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Monday, June 10, 2002

As Karen and Ricky enjoy some bed time at Karen's place, Ricky challenges Karen to admit that they are always going to be MORE than 'just friends'. But, before Karen can answer, Karen and Ricky are interrupted by Frank's loud knocking on the door.

At the Recovery Room, Ian cleans up after Christina's birthday party while Kate looks for Alison, to plan courtroom strategy. As Kate complains to Ian how hard it is to try to keep Alison focused on the importance of winning in court, Ian and Kate hear Alison calling for Rafe. When Ian and Kate run outside, Alison shows them the pink rose and insists that Rafe was there. Kate admonishes Alison to quit chasing a ghost.

In Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Livvie told Rafe that, before he disappeared, they were planning to get married. Rafe told Livvie that he feels like something is missing in Livvie's description of the bliss that Rafe and Livvie shared.

Meanwhile, back at Karen's place, as Frank insists on talking to Karen, Karen convinces Ricky to get out of sight while she finds out what Frank wants.

Back at the Recovery Room, Alison assures Ian and Kate that Rafe WAS there, but Kate told Alison that it looks to Kate more like Rafe is trying to torment Alison by letting Alison catch little glimpses of him and then leaving behind pink roses. Kate insists that Alison MUST start paying attention to building a defense for herself in court instead of chasing after a dream.

Alison confides in Ian that she would do anything for one more moment with Rafe. And Ian told Alison that he understands - Ian would also give anything for one more moment with Eve.

In their cabin, Livvie tries to convince Rafe that, if they would go through with the wedding they had planned before Rafe disappeared, Rafe's memory would surely begin to return. Rafe asks for some time to think about it and, when Rafe went out on the porch, Livvie told herself that she deserves Rafe and IS going to have him!

At Karen's place, Frank told Karen that the candle triggered the suppressed memory of Mary enjoying a clandestine romantic evening with a gentleman friend when Frank's father came home, roaring drunk, and caught Mary with her friend. Frank, Sr. called Mary all kinds of names and pushed her around. Frank assures Karen that the way Frank acted had nothing to do with Karen. But Karen told Frank that, even if Frank was reacting to a suppressed memory - that STILL does NOT change what happened between Frank and Karen. Frank then notices that Karen has her bed down and asks why she has turned in so early. When Karen mentions that she must be coming down with something, Frank offers to come in and help her get settled in - but Karen turns down Frank's offer of help.

At the Recovery Room, Ian and Alison talk about the similarities of their situations with missing a loved one. Ian told Alison that Ian knows that Eve would NOT want Ian to give up on HIS life and Ian is positive that Rafe would NOT want Alison to throw her life away either.

Meanwhile, at Their Cabin In the Woods, Livvie fights back tears as she describes for Rafe all the horrible things she has gone through. First Rafe disappeared. Then Livvie lost her father - and it was someone Livvie considered her best friend who murdered Livvie's father. Livvie went on to tell Rafe that, when Rafe suddenly returned, even when Rafe did NOT recognize her - Rafe STILL tried to protect Livvie - and that made Livvie love Rafe even more than before!

In the meantime, back at Karen's Place, Frank told Karen that he wants to have another test with the candle. Karen told Frank that the candle is still at the lab. But Frank wants to light the candle with Karen in the room with him. Karen is immediately worried that Frank might lose it again and told Frank so. However, as Frank talks, Karen suddenly agrees that she will THINK about the experiment Frank mentioned.

After Frank leaves, Ricky informs Karen that he will NOT 'let' Karen experiment with Frank and the candle. Karen told Ricky that, just because they have been to bed a couple of times together, Ricky did not get any kind of right to tell Karen how to run her life. Ricky then told Karen that, since there is a chance that Frank will lose it again when Frank gets the candle and Karen together again, and since Karen seems determined to go through with 'this Frank thing' - Ricky will STILL insist on being there with them. Karen agrees to think about it.

Back at their cabin, Rafe told Livvie that he WILL go ahead with the wedding, but, before the wedding there is something Rafe feels he NEEDS to do:

RAFE: "There is something I have to do before we move on together.'

LIVVIE: "OK. What is it?'

RAFE: "Well, there is someone that I can't get off my mind. And I just need to know why. So, before you and I get married - I HAVE to talk to Alison!'