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 Recaps for PC Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on Port Charles
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Jamal and Ricky barge into Joshua's practice session with the band and demand to know where Marissa is. When Jamal threatens Joshua, Joshua's guards move in on Ricky and Jamal.

Meanwhile, Marissa protests being locked into an office alone - until she spots the gardenias and double fudge chocolate cake waiting there for her. As music begins to play, Marissa is suddenly entranced by the music.

Marissa finds a note signed by Stephen Clay: "For so long I have been searching for something rare - elusive. I had almost given up, but finally I found you. The one to put words to my music, to give voice to the stories in my soul.' Marissa becomes inspired and sits down and furiously begins to write.

In the woods, Jack tries to convince a reluctant Livvie to go to the Hospital, but Livvie insists that Jack should just take her home to their little house by the water, where Jack and Livvie and the baby can finally live together as a family. As Livvie insists that her baby will be fine now that Jack has arrived, Jack insists that Livvie's baby is gone. But Livvie continues to deny that that could be possible. Jack finally manages to convince Livvie that the baby IS dead and Livvie told Jack that her reason for living is now gone as well.

Meanwhile, Lucy tries to convince a frightened Tess to go to the Hospital, believing that Tess is Livvie. Tess tries to tell Lucy that HER name is Tess, but Lucy fails to understand.

In the woods, Livvie told Jack that Livvie believes that her baby is dead because Livvie WANTED to hurt Rafe and Alison the way Livvie had been hurt. As Livvie protests that her life does NOT matter any more, Jack suddenly told Livvie that her life matters to HIM. Livvie is immediately interested in what Jack has to say, but is engulfed by waves of pain. Jack gathers Livvie up and begins carrying her to the Hospital.

At the same time, as Lucy struggles with the cowering Tess, Lucy finally told Tess that she will take her to Jack. This appears to calm Tess and Lucy calls Ian to tell him she has found Livvie and is bringing Livvie into the Hospital. But, as Lucy drags the protesting Tess toward the car, Tess suddenly collapses.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Ricky find themselves tied up in the band's rehearsal hall and argue about their situation as they make efforts to untie each other. Joshua soon returns, orders Ricky and Jamal untied and told them that Marissa is an honored guest, holed up in a quiet place, working on new lyrics.

Jamal and Ricky refuse to believe Joshua until Joshua opens the door to the office where Marissa is absorbed in writing new lyrics. Jamal and Ricky are happy to find Marissa, but puzzled at how thrilled she appears to be with the music she has just heard.

As Jamal finally convinces Marissa to go home, Joshua tries to get the lyrics Marissa has just written away from her. But Marissa insists that the lyrics need some polish before she will be ready to show them to anyone.

After Jamal, Marissa and Ricky leave the rehearsal hall, Marissa insists that she believes that Joshua IS Stephen Clay. But Jamal reminds everyone that Jamal believes there is something 'off' about the WHOLE Stephen Clay crowd.

Jack arrives at the Hospital with a very ill Livvie and Ian rushes Livvie up to the Operating Room. Livvie insists that Jack go with her.

After Ian, Jack and Livvie leave for the OR, Lucy arrives with Tess. Lucy leaves Tess in the Waiting Room while Lucy went to look for Ian. As soon as Lucy leaves, though, Tess becomes frightened by the strange, loud surroundings and wanders away from the Waiting Room.

In the OR, Livvie told Jack she is sorry for the awful things she has put him through. Livvie asks Jack to stay with her, and Jack agrees. But, when Livvie drifts under the anesthesia, Jack leaves the OR and suddenly remembers that Tess is waiting and that Jack had promised to return to the cave by sunset. But, as Jack begins to leave, Deniece stops him and reminds Jack that Livvie is depending on Jack's promise that he would stay. So Jack went for coffee instead.

In the Waiting Room, Lucy meets Ian and told him that she brought Livvie to the Hospital, but has now lost her. But Ian informs Lucy that he already has Livvie in the OR. Ian then orders Lucy to stay put and promises to let Lucy know as soon as Livvie is out of danger.

But, after Ian leaves, Lucy says to herself: "That strange music - and Livvie's personality change. Something is NOT right!'

Meanwhile, Tess hides out in a supply closet and calls out for Jack when she sees him coming down the hall. But, before Jack can locate the source of the voice calling for him, Tess slips into unconsciousness beside the door of the supply closet.