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Monday, September 16, 2002

At the Light House, Lucy shows Ian pictures of Kevin in happier times and apologizes for always crying on Ian's shoulder.

At Karen's Place, Karen gets the place fixed up with some of Frank's things from the Scanlon House - and then Karen begins to wonder why Frank is so late.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Rafe continues looking for Alison, then suddenly realizes that the one thing that could have stopped Alison from meeting Rafe as planned would be The Avatar. Rafe rushes off to try to discover where Alison would be.

Elsewhere in the Park, The Avatar closes in on Alison as Alison prays: "The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul...'

AVATAR: "I am sorry.'

ALISON: "He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Although I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me...Lord, I pray for the soul of the man that is trapped inside The Avatar. And I pray for the child Livvie is carrying, because he or she did not ask to be brought into this. I pray that you will protect him or her always. And, most of all, I pray for Rafe's soul. I am sorry - I just could NOT do it - I could NOT save his soul! Please forgive me. But I know you can. I pray that you will have mercy on him. I pray that you will have mercy on his soul.'

As Alison prays, The Avatar stops his advance and Frank suddenly appears.

Meanwhile, Officer Doree arrives at the Recovery Room, looking for Chris. She asks if his buddy Lancelot has left town. But Chris informs Doree that Lancelot is just taking a break from being a super-hero.

DOREE: "OK - just tell me - is he still here in Port Charles?'

CHRIS: "No. He is in Myrtle Beach. He has a little time share there. It's nothing fancy, but it is a nice place to relax.'

DOREE: "All right! You know - I once thought of you as a catch. A brilliant doctor -- incredible lover.'

CHRIS: "Thank you. You are not so bad yourself.'

DOREE: "But you are wasting it all away! I mean, why would you want to be the side-kick to this wannabe masked avenger?'

CHRIS: "Sorry to disappoint you.'

DOREE: "Don't you ever look in the mirror and wonder why a guy with so much going for him would settle for that? For being the sidekick, the second banana, the lackey - sycophant - yes-man?'

CHRIS: "You actually just used sycophant in a sentence!'

DOREE: 'Face it, Chris. If he is Superman, you are Jimmy Olsen! Not a pretty picture, is it?'

Meanwhile, Karen answers her door, expecting to see Frank, but she finds Rafe instead of Frank. Rafe demands to know if Karen has seen her good friend - The Avatar. Rafe went on to explain that Alison is missing and Rafe believes The Avatar is responsible. But Karen assures Rafe that The Avatar would never hurt Alison.

At the same time, in the Park, Alison told The Avatar to go ahead and kill her. But Frank whispers: "You're a good person. You are.'

Back at Karen's Place, Rafe reminds Karen that The Avatar took Alison once before to show Rafe that The Avatar was the one in control. But Karen reminds Rafe that the Avatar did nothing to Alison then and probably would not hurt her now.

RAFE: "If you are covering for this guy - NOW would be a good time to stop. Karen. Please! You can NOT honestly tell me that you still believe this guy is good!'

KAREN: "He has a lot of good in him. A lot of good. And he would NEVER in a million years do anything to hurt an innocent person. THAT I believe in with everything that I am. With EVERYthing I am.'

RAFE: "OK. I am going to hope to God you are right!' Rafe leaves.

In the Park, Frank told Alison: "I will spare you.'

ALISON: 'Thank you so much! I knew you could NOT do it! I KNEW it!'

FRANK: "Oh, yes, I could. And I will. UNLESS you do EXACTLY as I say!'

ALISON: 'OK. I will. I'll do anything you want me to do.'

FRANK: "You must leave Port Charles.'

ALISON: "Leave Port Charles?'

FRANK: "Leave and NEVER come back. If you do, I will have NO choice but to kill you!'

ALISON: "I promise. I won't come back. I will leave right away!'

Frank unties Alison, then melts away into the woods. Alison hesitantly removes her blindfold, looks around, and sees no one.

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, Lucy told Ian how the Avatar saved her when Kevin was trying to strangle her. Lucy told Ian she is tired of losing those closest to her - and she just went through losing Kevin when Kevin was trapped in Nowhere. Now Kevin is trapped again, inside someone who believes he is Ryan!

IAN: 'He IS very ill, you know.'

LUCY: "Yeah, I know. It is probably my fault. I probably did this to him. '

IAN: "No! Look, now! Don't do this! You KNOW that is not true.'

LUCY: "Yes - it IS true! I used my tarot cards. I used my crystals. I used all of that stupid mumbo-jumbo because I thought I was trying to help people and do good for people. Instead, I probably opened the door to evil and let all of this befall all of us! It IS probably my fault!'

IAN: "OK - fine! Fine! It IS your fault. You brought this on yourself. You ARE the reason for all of this. How is that? Make you feel better?'

Back at the Recovery Room, Chris assures Doree that he plans to profit big time when Lancelot continues his work.

DOREE: "Right. You are going to be the big real estate tycoon when Port Charles is declared the safest city in America.'

CHRIS: "If not the world! Yes, that IS the plan. It is a good one, if I do say so myself!'

DOREE: "Why?'

CHRIS: "Why what?'

DOREE: "You have all the money you will ever need. What else could you possibly want?'

CHRIS: "More!'

DOREE: "I don't even know why I try. In fact, I don't even know why I still CARE! You ARE better than this, Chris. Deep down inside, I KNOW you are. It is just too bad that YOU can NOT see it!'

As Doree leaves, Frank arrives. Chris reports that he has had to do damage control after the attack on the Garza kid. But Frank surprises Chris by announcing that Lancelot is ALL over and Frank wants Chris to call it all off.

CHRIS: "Frank, what are you talking about?'

FRANK: "No more PR. No more interviews. No more hype! You got that? It is finished!'

CHRIS: "No! No! I do NOT 'got that', Frank. We have got a great thing going here. YOU have got a great thing going here! I mean, why would you throw that away now? It is crazy! And the town needs you. There is work to be done! Now, you can NOT just turn your back on all the people.'

FRANK: "Watch me!'

CHRIS: "Frank, look...'

FRANK: "NO! YOU look! I have made up my mind. And if you are as smart as you keep saying you are, you WILL accept that!'

CHRIS: "Of course, I accept it. I mean, if it IS what you REALLY want!'

FRANK: "Don't even think about opening your big mouth, because, if I hear that one person knows who I am.....'

CHRIS: "NO! I would never do that. I wouldn't!'

FRANK: "Good!'

CHRIS: "But I DO have to ask you, though - Is this the Spirit talking - or is this Frank? Because the Spirit would NEVER give up. It would NOT just end it like this!'

FRANK: "You don't listen real good, do you?'

CHRIS: "I was just asking.'

FRANK: "I am warning you, Ramsey. If my last act of justice is mopping the floor with you - I would LOVE that! So - leave it - AND me - alone! Is that clear?'

CHRIS: "Crystal!'

As Frank leaves, Rafe enters and the Bartender hands Rafe the note that Livvie wrote, that is supposed to be from Alison.

Meanwhile, Alison runs through the woods, but, when she stops to rest, she remembers that she PROMISED Rafe that should would NOT give up on him. Alison decides that her promise to Rafe is more important than the promise she made to The Avatar, and that Alison WILL keep her promise to Rafe - no matter what it takes. Alison begins to run in the opposite direction.

At the Light House, Ian assures Lucy he will be there to help her - and then Ian convinces Lucy to have dinner with him. Lucy reluctantly accepts. However, once outside the Light House, Ian places a call to Kate and asks Kate to dinner as well.

Frank finally arrives at Karen's Place and Karen asks if Frank was with Alison. Karen then informs Frank that Rafe was there and believed that The Avatar had taken Alison. Frank assures Karen that he would NEVER hurt an innocent person. And Frank promises Karen that it is TRULY all over.

Back at the Recovery Room, Chris remembers Frank's words and Chris decides: "It may be finished for you, Frank. But not for me. Not by a long shot!' And Chris leaves.

As Chris leaves, Rafe reads the letter supposedly from Alison, announcing that Alison is leaving Port Charles and will be gone for good.

But Rafe begins to suspect that the letter does NOT sound like Alison, and Rafe rushes out of the Recovery Room.

Meanwhile, as Alison runs through the woods - her foot gets caught in a trap and she can't move!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

As Ian and Lucy meet for dinner at the Recovery Room, Lucy wonders why Ian keeps looking up to check who is coming in the door.

Meanwhile, Jamal, Jack and Marissa meet at the Recovery Room to get ready for their road trip. When Ricky happens in, Marissa senses that Ricky is missing Karen, so Marissa tries to interest Ricky in going along with them on their road trip. Ricky originally turns down the idea, pointing out to Marissa that she looks too much like Casey for Ricky to feel comfortable with that kind of situation. But Jamal, Jack and Marissa finally prevail on Ricky and he decides to join them.

In the Park, Rafe puzzles over the letter he is supposed to believe is from Alison. Rafe is soon joined by Livvie. When Livvie arrives, Rafe told his wife point blank that he does NOT believe the letter was written by Alison. Then Rafe demands that Livvie tell him what Livvie has done to Alison.

Back at the Recovery Room, when Kate arrives, believing she will be having dinner with Ian, Kate is offended when she realizes that Ian has set her up for a heart-to-heart with Lucy. However, Ian convinces Lucy and Kate to at least listen to each other for a while, then Ian bows out.

Later, Ian visits Eve's headstone in the cemetery and reads poetry to his deceased wife.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Livvie denies that she knows anything about Alison's travel plans, but Rafe continues to inform Livvie that he does NOT believe Livve - and Rafe points out that, ever since Rafe lost his memory, Rafe has accepted Livvie's word about the past he can NOT remember - but Rafe has no intention of continuing to listen to Livvie.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the woods, Alison realizes her foot is caught in come kind of trap and she calls out for Rafe.

As Lucy and Kate talk, Lucy sympathizes when she learns that Kate's boyfriend has been in a coma for two years. Lucy finally told Kate that Kevin had had some kind of mental breakdown and is in an institution. When Lucy realizes that Kate is worried about the expense of caring for Brennan while he is in a coma, Lucy insists that Kate let Lucy help Kate with the expenses involved in moving Brennan from New York to General Hospital. Kate finally agrees and urges Lucy to let Kate help with any kind of legal problems Kevin might face following Kevin's time at large, believing he was Ryan.

When Marissa asks Jamal WHY Jamal wanted Ricky to go along with them on their road trip, Jamal replies that it is to give Jack someone to hang with whenever Marissa and Jamal are busy. But, when JACK asks Jamal why Jamal wanted Ricky to go along with them, Jamal told Jack that Jamal does NOT want to make the same mistakes with Marissa that he made with Alison - and for Jamal, trusting Marissa enough to believe that Marissa would NOT succumb to an instant attraction to Ricky is part of having a strong relationship with Marissa.

As Livvie continues to stonewall Rafe in the Park, Rafe suddenly grabs his wife and informs her that SHE is going to help Rafe search for the missing Alison - and Livvie is NOT going home until Alison has been found.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Alison continues to try to free herself from the trap. Alison says: "Rafe, Please! Please! I just -- I need you. Please come back to me! You always came back to me, really, when I needed you. I need you right now - my own personal angel. Please. I just need you to help me. Please. Just come back to me. Come save me just one last time. Please!'

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Ricky, Jack, Jamal and Marissa finish setting up their tents for a night of camping. Marissa leaves the guys and went into the woods in order to heed the "call of nature." While searching for a place to relieve herself, Marissa senses someone or something watching her. Marissa runs screaming back to Jamal that something is out there. Knowing Marissa is frightened, Jamal told the others they are going to go to a hotel. While they're discussing this, there are more sounds coming from the woods. They go to investigate, but see nothing. When they return to the camping area, Marissa sees that all of their food is missing.

Alison tries desperately to free herself from the trap. As she does so, she is startled by a noise.

As Rafe worries about Alison's whereabouts, Livvie tries to tell him that Alison has done the right thing and left on her own accord. Rafe refuses to believe that Alison would give up on their relationship. He demands that Livvie tell him the truth. When she continues playing innocent, Rafe points out that Livvie has become so cold and determined that she is starting to believe her own lies. Rafe has had enough. He decides it is time to leave. He's through pretending. He doesn't love Livvie. Outside the door, Rafe has a vision of Alison calling out for help. He runs to the woods where he finds an empty trap and a scrap of Alison's clothing.

Lucy finds Ian at Eve's grave. She told him about her talk with Kate and how they are going to move Brennan to General Hospital. Lucy decides that she should visit Kevin in Switzerland.

Chris asks Karen to use her influence on Frank and get him to start being Lancelot again. Karen says that Frank is through with that. He isn't going to be Lancelot anymore. Chris is delighted. He wants to be the one the Avatar chooses for its next host. If Frank doesn't want the gift anymore, Chris will be more than happy to take it. Besides, Chris is sure he can appreciate the power much better than Frank could. Karen reaches for the phone at the same time as Chris and he accidentally knocks her down. As Karen begins to bleed from a cut, the Avatar appears saying, "Shame." Afraid, Chris assures Frank that Karen is fine and Karen agrees in order to avoid trouble. Chris uses the opportunity to plead his case. He asks the Avatar if he could be the host instead of Frank.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

At their Roadside Camp, Jack, Jamal, Marissa and Ricky try to figure out what kind of animal stole their food - until Marissa points out that a four-legged animal would have trashed the camp while looking for food - but their camp is 'tidy' - except for the missing food. They conclude their visitors were of the two-legged variety.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Ian makes sure Kate has everything she needs for Brennan's care.

At Chris's Penthouse Apartment, Chris tries to convince the Avatar that the Spirit should transfer from Frank to Chris. But The Avatar reminds Chris that only a just man can be The Avatar's host. Karen tries to talk Chris out of the idea, but The Avatar told Karen to remain silent. As Chris tries to convince the Avatar that Chris really IS a 'just man,' the Avatar informs Chris that The Avatar would NOT waste his gifts on someone like Chris. The Avatar moves menacingly toward Chris, whispering 'Shame.'

Meanwhile, as Rafe runs through the woods, looking for Alison, he realizes that he has been traveling in circles. Rafe logically presumes that Alison MIGHT have gone to the barn, since Alison had described the way she and Rafe took vows in the barn. So Rafe heads in the direction of the barn.

Back at Chris's apartment, Karen realizes that Chris's scheme to trade places with Frank as the Avatar's host is making the Avatar angry. Karen tries to clue Chris in and finally convinces Chris to retract his statements, but the Avatar told Chris that Chris is no longer of any use to The Avatar.

Back at the Hospital, Ian tries to assure Kate that Brennan will be fine, but Kate reminds Ian that Kate believes Ian has a tendency to be too 'pushy.' When Ian asks Kate to go with him to grab a quick bite, Kate turns Ian down and went to spend time with Brennan.

As Chris breaks away from the angry Avatar, Karen suddenly pretends she is in pain from her fall and asks the Avatar for help. As Karen distracts the Avatar, Chris runs out the door. When the Avatar starts after Chris, Karen calls on Frank to let Chris go.

Back at the Roadside Camp, Jack, Jamal, Marissa and Ricky have another look in the woods around the camp, then they decide to pick up the camp and spend the night in a motel. Marissa suddenly decides there might be a story in this and balks at leaving right away - until they hear a mournful howl in the distance. Jack suggests it sounds like a WOLF! That is enough to convince Marissa and they all hurry to pack up their camp.

Back at Chris's apartment, Karen reminds Frank of their love and their plans for a bright future while she tries to convince Frank that they do NOT need any revenge, but Frank does NOT appear in answer to Karen's pleas. The Avatar pushes past Karen, declaring: "Justice -- Justice will be done.' The Avatar rushes out the door, following Chris.

Rafe arrives at the Barn and is disappointed that Alison is NOT there. As Rafe wills Alison to find her way to the barn, he notices the carved heart that Livvie sanded away. Rafe begins to carve the heart again.

Back at their Roadside Camp, as Jack, Jamal, Marissa and Ricky finish packing up the camp, Ricky heads off first in the car with the cooler and other picnic supplies, while Jamal and Marissa leave on Jamal's bike.

Jack remains behind to take one last look around before he leaves - and hears a strange noise in the bushes. Jack challenges whomever is skulking to come out - but no one shows. But, Jack spots a pumpkin. Approaching the pumpkin cautiously, Jack realizes that the pumpkin has been carved out and has soup in it.

JACK: 'Now, WHY would some guy follow us out in the middle of nowhere, steal our food, and bring us soup in return?'

Karen arrives at the Hospital in a panic and admits to Ian that Frank is Lancelot - and Lancelot is Frank! Karen told Ian that the Avatar is going to kill Chris. Ian is surprised at first, because Ian thought the Avatar regarded Chris as a Friend. As Karen implores Ian to help her stop Frank, Ian observes that Frank may already be too far gone to ever separate from The Avatar.

Meanwhile, Chris is in the elevator, making arrangements to be on the next flight out of Port Charles - regardless of destination. But the elevator suddenly stalls and The Avatar suddenly appears inside the elevator with Chris.

As Ian and Karen head for the elevator to search for Frank, the door opens to reveal a badly beaten Chris.

Back in the Barn, Rafe finishes carving out the heart and concentrates on wishing Alison to be there - just as Alison arrives at the Barn door.

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Friday, September 20, 2002

Lucy arrives at the Swiss clinic where Victor is hiding out with Kevin, and assures Victor that she was NOT followed. Victor reports that Kevin has NOT talked to anyone since he arrived at the clinic. When Lucy went in to see Kevin, Lucy is shocked to see Kevin wearing a strait jacket. Kevin does NOT speak to Lucy.

Back at the Hospital, Karen and Ian rush Chris to the E.R., where they work frantically to bring him around. As they work, Karen glances up and sees Frank, standing at the door.

At the Barn, Rafe is thrilled to see Alison arrive. When Rafe asks Alison HOW she got out of the trap, Alison explains that she saw someone coming toward her, then she passed out. When she regained consciousness, she was free of the trap and someone had left food for her. Then she started walking and decided to go to the Barn.

Alison notices that Rafe has carved their heart back on the beam in the barn. When Alison asks WHY Rafe carved their names again, Rafe told Alison: "Because I love you."

ALISON: "What?'

RAFE: 'I love you, Alison!'

In the E.R., just as Karen is prepared to declare Chris dead, Chris suddenly rallies. When Chris is out of danger and appears to be stabilized, Karen follows Frank and suspects that Frank slipped into the stairwell. Karen follows Frank into the stairwell.

Back at the Barn, Rafe told Alison that he loves her with all his heart - but he still does NOT remember any of their past together!

RAFE: "That's the thing - I don't. I do NOT remember! You know what? It doesn't matter! Because I don't love you for our past and all that! I - I love you for - NOW! I've fallen in love with you, Alison!'

ALISON: 'Oh, my God!'

RAFE: "I know - I am sorry for everything I put you through. Can you forgive me? Can you?'

ALISON: "Oh, God.'

RAFE: "It's OK. Please!' As they begin to kiss, the memories come flooding back to Rafe.

RAFE: 'I remember! Everything! All of it! It has all come back to me! I remember you! I remember me! I remember us! Us - together. Before. Before - I -- I remember everything!'

Back at the Hospital, Karen finds Frank in the stairwell. When Frank tries to explain that the Avatar just reacted to Karen being hurt and decreed that Chris HAD to be punished, Karen insists that it was an accident - she fell - and Frank KNEW that it was an accident!

KAREN: 'It was NOT the Avatar, Frank! It was YOU! YOU reacted! You almost murdered someone tonight! And Chris STILL is NOT home free. What were you thinking when --'

FRANK: "Wait. Wait. Wait a minute! Back up! Just a minute!'

KAREN: "The Avatar is NOT a gift, Frank! It is a CURSE! You can NOT control it!'

FRANK: "So - what should I do, Karen? Tell me - what is it you want me to do?'

KAREN: "I want you to get rid of it! Do you hear me? I do NOT care HOW you do it. But you have GOT to get rid of it!'

In Switzerland, Lucy brought out some pictures from home for Kevin to have with him and some CD's with his favorite music. As Lucy talks about the way they will soon be one big, happy family again, Kevin suddenly looks up and says 'I am NOT Doc!'

Back at the Barn, Rafe and Alison rejoice over Rafe's returned memory and Rafe tries to apologize for believing everything Livvie told him, but Alison reassures Rafe that it is NOT his fault and that nothing matters except that one moment. Alison reassures Rafe that nothing that Livvie could ever do could ever really come between them.

RAFE: "Do you know what it feels like to be this close to you again? To feel my lips against yours?'

ALISON: 'I almost gave up. I did! Because I was scared - you know? But I didn't. I couldn't.'

RAFE: 'I know. I know you didn't. I KNEW something happened to you because I KNEW you NEVER would have given up!'

ALISON: "I will never give up on you - ever again! I will never let you go - OK?'

Back at the Hospital, Officer Doree makes her way to the E.R. and asks about Chris.

Chris hears her and says: "My chest - feels crushed!'

DOREE: "And you look like hell, too!'

CHRIS: "That must be Doree!'

IAN: 'All right. Don't stay too long. He needs his rest.'

DOREE: "Thank you, Doctor.' You know, Chris - if you weren't laid up in this bed - I would personally kick your butt!'

CHRIS: "Somebody beat you to it.'

DOREE: "Well, I'm glad you are NOT dead, anyway.'

CHRIS: "You always had a way with words!'

Doree reaches out and holds Chris' hand, just as he drifts off to sleep.

Down in the Stairwell, Frank told Karen: "It is NO good, Karen! You do NOT know what you are asking me!'

KAREN: "I know EXACTLY what I am asking! You asked me to SAVE you, Frank. I thought we both wanted the same thing!'

FRANK: "I thought so too. But that was BEFORE Chris tried to take it from me- and I could NOT let him do it.'

KAREN: 'THAT is why you beat him up?! It was NOT about me?!'

FRANK: "This is who I am now, Karen. And I am NOT letting Chris or Ian or Rafe or anyone else take that away!'

KAREN: "Does that include me? If I were to ask you to choose between The Avatar and me - what would you say, Frank?'

FRANK: "Ask me anything Karen - but PLEASE! Please! Do NOT ask me to do that.'

Frank begins to back away from Karen.

KAREN: 'Please! Please! Do NOT turn your back on everything --'

But Frank disappears. Ian suddenly appears in the stairwell and guesses that Frank has just been with Karen.

KAREN: "Yeah! It's over. He will NOT give up the Avatar - not even for me!

IAN: "He almost killed someone tonight. And it is only a matter of time before he crosses the line. I am NOT going to let that happen!'

KAREN: "So - what DO we do?'

IAN: 'We FORCE him to give up the Avatar, whether he likes it or not! And you MIGHT be the one!'

KAREN: "The one?'

IAN: "The one to force him into it!'

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Lucy promises Kevin that she will WAIT for him forever. Kevin says: "Don't!' and then he begins to kick on the door until an orderly comes to take him away.

Back in the Barn, Rafe confesses to Alison that she is the ONLY woman he ever loved!

RAFE: 'I feel so lucky, just to be standing with you here, right now. And to have nothing - but love in your eyes - coming towards me - after everything that I did!'

ALISON: "No - Rafe! No!'

RAFE: 'You know what? Loving you is like breathing. And, just as much as air or water, you give me life.'

ALISON: "Oh, Rafe!'

RAFE: "It is the purest, most holy thing that God ever created - that ever happened to me - ever! And I love you. I love you so much!'

ALISON: "And, now, if you would like to - you may kiss your bride.'

RAFE: "My wife. My Alison!'

As Rafe kisses Alison, there is a gunshot and Rafe crumples to the floor with bullet in the back, as Alison cries out in horror! And Livvie is standing in the doorway, with a gun in her hand!

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