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Monday, October 7, 2002

As Rafe and Alison stand on the porch of Jack's Place, discussing Rafe's plans to obtain an annulment from Livvie - and their subsequent marriage plans, they suddenly realize that they are not alone. Alison is surprised when she looks up and sees Jamal standing there.

In the Abandoned Mine Shaft, Jack is convinced that his captor is Livvie in ragged clothes and with disheveled hair and that she is playing some kind of game. Jack angrily demands answers from 'Livvie.'

Marissa barges into Ricky's Place while Ricky is reading on the couch and Ricky hastily hides what he was reading behind a couch pillow. Marissa lets Ricky know that Jack is still missing. Marissa then informs Ricky that any sparks he thinks are going on between them are strictly one-way. Marissa asks what Ricky was hiding behind the couch pillow and Ricky tries to act casual as he claims it was just a magazine. As Marissa begins to leave, she pretends that she left something behind and grabs behind the couch pillow to see what Ricky was trying to hide. Marissa is instantly angry when she discovers that Ricky was reading HER Journal!

At Jack's Place, Jamal jumps all over Rafe for making plans to marry Alison while Rafe is still married to Livvie. Jamal reminds Rafe of all the trouble Alison has endured because of the way Rafe just blows in and out of Alison's life whenever he feels like it.

JAMAL: "Do you have any idea what you put her through when you just bailed out of town like that? Do you know that Alison never stopped hoping that you would come back for her? She pushed away all of her friends because of you! She almost got convicted of a murder that she did NOT even commit - because of you - Rafe! OK? And, then, what did she get for all of that after being so devoted and so loyal to you? She gets to watch your trifling butt parade around town with your new bride!'


RAFE: "OK. You know what? Why don't we take a walk somewhere?'

ALISON: "You guys - STOP it!'

JAMAL: "I am tired of talking - OK?'

RAFE: "GOOD! So am I!'

Meanwhile, in the cave, Jack told the mystery woman he believes is Livvie that it is no secret to anyone that she has gone completely crazy lately - but the 'cave woman' act is carrying things TOO far! Jack told 'Livvie' that it is fine with him if she stays to play in her cave - alone - because NO ONE in the REAL world wants anything to do with her!

As Jack leaves, his Mystery Woman sits down and begins to hum and rock her rag doll.

But, as Jack leaves the cave, talking to himself, he discovers the REAL Livvie.

Back at Ricky's Place, as Marissa and Ricky argue about Ricky reading Marissa's Notebook, Ricky notices a song playing on the radio that he likes and turns the volume up and Marissa told Ricky that she knows the band's name is 'Stephen Clay Experience.'

Ricky told Marissa that the poetry in her notebook is really good and that the genius of what she has written SHOULD be shared with the world. But when Ricky reads a poem Marissa wrote about Casey, Marissa just becomes angry and rips up the poem - telling Ricky that those were her PRIVATE thoughts and Ricky just stole them!

Back at Jack's Place, Alison tries to restore some order.

RAFE: "Alison - why don't you go inside for a minute?'

JAMAL: "Yeah. Why don't you go bake some muffins?" (As Jamal takes off his jacket.)

ALISON: "NO. No! I don't think so. Put your shirt back on - OK? Are you guys going to - like - fight each other? I don't think so! Can you please just go inside the house and wait for a minute?'

RAFE: "What?'

ALISON: "I want to talk to Jamal - please. Just for a minute - OK? Thanks. Thank you.'

After Rafe has gone back inside the house, Alison explains to Jamal that there are some things about Rafe that she just can NOT share with Jamal. But ALISON understands the reasons why Rafe had to leave, and that is enough for Alison. Alison convinces Jamal that she needs his good will, but, whether she has Jamal's good wishes or not, Alison does NOT plan to change her mind about Rafe.

Jamal surprises Alison when Jamal admits that Jamal MAY have been out of line with his attitude toward Rafe. Then Jamal shocks Alison when Jamal announces that the only reason he came by was to check on Jack, since Jack has been missing for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Livvie rushes into Jack's arms, but Jack can NOT understand how Livvie could look so different just a few minutes after Jack left her, in tatters and disheveled, in the cave. Then Livvie explains that she came to the woods to find Jack, but has NOT been in ANY cave. .

Livvie describes running through the woods earlier and getting a very strange feeling and being afraid - and then she ran right into Jack. Livvie tries to convince Jack that she truly loves him and that there is some kind of mysterious force that keeps drawing them together. But Jack does NOT believe a word of what Livvie says, and strongly suggests that Livvie just learn how to resist that mysterious force. Jack just walks away from Livvie, and, as he leaves, Livvie told Jack that she hates him!

Jack decides that he HAS to be having a bad dream with TWO Livvies in it!

Back at Ricky's Place, Ricky insists that Marissa should NOT be hiding her beautiful poetry, but Marissa leaves in a huff as the music on the radio plays:

'Clear white lines
draw the straightest path
to a mainstream life
that awaits you

Your souls begin to die
If you want to walk with me
I will walk with you
To this freak show
we created.
If you really want to do it,
Go on and on
Then you're going to have to face it -
No more
Hiding from the World
through Naked Eyes.

The World through Naked Eyes.'

Rafe also hears the song at Jack's Place, and angrily turns the radio off.

As Rafe went back out on the porch, Jamal and Alison inform Rafe that Jack is missing. When Rafe asks what they can do to help, Jamal suggests that Rafe and Alison stick around Jack's Place in case Jack shows up there.

Then Jamal apologizes for trying to pick a fight with Rafe.

RAFE: "Right. Just forget about it - OK?'

JAMAL: "Yeah. It's forgotten, trust me.'

RAFE: "So - are we cool?'


RAFE: 'Oh!'

JAMAL: 'But we ARE moving in that general direction. Just stick around in town for a while - all right?'

Jamal gives Alison a peck on the cheek and leaves.

When Alison asks Rafe if Rafe thinks Jack is OK, Rafe told her that he believes Jack IS OK. Alison asks if something else is bothering Rafe and Rafe admits that he DOES feel a little strange, but it might be just getting used to being back and dealing with some old vibrations from the past. Alison asks if Rafe thinks Livvie might be behind Jack's disappearance, but Rafe assures Alison that Jack knows Livvie well enough to avoid Livvie like the plague.

Rafe and Alison make plans to move forward with Rafe's plans for obtaining an annulment - and then they go inside.

When they leave, Livvie appears beside the porch, then abruptly leaves.

At the same time, Jack returns to the cave and finds his Mystery Woman, still humming and rocking her rag doll. Jack tries to talk to her, but she draws back, as if frightened by him. Jack asks: "Who ARE you?'

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

In their New York Hotel suite, Christina gets up first and finds Lucy and Ian asleep on the couch. When Christina told Lucy that she is ready now to get up, Lucy told Christina that: "Mommy and Daddy need a little more sleep.'

Christina innocently asks: "Is Ian my Daddy now?'

Meanwhile, at Livvie's Place, Livvie makes an urgent telephone call regarding Rafe.

At Jack's Place, Rafe checks on the progress of the search for Jack. When Alison admits that she is beginning to be seriously worried about Jack, Rafe assures her that he is confident Jack will be found and will be OK.

Jamal and Marissa arrive and report that the Police at least now know that Jack is NOT at the bottom of the river.

Alison brought out some of Jack's favorite muffins and Jamal and Alison begin to talk over old times they shared with Jack, including Jack's masquerade as 'Chandler' to fool Amanda. Rafe assures them all that he is positive that Jack will be found soon.

Meanwhile, in the Cave, Jack told his Mystery Woman that he is amazed that his leg feels so much better and asks how she learned to take care of injuries that way. But the Mystery Woman only hums and rocks her rag doll. Jack continues to marvel at the way the Mystery Woman resembles Livvie. As Jack talks to her, Jack decides that the Mystery Woman can understand him, but might be unable to speak. Jack suggests that Jack could take her back to town with him, where his brother and some friends are doctors, who might be able to help her. But the Mystery Woman shrinks away from Jack, and huddles in a corner, humming to her doll. In a few minutes, though, she returned and touches Jack's face.

In New York, Lucy and Ian try to explain to Christina that Lucy and Ian are just friends. But, when Christina leaves to color a picture, Lucy told Ian that Lucy believes she should go to Switzerland to see Kevin again.

In the cave, Jack promises his Mystery Woman that he will stay with her, but asks her to give him back his phone so he can call his friends.

When Jamal gets the call from Jack, Jack told Jamal that he just needed to get away. When Alison takes the phone, she informs Jack that Rafe has returned, that Rafe is going to get his marriage to Livvie annulled and that Rafe and Alison are planning to get married. Alison asks Jack to be her 'Man of Honor'', and, when Jack laughs at the idea, the Mystery Woman laughs also. Alison hears the woman laugh and accuses Jack of scaring them all just so he could slip away with a new girlfriend!

Back in New York, Ian tries to talk Lucy out of the notion of burying herself in Switzerland, waiting for Kevin to get better - which COULD take YEARS! However, Ian bristles when Lucy accuses Ian of wanting to hang on to Lucy for himself.

Back at Jack's Place, as Alison and Jamal talk to Jack, Marissa asks Rafe how Rafe was so sure that Jack was OK - Marissa told Rafe that Marissa felt that the opposite would turn out to be true. Marissa also admits to Rafe that she has been worrying lately about things like people dying too young. Marissa suddenly remembers that Rafe knew Casey and Marissa talks to Rafe about Casey dying before Marissa had an opportunity to get to know Casey; that it was a case of Casey 'being 19 and Pow! Game over!'

But Rafe hints that the game is probably NOT over for Casey and that Casey had 'Guardian Angel' written all over her when Rafe knew her. Rafe also suggests that Casey might be watching over Marissa right at that moment!

After Jack hangs up with Jamal, Jack told his Mystery Woman that it was good when she laughed. Jack asks if the Mystery Woman would know Livvie, but she just looks at Jack without saying anything. Jack observes that the Mystery Woman could pass for Livvie's twin. Then Jack wonders if the Mystery Woman might actually be related to Livvie.

Back at Jack's Place, Jamal, Marissa, Alison and Rafe speculate about Jack's new girlfriend. Alison says: "I don't care if she has three heads, just so long as she is NOT Livvie!'

As Alison says that, Livvie suddenly shows up at the front door and announces that she needs to speak to Rafe.

Back in New York, Ian informs Lucy that she is way off base to suggest that Ian wants Lucy for himself. Ian told Lucy: "Let me tell you something - You are NOT as much of a joy to be around as you may think you are!'

Ian went on to tell Lucy that she would BORE the Swiss doctors with her constant hand-writing over Kevin. Lucy is incensed that Ian would dare to suggest that she might be boring! Ian amends his charge by telling Lucy that he really meant that she is a 'tedious bore!'

Lucy is speechless {And Ian observes, perhaps for the first time in her life!} But Lucy quickly recovers long enough to pick up a pillow and whack Ian with it. As Ian and Lucy get into a pillow fight with feathers flying all over the room, Kevin suddenly shows up and announces: "Hi, honey! I'm home!'

Back in the Cave, Jack notices that the Mystery Woman's rag doll has the name 'Tess' embroidered on her dress, and Jack told his Mystery Woman that he plans to call her Tess. Jack then coaxes 'Tess', until she finally says 'Jack.'

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie expresses surprise that Jack appears to have a new girlfriend. Marissa and Jamal decide to leave and try to convince Livvie to go with them. But Livvie insists that she needs to talk to Rafe.

As Jamal and Marissa leave, Jamal signals Alison that he will NOT be going far. After Jamal and Marissa leave, Rafe asks Livvie what she wants to say and Livvie says that she something to give to Rafe - and that, actually, it is for BOTH of them. As Livvie reaches into her purse, Alison asks; "My God - what ARE you doing?'

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Marissa pounds on Ricky's door, anxious to get her book of poetry back. After Ricky lets her in, he says he thought she didn't want the book anymore, so he threw it away. Marissa begins to freak out until Ricky admits he's kidding. He put it aside for her. Marissa grabs for the book, but Ricky holds it out of her reach. He told her he'll give the book back after she listens to something. Marissa is angry, but has no other choice than to do what he wants. Ricky puts on some music. It is a song he wrote using her poem about Casey as the lyrics. When the song ends, Ricky asks Marissa what she thinks. For a few moments she can't speak, then Marissa says one word: beautiful. She looks deeply into his eyes and told him thank you. Ricky gives Marissa a copy of the song and she kisses him on the cheek and says she doesn't know how to show her gratitude. Ricky replies, "You just did."

Rafe grabs Livvie's purse fearing she has a gun. Instead, he finds annulment papers. Rafe is suspicious why Livvie would let him go so easily and wants to know what she is getting out of the deal. Livvie replies that she wants both him and Alison out of her life as soon as possible. After carefully reading the document, Rafe signs it. After Livvie leaves, Alison and Rafe sit on their porch swing and plan their future. When Rafe asks Alison to pick a wedding date, she told him that a Christmas Day wedding would be perfect. As they kiss, Livvie watches from behind a bush. She told her baby that Rafe and Alison will have to pay.

Lucy and Ian have a spirited pillow fight. They are covered in feathers when Kevin appears in the doorway. Lucy is surprised that Kevin left the hospital. She asks him how he found them. Kevin told her it was through the message she left on the answering machine. Kevin explains that he has talked to numerous psychiatrists and therapists. All he really wants to do is talk to his wife. Alone. Ian refuses to leave Lucy alone with Kevin. They are about to start arguing when Christina runs in and throws her arms around her daddy. Kevin picks up Christina and asks her to tell him all about their time in New York. Lucy is nervous to see Kevin with Christina and gets her daughter to go back to the bedroom. While Lucy and Christina are out of the room, Ian tries to talk sense into Kevin. He told him that therapy takes time and Kevin shouldn't have left the clinic. Finally Ian persuades Kevin to return.

When Lucy comes out, Ian is gone and Kevin is still there. Kevin told Lucy it was Ian's idea for them to have some time alone together before he returns to the clinic. Lucy is nervous, but sits next to Kevin anyway. Kevin assures Lucy that he is feeling much better and that he would never hurt her. Meanwhile, Ian is lying unconscious behind the sofa.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Rafe and Alison toast their recent good fortune and celebrate that Jack has been found, Livvie signed the annulment papers and Rafe and Alison have begun making plans to be married by Christmas.

Alison announces to Rafe that she is heading home for a warm bath, but Rafe stays behind, he says, to take care of a few things.

Meanwhile, Livvie lets herself into Lucy's Old Place, where Rafe and Alison are now living.

At the same time, down in the Cave, Jack is helping 'Tess' learn how to speak. As Jack teaches Tess a few words, like 'beautiful' and 'stars,' Tess suddenly runs back into the cave.

In their Hotel Suite in New York, Kevin explains to Lucy how important it is to him that they get a chance to spend some time together and Lucy is happy when Kevin told her that he has decided to go back to Switzerland to continue treatment there. In the meantime, Ian is still unconscious, behind the couch.

Lucy suddenly becomes uncomfortable when Kevin told her that he has ALWAYS hated her nickname for him - DOC!

When Lucy gets up and walks to another part of the room, she spots Ian and demands to know WHAT Kevin has done to Ian. As Lucy tries to revive Ian, Kevin shows Lucy a syringe and told her that he just gave Ian a little sedative so that Kevin and Lucy could have the privacy they need to talk things through. Lucy continues to demand an explanation and she urges Kevin to go back to Switzerland with her.

But Kevin told Lucy that SHE is the only one who can help him - that SHE is his lifeline and he NEEDS to see her every day!

Back in the Cave, Tess brought Jack's camera to him, but she jumps back when the flash went off accidentally. Jack takes a picture of himself with Tess to show her that the camera is nothing to be afraid of. When Jack shows her own picture to Tess, Jack says: "Beautiful Tess.' But Tess suddenly rushes back into the Cave again. This time, Tess brought out a book with a picture of an angel in it. Pointing to the picture of the angel, Tess told Jack 'Beautiful Tess!'

At Rafe and Alison's Place, Livvie puts some poisoned bath oil beads in the tray next to the bathtub and visualizes Alison dying from the poisoned bath, and then Rafe trying vainly to revive Alison.

Livvie takes off her wedding ring and says: "You know, a ring is a promise, Rafe. And I promise you that you will NEVER get your happy ending with Alison!'

Livvie puts the ring down on the rim of the tub and says: "You wanted so much to be one of us, Rafe. To be mortal? To feel what it is like to join the human race. To be real? Now - you will know what it feels like to lose the love of your life!'

Down in the Cave, Jack decides that Tess needs to see herself when she is cleaned up, so he gets some water and begins to scrub away some of the dirt. Then Jack coaxes Tess into smiling for him as he takes a picture of her.

Back in New York, Lucy told Kevin that she understands what he is saying and asks what Kevin wants to do next. Kevin told Lucy that they could change their identities and Lucy, Kevin and Christina could go away and live on the run for years, but Lucy says that she could NOT possibly leave Serena behind. Lucy proposes that Christina and Lucy accompany Kevin back to Switzerland and find a place to live in Switzerland where they could be near Kevin until he recovers.

However, when Lucy calls Kevin DOC again, Kevin yells at her and demands that Lucy sit down again. Lucy pretends to go along with Kevin's plans, but Lucy spots the syringe with the sedative Kevin gave to Ian. Lucy convinces Kevin to turn around while she massages his back for him. But, when Lucy tries to grab the syringe, Kevin catches her and prevents her from using it.

As Kevin and Lucy struggle for the syringe, Kevin demands to know if Lucy was going to call the police. Kevin angrily accuses Lucy of locking him away in a loony bin so Lucy could live it up in New York with Ian. Kevin told Lucy that he suspects that Lucy ran to Ian the minute that Kevin was locked up. Kevin admits that he is angrier than he has ever been before - and that he plans to teach Lucy a lesson.

However, at that moment, Ian recovers and jumps Kevin from behind, injecting Kevin with the sedative.

Before he loses consciousness, Kevin told Lucy: "I would NOT hurt you!'

As Ian holds a sobbing Lucy, they make plans to travel together to Switzerland to return Kevin to the clinic.

Back in the Cave, Tess insists that it is HER turn to help JACK get cleaned up and Tess begins to tenderly scrub away some of the accumulated grime on Jack's face.

Back at the Recovery Room, Rafe buys an engagement ring for Alison from a jeweler.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Livvie hears Alison returning home and Livvie runs outside and watches through a window as Alison runs water for her bath.

Livvie told herself: "So much for Happily Ever After!'

Friday, October 11, 2002

Down in Tess's Cave, Jack teaches Tess about hands and fingers.

At the Recovery Room, Jamal informs Ricky that Jamal sent a copy of Marissa and Ricky's song to Stephen Clay. Ricky scoffs at the possibility that anyone in THAT band would ever listen to their song.

Outside the Recovery Room, Rafe looks at the ring he just bought for Alison and wonders if he made the right choice. As Rafe hurries away, he runs into a pretty blond women, and the ring drops to the street.

Meanwhile, at Rafe and Alison's Place, Livvie watches from hiding as Alison runs water for her bath and then adds the poisoned bath oil beads to the water. Livvie contemplates the sweet revenge she will experience when Alison dies from the toxic water. Livvie congratulates herself for picking a poison that will be undetectable as soon as Alison's heart stops beating.

However, before Alison gets into the tub, Livvie realizes that she left her ring on the rim of the tub.

Meanwhile, Marissa arrives at the Recovery Room and announces that she has a BIG surprise for Ricky. Ricky volunteers to close his eyes and Ricky is surprised when he opens his eyes and Marissa introduces him to her friend Candy, who is a pre-med student at Port Charles University.

Outside, Rafe begins to rave about Alison to the woman he just ran into.

Meanwhile, at Rafe and Alison's Place, BEFORE Alison can get into the tub of toxic water, she hears a crash. When Alison went into the living room to investigate the cause of the crash, she discovers that someone has thrown a rock through the front window. When Alison went to get a broom to clean up the glass, Livvie slips into the bathroom to retrieve her ring.

Back in the Cave, Jack teaches Tess about hands and how to count up to three on her fingers.

Jack asks himself: "How is she so innocent? It is like looking at Livvie -- BEFORE she became Livvie. Could her Mom have had another girl no one knows about?'

Back at the Recovery Room, Marissa is amazed when Ricky and Candy seem to hit it off. When Candy leaves momentarily to check on something, Ricky asks Marissa if the set-up with Candy was for Marissa's benefit - or for Ricky's.

Outside the Recovery Room, Rafe ends up giving his new acquaintance a detailed account about the day he ran to catch up with Alison's train before she left. While Rafe is talking to his new friend, Rafe gets a call from Alison, who reports that someone threw a rock through their window. Rafe promises to rush home and announces that he plans to take Alison out to the P.C.Grille later and that he has a surprise for her.

Rafe's new friend told him that she is staying at the Port Charles Hotel and, since Rafe is headed to the Port Charles Grill, Rafe's new friend asks for a ride to the Hotel. Rafe quickly agrees.

Back at Alison and Rafe's Place, Alison cleans up the glass while Livvie slips into the bathroom to get her ring. But Livvie accidentally knocks the ring into the toxic water!

Back at the Recovery room, Jamal announces that Stephen Clay is listening to their song right at that very moment!

And, in Stephen Clay's office, Stephen Clay IS listening to Ricky's song - 'Hey Sister.' Stephen Clay's assistant apologizes that one of the Roadies sent that song in, but, when she starts to turn it off, Stephen grabs her hand and motions her away. The assistant asks: "What? Is SHE the one?'

Meanwhile, back at Rafe and Alison's Place, as Alison puts cardboard up over the hole in the window, Livvie tries to fish her ring out of the tub, but falls into the toxic water instead.

At the same time, in her cave, Tess is showing Jack that she has learned to count to three, and excitedly brought Jack three books.

Jack hugs Tess and then Jack tries to explain to her about hugs. Tess gives Jack three hugs. But Jack is shocked when Tess suddenly pulls away from Jack and begins to gasp for air. Then Tess passes out on the floor of the cave.

At the same time, Livvie struggles out of the tub of toxic water and tries to dry herself off.

Rafe brought his visitor home to meet Alison, But, Rafe is surprised when the visitor recognizes Alison and Alison addresses the Visitor as 'Mother.'

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