for him, Ian is surprised when Lucy agrees that she WILL wait! Lucy hesitantly leaves Ian's loft.

Meanwhile, down by the water, Livvie complains of a blinding headache, then Tess suddenly appears. Tess told Caleb: "I can't let you have her, Stephen! You are bad for her! I can't let you hurt her again!' Even though Caleb demands that Tess let Olivia come back, Tess replies that she can't AND won't let Livvie return! Tess suddenly begins remembering the way Livvie and Tess merged in the water, then Tess collapses. Caleb desperately tries to revive her, then panics when he realizes that she is no longer breathing and that her heart has stopped.

At the same time, at the Hospital, Ian tries to make off secretly with some research lab equipment. As Ian tries to slip unnoticed out of the Hospital with his booty, he runs in to Lucy, who is ALSO lifting some Hospital lab equipment! Lucy and Ian decide to pool the equipment netted in their respective heists. But, as they quickly make for the door, they are surprised when Jack brought Kevin to the Hospital to get Kevin's injuries checked out. Kevin spots Lucy and Ian together. When Lucy demands to know WHY Kevin is at the Hospital, Kevin told Lucy about Jack's attack on Kevin. As Jack explains that Caleb took Tess away and Jack believes that Kevin had something to do with that, Caleb suddenly arrives with a motionless Tess in his arms. Caleb begs for help because he believes Tess is dying!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

In the Park, Marissa blasts Jamal for tricking her into believing that her mother needed her at home. Jamal apologizes, but warns Marissa that Jack SAW Caleb's real fangs and knows for a fact that Stephen Clay really IS Caleb! As Marissa and Jamal argue about Marissa continuing to write lyrics for the Stephen Clay Experience, Jamal gets a call from Jack, informing him that Tess is in the Hospital. Before Jamal leaves to meet Jack at the Hospital, he pleads with Marissa to stay far, far away from Stephen/Caleb, and Marissa promises that she WILL keep her distance. However, as soon as Jamal leaves, Marissa vows that she MUST stop Stephen, and heads toward the Studio.

Meanwhile, Ricky argues with Caz and Reese because Stephen is once again a no-show at their practice session. Ricky finally convinces Caz and Reese to listen to a new song that Ricky has written. When Ricky steps away for a minute, Reese confesses to Caz that she is eager to nibble on Ricky, but Caz warns his sidekick that Reese is NOT allowed to nibble on anyone until they get an OK from Stephen.

At the same time, Caleb arrives at the Hospital with an unconscious Tess in his arms. Although Ian is feeling the ill effects of having been without Caleb's water for a while, Ian stops to help with Tess. While Jack and Kevin wonder what is wrong with Ian, Tess went into full arrest and Ian and Kevin work to bring her around again,whiles Lucy, Caleb and Jack watch. When Tess is breathing again, Ian demands to know what Caleb did to her, but Karen arrives and Ian turns Tess over to Karen. As Karen moves Tess to a room, Kevin gets Caleb alone and accuses his evil ally of being responsible for Tess's condition. But Caleb protests that he DID bring Livvie back but Tess fought Livvie until Tess collapsed. Kevin observes that it seems like everything Caleb touches dies. Ian returns and demands to know what Caleb did to Tess but Caleb again denies being responsible for Tes's condition. Caleb points out that IF he had WANTED to hurt Tess, Tess would be gone for good by now. Later, Lucy notices Caleb sitting alone and points out that she believes that Caleb just felt the emotion of 'love' while he watched Ian and Kevin work to save Tess's life. Lucy wonders idly if Caleb's particular curse might be that, in spite of his apparent power and privileges, Caleb always seems to kill whomever he loves the most. Lucy urges Caleb to give up his fantasy of re-creating Livvie, the 'perfect vampire bride,' and allowing Tess to be free to live her life without Caleb's evil machinations clouding her future.

After Caz, Reese and Ricky run through Ricky's new song, they decide to call it a night, since Stephen is still a no-show. After Caz leaves, Reese begins to make a play for Ricky. However, as Reese is getting close to having Ricky for dinner, Reese begins talking about Ricky and Reese being together "forever" - and a panic-stricken Ricky believes she means making a commitment - so he calls the make-out session to a screeching halt!

When Jack gets a chance to get Kevin alone, he blasts Kevin for being in cahoots with Caleb. When Jack asks Ian for a prognosis of Tess's condition, Jack is shocked when Ian curtly announces that Karen is now in charge of the case - and Ian leaves. In the stairwell, Ian admits to himself that he should NOT be at the Hospital. Jack later warns Kevin that, IF Tess does NOT survive her little interlude with Caleb, Jack will go after Kevin! Jack went into Tess's room and apologizes to a sleeping Tess for not being able to protect her from Caleb. Jack also assures Tess that he loves her.

As Ricky protests to Reese that he is NOT looking for any long-term commitments, Caz suddenly returns and informs Reese that Stephen just called and wants to speak to Reese. Caz suggests that Ricky split or end up getting caught in the back-draft of whatever is bugging Stephen now. After Ricky takes Caz's advice and leaves, Caz reminds Reese that she was NOT supposed to make a move on Ricky UNTIL Stephen gave the word. After Reese and Caz leave, Marissa comes out of hiding and begins looking for clues to prove that Stephen IS Caleb. As Marissa spots Reese's backpack and begins rummaging through it, Reese suddenly returns and catches Marissa in the act!

At the Hospital, Jack lets Jamal know that not only Caleb - but also Kevin - appear to be determined to get rid of Tess in order to have Livvie back. Lucy also takes time for a private chat with Kevin. Lucy asks Kevin IF Jack is right and that Kevin DID help Caleb get to Tess. But Kevin reminds Lucy that it is no longer Lucy's concern, since Lucy walked out on Kevin. Ian and Jack spot Lucy and Kevin talking together. When Kevin walks away from Lucy, Jack follows Kevin.

Meanwhile, Caleb suddenly appears in Tess's room and asks: "When will they learn? They can't keep me away from you!'

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Jack tries to figure out why Kevin has changed so much. He doesn’t understand Kevin’s attitude about Tess. Kevin is sure that Tess knows what happened to Livvie. When Jack defends Tess, Kevin comments that Jack won’t have Tess for long because he doesn’t understand how Caleb works. Kevin reminds Jack that his twisted mind might be just what it takes to defeat Caleb. He told Jack that he should think of Kevin as his new best friend. Jack has no intention of doing that. He swears he would trust Caleb before he trusted Kevin.

At the studio, Marissa went through Reese’s purse. Of course, Reese catches her in the act, but not before Marissa finds something that she quickly hides away. Marissa claims she was doing nothing wrong and that Reese is just jealous that Stephen treats Marissa better than he treats Reese. Marissa leaves the studio and runs into Jamal. He is surprised Marissa is still hanging out at the studio after what he told her about Stephen/Caleb. Marissa says she was just gathering up her stuff and turning in her notice. Jamal doesn’t believe her. He knows she’s up to something.

As Alison, Elizabeth, and Josh get ready to leave for the yacht, Alison pushes them out the door then hangs back saying she forgot her sweater. Alison locks the door, then runs to Rafe who is hidden in the bathroom. They only have a few seconds to compare notes before Josh is knocking on the door asking why it is locked. Alison runs out and let’s Josh in saying she’s ready to go. Josh is suspicious that the door was locked and that Alison no longer is interested in finding her sweater.

At the yacht, Elizabeth laments the last moments she spent with her husband. A disgusted Joshua leaves to go up on deck. Once they are alone, Elizabeth asks Alison what is wrong. Alison confides that she is there looking for evidence that Rafe is NOT her brother. Elizabeth agrees to help, and together they begin searching the room. Josh returned and asks what they are searching for and offers to help. An exasperated Elizabeth reminds Josh that he is hired help and that she is tired of him hovering over her all the time. She informs him that she and Alison need time alone and that they will be taking a launch back to shore. They leave. The captain comes in and Josh pays him and thanks him for cleaning up the yacht. Meanwhile, Rafe is in the closet listening to their conversation. Rafe, thinking they are gone, comes out of the closet. Joshua knocks him unconscious.

Caleb sits at Tess’s bedside watching over her. Even though she’s sleeping, he told her he’s sorry for what he’s done. Hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do. Caleb realizes that if he pries Tess and Livvie apart, neither will survive. He asks Tess to please come back, then kisses her gently on the lips. Tess’s eyes flutter open. As Caleb turns to leave, she reaches out to him and takes his hand. Caleb promises never to hurt her again. He thought Olivia was the strong one, but he was wrong. He calls Tess a butterfly. Tess knows Caleb tried to save her. She accepts his apology. Jack rushes into the room, but Caleb is gone. He runs to Tess and holds her tightly, worried that he had lost her. Tess says she will never leave him, he has her heart. As Jack hugs her, Tess can see Caleb watching them from the window.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

As Ian works on his research at his Loft, he is interrupted by Lucy's knock at the door and breaks a whiskey bottle, cutting his hand. When Lucy enters, she reports that she had attempted to comfort Kevin in his concern for Livvie and Tess, but Kevin shut her out. Lucy informs Ian that she has come to help Ian with his research but, when Lucy notices the cut on Ian's hand, Ian confesses that he seems to have superhuman strength, but can NOT control it and is afraid that, if he gets too close to Lucy, he will hurt her.

At their Hotel in Capri, Elizabeth angrily orders Joshua to quit nagging about Alison and warns Caleb's underling to stay away from her daughter. When Joshua makes a few leering remarks about his interest in Alison, Elizabeth puts Joshua in his place by reminding Joshua that Alison is STILL very much in love with Rafe and came to Capri to prove that Rafe is NOT Alison's missing sibling! Joshua becomes VERY interested. Meanwhile, next door, Alison tries to raise Rafe in his room and has no luck. Suspecting that something might have gone wrong, Alison decides to return to the yacht to check on Rafe, and she leaves the Hotel. At the same time, on board the yacht, the Captain douses Rafe with cold water and announces that he is going to teach Rafe how to swim with chains on.

Back at Ian's Loft, Ian confides to Lucy that, when he drinks Caleb's water, he can't focus on anything. Lucy told Ian that she believes he needs a change of scenery - to get far away from Port Charles - AND Caleb's influence! Ian decides that maybe he should go up to his cabin and Lucy enthusiastically supports the plan. But, when Lucy starts to gather up her things to go with Ian, Ian insists that Lucy should stay behind. Lucy vows that she will NOT let Ian be isolated in his current condition, reminding Ian that, IF he bites someone, he will become a full-fledged vampire. And the ONLY thing that stopped Ian from biting Elizabeth was Lucy's interference. Ian DOES agree to allow Lucy to drive him up to the cabin, but extracts a promise that she will return to Port Charles as soon as she drops him off. Lucy reluctantly agrees. However, once they arrive at the Cabin, Ian begins to feel an overwhelming need for some of Caleb's water. But, when Lucy and Ian unpack the bottles of Caleb's water, they realize that the cold temperatures cracked the bottles and all the water has leaked out of all of the bottles!

Meanwhile, in Capri, Elizabeth becomes suspicious when Joshua insists that Rafe and Alison ARE siblings and Elizabeth questions HOW Joshua could be so positive. Joshua tries to find out WHY Alison felt she needed to lie to either Stephen OR Joshua about her true feelings for Rafe. As Elizabeth and Joshua trade insults, Joshua suggests a drink to steady her nerves and Elizabeth agrees. BUT, Elizabeth insists on pouring her own drink herself. Even with that precaution, the drink soon knocks Elizabeth unconscious and Joshua calls the yacht Captain. Meanwhile, a problem on deck interrupts the Captain before he can throw Rafe overboard. When the Captain leaves, Alison surprises Rafe by slipping back into the Cabin. As Alison tries to free Rafe from his shackles, they hear the Captain returning. But, just before the Captain enters the cabin, he abruptly leaves and Alison confesses that she set off the fire alarm so the crew would have to run all over the place, trying to find the fire! Alison is shocked when Rafe orders her to leave him in shackles and head back to the Hotel, lock herself in her room and not let anyone in. Unbeknownst to Alison, the Captain has already phoned Joshua and reported that Alison is on board the yacht. Joshua orders the Captain to allow Alison to leave, but kill Rafe. At the same time, inside the cabin, Rafe informs Alison that he learned that the yacht Captain is on Joshua's payroll. Rafe also confides to Alison that Rafe has a feeling that there is something on the yacht that will prove that they are NOT siblings. AND, also, what happened to Alison's father! When Alison asks if Rafe believes that Caleb and Joshua had something to do with her father's death, Rafe informs Alison that he believes that Caleb was setting them up LONG before they knew Caleb was back. Rafe finally succeeds in persuading Alison to leave. When the Captain returns, he has a gun and Rafe tries to bargain with the Captain. When the Captain refuses to listen to Rafe, Rafe told the Captain to stand back. Then Rafe breaks his bonds and the gun flies out of the startled Captain's hands. Unfortunately, at the same time, Alison arrives at the Hotel and rushes to her mother's room. Before Alison can spot Elizabeth's unconscious body on the floor, Joshua suddenly appears from behind the door and announces: "You two should have left well enough alone!'

Friday, January 24, 2003

At Ian's Cabin in the Woods, Lucy and Ian are devastated when they realize that all of Caleb's water has leaked out of their bottles. When they decide to return to town to get more water, Ian discovers that the battery is dead in the car. When Lucy decides to call for help, she learns that the phone is dead. When Lucy tries her cell phone, she learns that she is out of range. Ian wants to start down the mountain right away to get back to town, but Lucy convinces Ian to wait until morning, when they will be able to see where they are going. As the overwhelming urge to bite someone overtakes Ian, he thanks Lucy for giving him a chance to love again following Eve's death. Lucy thanks Ian for allowing her a chance to love again as well, and kisses him. They soon hit the sheets in front of the roaring fire, to the tune of: "We should be right here, get through all this fear - One of these days!'

Aboard the Barrington yacht in Capri, Rafe demands that the Captain tell him everything he knows about Stephen, Joshua, Caleb and Malcolm Barrington's death. At first, the Captain refuses. But, after Rafe demonstrates some of his angelic powers, the Captain breaks down and confesses that Joshua threatened his family if he did NOT cooperate with them. After Rafe assures the Captain that Rafe can guarantee that his family will be protected, the Captain takes Rafe to an old Church yard, where Rafe begins to dig. The Captain thanks Rafe profusely, then splits. As Rafe digs, he suddenly discovers something.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's room at the Hotel, Alison is shocked when she discovers her mother unconscious on the floor and Joshua in the room. Alison warns Joshua that she believes that Joshua and Caleb killed her father and she plans to prove it. As Alison tries to convince Joshua to let her go, Joshua announces that he plans to have his way with Alison, then kill her! However, as Joshua begins to paw at Alison and Alison tries to escape, Elizabeth regains consciousness, slips up behind Joshua and gives him a fatal bite!

Jack brought Tess home to the River House from the Hospital and carries her over the threshold and deposits her on the couch. But, while Jack and Tess get comfortable and talk about their plans for the future, Caleb sits in the Park and looks at a snow globe. When Jack again reminds Tess that Caleb's obsession with Tess presents a danger to her, Tess reassures Jack that Caleb can NOT hurt her. As Tess told Jack a romantic story about a prince who brought beautiful gifts to a lonely girl who lived in the woods, Caleb produces a horse-drawn sleigh in the woods. Later, after Tess and Jack fall asleep, a bat flies into the house and wakens Tess, then flies out the window. Tess gets up, puts her coat on and follows the bat outside. Tess walks in the snow until she meets Caleb. Caleb shows Tess the horse-drawn sleigh and announces: "Hello, Tess! I'm glad you came!'

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